22 Nisan 2021

First Date Ch. 01

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Okay, this is my very first erotic story ever. So I would appreciate anyone’s feedback. This part of the story basically introduces the two characters, and if I get enough feedback, I would like to write a second and third part to this. This is actually based on what really happened on my birthday. Hope you enjoy!


I had been talking to a guy, Seth, for approximately a year online. We had always meant to meet up, but I was seeing people on and off, and I was in school, so I was always terribly busy. We started talking more and more once I finished school, and we ended up really enjoying our conversations more and more, and since we were both single, he had promised to take me out for my birthday, which was rapidly approaching. It was going to be our first date, and I was really excited about it. After we made these plans, we started talking on the phone, and I felt myself becoming more and more interested in him. We had both sent each other several photos of each other from the very beginning, and I had always found him attractive, and he always made comments how cute I was.

I’m told I’m quite attractive, I have blonde hair to my shoulders, blue eyes, I’m about 5’6 and I have a fit, but very curvy figure. I also have several tattoos and piercings, though none are on my face or in my ears. I am 23 years old, and I was turning 24 in a few weeks time. My sexual past was quite a bit different from most girls my age. I had been in a Dominant/submissive relationship (myself being the sub) with the same person on and off for two years, as I had mentioned above. I usually never let myself get emotionally attached to anyone, and I have not been in what I can call a normal, or ‘vanilla’ relationship pretty much my entire life.

Seth and I talked all the time, and eventually the topic of sex came up. I was honest with him, and told him how I was a total pain slut (maybe I used slightly different words though, lol). He is ten years older than me, and he told me he had been in 4 long-term relationships. We talked about some kink, what we liked, what we didn’t like, and before long, I found myself fanaticizing about Seth, a lot. I would have fantasies about our first date, and how he would take control mecidiyeköy escort and take advantage of me. They were so hot! Because I was so open with him, I told him about these fantasies and he wouldn’t believe me. I’ve often told Seth how hot and attractive and smart I found him, but he would never believe me. I could not believe how smitten and interested I was with this guy!

The more I talked to him, online, or on the phone, my pussy would start getting wet, especially when he talked to me on the phone, his voice was so incredible. I started talking to him about different scenarios that would could play out, half the time I was just teasing, but I still wanted to find what he liked/disliked. He told me some of his fantasies, and was really into mine as well.

There was only two days left until I was supposed to meet him. We were planning on just having a simple date, and no sex, but I thought that there would be a small possibility that we would, especially if I had a few drinks. So I went out and got a manicure and a pedicure, a Brazilian bikini wax, and I got my hair cut and highlighted, and I bought a new outfit (nothing fancy). I think I was almost overly excited for this date.

And so my birthday finally came, and I was excited all day long. I soaked in the tub for almost an hour with a glass of wine to relax. I had bought new black lace underwear and matching bra (again, I wasn’t planning on having sex with him), and overtop, I just threw on a new pair of tight jeans, with a nice summery pink shirt that showed off my 36 DD breasts extremely well. I continued the pink theme in my makeup, giving me a fresh, innocent look. I looked fantastic, and I could not wait to see Seth, and I couldn’t wait for him to see me.

We had made arrangements to meet downtown, at a trendy vodka bar for some drinks and appetizers. I got there a little bit early, and was so nervous I smoked a few cigarettes while waiting. When I looked up from the ground and saw Seth, I let out a squeal of excitement, and practically jumped on him with a huge hug. In person, the attraction was just as, if not more, strong.

When I let go of him, I simply said, “Hi, nişantaşı escort nice to meet you.”

Seth was about to reply when I kissed him on the lips, which was extremely forward of me, and completely out of character.

“I’m sorry,” I breathed in his ear, “I’ve been waiting a year to do that.” I had no clue if I had gone out of line or not when he grabbed my face and kissed me back. My knees weakened and I trembled as I felt my clit start to throb and my pussy getting wet.

“It’s fantastic to finally meet you too,” Seth replied, and smiled at me. I could tell that this was the beginning of a great first date, as I was already completely giddy, even without alcohol in me.

While we were at the bar, we talked about various things – work, school, family, friends, weather, where we wanted to be in 10 or 20 years, favourite artists, favourite books, and everything in between. The more alcohol I took in, the more silly and risqué I got. I was very flirtatious, and he was back to me. We had our own couch to sit on, way towards the back of the bar, it was comfortable, and no one really paid any attention to us, so it was fantastic. I rested my hand on his lap, and was not surprised to find a rather large bulge there, and I began to stroke it overtop his pants.

“Gwen,” he said, “Let’s get out of here and go for a walk, it’s still really early.”

I giggled at him, “You should maybe do something about that first.” I pointed at his crotch, as the bulge was much more noticeable, and he blushed a deep red. I suddenly had a fantastic idea, probably alcohol induced.

“I’m going to use the washroom,” I said. “I’ll be in the men’s washroom, just knock twice so I know it’s you.” The washrooms at this bar were just for a single person, no stalls. Seth looked up at me with surprise, and managed to stutter a response letting me know he would come in a minute, after settling the bill.

I hurried to the washroom, and fixed myself up a little. The bar was quite fancy and trendy, so the washrooms were well taken care of, nice, and immaculate, for a guy’s washroom. I got down on my knees, waiting for Seth to come.

He knocked twice, and I otele gelen escort unlocked the door, still on my knees. He came in, shocked to see me on my knees. I immediately undid his belt, and unzipped his pants, and pulled them down with his boxers, and his cock sprang out. He was a good 7 inches, and I could barely get my hand around it, it was so beautiful. I immediately licked the tip of it, tasting his pre cum. It tasted fantastic. I started taking more of his cock in my mouth each time. I was practically mesmerized by his cock. I looked up at Seth, while getting all 7 inches of his cock into my mouth. What he said next, completely shocked me.

He groaned, “Gwen, you’re fuckin’ amazing, don’t stop. I want you to be my dirty little whore.”

Hearing him moan and talk to me like that made me wetter and hungrier for his cock, and I couldn’t wait to have a blast of his cum down my throat. Seth kept on getting more and more into it, and started to fuck my mouth hard with his cock, and pulling my hair. I could tell he was close to cumming. With a few more hard thrusts, Seth could barely contain himself.

“Oh my god, Gwen, you dirty slut, you’re making me cum. I’m cumming!!!” Seth almost shouted. He started to release his load into my mouth.

The blasts of cum hit me in the back of my throat; but he was cumming so much that I couldn’t swallow it all fast enough. My mouth was filled with his cum, and it started trickling out the sides of my mouth. It tasted so good, just a little salty, and I couldn’t get enough of it, I wanted to suck his cock again, and again. Finally, I pulled myself away, completely red in the face. Seth pulled me up to my feet, and we both realized someone was knocking on the door. I decided to go out first. I opened up the door, looked out, and there were a couple of guys there.

“Sorry guys, my friend was a little sick, I had to help him out,” I said somewhat shyly.

“Lucky friend,” They replied with laughter. I was confused for a second, and then put my hand on my mouth, and felt cum on the side of my mouth. I wiped off his cum, and I blushed a deep shade of red. I hurried to the door of the bar, and waited outside for Seth to come, who came along in a few minutes. He came up to me, grabbed my shoulders, and kissed me immediately.

“I want you to come back to my place,” he told me. I looked up at his eyes and could not say no to him. We grabbed a cab, and headed back to his place, where I can honestly say, I had the best night of my life.

To Be Continued…

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