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It was Freshman Rush season. That didn’t mean a whole lot to me, Simon Rice. I was not tall, handsome or well-built like my older brother. I was basically your typical skinny, nerd. This was my senior year and I had close to a 4.0 which did not impress good-looking girls, and there were a lot of them on campus. My hand provided the sexual pleasure that was prompted from my seeing them and the subsequent lust that was produced.

I convinced myself that I would wait until my senior year to start dating. By then all the party girls would have flunked out, the Mrs. degree seekers would have latched onto a man, and the ones looking for a long-term, stable mate would be left. I guess you could say I was ‘book-smart’ but lacked common sense.

I was in Intro to Chemistry class with a bunch of freshmen because I needed one more science class to complete my Core courses needed to graduate. One day when a beautiful freshman classmate, Marci, asked if she could talk to me after class. My assumption was correct — she wanted tutoring. Of course, I agreed if for no other reason than to sneak peeks at considerable cleavage. I helped her get a good grade on the next test. I was surprised that she gave me a kiss in appreciation. I said, “I guess that’s my pay for tutoring you.”

Marci replied, “Oh no, that grade was worth more to me than that. Pick me up at 6:00 tonight and I will treat you to dinner and dessert.” The way she said dessert, I don’t think she was talking about apple pie. Anyway, I picked her up. We went to a drive-in fast-food place. She then directed me to a well-known make out place where she promised dessert.

Soon after we parked, she started kissing me and squeezing different parts of my body. I tried to imitate her actions with her body. Although I was doing my best to provide her body parts with pleasure, she never moaned or showed passion. Before long, she started rubbing between my legs. I was shocked. She purred, “Oooohh, that feels interesting. Let me see how big I can get it.”

This is where my fear kicks in. I am small, like just under four inches. I figured she would no longer be interested in me once she found out. I confessed. “I’m sorry, Marci. I’m not very big. I you’re looking for a boyfriend that is big, I’m not him.”

Marci replied, “Nonsense. I think you’re plenty big enough. You know they say that what matters is how you use it, not how big it is.”

“I probably fail in that category also. I am not experienced either.”

“Well, I think you just lack some confidence. Let me see what I can do for you. Take it out.”

“I beg your pardon.”

“Take your dick out. I want to see for myself.”

I obeyed. Soon my dick was out for inspection. “See, I told you I wasn’t very large.”

“Does it get any larger? Let me see if I can help.” She took my penis in her hand and she started stroking. I was in heaven.

“Why don’t you lean back and close your eyes? You will feel even better imagining what I am doing with your cock. And give me your handkerchief.”

She could have asked me to do anything and I would have tried my best to do it. I lay back with my eyes closed and a shit-eating grin on my face. She used her scarf as a blindfold, so I didn’t peek. It didn’t take long before I was ready to spurt. I warned her and she put my handkerchief over my penis while I ejaculated.

Marci commented, “There. You have your dessert. Now we are even.”

“Can’t we do it some more?”

“Sorry, it’s getting late and I have to study for an Econ test.”

The ride back to her dorm was mostly in silence. She did not appear happy, mad or anything. At the dorm, she jumped out of the car and said, “Thanks.” No “call me” or anything else.

She was polite to me when I saw her in Chemistry class but always had somewhere to go or someone to meet. I got the picture. My small penis did matter to her after all. I should have expected it. On with my life.

In a couple of weeks, I found out that my small penis mattered to her a lot more than I thought. The sorority that she was pledging had held a secret contest: which girl can find the smallest penis on campus. Guess who won? On the sorority Facebook page was a picture. I was leaning back in the car and my dick was in Marci’s hand. It was posted with the caption, “The winner of the smallest dick on campus — Simon Rice.” I was devastated.

I withdrew from life. I didn’t want to come out of my apartment. That didn’t stop me from being humiliated. Every guy who went by my room called out, ‘Dinky-dick’ or some other similar insult. I got emails from alleged midget women telling me I looked just right to them. There was a picture shoved under my door. It showed a plywood sheet with a pencil sized hole in the middle. The hole was labeled, ‘Dinky-dick’s Glory Hole.’ I ordered in food and skipped classes for three days straight.

