22 Ocak 2021

Friendly Massage Ch. 01

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She was a bit lonely and a bit tens. Her boyfriend was away on holiday and the parents were giving her grief about her diploma. She needed to relax and take her mind of things. That is way she was riding an elevator to her friend for a massage.

Was this wrong? He was only a friend now, but they had a history. Not much history, nothing really ever happened, they just almost kissed once and in the heat of the moment he touched her breast. What would have happened if he didn’t brake away from the kiss at the last moment? Nothing really, she thought, he had a long time girlfriend and they had a bad spell (they were arguing a lot) and she was just infatuated with him, because he was older and she just broke up with her first boyfriend.

When she rang the bell her heart fluttered a little again. He opened the door and let her in. The apartment was a bit hot (it was early summer) so he was without a shirt. The massage table was all set, but she decided to take a quick shower. He gave her a bathrobe and she was thinking if she would put her underwear on or not. She felt a bit naughty for a second thinking of not wearing anything but her reason won and she put on her powder blue bra with lace edge and matching panties.

She came out of the bathroom and disrobed herself in front of him lying down on the table. She noticed a flask of sweet smelling massage oil in a glass of hot water. She felt his eyes on her and it felt nice. He was not totally immune to her after all. Not that she wasn’t immune to him, she was telling herself!

He covered her with a white cotton sheet up to her shoulders and started on her neck. He was a bit rough so she complained to him. He really took no notice of her complaint and continued the massage with the same firmness. When he moved on to her shoulders he really squeezed her deltoids muscles. It hurt so much she saw stars but when it was over she felt her tension drain away.

From now on the massage became softer and gentler. He pulled the sheet down to her panties, tucked it under the panties, unclasped the bra and started to remove her bra straps. WHAT, she thought and then realized, he really can not continue with her bra on. She raised her torso ever so slightly so he could pull the straps and the bra off. Is he trying to sneak a peek? She was angry and for a moment and she thought it was with him. She realized it was with herself, because she wanted him to look at her. She really needed him to find her sexy.

He poured more of the hot massage oil than he needed to. The oil was hot, almost too hot, but it felt nice. Almost as hot wax her boyfriend sometimes dribbled on her stomach and breasts. Her skin was slick and soft, his hands had warmed up and the feeling was relaxing. His hands were sliding up from the small of her back to her neck. She felt her inhibitions loosening, her second chakra opening up, the feeling of desire rising through her spine. She should not be feeling like this. She had a boyfriend! As if he heard her thoughts he stopped working on her back. He lifted her left hand and put it behind her back at a right angle at her elbow. This lifted her shoulder blade and he massaged muscles under her shoulder blade. She didn’t know her muscles were so sore there. He did the same with her right arm.

Now he removed sheet from under her panties and slid it to her thighs. He pulled panties down almost completely uncovering her ass.

“Are you trying to undress me?” she asked. He replied he had no such intentions but if she wanted her gluteus muscles to be massaged he could not do it otherwise. She hesitated and he took the pause as a silent agreement. He poured more of the hot oil on her buttocks and started massaging her just when she was about to say no, but by then it felt too good to stop. It also felt wrong in a right kind of way. Some of the hot oil found its way between the crack of her buttocks intensifying her excitement. This is what a professional masseur would do after all so what if she liked this masseur a little bit. He was taking his time obviously enjoying himself, she canlı bahis thought. So was she. His finger dug deep in the sides of her gluteus muscles. It tickled in a nice way. He took his time working both sides. When he finally stopped she wished he’d continue.

He pulled panties back up then pulled them into the crack of her ass. She was beyond objecting. He took the sheet of her legs and covered her back. That left both her legs exposed. After pouring hot oil on her right thigh he started to massage her muscles with vigor. His hands where wrapped around her thigh his thumbs firmly pressed in her flesh he started to rub from her knee up her leg. He removed his left hand from between her legs just barely before touching her panties covered lips but not before pausing for moment so she could feel the warmth of his hands radiating through her panties. His right hand continued its journey on the side of her ass his left hand joining it caressing the top of her buttock. Backing up to the knee again he gently caressed her thigh on the sides and on top. He repeated this motion several times each time pausing the left hand a fraction longer and closer to her private region. Should she object? She really didn’t want to, but she was afraid he might notice her getting excited. Switching the side in just the right moment he headed off her objections. The left leg deserved the same treatment she thought. At the last stroke he brushed her panties, traveled up her buttocks caressing her entire butt taking hold of her panties and straightening them covering her ass.

