16 Mayıs 2021

I Will Gladly Fuck You

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Big Tits

It was a beautiful summer day and I was picking up a few things for a quick solo bar-b-q at home. I had just placed a slab of ribs in my cart when I looked up and immediately recognized her. I hadn’t seen her since the divorce over ten years ago but I would know that ass anywhere. It was never spectacular but after all those years desiring it because it was part of the woman I loved.

But things had ended badly for us. I was still a little resentful about her cheating on me, but time had taught me it was something about her not me.

So, not wanting a confrontation especially in my favorite grocery I back stepped out of the isle and over a couple. Trying to make an unnoticed exit with my supplies just wasn’t in the cards as she must have seen me and cut me off. She came up and had me blocked in so that I had to confront her.

“Still trying to avoid me? You can’t still hate me.” She said in that familiar way that always tried to turn things around.

“No Jane, I just didn’t want to have this conversation. I have worked my side of it out and am over it.” I told her.

“Good but I just wanted to tell you how sorry I was for how things ended, I never meant to hurt you, it …it just sort of happened.” She stammered.

“It’s OK, I know you had things to work out and it really wasn’t about me. So…nice to see you…I wish you well. Bye.” I quickly said and tried to turn and leave.

“Please can we talk, we had something so good once, can you try to remember that?” She almost seemed sincere but I wasn’t about to get sucked back in.

It was then that I noticed her moving her hand around so that it was easy to see that she had no wedding ring. Another failed marriage for her. I was willing to bet she had got caught cheating.

The dog in me remembered how hot our sex life was and I could feel my cock twitch just thinking about her hot little mouth sucking it.

Once again my cock was about to make a decision for my mind, all I knew was this time I would leave my heart out of it.

“Janie, we did have some great times and when it was good it was never better, but it didn’t end well.” I said trying to resist and give her a chance not to go where my cock wanted.

She caught me looking at her lack of ring and commented: “Yes, I did it again. Another failure.”

“Well maybe you just are meant to play the field, there is nothing wrong with that. It is OK to like changes.” I said my cock speaking up for me.

“Can’t we go somewhere and remember those times again?” She said flashing her smile and looking right at my crotch. “I just want to make love to you one more time, so you remember and maybe show you how sorry I am.” She tried.

By now I was getting pretty hard but still wanted my pound of flesh.

“Jane we couldn’t ever make love again.” I said and saw her face drop but continued. “I would be gladly fuck you one more time, maybe more than once.”

“You bastard! But I always loved your nasty side, take me somewhere quick.”

As her cart was almost empty we quickly decided for her to get whatever she needed from her and as twitter porno my home was closed we would both take my car.

As I have a Corvette it was hard for us to grope each other with the console between us and a standard kept me busy. When I finally got into fifth and we were cruising past traffic I reached over to caress her crotch. It was hot and I could feel the moisture as I ran my middle finger between her legs.

She tried to reach me but we couldn’t do both so I said: “Open your pants.”

She easily unsnapped them and ran the zipper down.

“Spread them open.” I ordered.

As I tried to work my fingers down to her hair it was still difficult so I said: “Push them down over your legs and touch yourself.”

Not hesitating she did it and slid her fingers down over her slit.

“Get it wet and let me taste you.”

She did this and ran her finger over my lips. Taking her hand and holding it under my nose I inhaled deeply savoring her aroma.

“You still smell great. I bet you still taste sweet.”

I reached over and ran my fingers through her pussy hair. “Have you grown more hair than when we were together?” I asked as I worked my fingers through it.

“Well maybe a little, I always trimmed when we were together and I have been alone for a while I have gotten out of the habit. Sorry if you don’t like it.” She tried to explain.”

“No it’s fine, I like it.” I said as my fingers slid down teasing her puss. One finger on each side and the middle running through her lips it was so familiar for both of us. I gently squeezed her lips between my fingers.

She moved as close as she could so that my finger slid into her wetness. She was even wetter than I remembered as I slowly fucked her with my finger while pressing on her clit mound with the heel of my hand.

Traveling at 85-90 mph with your finger in a hot cunt was an experience for both of us and she soon was holding on tight to my hand as she came. She was always as easy cummer and today was no different.

Just in time as we were at my exit and I needed to down shift. It is just a short ride to my home and as we pulled into my driveway she started to pull her pants up.

“Take them all the way off, you won’t be needing them.” I ordered.

“But what if your neighbors see? All I have on is my blouse!” She said but didn’t move to continue redressing.

“You may as well take it off too and if anyone sees they will know you are about to be fucked.” I said as I opened her door.

“Well?” I asked looking at her pants pooled with her panties at her feet.

Blushing she stepped out of the jeans and took my offered hand to follow me into the house. As I closed the door it was hard not to see the wet spot on her seat and how the shift knob shown with more of her wetness.

As I opened the door for her to enter first I ran my hand over her ass down through her crack to slide back into her. Steering her right into the bed room I turned her around when we got there and guided her to her knees.

“You know what to do.” I said as she xhamster porno pulled my zipper down and as I unsnapped them she opened them freeing my cock. Being an avid participant she lifted my balls free and guided my cock into her hot mouth. She easily swallowed half of it as she cupped my sack.

