12 Mayıs 2021

I Love To Eat Out

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I pick you up at your place…you look ravishing…A nice long kiss hello…lots of tongue…hand on your ass…squeezing tight…I move one hand to your breast…I can feel your nipple getting hard.

As we drive to the restaurant…my free hand goes from your breasts to your thighs…I love pinching your nipples and making them hard…your soft thighs encourage my hand to slide up along the inside of your leg and lightly trace the contours of your pussy.

The warmth between your thighs is incredible…I tell you to unbutton your blouse…I want to see you caress your own breasts…As I watch you undoing your blouse…I unzip my pants and pull out my cock.

I watch you as you pull your nipples…squeeze your tits…I stroke my cock till its rock hard…I tell you to take off your panties…You slide your panties down your legs…I take them from you and press them to my face…inhaling the sweet smell of your cunt…I can feel the dampness in the cloth…I tell you to spread your legs and turn towards me…Then to finger yourself.

I watch as you slip one finger inside you and then another…you fuck your fingers into your pussy and I can see how wet they are becoming…I tell you to give me your fingers so I can lick them…I suck them into my mouth and lick them clean…I tell you to rub your clit…faster and faster…I reach over and pinch and pull your nipples…my cock is as hard as its ever been…the sight of you masturbating for me is overwhelming.

I pull the car over to the side of the road…the car comes to a halt…I step out of the car not even bothering to put my cock back into my pants…I open your door…swing your legs towards me…pull you right to the edge of the seat…legs raised and spread…cars whizzing by on the freeway.

With my cock in hand I shove it into your pussy…I pump your cunt wildly aching to cum inside you…you continue to rub your clit and you stroke my cock as it enters and exits your wet pussy…I can hold back any longer…cum starts to shoot up inside you…gush after gush I pump it into you…Horns honking as we climax together…after a slight pause…I pull my limp cock out of you…zip myself up and return to the drivers seat…our journey continues.

On to the restaurant…

Before we enter the restaurant…you reach for your panties…I ask you not to put them back on…You exit the car and we start our way inside…your ass is sooo fine…your nipples are still hard from before and they are very noticeable to anyone.

I request a quite table in the back for extra privacy…As we follow the maitre D’ to our table…I can’t keep my hands off of your ass…people are already starting to watch us because you are looking so hot.

We take our seats…I take the seat next to yours…I want to be real close to you…You sit facing the crowd so that you can flash anyone you please…As the busboy approaches the table…I knock a fork off the table…I spread your legs as he bends down to pick it up…judging from the time it takes him to pick it up…I know he has seen your lovely pussy…still olgun porno dripping cum from the ride in… He leaves…I slide my hand up your leg…slowly glide my fingers over your labia…I tickle you clit…but only for a moment.

As I tease your pussy and clit…I lean over and nibble on your earlobe…your hand is now in my lap and squeezing my cock through my pants…a couple of the people sitting opposite us keep eyeing us from time to time…I am positive they can see under our table…my fingers explore the folds of your pussy and slide smoothly inside you…I pull them out only to slide them across your lips so I can kiss you and taste you at the same time.

I run my fingers around the rim of my glass and coat the edge with your sweet honey.

The waiter comes and interrupts our fun…we order…he goes away and we continue where we left off…my hand returns to your pussy…this time with the intent on making you cum…I pull the hood of your clit back to expose it to me… I gently rub it.

My fingers dance across your clit…you moan out loud with pleasure…heads start to turn…I pull back its hood and expose its tender flesh to my fingertips and start to lightly but more rapidly rub it…you lean to me and bite my shoulder as your orgasm washes over you.

The muffled moaning is still turning heads…especially from the tables that can see my hand working you over…your grip tightens around my cock and the bulge in my pants is becoming quite obvious…your breathing settles as you come down slowly…you excuse yourself from the table and head to the ladies room.

I wait a minute or two before getting up to follow you…my aroused state is apparent as I walk past several tables…I walk into the ladies room…as you put more lipstick on, you don’t notice me come in… I walk over to you…pull you to me and kiss you madly…we move up against the door and I grab you by your bare ass…you unzip my pants and let them fall to the floor…my shorts were the next to go…my erection stood straight up and was begging for your pussy.

Quickly I turned you around…bent you over the counter and pushed my cock up inside of you…I could still feel the cum from our last fuck…my back is against the door and with each stroke it slams tighter shut…I fuck you faster…I can feel the door trying to open.

I hold it shut as I continue to pump your pussy…your hand rubs your clit and caresses my balls from time to time…You stand up and lean against me…I grab you by your tits and rub my hands all over your body…you step away from me and my cock pops out of you…you turn and lower yourself to your knees…in an instant my cock is buried in your hot mouth…now fucking your mouth…it is my turn to do the moaning.

The door tries to open again…you increase the speed and suck even harder…you squeeze my balls… just as I am about to come you shove a finger up my ass…I squeal with delight as my orgasm wells up inside of me…cum starts to shoot into your throat…you try and drink it all but there is just too playboy porno much.

