22 Nisan 2021

First Day of Spring

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Big Tits

note: this is part of a mulit-part story, posted out of linear order. the series as a whole is D/s related but this story is not. ‘A Bath and a Bed’ takes place somewhat before this story. Amelie, Tony and Zenika are involved in a triad D/s relationship.


Tony picked up the phone without bothering to look up from his work but leaned back with a smile when he heard who his PA had waiting. “Yeah, send her in,” he said.

Amelie slipped in and pushed his door shut, glancing around curiously. Despite the rain that was pretty much the same as yesterday’s rain, and the day’s before, she was wearing a little sundress that made her look like she belonged in Little House on the Prairie, not Tony’s high rise office.

“What’s up?” Tony swung around his desk to take her dripping umbrella and kiss her dark hair, curling loosely from the damp. He had to admit he loved the fact that Amelie was delicate and small, even though he knew she complained bitterly about being ‘cute’. “Aren’t you in classes?”

“Skipped,” she said carelessly, “too boring. Besides, today’s an important day.”

“It is, huh? What day is that?”

Amelie grinned. “First day of Spring,” she glanced past him to the rain dribbling down the windows. “Not that you could tell,” she said grumpily.

“But,” she went on, hopping up to sit on the edge of Tony’s desk, swinging her legs idly. She was wearing striped tights that bared a strip of fair skin between the lavender edge of her skirt and the tops of her tights and all Tony wanted to do was push that skirt up and spread her knees and admire Amelie’s sweet pussy. “Normally, it’s the day that promises pretty dresses and shorts and fast cars with the top down.”

Tony laughed, dropping back down in his chair to hide the beginnings of an erection, “That would be some other place, not here, honey.”

“I know,” Amelie looked mournful for a moment, pouting in a way that made Tony thing of blow-jobs, before she brightened. “But, still, we should celebrate!”

“I’ve got to work,” he pointed out. It wasn’t news, he had to work way to often for anyone’s pleasure.

Amelie stuck out her tongue. “You are way too dutiful. You and Zenika both.”

“Oh, you think so?” Tony leaned back, tucking his hands behind his head and swinging idly in his chair. “When Zenika finds out you’ve skipped class, you’re going to be in a world of hurt, little girl.”

Amelie just rolled her eyes. “Not like any of my classes are challenging.”

“That’s not the point,” Tony remembered that pretty well himself, except worse, because every damn day somebody was surprised to discover a black man who wasn’t struggling with his ‘blaccent’, or on the run from a gang, or was actually smart enough to find classes aimed at rich white kids as boring as those rich white kids themselves.

“Talk to the hand,” Amelie said, palms out, “because, blah, blah, blah, I’ve heard it all before. I’m two years into college, I know how to handle my classes, Tony.”

Tony gripped her wrists and pulled her onto his lap. “When you’re getting straight ‘A’s, I’ll believe you.”

“No şirinevler escort one gets straight ‘A’s” Amelie squirmed to straddle him, arms looped around his shoulders, breath soft on his cheek before she kissed him.

Tony smoothed his hands down her back with a sigh. Cupping her ass, he savored the warmth of her skin and the pretty curves through the thin fabric. “Hey are you wearing anything under that dress?”

“Nope,” Amelie said smugly. She kissed him again, nipping softly at his lip and sinking down so she was sitting on his lap.

She had to be freezing in the girlish dress she wore but Tony didn’t think that was the only reason her nipples were hard. He cupped a breast, smoothing circles with his thumb, letting her sigh and squirm before cupping the back of her head and taking that pretty mouth. She gave a happy little moan, taking what he gave, sucking on his tongue like it was the best thing in the world. Tony pinched a nipple, chuckling at her whimper.

“So this is Happy Spring Day to me?” he asked. Amelie nodded, face flushed pink and blue eyes wide with desire. She was such a pretty girl, and — she was grinding her pussy against his aching cock — damn if anyone could have guessed she was such a little slut.

“Zenika told me you’d be out late,” she said, with another fake little pout. This time, Tony didn’t resist the urge to lean forward and kiss her, hard and insistent, feeling her open up so he could fuck her mouth with his tongue. It made him want to get his cock in there, his fingers, everything. Groaning he pushed up against her pussy, Amelie moaned in her throat.

He tugged the tie that held her dress up and it slithered down leaving her naked from the waist up, tits rubbing warmly against his shirt. Tony slipped a hand between them so he could cup one of Amelie’s tits, pretty as the rest of her. Nicely sized, enough to bounce and sway when he fucked her, not as big as Zenika’s, and perky. He cupped and kneaded and squeezed, working the soft curve of her in his hand the way she liked, all over. Her nipples were pale pink, a shade lighter than her mouth, and excitable. They were tight, the areoles plump and Amelie’s breath hitched every time he pinched them.

“God, I love sucking your tits, girl,” he groaned, tugging her up so he could do just that. Amelie gripped the back of his chair as he sucked a nipple into his mouth with a pop. Her gasps pressed her tit to him as he licked the hard tip, sucking and squeezing Amelie as she shuddered in time. She was tender and Tony had her squirming and whimpering in minutes. When he let go with a last lick, her nipple was bright pink and standing out hard and wet for him. He nuzzled her other breast, nipping the soft curves to make her squeak and struggle — holding her tight enough all the while, so she couldn’t escape from his mouth as he took his time to reach her nipple. Amelie shivered, clutching at his head, his ears, twisting to get away from the anticipated bite of his teeth. Tony licked her nipple soothingly instead, the tip a pleasurable, hard nub against his tongue.

“Unzip şişli escort your pants,” Amelie was moaning, rocking on his lap as his executive chair creaked under them. “God, Tony, get your cock out.”

