16 Mayıs 2021

How Had I Ended Up Here Ch. 02

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John got home and went through the motions. He politely and subtly ushered Clare out of the house at 3.

“Don’t work too hard on the trip, ok?” John said to her.

“I won’t, you take care here.” Susan replied.

He waved in the doorway as she got into the taxi and drove to the airport. John sat down and watched TV until 4:15 rolled around. He heard a knock on the door and opened it.

There she was, his desire.

She had a light touch of make up on and her hair hanging long. She looked effortlessly beautiful, like always. She had a bag with her. He took it and beckoned her in. She passed the threshold, her scent wafting in John’s nostrils.

‘I’m going to enjoy this.’ John promised.

“So, by my reckoning she’s in the air, based on her itinerary.” Susan grinned wickedly.

“So, how about we celebrate?” Susan mused and reached towards him.

He took her in his arms and kissed her. Their tongues met and their passion increased.

He ran his hand under her skirt, feeling her stocking, as well as suspenders and something exquisite. She broke away and playfully slapped his hand.

“Hey, that’s for later.” Susan teased.

“Really?” John asked incredulously.

“Yes.” Susan affirmed.

“You think I’d walk in to your house and we’d fuck in the hall?” Susan asked, raising her eyebrow.

“No.” he sighed.

She went up on her tiptoes and whispered in his ear,

“We’re going to have much more fun than that. Don’t worry, I practically have a plan of how I want to fuck you in the next day.”

They watched a movie and had dinner. After, they settled on the couch for some quality TV until Susan spoke.

“I’m going upstairs to take my bed from your wife. You will wait for 5 minutes, then you can come upstairs. Knock before you enter.” Susan finished huskily.

She got up and strolled out of the room. John sat in tense anticipation for the five minutes, then nearly ran up the stairs. He reached the door and knocked.

There was silence and then a seductive “Come in.”

He opened the door and stepped past the door. There were candles lit and the lights off. The bed was dressed in the black sheets he and Clare rarely used. He heard the door click behind him. He turned to behold Susan. She was wearing the stockings from earlier, but was wearing black lacy underwear with a matching corset also. She looked like a lingerie model. She was his adulterous daydream.

“So, happy to wait?” Susan asked.

“Yes.” John breathed.

“So, here are my proposed rules.” Susan said. John was all attention, captivated by his mistress.

“One, if your wife or my husband calls, we answer, no matter what we’re doing. No matter if your head is between my legs.” Susan started, brushing his neck with her lips.

John could feel his excitement building.

“No matter if I have your entire length in my mouth.” Susan continued, slowly unbuttoning his shirt and exposing his chest.

“No matter if are about to empty your cum into my pussy.” Susan finished, kissing him softly on the lips, while her hands were undoing his belt.

“Two.” John said.

Susan looked surprised, then smug at his involvement in this game.

“If something pops into your head, you say it.” John murmured, running his hand through her hair.

“Like maybe, if you don’t feel full with your husband. But only do when I’m inside you up the hilt” he whispered and started kissing the nape of her neck. She gasped despite herself and pulled the belt from his jeans.

“Or in my case, if I think you’re the sexiest woman I’ve ever met and I only want to fill your cunt with my seed.” he said lustfully in her ear. She unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them and his underwear off. Her hand instinctively wrapped around his length. His breath shuddered at her touch.

“Three, we do everything with each other we don’t do with our spouses.” Susan said, running her hand up and down his shaft.

“We are free to take things from the other’s spouse, to ankara escort make them ours.” Susan continued, plucking a string of pearls from Clare’s jewellery box and fastening them around her neck. With the black lingerie and her hair colour they were alluring.

“You wear them better than Clare.” John observed.

“Smart boy.” Susan smiled and kissed him deeply.

“Lie back.” Susan said.

John was happy to oblige.

Susan dropped to her knees and eyed the drop of precum on his cock.

“Good.” Susan said simply and took his length in her mouth.

He swore with pleasure, the build-up and everything ratcheted up his desire. She blew his entire length, running her tongue along the underside of his shaft and using her hands to work his length. He enjoyed this for a few minutes, but he knew he was hungry. As much as he enjoyed watching Susan in black lingerie and pearls looking up at him, he knew what he wanted more.

He drew back and his cock came out of Susan’s mouth with a pop.

“Susan, lie back now.” he growled passionately.

She smirked, delighted with herself. She lay back on the bed, but her expression had entirely changed. She was wide-eyed and shocked.

“John, what are you doing?” Susan asked incredulously.

He removed the suspenders from her underwear and ran his nose across her slit, through the panties. She smelled phenomenal and the panties were damp.

