25 Ocak 2022

Forever Friends

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Authors note: This story is dedicated to a very special girl, she knows whom she is…hehe. This story is based on our own new experiences and nothing more nothing less. I hope to have more stories into you shortly but because of the distance of her relationship and mine that may take some time.

* * * * *

Forever Friends- part one (written by John)

It was just a quick kiss and a big hug, then John and Nikki were on their way back to the hotel. The thoughts in their mind that this was to be finally happening was overtaking them already. They made small talk as Nikki drove down the slippery winter road towards the hotel. Looking into each others eyes the two lovers, whom forced to be friends because of the distance between them, knew it was magical and going to be memorable from the start.

They did not know how memorable it was to be. When the got to the hotel they walked hand in hand to the office where they were met with there first dilemma. John needed the credit card to rent the room, but the card was back with his mom. So they stopped by a store for some quick snacks then the two lovers were off to Nikki’s house. Nervous as hell Nikki asked her mom if she could borrow her card. Her mom being in the season said that John may stay there for the night. Nikki told John the news and soon the lovers were smiling deep into each other’s eyes.

Snuggling down stairs and kissing passionately they waited patiently and quietly till Nikki’s mom left for a neighbour’s get together. John could hardly believe what was happening already. He couldn’t believe it had taken them so long to finally meet. “God Nikki is something,” he thought to himself. “Whoo hooo” John thought as Nikki’s mom finally left. Nikki took John’s hands and led him into her room…

Forever Friends- part two (written by John)

In her room the two lovers soon fell back onto her bed and started making out. Tongues roaming each others mouths and bodies rubbing passionately against each other. anadolu yakası escort Hands soon started to slide under clothing and rub each others chests. John could see the love in Nikki’s eyes. And he could feel her need in the hardness of her lovely nipples. It was Nikki that made the first real move. She pushed herself over on top of John and let him take off her shirt and bra. John’s shirt was the next thing to disappear. The two loves were now rubbing and grinding against each other. For the fist time John could feel Nikki’s lovely nipples and smooth skin rubbing against his chest. His heart pounding like crazy already.

His heart just about stopped when Nikki started kissing him down his chest down to his cock that she so wanted and had waited so long to get into her mouth. She swirled her tongue and placed soft kisses on his abs as she undid his jeans. Sliding her hand under her boxers as he played with her hair and nipples, she felt John’s semi-hard cock for the first time and knew she had to have it. She knew she needed to feel it explode into her mouth and knew that John had not come in over two weeks and was just waiting to have the passion over take him.

John, who was shy about showing Nikki only part of his full product pulled Nikki back up to kiss her softly, rubbing his cock against her jeans. Nikki grinded her wet trimmed pussy against his other knee. They soon were rocking back and forth kissing each other. Sucking on each others tongues and running there hands all around. John grabbed Nikki’s ass and pulled her harder and harder against him. God John was getting harder by the second and loved it so much already.

When it was time, Nikki looked up at John with desire and kissed him down his chest towards his now very hard cock. In the dark all John could do was close his eyes in ecstasy. Nikki pulled out his hard cock and expertly tongued it along the hard shaft. Oh God, John felt Nik’s tongue ring on the ataşehir escort head of his now wet hard cock. Nikki took him into her mouth slowly and sucked on it.

The feeling was unlike anything Jesse had ever felt and he was lost in his own world, breathing and moaning softly to her expert work. God it felt good as she rubbed his hard wet cock with her tongue. She sucked harder and harder taking him as deep as she could. She wanted his hot cum so bad, and had waited so long for it. She wanted him to explode deep into her mouth. He lasted longer then would have ever thought but after about 8 minutes she could feel him straining. His cock throbbing in her mouth as he pushed her quickly back and forth on his cock.

Playing with her hair as he thrust quickly and gently into her. Oh whoa, the feeling of her hot mouth against his hard shaft was slowly taking him over the edge. He knew that he was soon going to explode deep into her mouth. He whispered softly that he was so close, and with that she sucked harder. He was so close he could feel his cock straining, pre cum running down his shaft into Nikki’s mouth.

His cock was so wet and the feel was so amazing. He laid back in total ecstasy as Nikki plunged hard on his cock. He was breathing like crazy as he held back from cuming, Then it hit him. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh god Nikki I’m cummmmming” he cried, keeping her on his cock, shooting shot after shot of his hot cum into her waiting mouth. He came again and again filling her mouth, making her gulp it again and again. She milked his cock till he was dry. John, in the first way he could think of thanking Nikki for her amazing work, pulled her up for a passionate kiss. Tasting his own juices in her mouth. Then the two lovers cuddled for a little well needed rest, both knowing that this was only the beginning…

Forever Friends- part three (written by Nikki and sent to John (me))

Nikki and John lay in bed for a while, feeling totally comfortable ümraniye escort with each other. Nikki could still taste John’s cum in her mouth and smiled as she remembered what had just happened. After cuddling in the darkness on Nikki’s bed for a few more minutes, John decided that he had to repay her for the pleasure that she had just bestowed on him. He kissed her softly on the lips; tongues lightly touching…then began to move down her delicate body.

Kissing down her neck, he paused at her already hard nipples. Knowing how much she liked it, he started to softly lick them, then sucked them into his mouth, flicking his tongue across the very sensitive tip. Nikki was starting to breathe heavily, and pulled his head even closer to her body. After paying special attention to each hard nipple, John continued his decent down.

He could smell her as he moved down to her pussy. Although nervous, as this was his first time, He was also excited to be so intimate with her. He pulled Nikki over to the edge of the bed, and knelt on the floor in front of her. Gently he rubbed his hands along her legs, and moved in to have his first taste of her. Nikki moaned as she felt John’s soft warm tongue slide into her. It felt better than anything she had ever experienced. He pushed it in as far as it would go into her dripping wet pussy, then moved back out to lick up some of her juices.

John licked up her slit and rubbed his tongue against her clit. This sent spasms of pleasure through Nikki’s body, and she began to tense up. John continued to lick, and thrust his tongue deep inside her waiting body, rubbing along all the sensitive places. Nikki was breathing very heavily now, and was very close to cumming. The feelings were beginning to overtake her.

After another few moments, Nikki began to cum. She tightened her legs around John’s head to try to keep him there. She arched her back and moaned as the incredibly intense feelings shot through her body. Finally relaxing, Nikki sat up and pulled John’s face to hers to give him a kiss and taste herself in his mouth. John moved back onto the bed, and held Nikki close in his arms until her breathing returned to normal.

They lay there cuddling and talking softly in the darkness, feeling completely safe with each other…more of the night to continue soon.

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