Taking hold of her calf in the same manner as her thighs he again started rubbing her again. This was less erotic so her tension was lessened and she started drifting off. Ending his massage of her calves much sooner as her thighs didn’t seem fair to her, but he started massaging her feet and ankles. This was heavenly and she was so relaxed she forgave him for touching her inappropriately before.

Although he really took his time on both her feet it was all over far too soon for her liking. She wanted more! “Then turn around,” he said. Did she say it aloud or was she reading her thoughts, she wondered.

Taking hold of the sheet as not to expose her breasts to him she turned around. This time he started with her calves. Finishing there he moved on her thighs again. She was really dosing off now. He gently spread her legs a bit more touching her panties ever so lightly on almost every stroke. She got aroused in her semi sleep state. For a few moments she thought it was her boyfriend touching her but the touch was different somehow more erotic. It was because it was improper as it was not her boyfriend, she realized. Opening her eyes suddenly he knew he’d gone too far. Giving her a naughty smile he stopped massaging her thighs covering her entire body with the sheet leaving only her arms exposed.

Rubbing some oil in his hands he started massaging her arms at the shoulders working his way down to her hands. To her surprise the massage of the palm oh her hand and her fingers was more intimate and erotic than anything he did so far. How could this be? And she couldn’t even object, as he was doing nothing wrong after all. She accepted the feeling letting herself enjoy his soft erotic touch, drifting off to semi sleep again. Her breathing depend her nipples slightly brushing on the sheet. They became erect intensifying the erotic feeling. She opened her eyes just a slit and took a peek at him. He was watching her breasts, his breathing shallow and quicker than normal. He was obviously enjoying the view. This gave her satisfaction of not being the only one aroused.

When he stopped massaging her arms she became alarmed this was the end. She didn’t want the feeling to end, but she was afraid to ask for more. Would he try to take advantage of her if she admitted she wanted more? Would she be willing and able to stop him if he did? She opened her eyes again and watched him. His back was to her and he was wiping his hands. So this is really the end?

He turned around and stepped behind bahis siteleri her head. Placing his hands on her head he started massaging her scalp with his fingertips. Although not erotic the feeling was highly relaxing. He started gently puling on locks of her hair letting them slide through his fingers. After about five minutes he stopped again reaching for the oil bottle. He rubbed some oil into the palms of his hands and gently massaged it into the skin of her face. Applying pressure with his fingertips to her forehead he worked her skin in circles. After a while he switched to her eyebrows griping them between his thumb and index finger. Rolling the skin up and down between the fingers felt great and again slightly erotic. When he switched to her temples her only thought was that she didn’t want him to stop no matter what.

He caressed her cheeks gently for a few minutes then his hands slid to her earlobes. He massaged and tugged them gently and this felt intimate more then the touch of her lover. Tracing a path with his fingertips to her chin he rolled the skin on the edge of her lower jaw as he did her eyebrows. Suddenly she felt his fingertips on her lips. The touch was light as a feather tingling in a sweet way. She involuntarily opened her mouth just a slit a soft moan escaping her lips. He proceeded with the light touch to her neck then tracing the collarbone sliding beneath the sheet on her upper chest stopping before the swell of her chests.

His hands withdrew from beneath the sheet but continued caressing her through the sheet. He traveled with his hands along her body between her breasts down her belly around her pubic area down the inside of her thighs to her knees. Going back up her body on the outside of her thighs and hips circling her belly three times then going up her chest he did not avoid her breasts any more going just on the outside of her nipples up he collar and neck to her lips again. She opened her lips a bit more and one of his fingers slid just a bit in her mouth. It was all she could do not to touch his fingertips with the tip of her tongue.

Feeling bold he went down her body again this time drawing three ever-tighter circles on her breasts brushing her nipples on the last stroke. This time he did not continue down her body but went to her neck caressing it on both sides. He reached for her earlobes again gently tugging on them. Caressing her face towards her lips made her gasp in anticipation. He slid his thumb in her half open mouth placing his index finger under her chin he gently opened her mouth even more. She touched his finger with the tip of her tongue. He lowered his head to her chest blowing his hot breath on her sheet-covered nipples. The warm feeling went directly to her spine and she arched her chest up. His mouth touched her left nipple and he blew more hot air on her nipple making her moan.