“John!” Susan exclaimed, mock appalled.

“This is you and Clare’s marital bed.”

John pulled the panties off her, but left the stockings on.

“I’m married and so are you! You can’t do this.” Susan cried.

“If you are faithful to Michael, then I should be able to kiss your pussy and you should be able to tell me to stop.” John reasoned. Susan regained some composure and had a resolute expression.

“Fine, I won’t tell Clare. But if I say stop, then you stop.” Susan said.

“If you do.” John scoffed.

He put his head between her legs and inhaled her scent deeply. He was addicted to her pussy. He kissed her lips and licked her clit. He then began rolling his tongue all around it and tasting her.

“Mmmm.” Susan groaned. John proceeded to lick her clit slowly, slowly building up speed.

“John?” Susan asked breathlessly. John looked up at her, but continued to pleasure her with his tongue. Her eyelids fluttered with pleasure.

He withdrew and asked, “Do you want me to stop?” Susan looked at him, her façade was excellent. She looked genuinely conflicted,

“No, but you only use your mouth, and you can’t tell Michael.” Susan said sternly.

“As you wish.” John answered and returned to her pussy. She lay back and moaned with pleasure.

Her phone rang, John continued to pay her cunt every attention while Susan answered it.

“Hi honey.” Susan answered softly.

“Hi.” Michael replied, unable to hear John lapping up his wife’s juices.

“I’m in the bath at the moment, it feels so good.” Susan purred, making eye contact with John. He picked up his speed. She bit her lip while Michael passed some comment about her needing to relax more.

“I think you’re right. I’m feeling so relaxed and satisfied right now.” Susan said. She felt close to cumming and her voice strained to sound casual on the phone to her husband.

John could feel her tension and kept the same speed he had. She was shivering with supressed passion.

Finally, the wave of pleasure crashed over Susan. Her hand pulled his head toward her opening, so his tongue could enter her as far as possible. Her expression was a silent scream. She took a deep breath and looked at the phone.

“Hon.” Susan said breathlessly. “I think I best let you go, I’m a bit too out of it here to have a proper conversation. Enjoy your night.” Susan continued.

“Ok, you have a good night too. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Michael said, loud enough that John heard it. He looked up at Susan at this.

She looked sinfully delighted, “Oh don’t worry, I will.” Susan escort ankara promised and promptly hung up.

She moaned as he started again.

“God that felt amazing.” Susan confessed. She could feel another coming on. John was still licking up her cum from the last, yet continued. She ran her hands through his hair and cried out with each breath.

“You don’t do this with her, do you?” Susan asked, secretly hoping for the right answer.

John paused and answered.

“Well I do, but not like this. I only do it like this with you.”

Susan came again at this admission. She screamed in pleasure this time and her whole body shook. She felt wave after wave crash over her. Once sensation returned she opened her eyes. John was on top of her, looking into her eyes. She could feel the head of his member tracing around her wet pussy lips. She remembered their game and acted indignant.

“John. I told you, only your lips.” Susan scolded. John looked at her decidedly assured.

“I’m not inside you. But if you think you can’t trust yourself then I understand. You don’t know if you love him enough to resist another man.” John observed.

“I do love Michael.” Susan snapped.

“But you won’t really test it, will you? John asked.

“You’re too afraid to even tempt temptation.” John grinned.

She looked confused. He knew she was trying to reason it out. She loved Michael, but she couldn’t tell if letting John enter her was a test or a trap. A voice in the back of her head, the Susan who knew all this was a game of theirs was telling her how amazing it felt. She made a choice.

“Fine, you can slide in. Once. And you wear a condom.” Susan demanded.

“Ah, I get it. You don’t really want to take the ultimate test, but if you insist.” John sighed.

Susan hesitated.

“Fine, but just once ok?” Susan said sharply.

“Ok.” John said confidently.

John ran his cock around her lips coating the head in her cum. Then he entered her

slowly. She felt every inch of him slowly push inside. John pushed himself inside up to the hilt. He was practically splitting her in two. She loved it, she had never felt more satisfied. He withdrew until his head was barely inside.

“So?” John asked.

“Fuck me” Susan said, no guilt in her voice. She knew Michael could never please her in the same way again. He buried his length inside her and she moaned.

‘This is my life now.’ Susan thought and smirked to herself.

“So, what happened to the good wife?” John joked, while thrusting in and out of her.

Susan was flush with passion so she answered. “Well, Michael doesn’t need to know. So, I still am. Just not when I’m with you. When I’m with you I like turning bad.” Susan admitted.

John undid her bra and threw it on the floor. He kissed her breasts and licked her nipples. She closed her eyes and savoured it all.

