21 Nisan 2021

Games Pt. 01

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Sharon was either in the midst of pleasuring herself when I got back to the hotel room or she was in bed waiting for me to return so we could fuck. When I got back to our room I was still dressed in my suit from my client meeting. It was my pitch for new business that took us to Seattle and our mini vacation together.

I make videos. Sharon’s a former teacher. We met after I read one of Sharon’s stories on Literotica and I wrote to her to tell her how much I enjoyed her stories. When Sharon’s life got messy I helped her out. Our relationship grew from there.

This wasn’t our first time to meet, but it was our first trip to somewhere neither of us had ever been before, much less together. My goal was to nail the gig with the new client and spend the rest of the time nailing Sharon. Combine a little business with a whole lot of pleasure. I was pleased when Sharon agreed to go with me on the trip to Seattle. I think her agenda was similar to mine which was why she accepted so readily.

Sharon was lying on the bed naked somewhat tangled up in the sheets.

“About time you got back. I’ve been getting impatient waiting for you.”

I responded. “I hope I didn’t walk in at a bad moment. I mean, I didn’t want to keep you from anything important.:

“No. I think you’re just in time actually,” Sharon teased. “Come and fuck me. I want to feel your cock inside me. I want to feel you come.”

“You’re making this sound like this is all about me, but I know you want to come too. That’s OK. This can be mutually satisfying. I’m here to help you, but you’re going to have to earn it first.” I said looking down at Sharon leaning on her side. She provocatively posed so she had one leg bent and I could see her hairless pussy beckoning, tempting me. Her hand strayed downward towards her cunt as through to draw my eyes there. Did she really think I hadn’t noticed her pussy and the hint of moisture on her labia? Her tits swayed. My dick started to harden. I thought to myself, how can this woman excite me so?

“ummm hmmmm,” was what she said dreamily and then after processing what I said, turning curious she said, “Earn it?”

“Close your eyes.” I said before removing my black silk neck tie.


“Because we’re going to play a game. I thought it might be fun and I stopped on the way back her to the room to pick up a couple of toys.

“Toys? I like toys.” Sharon was intrigued.

“And just so you don’t cheat, I’m going to blindfold you with my tie.”

“Most men try to get me out of my clothes. Here I am naked and you’re trying to get me to put yours on.”

“I’ve beşiktaş escort been thinking about this. It’ll be fun. Trust me? Game?”

Was she curious or did she think I wouldn’t give up? Either way Sharon sat up and I wrapped my tie gently around her eyes. I pushed her back down on the bed.

“Lie on your back. Relax. Can you see? How many fingers am i holding up?” I said waving my hand in front of her face.


I laughed. “OK. Well I’m not a mutant. I guess you can’t see.” I paused before continuing. “The name of this game is ‘What is it?’ I have 3 different items. You’re going to have to guess what the items are based on all of your senses except for sight. If you win, then I’ll comply with your sexual want and you get a sexual favor-no questions asked. If I win, then I choose and you’re at my mercy. You see you really can’t lose because either way you win.”

“Seriously? No questions asked?”

I could tell Sharon was mulling all the possibilities. Sharon freely told me a lot of stories about her past sexual experiences. I was beginning to wonder if this game I concocted was such a good idea. But before I could decide she continued.

“I can’t see a damn thing, but I think I’m liking the sound of this game already.”

“OK. So here’s number one. Ready?”

“I guess.”

I pulled out the long stemmed rose-the first of three things I bought on my way coming back from my business meeting.

I ran the thorns of the stem along the arches of Sharon’s feet. I knew she could feel the sharpness but it probably also tickled. She was thinking-trying to figure it out. I started at her feet knowing it might make figuring it out more difficult. I cut her a break and moved to a more sensitive area. I ran the thorns along the inside of her thighs.

“Woah.” Sharon said, “At first it tickled. Now it feels scratchy, sharp. Do I have to guess now?”

“Don’t guess until you’re confident. You don’t want to guess wrong. If you do, the game is over and I win.”

“You said it didn’t matter who won,” Sharon argued.

Then I stopped momentarily and changed to the velvety flower petal of the rose and ran it along your inner thighs and then along your pussy.

“Is that the same thing? Or are we on a new object now?”

“OK. 1 clue only. This is the same object.”

“I have no idea.”

“Be patient. There’s no rush. Think.”

I pulled a petal from the rose and put the rest of the rose near her feet. I held the petal between my fingers and teased her nipples with it. Flicking the petal back beylikdüzü escort and forth across her nipples. Feathery strokes. Teasing. I saw her nipples respond by hardening. Then I wrapped her nipple in the petal and rubbed the petal and Sharon’s nipple together between my thumb and forefinger. Her nipples got harder in my fingers.