I watch as the cum dribbles out of the corner of your mouth…this time there is a knock on the door…you pull your mouth off of my cock and I stand you up in front of me…I lick my cum from the edge of your mouth and we kiss to share it…I pull up my pants…you straighten your skirt as we open the door…outside the door are two women…looking quite disgusted… but intrigued.

We enjoy a marvelous meal together… lots of wine and delicious food… time for dessert.

The dessert tray arrives and we make out selection… I took the one with the most whipped cream possible… I had other plans for it… I discreetly unbutton a few buttons on your blouse… I love the cleavage… With a spoon, I take some whipped cream and just when I’ve almost reached your lips… I turn the spoon over and drop it onto your breasts.

Leaning into your chest… I lick your breasts clean of all the cream… I can feel the eyes upon me but I couldn’t care less… my tongue traces the outline of your bra and then all the way up between your tits… I could have stayed there all night.

After dinner… we walk into the park across the street… hand in hand along the waterfront we enjoyed the fresh night air… I press your back up against a tree… kiss you while my hands start to wander… from your ass to your breasts… back to your ass… I can’t get enough and I want more.

I put my hand up your skirt and in between your legs… locked in an embrace I can feel your breath becoming more rapid… I slip a finger into your pussy and rub your clit with my thumb… I want to fuck you right here and now against this tree.

There are just too many passersby to fuck you here so I walk you over to a nearby bench and you take your place upon my lap… I return my hand up under your skirt and continue you to fuck you with my fingers… I pull them out lick them clean and return them to your warmth.

You are straddling my lap with your feet up on the bench on either side of me… my wet fingers come out of your pussy and moisten the entrance to your ass… once all lubricated… my fingers slide easily into your ass… I can’t wait to feel that tightness around my cock… but in the meantime… I fuck you in the ass with my fingers… while my thumb returns to working over your pussy and starts to play with your clit.

Your arms are locked around my neck… you lean back as far as you can… rocking your hips in rhythm with my hand… moaning aloud… you cum again… You rest your head on my shoulder as you come down from your orgasm.

You nibble my shoulder and suck on my earlobes… your hands caress my chest until your hands come to rest on my nipples… my nipples are hard as rocks… you unbutton my shirt and pinch them… you pull hard on them… I love it.

Scooting your butt to the very edge of my lap… your mouth can now suck on my nipples…you bite them hard… my cock is now hard as a rock… I unbutton my pants and unzip my fly… you reach pornhub porno down between my legs… .slip your fingers into my shorts and grab hold of my cock.

Pre-cum is already oozing from its head and soaking through my boxers… you pull my cock out of my shorts and start to stroke it… I grab you by the cheeks of your fine ass and lift you to me… You hold my cock straight up as I lower you onto me… the warmth of your wet pussy is intoxicating.

Lowering you even further… I am completely inside of you… You put your weight on your feet and you start to ride me… right there on the bench… from a distance the passersby have no idea that I am inside of you and about to fill you with my cum.

You bounce upon my cock… you can feel the head of my cock swell as I am about to cum… I raise you off of me slowly and let the rush subside… I don’t want to cum yet… I want this pleasure to last… my face is buried in your chest… my hands caressing your ass as I hold you in the air just above my cock.

We are in a kissing frenzy… I want you so bad… you slide your fingers onto your pussy and you finger yourself… I watch as you moisten your ass for me and smile… you know how much I love your ass.

I lower your body down… your hand on my cock once again… You position the head of my cock at the entrance to your ass this time… I lower you slowly… you are now impaled on my cock… you finger your pussy as I fuck your ass… I thrust my cock hard up into your ass as you bounce yourself up and down upon me… for anyone looking, it has now become quite obvious that we are fucking and we couldn’t care less.

I can feel your juices flowing out of your pussy, run down along my balls and down into the crack of my ass… it is such a delicious sensation… we continue to fuck wildly… I scream out as my cock fills your ass with cum.

As I hold you down onto my cock… your squeeze tightly around my shaft… my hands pinch and pull your nipples as you too begin to cum… I can feel the cum flowing out of you from everywhere and I can’t wait to lie you down and eat both your pussy and your asshole… that will be my ultimate dessert.

As we embrace… my cock goes limp inside you… I want to drink your juices from your pussy and I no longer care where we are… I roll you off of me and onto the bench beside me… you lie there with your knees bent and spread as wide.

I tuck my cock back into my pants and get down between your legs… I kiss along your thighs as I watch the cum seep out of you… a pool of our cum is forming on the bench and I want to get in there before all is lost.

I push my face into your pussy and start to lap up all of our cum… I take long licks that cover the entire length of your slit… I raise your legs a little higher and start to lick your asshole… your tanginess mixed with my cum makes for quite the after dinner cocktail.

I lick your ass clean before returning to your pussy… I suck your clit and pull on your lips… pressing my face into your pussy…sucking all that remains into my mouth… I raise myself to you… we kiss… you can taste our cum on my lips and tongue… you then lick your juices from my face… enjoying every drop.

I can’t remember when I had such a wonderful dinner… Darlin’… I hope we can do it again sometime.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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