My younger brother, Art, saved my college career and maybe my life. He was a junior and was the president of a fraternity on campus. When he saw the sorority czech experiment porno Facebook posting, he was livid. He also knew my likely response. Soon he was at my door demanding I open it. The apartment manager had to open it for him. I was in bed in a fetal position.

“Get your sorry ass up. We have to make plans for revenge.” That piqued my interest. He took me to his fraternity house where they held a council meeting. Art spoke up, “That fucking bunch of bitches has humiliated my brother. Although he is not your brother, I am asking your help. The vote was unanimous. One member asked, “How do we help him get revenge?”

My brother smiled, “I have an idea.”

In the next month, it was my brother’s fraternity’s time to provide waiters for the evening meal for Marci’s sorority. She had been admitted partially on her success in winning their smallest penis contest. Marci was financially able to move in the sorority right away. That night there were only 25 sorority girls present for supper. Marci was one of them along with all the officers.

The fraternity served tea and lemonade to the girls. They were not aware of the special flavoring. Marci, however, did not get the drug. Soon after the meal, the girls except for Marci started getting very horny. As they snuggled up to Art’s fraternity brothers, they were taken into their recreation room and told to disrobe. They obeyed while begging to have sex. Next several SUVs and cars pulled up to the sorority and 24 homeless men came out. The smell was overwhelming. The men were taken into the house and told to ‘drop trow’ after lining up one in front of each girl. Soon every girl but one had a dick of a homeless man in their mouth. The one exception was Marci. She was taken upstairs by me. She begged me not to rape her. She said she would suck my dick of her own volition. I took her in her room and gave her a choice. Let me videotape her confession about what she did to me, or she could join her sisters downstairs. The confessed as I filmed her. Then I gave her a sedative that put her to sleep until the drug wore off.

Downstairs, after each man got his rocks off, they were taken despite a large degree of protest on their part back to the shelter. The girls were still horny and resorted servicing each other. After more pictures were taken, the fraternity boys left. A huge poster was left that warned the girls what would happen if they were reported.

The deal was simple: In order for not showing the videos of the blowjobs for the homeless and the lesbian orgy that followed, each girl in the sorority would have to give Simon Rice a blowjob and swallow his sperm — everyone except Marci. The girls had been surprised when they found Marci asleep up in her room. They watched the video and saw that she had been spared the homeless men and the lesbian orgy. They wondered why.

Marci was kicked out of the sorority because she was suspected of making a deal with the fraternity to avoid the humiliating sex. Her protests fell on deaf ears. Marci’s view was that she had been excluded because Simon had a special, more horrifying punishment for her. She was right.

She received emails that only said, “It’s coming.” Every member of the fraternity whenever they saw Marci on campus would say to her, “It’s coming.” Marci lived in fear. She did not go out. Her weight dropped and she got medications for her anxiety. She was about to drop out of school when she thought of a possible way out.



“Marci, how good to see you. How have you been doing?”

“Shitty, as you well know. I’ve been on edge waiting for you to give me my punishment from you. I assume saying ‘I’m sorry’ won’t do me any good. I have to find a way out or I will leave school and you will not get anymore pleasure out of my distress.”

“I’m listening.”

“What will it take for you to drop the whole thing? I will do anything — blowjob, fucking. Hell, I’ll even give you my ass. That’s still virgin territory.”

“How about dinner and dessert?”

“You mean like our first date?”

“I mean like the night you betrayed me.”

“You going to take a picture of my pussy to show all over campus? Will that make us even?”

“I’m not going to say. You’ll just have to find out.”

I picked her up and took her to the same fast-food place she had treated me to the first night. When I drove off after we finished, I told her that she had to put on the blindfold I had provided. She said, “I figured that would wait until we parked.”

“I’m changing the script of our infamous first date a bit. Now, please put on the blindfold.”


In about 20 minutes, I stopped the car and told her to take off her blindfold. It took a minute for her to recognize where we were. When she did, Marci went into full panic mode. “Simon, please take me away from here. Now, and I mean right now. If you don’t, I’ll jump out of the car and run away.”

“And leave me to show the video to your parents by myself? I can czech first porno video do that.”

“Please, please, please. I’ll do anything than this. I will stand nude in the courtyard in front of everyone. Anything but please not this.” She started crying.

