12 Mayıs 2021

Ice Maiden

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Alycia noticed the new guy as she walked from her office to the break room. She noticed immediately how broad his shoulders were, how narrow his waist, and even through his slacks it was noticeable how muscular his long legs were. She was shocked at how her body responded to just the sight of him. It was a long-standing joke around the office that she was nicknamed “the ice maiden”. While all of the other single females threw themselves at the available, and sometimes the not so available men in the office, she never mixed business with pleasure. She had learned that the hard way a long time ago when she was fresh out of college and fell for the boss’s son. Big mistake!

So engrossed in raking her eyes over his handsome visage that she didn’t notice her best friend Fawn.

“Well, well…can it be?? There is finally a man that has managed to thaw the ice maiden’s ice heart?”

So caught off guard that Alycia stammered through her denial and to her mortification felt a guilty blush creep across her flawless cheeks. With a guilty sign, she finally managed, “Well I mean look at him, he is the vision of the perfect male, I bet he has a horrible smile, with crooked teeth!” It was at that precise time that the new guy turned and Steve, his boss introduced him to both Alycia and Fawn. “Ladies, this s Brad Quinn, the latest addition to the legal department. He will be working closely with myself and you Alycia.” Alycia waited breathlessly for her prophesy of his teeth to be fulfilled, and as his lips began to form a smile, she starred and suddenly she was graced with the most gorgeous smile and perfectly straight teeth.

Fawn whispered under her breath, “So much for his flaws!” Alycia sharply elbowed her best friend and extended her hand saying rather stiffly, “Let me be among the first to welcome to the firm. This is Fawn my assistant as well as my best friend.”

“Trust me Alycia, Fawn, the pleasure is all mine. I look forward to working closely with you both.”

As Fawn and Alycia walked away, Fawn whispered, “He can work as closely to me as he wants!” Alycia threw her a mock frown, and then giggled, “I just might have to make an exception to my all work policy!”

“What, you interested in Brad??? Now what brought that on? That is a complete about face for you Aly.”

“I know, but my God..did you not see him???” Both girls dissolved into giggles as they returned to work.

On her way out that afternoon, she and Brad managed to arrive at the elevator at the same time. She smiled briefly at him as they both stepped onto the elevator. “So, how was the first day? I remember mine, it was like a nightmare come to life!”

“Well, actually, it wasn’t too bad. Now I have to try and either catch a cab or find a bus and hope it is going past my hotel!”

Without giving herself time to change her mind she offered him a ride. Brad gave her the address and she was surprised to find that he was staying not far from her own apartment. They chatted companionably all the way and as the arrived at his hotel, he turned towards Aly and asked if she would care to have backroom casting porno dinner with him, providing she didn’t mind either walking or driving. She almost said “No” out of force of habit, but then changed her mind, it wasn’t like she had plans for dinner. They agreed to meet back at his hotel in 2 hours and she headed home, quickly dialing Fawn from her cell phone. Fawn couldn’t believe that Aly was going out to dinner with Brad. “Oh my God Aly he is like the Italian version of an Adonis!”

“Oh calm down, it’s just dinner, it’s not like we’re gonna have wild sex!”

Fawn laughed and quickly came back with, “Not until after dessert at least!” Aly hung up the phone and unlocked the door to her apartment and walked in. Desi, her huge cat rubbed against her legs in greeting. Desi had been named thus because of his fascination with the old “I Love Lucy” reruns Aly adored. He was a harsh judge of men and seldom tolerated any of the few men she had brought home. “Well Desi, what do you think…should I dress prim and proper, casual or wow him with that little black number Fawn gave me for my birthday?” Desi declined comment, choosing instead to stroll across the bed and sprawl across the center of the bed, closing his eyes as if to say he could care less if she wanted to make a fool of herself!

When Brad opened the door, he was surprised to see her in a hot little black dress that was low in the back, form fitting and short. She had on some black strappy high-heels and the faint scent of some perfume that really tantalized his senses. After asking what he was tasting, at which point he wanted to say “You!” instead he said anything was fine, she headed to her favorite place, Yaga’s. They served the best grilled chicken sandwich on French bread and she hoped he would enjoy it as well.

All through the meal he couldn’t keep his eyes off of her mouth, the way she bit daintily into the sandwich and then ran that delectable small pink tongue over her lips made him wish he were the sandwich. She, on the other hand, noticed how tanned his strong hands were and found herself thinking how they would contrast against her skin as he ran them over her body. Mortified at the avenue her thought were traveling, she tried to think of something else, and found herself wondering if he was that tanned everywhere. After the meal, she asked if he had any ideas as to where he would like to live. Brad told her he had only arrived two days earlier and she offered to show him her apartment to see if it was what he was looking for, as they had a couple of empty ones in the building.

After arriving at her apartment she offered to fix them each a drink, and disappeared in the kitchen. When she returned she was astonished to find Desi in Brads lap allowing him to scratch his ears and he looked up at his mistress in obvious approval of this one! Desi jumped down and headed into have himself a small snack before heading to his cushy bed. Brad and Aly sat on the floor by the stereo flipping through CD’s and as Aly turned to ask if he liked the CD she was about to play, bangbros porno Brad leaned forward and kissed her. His lips were softer than she had ever imagined and so warm. He lightly brushed his lips against hers and then nibbled at the corner of her smile, his tongue lightly touching her lips. A small sigh escaped her throat unbidden and softly caressed Brad’s lips.