“Oh, Janie, you do that so nice, now this is something I want to remember.” I said softly.

“You like it when I suck your cock don’t you?” she asked and then: “I bet you like hearing me say it almost as much don’t you?”

“I do Janie, I like it when we talk nasty to each other. You can have the dirtiest mouth of any woman I know and it makes me want to cum in it right now.” I sighed as I took off my shirt.

“Go ahead, you know I love sucking your cock and tasting your cum.” She said nastily.

Lifting her and turning her around I pushed her towards the bed. Stepping out of my jeans and moccasins I kept her standing but pressed up against her ass sliding my cock up between her cheeks. Squeezing her cheeks I slid my cock up and down, my precum and her spit lubing the way.

Using my feet to spread her legs I eased my cock down so that it ran over her tight little butt hole. I hesitated just long enough to remind us booth of how much I loved fucking it. Feeling her tense up expecting me to try to use her that way I quickly pressed my cock down and it slid right into her cunt.

“Oh fuck, I always loved the way your cunt felt from behind.” I said as I pressed deep inside her and held her tight.

“You always felt good to me love no matter where you put your cock, but you didn’t eat me, you always ate me first.” She reminded me.

“Oh I’m gonna eat you but I am gonna fuck you first.” I said as I started maneuvering in and out of her tight slippery hole.

Still fucking her I reached up under her blouse I unsnapped her bra with one hand reaching around to cup a breast with the other. Both hands free now I cupped both her tits, her nipples as big and hard as pebbles. I leaned father and started covering her neck and what part of her shoulders I could reach under her collar with kisses.

We were fucking in a frenzy now and I was slamming into her. She was meeting me with as much vigor as I was her.

“I can’t see your ass, I need to see your ass. Crawl up onto the bed but don’t lose my cock.”

We crawled up on the bed together like a pair of Olympic skaters coupled tightly together. Knowing what I wanted she leaned forward onto her forearms but stayed kneeling spreading her legs.

“Show me.” Was all I had to say, she knew what I wanted.

Reaching back she spread her cheeks so I could savor the sight of her tight butt hole. That sweet little opening had given me so much pleasure over the years and I had been jerking off just thinking about during the last ten years.

Remembering even more what pleased me she “winked” for me. That’s what we used to call her flexing her anus as I watched. It was one of our secret words we used in public. We always had a nasty laugh when one of us mentioned winking in front of others xnnx porno who were unaware.

“Oh yeah, that’s my nasty bitch, show me.” I groaned.

Needing to complete the experience I took her ass cheeks into my hands and caressing them freed up her hands. She smoothly reached back between her legs to cup my balls, to finalize the experience.

I have pretty good control fucking and being sucked as long as you don’t touch my balls and she knew it, saying: “That’s it love, fill me with your hot cum so you can lick it up.”

That was all it took to push me over the edge to Nirvana, slamming faster and faster we fucked in a frenzy until the first load of my cum shot into her. And then I just froze holding her tight on my cock as I pumped what felt like ounces of sperm into her guts.

Almost finished I slowly eased my cock back as I asked: “Squeeze me, milk the last of it out of my cock.”

And she did, releasing me as I slowly pushed into her and squeezing me tight as I pulled back out.

When I could take no more I pulled my sensitive cock from her and telling her to stay just as she was I turned around to kneel beside her with us in a side by side 69. Spreading her ass I covered her sloppy cunt with my mouth and stuck my tongue as deep into her as I could. Working her ass hole with my chin I ate her like a starving man, slurping and sucking our mix from her wide open hole.

I have always loved the taste of pussy and with her developed a strong affection for the taste of a well fucked cunt.

Eating my fill and knowing her favorite position to be eaten I guided her onto her back and covered her clit with my mouth.

“Put your cock in my mouth, I cum better with your cock in my mouth.” She demanded and I was more than happy to oblige. Spreading my legs I covered her face with them. Even before I was settled in she raised her mouth to take me deep into it, sucking me like she always did so well. This was the position we spent so much time in. She loved cock sucking and I loved eating pussy, especially a freshly fucked one.

We fell into the rhythm of years of intimacy and were lost in the pleasure of pleasuring each other. I think we both love giving oral pleasure more than receiving it. Feeling her cumming I knew what to do and when it was time pulled off her clit like she milked my cock.

Not being done I moved lower and concentrated on her opening which still had out essence leaking out. Sucking up the flow and giving her time to recover I concentrated on her milking my cock with her mouth and tongue.

Knowing how to time us she took my balls back into her hand and I returned to working her clit. Both knowing what to do we brought each other to climax almost together.

Fucking her mouth to the same rhythm as I sucked her clit we both came.

For a moment it was like the old days until we rolled apart and she said: “That was perfect, are you taking Viagra?”

I had had ED problems at the end of our relationship and it pissed me for her to ask so I told her the truth.

“No I don’t need it when I don’t care who my lover is fucking. I always was worried you might have someone else’s load inside of you, but now I just don’t care.” I said as I slid between her legs again and my cock found her welcoming pussy waiting.

Yeah it was a grudge fuck but sometimes they can be the best.

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