The reason for her outburst was that we were in her parents’ driveway. She was afraid I would tell them what she had done to me.

“Marci, you have two choices: 1) You can use your best acting skills and go along with what I say to them. I swear that if you do, I will not tell them anything about your smallest dick scam. 2) You can watch me show them the video of your confession. I will tell them of the humiliation I suffered because of you. Then I might just show them of your dear sorority sisters performing a community service project helping a group of homeless men. It’s your choice but you have to choose now.”

“You promise not to tell if I go along? I couldn’t stand to be humiliated in front of my parents like that. They would probably make me come home or even cut me off from the family. I promise. I’ll play along.”

“Good. They’re expecting us.” We went up to the door where I rang the bell.

“Mrs. Carlson came to open the door. Come in, come in. We’ve been expecting you. Simon, isn’t it?”

“Yes, m’am. I’m so pleased to meet you. I can sure tell where Marci gets her good looks.”

“Oh, aren’t you the charmer. Come over here and meet Marci’s father.”

“Mr. Carlson, it’s an honor to meet you sir. Marci speaks so highly of you.”

Mr. Carlson was a no-nonsense man. “Let’s get to it. Some mystery man Marci has never mentioned calls us up and says he and my daughter need to talk to me. I can only imagine what it is. How far along are you Marci?”

I interject, “Oh no, sir. Marci isn’t pregnant. At least not now. I hadn’t planned on being this abrupt, but I am here to ask your permission to marry your daughter.”

“Marci, tell me the truth. Are you pregnant?”

“No, Dad. Like he said, he’s here to ask your permission to . . . marry me.”

“Whew! That’s a load off my mind. Sit down, sit down. We’ve got a lot to find out about you. First off, why are we only hearing about you now?”

Again, I spoke instead of Marci. “That’s my fault sir. You see, our falling in love happened so swiftly, I asked Marci to wait for us to see each other’s parents until we were really sure we wanted to be together forever. As you are aware, we are both young and neither of us are employed. I will be graduating this year and I plan to support Marci finishing her degree. Most of the objective facts would say that we needed to wait to get engaged much less married. And we do plan to have a rather long engagement because of that. It’s just that we have realized that we have a unique love, unique in the history of romance, that we wanted to show each other how committed we are to each other.”

“So, Mr. Carlson, do I have your permission to marry your daughter?”

He looked at Marci. “Well, Marci?”

Marci looked like a deer in the headlights. “Mom, Dad I HAVE to totally agree with what Simon has said. I OWE him a big debt of gratitude. We started off on kind of a sour note, but this wonderful man was able to forgive me and come up with a way to pay him back. Dad, please give him permission.”

“There’s one thing missing. I haven’t heard you say that you love him.”

Marci gulped. “It’s hard for me to say it in front of you.” I looked sternly at her. She continued. “It’s hard for me to say without getting all mushy. I still don’t feel worthy of the feelings he has for me. I swear I will love him as much as I can, for as long as I have to.”

“Okay, son you have my permission.”

“Thank you, sir. Now, I need to do something.” I got down on one knee and pulled a small box out. “Marci Carlson, would you do the honor of becoming my wife? I promise you a life unlike any other you could have with any other man.”

Marci’s face demonstrated her internal conflict. She almost choked saying the words. “Yes, Simon Rice. I will agree to marry you.” We kissed. It was the least romantic kiss I had ever received, even less than my Aunt Bertha at family reunions.

Mrs. Carlson intervened. “Let’s go sit in the kitchen. I have some fresh coffee and warm chocolate pie with meringue on top.”

I couldn’t resist. “See Marci, I told you we’d have dessert.”

The next hour was spent with me telling of my family and my career plans which didn’t require any lying. Every once in a while, I would throw in something on how special Marci was and how fortunate I felt being with her. I seemed to be winning over her parents.

As we were leaving, I overheard her mother tell Marci, “This one is a keeper, Marci. Not like those losers you used to date in high school. I’m glad you’ve outgrown your promiscuous life and settled down.”

Once we go in the car and drove a little distance from the house, Marci unleashed the vitriol. “You bastard. If you have some fantasy about us being czech game porno a couple, forget about it. I hate you.”