John spoke again, “So if I came inside you right now, what would you do?” Susan thought for a moment.

“Well if you wanted we could go out and get me a pill. But, I’d probably run my finger between my lips and suck our juices off it.” Susan confessed lustfully.

John could feel himself close to cumming. Susan could sense this and gripped him with her pussy as he pulled out, heightening their pleasure. He thought about the risk again of what they were doing and it aroused him further. He wondered what Susan thought of it and was about to ask her. She was close to cumming again and started moaning.

“Oh Christ, John.” Susan cried. “Do it! Cum inside me! Fill my hot wet fertile cunt with your white seed.” Susan screamed. She looked into his eyes deeply. Her eyes were fiery and passionate. They spurred John on and he fucked her harder. The bedframe was rocking and with each thrust it struck the wall behind it.

They could both tell how close they were and then John’s phone rang. It was Clare.

Susan saw it and looked at him.

“Don’t answer it.” Susan said quickly. John was grateful, but also ankara escort bayan confused. Susan looked at him, “I’d rather you put a baby inside me than play a game.” Susan confessed. John was pushed over the edge with that comment and came.

He filled her up with his cum. So much that some came out of her pussy. Susan swore to herself that she could nearly feel the life forming inside her. He pulled out and Susan gathered up some of their mixed juices with one finger. She looked him in the eye and sucked it all off. He lay beside her breathing heavily. His phone rang again. Susan was resting her head on his chest when he answered.

“Hey.” Clare said tiredly.

“Hey. Sorry, I was just finishing off.” John said.

“You ok now?” Clare asked, concerned. John looked down at Susan in his arms.

“Yeah, I’m good.” John replied.

“I just said I’d check in.” Clare said.

“I appreciate it.” John said. “But trust me, I’m fine.” John assured her, as Susan traced down his chest with her index finger.

“Ok, good night.” Clare said.

“Good night.” John echoed. He hung up the phone.

“So, what do you want?” John asked Susan. She thought for a moment.

“Let’s go get me some tests.” she said.

“So, we’re making a baby?” John asked her. She looked up at him.

“Well, I’m here for a day and we’re not using any protection.” Susan answered and kissed him deeply. They both got dressed and left to go to the local pharmacy.

Susan went to the till and got a packet. The woman at the till was in her late twenties, maybe a bit older than Susan.

“Good news?” the woman said nonchalantly.

“Hopefully.” Susan replied.

“Well I hope you and your husband are very happy.” the pharmacist said.

Susan looked at her. “Oh you mean John?” Susan responded.

“No. The main thing is that his wife and my husband don’t find out.” Susan said, winking at the pharmacist.

She looked shocked as realisation dawned on her. Susan walked down the aisle and walked towards the door with John. She looked back at the pharmacist and put her hand on John’s ass.

As they drove back Susan started fidgeting.

“What’s up?” John asked her.

“Well, I was wondering could we go shopping tomorrow?” Susan asked John.

“Sure, what for?” John asked.

“Well it’s my anniversary with Michael soon and I was thinking of wearing something fun for it.” Susan answered nonchalantly.

John paused at this. “Ok, where did you have in mind?” he replied coolly.

“Well maybe Victoria’s Secret or Forever 21. I’d just like a man’s perspective is all.” Susan said innocently, as she put her hand on in the inside of his thigh. John nearly flinched at this.

“Well as long as you’re sure.” John said.

“I am.” Susan insisted. “It won’t be awkward or anything. It’s not like you think about me in that way.” Susan said sweetly, running her hand up to his belt. John slowed his driving a bit and tried to keep calm in his voice.

“No, of course not.” he replied.

“Good” Susan said, “Because the last thing I’d want is for you to be uncomfortable. Or worse there to be an incident in the shop.” she said, opening his belt.

He was a few minutes away from home so he simply said. “Would you prefer I stop the car or perhaps we could get home first?” John asked hoarsely, passion in his voice.

Susan made a show of considering it. “I suppose we’ll get home first.” she sighed. John practically sped home.

Once they shut the threshold he took her in his arms and carried her upstairs. They flung each other’s clothes around the room and fell into bed. The night passed in a blur of passion and sex. He most vividly recalled Susan on top of him, riding him hard and his wife’s pearls bouncing on her neck as he fucked her.

Then she was underneath him, moaning and clutching his hips, willing him to take her deeper than Michael ever could. She screamed as she came, her pussy gripping his cock and coating it with her cum.

The sheets were practically sodden with their juices. John expected a lot of staining. He fucked her as she was facing a photo of Clare. With each thrust she felt hornier. She was here being taken in a way Clare wasn’t and it made her so wet.

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