22 Nisan 2021

Fantasy World

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Cock Tease

Allow yourself to escape from the cares of the world you are in and enter a world that will refresh your mind, body, and spirit. You are now entering this world through your mind and visualizing the happenings in this mysterious world.

In a far away galaxy from that of the Earth’s, lies a planet named Eroticas which is surrounded by other distant planets. These are very colorful and opulent worlds much different from those of the Earth’s galaxy, although there are some similarities. Planet Eroticas has a nearby twin planet named Ecstasia. These planets are very rich in beauty and substance. The plants and vegetation are plentiful and flowers grow to enormous proportions. The entire atmosphere is filled with their wonderful fragrances. There is no such thing as pollution here. Animals do not feed on other animals. A population of beings similar to humans dwell on these planets having different gifts and all possessing the ability to fly at will. these people never grow old and pass away, however they are born and grow up into adults. There are males and females just like on earth and having basically the same body forms as people of Earth.

There was a young female named Saria who lived on planet Eroticas. She was very beautiful and graceful. She was 20 years of age which is just becoming an adult in this world. The people of this world reach full maturity at the age of thirty, afterwards remaining the same height and retaining the same youthful appearance. Girls pass the flower of age at 15, but it is common for many of them to remain virgins up kurtuluş escort unto age 30.

Saria was becoming very curious about what it would be like fall in love and to have her first experience with an Andron, which is what males are called. She was desiring an Andron to love and be loved by. Beings from nearby planets sometimes visit and begin dwelling on other planets.

Saria was walking one day and enjoying the scent of her favorite flowers when an Andron suddenly flew in from Planet Ecstasia, landing in an area of the flowers. Saria only saw that someone had flown into an area of the flower garden. She walked softly to the area to get a glimpse. The Andron did not see her as he flew in. Saria peeked around a large petal to get a view of the Andron. He seemed to be enjoying the scents of the many flowers in this field and savoring the lush beauty of the twin planet of his native home in which he had seen for the first time.

While gazing upon him, Saria guessed that he was from Ecstasia and was excited that he was there. He heard her behind the flower petal and greeted her. She came from behind the flower and greeted him. She asked him his name. He replied, “Naires.” He asked her for her name and she said, “Saria”. He was astonished at how beautiful she was even in a world of beauty. He expressed to her how beautiful she was to him. They began walking together and talking about their lives and sharing thoughts with one another. They began spending a lot of time together everyday. They would go on jaunts levent escort and fly around the world exploring its beauty and inhabitants. They spent a lot of time talking and getting to know each other. They grew very fond of each other.

One day, they were flying over the lands. They soon landed in a meadow and rolled around on the ground, laughing and playing. Saria, while laughing, ran in the meadow as Naires gave chase. As Naires caught up with her, she fell onto the ground and he fell on top of her. They both smiled as they looked into each other’s eyes. All of a sudden, the playful giggling became quiet and they were still. With a slight nervous excitement, they moved their lips closer. They were both in a state of passion as they had never felt before. Their hearts began beating faster. He gently wrapped his arms around her. She slowly placed her arms over his shoulder and rested her eyelids. They savored of one another. Naires gently kissed her on the lips and began caressing her.

They were very aroused. She recieved him with her lips and their tongues began to dance. Saria moaned so passionately, having never experienced these feelings before. Passion was burning deeply within her. Naires was feeling very aroused as well. He wanted to be with her forever. He kissed her neck and shoulders, sending chills through her. He kissed her neck and whispered in her ear that he loved her and wanted to be with her forever. She moaned, “I want you always also.” He kissed her breasts, then began licking and sucking her nipples. maçka escort She felt overwhelmed. She felt a press against her inner thigh. She began gyrating her hips as he ran his hands up and down her inner thighs and up to her soft mound. She moaned even louder, delightfully returning him affectionate kisses as he strummed his fingers across her pubic area. He freed himself with one hand and pressed against her mound. Saria was squealing and moaning, already about to reach climax. Right at that moment, he plunged deep into her love tunnel sending shivers up her spine. She felt the sensations go from her spine to her forehead and back down again. “Ooh!”, She cried loudly as he went in.

“Ahh!” she moaned as he came all the way out. Swish! He plunged deep within her again. They were both in nirvana. Saria pushed up toward Naires as he continued to penetrate her. They were then, frantically making love. They rolled over while kissing heavily and she got on top of him. She placed both her hands upon his chest and began riding him. She rotated her hips side to side and moved up and down on him. They put their hands together and he cupped her breasts with his mouth. Licking and sucking both of her nipples, he pushed gently up into her causing her to reach orgasm. She moaned loudly as she began to climax again and again. like a drop of water creates circular waves in a pond, so was the intense orgasms waving through her. Naires let out deep moans as he built up intensity. He gave out a loud moan when finally he exploded within her. She moaned in a very high pitched voice and collapsed on top of him. They both fell asleep while still in each other’s arms.

Naires made Eroticas his home. They fell very deeply in love and shared their lives together forever. There was nothing else they wanted more than to be together. They were very happy.

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