“No, I don’t have that fantasy. What I have is the rest of your punishment. The rest of this semester, you will be my finance. You will tell everyone and show off the ring. I will be the most wonderful thing that ever happened to you. If you don’t, I go back and see your parents. If you do, then we break up at the end of the semester never to bother each other again.”

“What will I tell my parents?”

“Too young, too soon, too little money. It won’t be hard for them to believe you.”

“All right. But I never want to see you again after that.”

“That would certainly be my intention.”



Do you know how hard it is to pretend to be in love with someone you despise so much? I hope you never have to find out. Simon seemed to have no trouble at all. He always acted as if I was his one true love and treated me accordingly. I thought of dating someone behind his back, but the penalty would have been too severe. I just did the old ‘grin and bear it’ routine. Only a few months more.

Being with someone a lot and sharing so many experiences wears a person’s defenses down. Simon was so interesting to talk to and a lot funnier than I imagined. I fought against enjoying myself but wondered why I couldn’t do that and still dump him later. I relaxed around him. That change in attitude made the next few months that much easier to take.

I caught myself beginning to look forward to seeing him. I went from avoiding his touch, to longing for his touch, and, finally, to initiate touching him. We went from handholding to arms around the waist to kissing in public. When I heard someone yell, “Get a room,” I realized that I was developing feelings for him in spite of everything that should have made me hate him. I began to dread the break-up deadline instead of wishing it would hurry up and come.

I had an idea. I took Simon back to our first fast-food place and back to the make-out spot. We got back to the part where I had him take out his penis. This time I took it in my mouth and sucked him until he came. I swallowed cum for the first time. I liked it because he liked it. I was proud of myself.

Simon reached under my skirt and pulled my panties off. Soon he had my bottom raised up, so his mouth had access to my pussy. He said, “There’s nothing wrong with the size of my tongue.”

With his first lick, I started falling into a trance. A stimulating, tingling, sensual trance. My first orgasm built rapidly, and I exploded in joy. He didn’t stop. Orgasm after orgasm flowed. I begged for him to take a break. I gave him another blowjob. A longer, slower, deeper blowjob.

I think both of us wondered what difference our love making meant to our deal. Neither of us broached the subject.

Sex became part of our lives from then on. Although oral sex with him was definitely the best, vaginal sex was better than I expected in spite of his size. I did miss having a larger penis inside, but not by much. Then, I went for it. “Simon, I want you to have my ass.”

It turns out that his penis was just the right size for creating friction along the anal walls but without the pain other women have described they felt at first in anal sex. I always had an orgasm when we had anal sex. I figured that if I just had oral and anal sex with Simon, I would be happier than if I had a bigger dick and vaginal sex. It was a more than equal trade off.

We scheduled our breakup for the student grille cafeteria. There would be 200 — 250 students present. As soon as Simon sat down, I started the speech I had practiced instead of the speech Simon had prepared for me. “Simon, my feelings towards you have changed. I feel we have gone from a sham relationship to one that could last forever. I want to stay engaged to you. I don’t want to breakup. Please tell me you feel the same way.”

Simon was stone-faced. He followed the script. He stood up and yelled, “You slut! You whore! Sleeping with other guys behind my back. Forgive you? To hell with that and to hell with you. Give me my engagement right back, NOW!” I handed him the ring as I burst out in tears. I ran from the grille. That latter action on my part was in the script AND what I wanted to do.



I did two things during finals week: cried and went to take my finals. Two minutes after my last final, I headed for home. I ran in crying. I told them that Simon had broken up with me for all the reasons they expected. I stayed close to home and found a summer job. Of course, it had to be at another franchise of the same fast-food chain restaurant of my dating time with Simon. Served me right to be reminded every time I went to work.

For the first couple of weeks, I got excited every time I heard my cell phone ring. I got disappointed because it wasn’t Simon. Mom got tired of me asking her if Simon had called the house while I was at work. She finally confronted me about what really had happened. Once I got started, the whole horrible story popped out. I was more naked emotionally than I had ever been physically. Happily, my mother was so comforting. I told her I was going to transfer to another college. It was going to take me a long time to get over what I had done and what I had allowed to get away.

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