12 Mayıs 2021

I Hate Him

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Today was the longest, most stressful two weeks at the firm, but it ended like I never knew it could…

I woke up at 5:30 a.m. knowing that the jury would either send my 17-year-old client, Brian, to prison for 3 to 15 years as an adult, or he would get off and be released into the custody of his asshole father.

His father is a tall man with wavy dark brown hair. His skin is dark as if he spent the entire week on the sexy beaches of Miami. He dressed like a high-profile lady’s man. His button-down white shirt adorned a silk tie that was as dark as his eyes. His lips…Let’s just say they are soft looking and light pink. He’s an Italian God, and he knows it. His ego made him the biggest son of a bitch I ever came in contact with. I hate him.

After five days of back-and-forth bantering and bullshit that goes on in a court room, the jury finally went into their deliberation. It would last all night, so the judge called everyone to go home and come back at 8 a.m. on Monday.

My girlfriends met me across the street at the local pub for dinner and drinks. I was seriously in need of some girl time and great conversation that didn’t involve prisons and delinquents. Lo and behold, the Italian God that wants to pretend to be a good father to my client walked in with a woman on his arm. She was a gorgeous, tall, long-haired woman that was all legs. Every man in the placed noticed her. Her man noticed me. I looked away real quick, took my shot of Tequila, and continued talking with Lisa about her husband and the new car he just bought her. *yawn*

Fast forward an hour. Lisa bought us another round before we parted ways. The girls all left, and I wasn’t ready to leave, so I stayed at the bar and ordered another shot of Milagro. I smelled the aroma of Aqua Di Gio around me, and I had to turn around and see what was making me lust after the unknown. It was him; the bastard. His shirt was unbuttoned at the neck, and his tie was loose. The beautiful woman was nowhere in sight, and he was sitting at the end of the bar. We locked eyes and an electric tingle singed through my body. I hate him. He’s such an SOB!

The place began to wind down, and he started making small talk with me as if grup porno he didn’t know me and moved the stool next to mine. Is he freaking kidding me right now? I downed another shot. “I have to get out of here,” I said. I got up and wobbled into his stool and fell back into mine. I’m drunk. I asked the bartender for some water, and I tried to sober up before leaving. He politely offered to drive me home. He smelled good, I was drunk, so what the hell. He’s not my client, his son is. I hate him. We paid our tabs and walked out into the dark parking lot from the back door. He walked me to his car, unlocked the door and looked down at me. He smiled and continued to walk around to his side of the car without taking his eyes off mine. He sent another tingle up my spine.

The ride home was awkward, but he put me at ease. He assured me that he was taking me home and put his hand on my knee as if to reassure me. My legs automatically opened a few inches when I felt his hand touch me. He looked down and then back at me. He didn’t remove his hand. He has a raging hard on, and he caught me staring at it. The next thing I know, his hand is closer to my thighs, and I felt warmth flow through my blood. I was getting wet just from his touch. My breathing started increasing, and I bit my bottom lip at the corner. I let my eyes close for just a second, and he pulled over to the side of the road. We were talking the entire time, but I can’t remember what was said. Damn Tequila. He reached over to kiss me, and I felt his fingers slide under my skirt. He felt my wetness on my panties and let a moan escape his perfect lips. He wanted me, and I hate him.

I pushed him away, because I can’t do this. “Take me home. I have to be up early and go pick up my car.” He kissed me and whispered, “I’ll take you to your car first thing in the morning. I promise.” He had this look in his eyes. He smelled so damn good. I’m single. What the hell, I’m in. “Okay,” I said with my heart pounding and wetness growing. Damn tequila made it too easy.

He took me to the hotel. I asked no questions because, honestly, I didn’t care where that hot woman disappeared to. He pulled out his card, the door opened, and he led me hd porno inside. As I went in, I couldn’t help but notice the aroma of his cologne lingering from the bathroom. I turned around and he was pouring me a glass of wine. He handed me the glass, I took it and sat it back down on the table next to me. “I’m sorry, I thought it would lighten the…..” I moved my body into him as he backed up against the wall. I kissed him knowing how aggressive I was, but weren’t we here for this reason? I was just cutting to the chase. I slipped my tongue into his half opened mouth. He was taken aback. I felt his mouth smile a little bit, and then he moaned a little. That’s all I needed to hear. He took the back of my neck and filled my mouth with his sweet tongue. He pushed back into me, and I felt him grow with every move of his mouth.

His hands slid under the back of my skirt, and he grabbed my ass and parted each side as his cock throbbed into my pelvic bone. I tried to slow down, but I found myself reaching for his zipper. I had to have what I was feeling against me. I couldn’t take this any longer. I pulled his shirt out of his pants, unfastened the belt, unzipped his pants, and at that moment, I went to my knees. The look on his face was priceless. I stared into his eyes all the way down. I pulled every inch of his 7-inch hardness out and stroked it a couple of times just to make sure it was at full attention.

Of course I couldn’t let him get all my attention. I was swollen and wet. I let out a gasp with my mouth filled, and when he looked down, he noticed my hand was under my skirt and moving vigorously. Before I realized it, he swiped me up and threw me over onto the bed and his face was buried between my legs. He parted my slippery pussy with two fingers and sucked on my swollen clit. Oh my God, this man knew what he was doing. His tongue was strong and explored everything I had. He was fucking me with his tongue, and my nipples were screaming for attention. I caressed and twisted them, while he went to town. Another electric surge soared up my spine, and I exploded. My legs stiffened over his shoulders, and I came.

As I finished up, he slid up my body and gave me a taste of my latin porno own juices. I noticed some was left over on his chin. That was mine. I softly licked his chin with the very tip of my tongue. It was so sweet. I love the taste of my cum. He got so turned on by this that he was again throbbing. He pulled his pants down so fast I had no time to be ready. He thrust himself inside me and fucked me like I’ve never been fucked before. My legs opened wide and I let him take over. I was getting hot again and started moving my hips along with his. I had to stop. I wanted to make it last a little bit longer and grow more intense.

I got up and moved to the edge of the couch. There was a full-sized mirror on the wall, and I wanted to watch him pound me from behind. He followed me. His cock was raging with hardness. The tip was red and swollen. I swear I could see his heart beat through his rod. He bent me over and took a handful of hair from the nape of my neck and rode me like a horse. My pussy was filled with every inch. I was, again, growing wetter with every thrust. I reached down between my legs and took his balls in my hand. I played with him and rubbed my clit with my thumb at the same time. This sent him over the edge. He took my hips and pulled me to him as I felt his warm jizz fill my hole. I couldn’t hold it back any longer, so I came, again, along with him. We both rocked back and forth feeling the waves of orgasm fill us both.

After we regained composure, the shower was used as round two and three. This man was, indeed, an Italian God. He had me under his control, and I was about to take that control back. I toweled off, got dressed, and waited for him to come out of the bathroom. We finished that glass of wine as we talked about what was before us. It was now morning. We got no sleep, and court was all we had in common from this point on. He took me to my car, and we parted ways with a quick peck. He gave me his business card, but I reminded him of our mutual association and told him I’d see him Monday.

Monday morning is here. He walked into the court room with the same woman he was with last week. He looked at me from across with room with those eyes. I licked my lips reminding myself of the taste I experienced while kissing him Friday night. I felt more wetness come over me. I turned to the judge and started my case. We won! The sorry SOB got full custody of his son. I hated him. My pussy loved him. I never saw him again.

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