21 Nisan 2021

Ferry Tales Ch. 07

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I thought the Ferry Tales were finished. Then I had an email from Pushpa, which, by luck, found me in Spain, working in one of the advanced English language courses I participate in. Pushpa and I keep in touch, in case we can coincide in space and time, and yet again gratify each other. I had relayed her account of the week with Alex and Sasha (Chapter 6), and, not long after, she had returned for a short break with mother and daughter, and now she and Alex were returning on the ferry, and wondered if I might like share a cabin. Naturally, I was overjoyed at the prospect, looking forward to the deep labia, shapely breasts and ejaculatory orgasms of the woman I had heard so much about. Who was, too, an experienced lesbian. Alex was clearly extending her experience quickly. And, of course, my own vulva and vagina would also be skilfully attended to.


As I expected, Alex turned out to be about my own height and well provided with bosom and bottom, the latter a little less generously proportioned than my own, I guessed, before it was made nakedly available. Being twenty years younger, her breasts were firmer, so more prominent than mine. Though, I must add, mine are not bad for a woman in her mid-sixties.

I won’t dwell on our meeting, eating and retiring to the cabin, and I won’t cut to the chase, because there was no fugitive to be headed off at the pass, nor pursuing posse. Rather, it was pussy, not posse, which was the quarry, and it was certainly not fugitive. The pass, or passes, the pussies, were, too. more caves than defiles, leading in, not through.

There is no established protocol for meeting a new sexual contact, whether or not anyone else is present. As we stood in the cabin, Pushpa made semi-ironic formal introductions. ‘Norma, Alex. Alex, Norma.’ We laughed and shook hands, and I said, ‘Alex, I’ve heard so much about you, especially your callypygia, which I’m eager to see.’

‘Norma, I know the meaning, and I hope you do find me callipygian. I am keen to see your omorfi thiles.’

‘Not just a pretty bottom, then,’ I said, ‘A Greek scholar, too.’

‘Well, I did a part-time degree in Classics, when Sasha was at grammar school. It made an interesting contrast to my knicker-designing. Especially as the ancient Greeks didn’t wear them.’

Pushpa said, ‘Her knickers are superb. Undress me, ladies, and you’ll see.’

While Alex stripped the upper body I stripped the lower, to that I was the one who got to the panties. ‘Wow, Pushy,’ I said, ‘Those are natty drawers you have there. No more of those baggy old bloomers. Nice yellow colour and the cock-and-bull penned up tight. Turn round. Everything tucked in and tidy. No errant buttock at all. Great engineering, Alex.’

‘The secret is the thicker fabric at the front, with the wider gusset And the mainstream manufacturers just don’t allow enough cheek-room. These are the prototype of a line for transgirls, using a hidden device to control the genitalia – pardon my Latin. Of course, the Greeks had a word for this little trick, the kynodesme.’

Pushpa said, ‘The one thing that is like the old gym kit is the strong elastic. Really grips into the creases below. Be careful not to twang it when you take them off or I’ll be catapulted into the next cabin. Of course, I’m assuming you’ll take them off.’

I assured her that I would do just that, and, taking care to ease her penis out of the kynodesme and draw down the drawers without activating the elastic, I soon had that dear, familiar bum and that awesome, half-erect cock displayed.

‘Your turn, Norma,’ the naked Pushpa said. ‘Get to her omorfi thiles, Alex, while I get her knickers off. She’s quite a callypigeon, herself, you know.’

I was quickly naked, too, and Alex walked round me, commenting, ‘That is certainly sarıyer escort a lovely bum, and I can’t wait to sample those thiles. And those grey pussy-hairs. I’ve seen a good few montes – must keep up the Latin – but never a mons like that.’

‘I want to see your curls,’ I said. ‘Come on, Pushy, let’s denude this demoiselle.’

‘Strange, that,’ Alex said, ‘As I unzipped and dropped the skirt of her smart suit. ‘You’d think “denude” meant the opposite. And I’m hardly a demoiselle, but that would be a good name for a lingerie line.’

‘Your knickers are beautiful,’ I said, ‘Perfect fit. Not diaphanous this time. Very chaste, with those forget-me-nots and the lacy trimming. I would love to see Pushpa push aside the gusset and gush into them.’

Pushpa said, ‘It’d be a pleasure. Just wait till I get her bra off.’

‘You wait your turn,’ I said, ‘They’re coming off. Like this, slowly. These curls have a date to tangle with my rough old badger.’

There is a special, magical, moment when women embrace and their breasts squash together and their nipples snag, and they gather each other’s bum-cheeks in both hands and pull themselves closer, so that their mons-fernery rasps together, sometimes even with a little susurration. The more delightful in that they know they are going to make love eventually and give each other orgasms. Such was the case when Alex and I pressed against each other and felt each other’s bosoms and the tangling of our minge-fur, hers silky and mine coarser.