“Need it, huh?” Tony fumbled down, tugging at his Italian leather belt, fingers brushing the tumbled folds of Amelie’s dress as he pulled his zip down. “Hasn’t Zenika been taking care of you? I know she’s got plenty of toys for a greedy girl like you.”

Amelie moaned, mouth open against his cheek, tongue licking hot and slick before she bit his ear. She was half-naked and squirming on his lap and all Tony could thing about was her tits and her ass and her pussy, all waiting for him.

“When I get home,” she panted, “Zenika’s going to fuck me with her favorite dildo until I can’t walk. But I miss your cock, Tony, you haven’t fucked me … or Zenika for days. It’s not fair,” she whined.

“God, baby,” Tony groaned, squeezing his cock at the thought of Amelie and Zeni together, fucking and coming and … “not because I don’t want to. I miss you, I miss Zeni …”

His cock finally sprang free of his pants, stiff and aching. Amelie’s hands were there right away, stroking him, thumb teasing across the head, all the while whispering in his ear ‘so good, I love your cock, please fuck me.’

With a groan, Tony pushed his hands up Amelie’s thighs and beyond, pushing her dress over her head and off so she was sitting naked in his lap, aside from the striped thigh-highs and her shoes. Down again, he stroked her throat, her breasts, belly — his dark hands contrasting with her fair, smooth skin — down between her legs. Her pussy was silky smooth, shaved bare so the delicate folds were exposed for anyone to see. Tucking a finger against between the plump labia, Tony could feel how wet she was.

“What a good girl you are,” he said, stirring his finger idly. He could see Amelie’s thighs quivering, and his cock stood between them, dark and hard.

Amelie wrapped a hand around it, pulling slowly and a drop of pre-come welled from the tip of his cock, glinting under the office lights. “I’m not the only one,” she said slyly.

“That’s right,” Tony said, drawing his finger back with a last flick at her clit, making her gasp. He shifted to grab her ass, pulling her close. “So come on and sit on my cock, and I’ll give you a nice ride.”

Amelie was flushed, hair tousled and her eyes were smoky dark with desire as she arched closer. Tony felt the first brush of her pussy against his cock, soft, wet lips nestling against his head as delicately as a kiss. He groaned hoarsely, staring at Amelie’s wide-eyed expression, squeezing her ass brusingly. He wanted to force her down, fuck her ’till she screamed and he wanted to take all the time in the world, inch into her pussy so he could savor every moment.

Amelie sank lower and Tony had to close his eyes, balls pulling tight, and fight back the urge to fuck up into her as he felt his cockhead begin to push her open. She was tight, their beautiful girl, but always eager and Tony slid slowly in. A soft whimper made him open taksim escort his eyes to see Amelie biting her lip, a pinch of concentration between her brows as she worked to take him. Her hips wiggled, her pussy squeezed his cock and Tony groaned.

“Such a tight pussy,” he breathed. “We need to fuck you more, don’t we? Open your pussy wide and slide right in…”

Amelie moaned, head falling back, eyes half closed as she rocked down, taking him deeper, wet and hot and so very tight. “Yes,” she gasped. “Please –“

Amelie liked to be filled to the brim, made to wail and thrash and sometimes even cry when Zenika worked a big dildo into her or Tony made her struggle to suck his cock. The thought made Tony grunt and jerk, cock twitching and that made Amelie cry out, pushing down the rest of the way on his cock with wide, shocked eyes. Trembling, she sat astride his thighs, clinging to his shirt as her pussy twitched and strained, adjusting to the thick length of Tony’s cock inside her.

Tony stroked her bare back, kissing her slowly, cock squeezed tight, simmering in the wet heat of her pussy. Moaning against his mouth, Amelie rose up a bare inch, the grip of her pussy sliding along his shaft greedily, then sank down. Up, again, barely moving, and down. Her breathing eased and she tucked her head into the crook of his shoulder, up, down ….

Tony leaned back in his chair with a sigh while Amelie gripped the leather arms and rode him. Her pussy eased a little, still deliciously tight, but smooth now and she was rocking nicely, gasping every time she bottomed out on his cock. Her tits bounced prettily as she moved in a sluttish dance on his lap. Tony adored the look on her face, flushed and dazed, focused inward. He knew all she was thinking about now was his cock, and her pussy.

Resting a hand on her hip, Tony nestled his thumb just in the uppermost fold of her pussy, where her clit was hidden away. She moaned loudly, canting her hips forward, hips surging urgently now. He kept his touch teasingly light, making her work for it. And she did, fucking herself frantically on his thick cock, the wet suck and slide and pull making it’s own music in his fancy office. Her gasps were more like cries now and a blush was spreading across her chest and tits.

Tony grit his teeth and hung on, cock throbbing, close to coming. He wanted to feel Amelie squeeze and pulse around his cock, climaxing around him. He wanted that pretty pussy of hers to clench around his cock like it wanted to swallow him down and he’d come —

“God — Amelie! Christ!” Tony swore, jerking up, nearly bucking Amelie off his lap. The tight rush of climax hit him like a blow and he shouted while Amelie wailed. Her pussy throbbed tight around him as she came, mouth wide, looking stunned as her hips jerked violently.

Gasping, she sprawled on his chest, his softening cock still nestled in her pussy, twitching out a few last drops of come.

“Happy Spring,” she mumbled after a few moments, wincing when his cock popped out of her pussy.

“Just how many of these holidays are you planning to celebrate?” Tony asked, sliding his fingers down between her legs, into her relaxed pussy just to feel the wet mess and the way she shivered when he touched her.

“As many as I can find,” Amelie moaned, swiveling her hips as he pushed his fingers deeper.

Tony chuckled breathlessly. “I’ll make sure to clear my calendar.”

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