He straightened his back caressed her breasts with both his hands. Griping the sheet with his hands he slowly slid it down her body emphasizing his pleasure of discovering her body. She locked her eyes with his. He held his gaze with her then deliberately looked down towards emerging breasts and belly letting her know he meant to enjoy every inch of her body. She felt vulnerable and somehow even more naked than really she was. This only heightened her excitement. When he uncovered her completely he put his hands on her shoulders then caressed his way to her breasts playing with her nipples while looking at her eyes. She knew they were past the point of no return. He wouldn’t stop and she was powerless to stop him. Eyes still locked with hers he lowered his head planting his first kiss on her belly button. He started kissing his way down while his hands slid along her sides and ass to her thighs. He lifted his head, traced his fingers in zigzag line down her thighs reaching underside of her knees. When he tickled the backside of her knees she raised her knees without meaning to. Taking hold of knees now he started lifting her knees up opening her legs. Her feet slid on the table coming to rest just inches bahis şirketleri from her buttocks. This left her fully exposed to him with her excitement evident, as her panties were now semi transparent with her moisture.

He caressed inside of her thighs with his hands up and down every time almost touching her pussy. Daring her with his eyes to stop him he slowly lowered his head to her right thigh. She whispered “Please!” not knowing if she was pleading him to stop or to continue. He started kissing the inside of her thigh covering her skin with hot wet kisses inching towards the forbidden area. When he reached her panties he lifted his head slightly, traveling across her wet panties not touching her. When he reached the middle he stopped and blew long and hot breath on her pussy. She wanted to grab his head and force him to deliver on his innuendo and at the same time to flee from him. Planting kisses on her left thigh now he still held her gaze questioning her without words: “Should I stop or continue?”

She was paralyzed her thoughts and desires conflicting. He gently griped her left ankle lifted her leg straightening it. He kissed his way down to her foot. He took her big toe in his hot mouth sucking on it. Electricity shot to her pelvis exploding through her nerves to her spine. She gasped again arching her back. She was burning for a release now. He kissed his way back up her leg. Reaching her knee he placed her foot back. His kisses were getting even hotter and he lazily traced his way to her panties again. He stopped kissing her and breathing heavily looked her in the eyes giving her final wordless chance to stop him. She couldn’t answer him either way. Her desires were burning to hot to stop, her mind just barely stopping her from begging him to continue. She closed her eyes avoiding making her mind knowing on the other hand that this meant surrendering to him. He reached for her panties drawing them to the side slowly lowering his head planting first wet kiss on her wet pussy. She felt instant orgasm exploding and pushing her hips in the air preventing him to break contact. He licked slowly up and down her slit a few times avoiding her clit while she calmed down. He took hold of her panties with both hands pulling them down her legs. She was now completely naked on the table for him to enjoy. He started licking her slowly and deliberately. She was his desert, his sweet victory.

His licking became more intense concentrating on her clit more and more. His left hand reached for her breasts playing with them squeezing her nipples. He brought his right hand into play teasing her opening with two digits. The promise of penetration brought her over the edge. Waves of joy started in the small of her back traveling up her spine spilling over her breasts then rebounding of her brain back all over her body. She spasemed lifting her torso, belly and hips in waves of pure bliss. He kept his mouth on her pussy French kissing it all the way through her orgasm.

When she came down from the heavens guilt was starting to assert itself slowly. Behind closed eyes tears were welling up. Would he demand to be pleased now? Would he take her? She couldn’t refuse him if he did though she now felt too guilty to continue.

He straightened her legs and covered her gently with the sheet. He kissed her on the lips with the warmest most loving kiss of her life. The kiss conveyed his understanding her completely. He demanded or expected nothing from her. This was his gift to her. What happened was forever their secret; a moment of love shared between to people that had no impact on their relations with others. He lingered with the kiss, than stood up and left the room. She could hear running water from the bathroom. She dressed herself feeling content and happy. Until now she did not know somebody could give love wanting nothing in return.

He came out of the bathroom still without a shirt on. She met him in the hall, as she was about to leave. She put on her shoes and he helped her with her jacket. Standing in front of him she did not know what to say, how to thank him. He embraced her holding her gently. She wrapped her arms around his back holding him close. She looked up in his eyes and raised her lips to his kissing him without guilty feelings…

To be continued…

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