Without any discussion, Alex lay on one of the beds on her back and opened her legs. I lay between them and our mouths met and we tongued and sucked for minutes, while I rolled gently side to side on her, my breasts caressing hers. Then I withdrew down her body and licked and sucked her delightful nipples, hard and rubbery between my teeth and lips. She writhed beneath me in increasing arousal and soon it was time to delve in those curls and slide my tongue-tip along the greasy groove, and breathe the heady vaginaroma.

It is a feature of erotic narration that it is often short on the olfactory joys of sex. But the cunt-scent is important and integral to the events. And I know that men and transwomen find it almost a drug, too, the odour going straight to the brain and along the nerves to the cock. As was the case on this occasion, for as I suckled Alex’s juices, Pushpa, fully aroused, by sight and smell, felt her way into me from the rear. I was naturally good and slippery, so she slotted home easily, and waited without moving, for me to take Alex to the brink.

Soon, Alex was holding the back of my head and pressing my mouth harder against her hard little clit. ‘I’m going to come,’ she announced quietly. ‘Fuck her, Pushpa. Here I come. Come now!’

Without further bidding Pushpa drew out a little, gasped and thrust home. I felt her penis swell and pulse, and I relished her enjoyment and Alex’s climaxing simultaneously.

Shortly we disengaged and lay alongside each other, stroking and kissing, and waited for further inspiration. Pushpa’s cock, wet from her sperm and my vagina, remained erect, so we knew we might resume when moved to do so.


Alex said, ‘I do so want that Pushpan penis in me, but I’m wondering if it there’s a way for you and me to share it, Norma. Obviously it can’t be in both of us at once , but can it move quickly from one to the other?’

Pushpa said, ‘There are ways, yes, and the idea is so exciting I’ll have to damp my ardour it if it’s to be effective. The trick is to get one above the other, as close as possible, and you can do it lying down, face up, or kneeling up.’

‘Let’s try it,’ Alex said, ‘If I Iie down, Norma, on my back, you rest your bum on my tummy, and if we have our legs silivri escort well apart, Pushpa can get between them and keep slotting home first in one then in the other. And she can choose which one of us to come in, and she can frot your clit, because I think your more clitorish than cuntish in coming.’

‘No, my darlings,’ Pushpa said, ‘I can start coming in one of you and finish in the other. I like to spread my seed around.’

We were soon in position, and Pushpa slid into me first, because I was already spermed and she could lubricate herself to enter Alex, who was, indeed, far from dry. And this is the moment to introduce a word which not many readers will know. There is a verb which covers the in and out movement of cock within cunt – ‘to thrutch.’ So, Pushpa thrutched half a dozen times, pulled out, rapidly and slotted smoothly into Alex. Some steady thrutching and she pushed into me again, and at the same time began to finger my clitoris.

‘Oh, Norma,’ Alex said, ‘This is lovely. Your bottom on my curlies is great, and knowing she’s fucking into you when not inside me is exciting. And she’s getting the angle to make me spurt. Can you come soon?

‘I certainly can,’ I said. ‘Your soft curls against my bum feel delightful, and the thrutching and clitting will tip me over.’

Pushpa began to thrutch harder, diving in and out and swapping between us more quickly, so that the interval between her occupation of us was shorter and shorter, creating the feeling she was most of the time within us.

‘If you come, Pushpa, that’ll do it for me,’ Alex panted, and I agreed.

‘Thank you, girls,’ Pushpa said, ‘Let’s see which of you I semenise first. I don’t know which until it happens. Oh, it’s happening now – into Norma – yes! – and now, oh, quick, let me get into Alex. That’s better! Can you feel me pumping, Alex?’

‘That’s done it!’ Alex called. ‘It’s coming. I’m going to spray – aaaaaah!’

She squirmed and shook beneath me and I felt a jet of her hot ejaculate splash on my thigh. Which intensified my climax, and I shuddered and juddered in ecstasy.

Eventually Pushpa withdrew from Alex and climbed out from between our legs. I slid off Alex and we lay like sardines, our breathing steadying. Pushpa was dripping Alex’s fluid and her spunk was oozing out of us both. We slept a little, I think. I know I did.


When I woke, Alex was saying, ‘One more half-virginity to go. I had my sweet Sasha coming in my arse, but she’s quite small. Dare I try to fuck Pushpa with my bum?’

‘Only if you really want to, honey,’ Pushpa said. ‘But you could venture a little at a time, and Norma could help by guiding and holding me and stopping me going too far.’

