21 Nisan 2021

Fun with HIM

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I am wearing long jeans, which hide the high heels, or “stripper shoes”, so I will be closer to your height. I met you at the door, let you in and we kiss. I press you against the door while we continue to kiss and rub our hands along the body of each other. As we separate, you read my shirt, which says “Spank Me.” You laugh, spank me, grab my butt, pull me close, and we kiss some more. I pull away, and we go to the couch. I push you onto it and straddle you.

We kiss as we rub your hands over each other. I raise your hands above your head, link them around the post behind your head, and tell you to leave them there. I rub my hands back down your arms. I say “I wont use ice or the like on you, and intend to avoid your ticklish lower belly area, but let me know if I get to close.” I rub my hands over your upper chest and kiss you some more. At some point, while I kiss you, I put my hands on your cheeks. I kiss your neck, then watch you while I rub my hands down your pendik escort chest and ribs (avoiding your lower belly), and pull your shirt off you. You unlink your hands so I can pull it all the way off and then put them back. I kiss down your chest (avoiding your lower belly) and undo your belt. I then remove your pants. I lightly rub my hands over your exposed skin. At various points I nip and kiss your exposed skin. I kiss your member. I lick it from the base up, and then pull it in my mouth. I suck on it and lick it. I enjoy the feeling and taste of you in my mouth. I suck on the sides of your member, then pull you into my mouth, and flick my tongue over your tip.

I straddle you and wrap my fingers around you. I stroke you. As I stroke you, I watch your expression, and then kiss you, as I continue to stroke you. I stroke you with one hand and rub my other hand over my breasts and sides. I stroke you as my other hand roams my sefaköy escort body; I stroke you as I suck on a finger. I kiss you. I rub my hands over me, and slowly pull my shirt over my head, revealing a corset. Then I stand up, I watch your face as I remove my pants, revealing my short skirt and thigh high fishnets. I turn around so you can see the whole outfit.

While my back is turned towards you, I look back at you over my shoulder, and flip up the back of the skirt, which shows off my butt cheeks and a thong. I watch you while I rub myself under my skirt, and play with my breasts above the corset. I kiss you, then slide my panties down my legs and off, and toss them aside. I sit back down in your lap straddling your legs. I slide my hands up your arms and bring your hands down. I rub your hands along my body. I put your hands on my shoulders, and then rub them down me. I put them under the top of my corset to cup my breasts. silivri escort I kiss you as our hands move over the corset.

I turn around in your lap, and rub your hands over my chest, belly, and thighs. I lean back into your chest while I rub your hands over my front and genitals. Your hands play with my genitals and thighs while I rub my hands along my belly and chest. I want you! I want you! We kiss over my shoulder while you handle me. After a while I remove your hands and lean forward. I have you undo the hooks on the corset and remove it. As you do so, you kiss my back. I enjoy it, and want you, and rub my hands over my thighs and genitalia. When you take the corset off me and are done kissing my back, I kiss you over my shoulder, while I lean back into your chest and rub my belly. I turn and face you, undo my bra, and take it off. You take my breasts into your mouth and suck on first one then the other, while your hands rub my back and I stroke you. You lift me up, kissing down my chest, and eat me out. You do that for a while, then sit me back down in your lap, and kiss me. I lean back and you take my breast in your mouth. I pause and enjoy it, then grab a condom, unwrap it, and slide it on your member. We kiss and I slide on top of your member and we…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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