“Wow. That’s soft. So unlike the scratchy thing.”

“OK. This is taking too long. I’m going to give you another clue.” I picked up the rose again and brought it close to her cheek. I gently ran first the thorn and then switched to the velvety flower part against her cheek. As soon as I got to the velvety flower part, I knew she knew..

“What’s that I smell? A flower. The scratchy part and the soft part can only be a rose. It’s a rose,” Sharon said confidently.

“Right! Very good. One down. Two to go. Ready for object number 2?”

“I think I like this game,” Sharon said saucily. I wondered if she had jumped ahead to what she might want as her prize for winning the game.

I pulled out a chocolate dipped strawberry and ran it up the inside of her thighs, the length of her pussy, past her navel, between her tits, then circled each breast one at a time, spiralling up to each nipple at the peak and then back down to the other breast,

“Hmmmm. This is different. Kind of firm, maybe a little cool, maybe rubbery, not sharp like the rose. Not sure. Keep moving it around.”

Before I started I knew it wouldn’t be long before the warmth of Sharon’s body began to melt the chocolate shell of the strawberry. Soon I began to see chocolate trails on her body. I knew I’d have to resist the urge to lick them or she’d have another clue.

“This is leaving wet marks on my body. That thing feels different now than it did earlier,” Sharon said.

I ran the strawberry up the side of her neck and across her cheek and then very slowly across her lips. I thought the sensation there would make it identifiable. Sharon’s lips parted and her tongue snaked out to feel it. I don’t know whether it was the taste on her tongue, the unique feeling, or possibly the scent again that gave it away. Sharon aggressively bit the strawberry.

“Hey! No fair! You’re cheating. You’re eating the game pieces.” I argued vainly in dismay.

“You told me I could use all my sense except for sight. Taste is one of those,” Sharon replied emphatically.

“True,” I reluctantly admitted.

“It’s a chocolate covered strawberry. At first I thought it might be the head of some guy’s cock you brought back to the room. It was firm and beyoğlu escort it felt about the right size and the wet part was precum.”

“Well for his sake, I’m glad it wasn’t when you bit down on the strawberry like that. OK. Score is now Sharon 2, me none. But the game isn’t over yet. Are you ready for round

“Aren’t you going to lick off that chocolate off my body first?”

“If I take time to do that, we’ll probably never finish the game.”

“Oh. I thought maybe this was half-time or something,” Sharon suggested.

I weighed options. I always enjoyed eating Sharon and there was enough chocolate there to make things interesting.

“Oh. I hadn’t thought of that. You’re one up on me.”

“Two. It’s now Sharon two, you zip. You trying to cheat?”

“No. I’ll deal with the chocolate later. Maybe you’ll get distracted thinking about me licking the chocolate from your body and you’ll guess wrong. OK. Here it comes.”

I put my right hand in my leather glove. I began with my fingertips lightly running along her side, from the arms downward, past her hips and down the outside of her legs, across the tops of her feet and then back up again rotating my hand to the flat side of my fingers as I ran it up the inner part of her thigh, towards her pussy. I started stroking Sharon’s pussy, it was already moist. Likely from her activity before I got back to our hotel room.

“I think I know already.”

“I think you just like where it is and want me to keep going,” I said.

I ran my hand up the length of her pussy, letting Sharon feel the leather against her skin. Looking down I could see part of the leather getting darker as it absorbed a little of her wetness. I thought to myself. I have even more reason to like my gloves now. I’ll remember Sharon’s wetness on it and hope her scent adds to the warm smell of the leather.

I moved my hand upwards towards her breasts, grasping one of her heavy tits in the leather. Kneading it, teasing her nipple to harden between my fingers.

“This one is a lot easier than the other two. Does that leather glove have a mate, because I do have another tit that’s waiting for similar treatment?”

“Absolutely right! It is a leather glove. And you’re a winner,” I said before reaching up and removing Sharon’s blindfold.

Sharon looked quite pleased with herself for winning.

“I like this game,” she said. “So, as winner, I get to name my prize right?”

“Right.” I said. “Tell me how you’d like it and we both win.”

And then Sharon told me what she wanted to claim as her prize.

“Surprise me sometime. But don’t be too romantic. Do something different like add in some rough stuff or maybe you could arrange being watched by some other guys. I am a slut, remember?”

My mind began to consider the possibilities. Little did I know was that I was much closer to paying off Sharon’s prize than I imagined.

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