‘If I want to be multi-sexual I need to be open in all departments. Help me, then, Norma. We’ll see if I can take it.’

She knelt up on the bed, back hollowed to present her bottom as Pushpa got into position behind her and I knelt alongside, gathering lubricant from my vagina and smearing around Alex’s anus and Pushpa’s glans. I said, ‘Relax as much as you can, Alex. Try not to tighten up when her cock touches and begins to go in.’

I am not myself often open, in all senses, to anal entry, being a cuntish, not an arseish woman, though I have occasionally allowed someone desperate for bumming to use me. I have come across, in all senses, women who love being analised, to the point of orgasm, and have had fingers up quite a few womanbotts. But I do like to see a penis penetrate. The sight of it sinking its way into an orifice excites me. I like to watch it cruise into my own cunt. And the view of Pushpa’s cock addressing Alex’s arse was delightful.

I kept stroking Alex’s thighs and cheeks, and I smeared more glaze around the tight şirinevler escort entrance and the slowly disappearing cock-shield, which was, naturally, steadily stretching the anus as its increasing width was brought to bear. Alex was tending to flinch as she uttered little exclamations of surprise and pain ‘Oh, it’s so big. I can’t take it. It hurts. But there’s something…Stop a minute. Let me get used to it. I’m not sure I can go on. Do you like it, Pushpa. Does it give you pleasure?’

‘Alex, it’s lovely, so tight, and it’s magic to hold your bottom and see it going in. But I’m not going to go on unless you really want me to.’

Alex said, ‘Put some fingers in my cunt, Norma. That’ll help. Go on a bit, Pushpa.’

I reached under and slipped two fingers into her vagina and brought the other hand into play to caress her clitoris. Pushpa forced another centimetre in, and she was still not up to the widest shield diameter. I was fascinated but anxious that Alex might suffer damage. She was groaning and uttering inarticulate little cries. But when Pushpa began to withdraw, fearing she was causing so much pain, Alex shouted, ‘No, no, stay in. Don’t stop. Go all the way, all the way!’

Hastily I felt into my cunt for more slime and wiped onto Pushpa’s cock-head, causing her to twitch in near-orgasm. Then, with a powerful pelvic thrust she drove her shaft half way. Alex shrieked, but then called out, ‘It hurts but it’s good, good. Come, Pushpa, come quick!’

A small thrutch and Pushpa’s head tilted back and she let out a shout of delight. ‘Lovely, lovely!’ And, lubricated by her sperm she automatically drove all the way in, and Alex cried out again. Through her vagina wall and rectum I felt the cock swell and spurt, and I felt the cunt fibrillate, and I knew that Alex was coming, her whole body tensed and gripped around that pulsing penis.

After a long moment in which all three of us were rigid, Alex collapsed forward, tearing herself off my fingers and the cock, which drooped a little and dribbled. The whole scene was too much for me, and I scrambled onto my back beside the trembling Alex and opened my legs wide. Pushpa knew what I needed and dived straight into me and slammed against my cervix. Which triggered my climax, as I ground my vulva against the cock-root. And Pushpa came again, her orgasm following its predecessor within seconds, the speediest double I had experienced with her. She jerked and jiggled within me, grinding her teeth and emitting a kind of throaty roar.

Stunned, spent and panting we lay in a heap a long time, until Pushpa said, ‘Are you all right, Alex?’

Alex said, ‘Sore as hell, but we surely did it. I’m not sure I’ll try it again, though if my Sasha wanted it…’

We made ourselves more comfortable, closely embraced, and slept for some time. When we awoke, sticky with half-dried ejaculate, Alex said, ‘Have you any left in your balls, Pushpa? Because if you have there’s something I’d like to see and do.’

‘I think there’s more. What would you like?’

‘I want to masturbate you onto Norma’s bottom. I don’t know why, because I’ve never thought about watching a penis ejaculate until recently, but now I’m obsessed with it, and Norma’s bum is special to take it.’

We were soon in position, with Pushpa and me kneeling, her cock poised over my bottom and clutched in Alex’s right hand, while her left hand was reaching beneath me, questing for clit. When my nod assured her she had her finger on the button she began to work with both hands. Of course, I couldn’t see the hand manipulating the penis, but I bent forward and lowered my head to watch the hand finagling my vulva.

Since Pushpa and I had both come hard we needed a quite lengthy spell of womanipulation. But eventually Pushpa said, ‘It’s on the way, girls. Can you come, Norma?’

‘Spray my bum, Pushy, and I’ll come.’

‘I’m really going to make you both come, aren’t I? Alex said, needing no answer, and as the sperm splattered my cheeks, and my orgasm spread out from her finger, she gave a cry of triumph and satisfaction.

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