He took that opportunity of her parted lips to explore the tantalizing recesses of her mouth. Aly’s arms slipped around his neck as her fingers brushed against his hair, pulling him closer and closer.! Brads hands brushed over her back caressing in a light circular motion, moving over her shoulders, her arms. They lay back on the carpet their bodies fused. Aly felt a longing building that started at her lips and spiraled downward, causing a tightening in her belly, a forbidden longing in that part of her that was all woman. Brads hand slid down, lightly brushing against her perfect breasts, he could feel her nipples harden against his palm through the fabric of her dress. Across the planes of her flat stomach, his hand brushed ever downward and Aly was caught in the web of his seduction. He evoked feelings in her that she had never experienced in her entire life. He stoked the insides of her thigh with his strong hands, moving slowly upward toward that forbidden treasure he longed to touch, taste, love.

He turned so that she was lying atop him, and it was her turn to explore the hard muscular body she had so admired earlier today. She began to unbutton his crisp white shirt and with each inch of skin she exposed the placed a kiss. Finally the last button was undone, and Brad shrugged out of the shirt, tossing it carelessly on the floor. Aly kissed, and licked and nibbled amid Brads shivers, and moans of delight across his bare, smooth chest. Brads hand found the zipper of Aly’s dress and slowly slid it downward until if slipped from her shoulders and joined his shirt in a pile on the floor. Aly looked into his eyes dark with lust, her own mirroring his longing and whispered, “Lets get a little more comfortable.” He smiled his agreement and followed Aly as she walked in her silky panties in front of him, to her bedroom.

The sway of her hips mesmerized him and when she turned to face him beside the antique four-poster bed. She wound her arms around his neck and he crushed her to him devouring her mouth. Her kisses were like honey, an aphrodisiac to his senses, he wanted more…and more. She broke the kiss and stepped away from him, laying across the bed, a picture of seduction his for the taking. He unbuckled his belt and unfastened his pants and stepped out of them. He looked like a golden god, strong, muscular the ultimate vision of masculinity in its truest form. Brad climbed onto the bed from the bottom, kissing and licking his way from her toes lingering between her thighs, lavishing attention on each inch of her silky smooth, creamy flesh. The scent of her desire reaching his nostrils causing them to flare like that of a stallion scenting a mare in heat. His nose brushed against her panties beurette tour porno as he kissed her seductively licking her through the silkiness of her panties. His hands crept! upwards teasing her nipples and squeezing her breasts. Aly’s breath became ragged and moans of desire cascaded from her lips. His seduction was driving her crazy and she didn’t know how much more she could withstand.

Brad slowly slipped her panties off and kissed her at the juncture of her thighs, the feeling was so forbidden and seductive that she almost screamed in pleasure. His fingers felt her slippery wetness, easing her flower open to him, his tongue slowly and gently began to lick and taste her. She flowed like nectar and she tasted so sweet. He licked and tasted like a starved man, teasing her clit as she began to move beneath him, arching her back and opening herself to him completely. As he tasted her, he slipped a finger deep within her stroking slowly curving his finger upwards causing Aly to reach an orgasmic climax like she had never experienced. Her juices drenching his face and hand. As he let her float back to reality she realized that she wanted more.

She smiled into Brads eyes and slowly moved until he was flat of his back and she knelt over his body, kissing, licking and nibbling his hard manhood brushing against her cheek. Her delectable mouth kissed the head of h! is cock and he felt he would come out of his skin at the contact. Her perfect little pink tongue darted over the tip and then traveled down the ridge on the underside and then back upwards nibbling at the mushroomed head. Finally at long last she took his hardness into her mouth. God, it was so warm, so wet and the way she teased his cock with her tongue while in her mouth was driving him wild. He knew that if she kept this up he would soon lose all control.

“Babe, I can’t take much more of that.” With one last taste of him, she moved up over his body. She straddled his hips and found him with her hand, rubbing his hardness against her wetness, letting just the head of his cock slip inside of her. His hand splayed across her ribs and moved upwards to caress her breasts, tugging her forward until his mouth found and suckled each nipple. He noticed how her breathing changed, the look of her face one of urgent need. She arched her back, her perfectly formed breasts jutting out! her hips rocked back and forth his cock sliding to the hilt and then almost all the way back out. She rode him like the stud he was and they were both consumed in the frantic mating. She suddenly let him slip completely out and moved off of him and onto her hands and knees.

Immediately Brad moved behind her and slammed into her, his hands holding her hips as he plunged deeper, harder, faster into her. He felt her muscles gripping each thrust, as she panted and moaned her desire. He heard her moans turn to soft mews which grew and grew until she was all but screaming and he felt his balls start to tighten. He thrust savagely into her hot tightness, it was like heaven and hell all in one. His hot cum spewed deep into her as she drenched his cock with her own climax. They collapsed exhausted onto the bed, snuggled up and glowing in the aftermath of their lovemaking.

Aly looked shyly at him as he kissed her lips softly and said, “Just so you know, I don’t make this a habit.” Brad kissed away her shyness and whispered, “Neither do I.”

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