17 Mayıs 2021


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It had been a very long day. I had spent way to much time butting heads with an inexperienced engineer. The little punk thought he was the god’s gift to manufacturing. Ah well, we were all young once.

I stopped by a local hangout to get a bite to eat and a beer. It was early yet and I couldn’t think of a better way to allow a little of the evening rush hour to subside. The joint is known for its good food, a great selection of non domestic beers, fast service and scantily clad young waitresses with big smiles. That’s just what I needed at this point to get my mind off work and back on a smoother track.

I came in accompanied by a chilly blast of late fall air. It hit just as I was greeted by a waitress in a tight, white tank-top with the restaurant’s logo stretched across her large round breasts. Her outfit showed off quite a bit of very nice cleavage over an expanse of hard flat tummy. At about 5’9” with dark hair, a deep tan and a brilliant smile, she made a great first impression.

The effect of the cold on her was readily apparent as she directed me to a booth with a shiver, setting me down at eye level with her now clearly defined, large nipples. It took an extreme effort of will to look away from those hard nubs but one glance into her smiling eyes made it a lot easier. I’ve always been a sucker for dark hair and blue eyes.

“Hi! I’m Vickie, and I’ll be taking care of you.” she said. Her smile could melt an ice-cap.

“How’d you pull duty over here near the door?” I said.

She laughed, “We drew straws and I lost.”

“Well I’ll count that as good luck for me, if you don’t mind.” I said. “It’s pretty warm over here by my booth and I’ll be more than happy to help you warm up!”

We laughed together. I ordered a beer and admired the view as she walked away. The satiny orange short shorts that completed her uniform left little to the imagination. The round globes of her ass did a delightful dance as she approached the only other table in her section that was occupied. A quick glance over her shoulder caught me dead to rights staring at her wonderful wiggle. She rewarded me with a wink and that brilliant smile.

I had spent a few minutes pouring over the menu when Vicki returned with my beer.

“You must like a lot of flavor.” she said, eyeing my dark micro-brew.

“Yeah, bland is certainly not my style.”

As I smiled up at her, she stood a moment and gave me a thorough once over making a point to make several intense pauses with her stare.

I chuckled, “See anything you like?”

She looked me strait in the eye and said, “Just checking out the view, just like you were a few minutes ago. See anything you liked?”

My smile got a little broader. “Oh, Hell yes!”

She grinned and looked around the room. Finding her only other customer at the moment with a fresh brew and a full plate, she plopped down across from me in my booth.

“Mind if I sit down for a minute?”

“By all means, please do.”

“This has been a helluv’a shift.” She said, “The night shift girl is late and I’ve been here since 9:00.”

“Yeah,” I said, “I’ve had one of those days too. That’s why I came in here, to chill out and think about pleasant things. You seem very pleasant, may I think about you?”

Again I was rewarded with that dazzling smile. It was very contagious. I could feel myself relaxing, my stressful day a distant memory.

“I’ll bet you get tired of guys talking shit to you all day, don’t you.” I said.

“Not at all,” she replied. “I’m a psychology major and an incurable flirt! Besides you can tell a lot about a guy by how well he flirts. Don’t get me wrong, I can get as rude as the next girl. I appreciate style though and you seem to have it. I’m doing a paper right now on fantasies and how important they are in relationships so this job is kind of like field research.”

“Well I’ll be glad to help if you’d like.”

We were interrupted when my order was called and she went to the bar and brought it back with a refill.

Sitting down again she said, “I still don’t see czech couples porno how you drink that stuff. It looks like coffee!”

“It’s not as much an acquired taste as you would think. This particular brew has a rich flavor without the bitter aftertaste that some of the bigger names have.” I said.

“I don’t know…”

“Here you should try it. Experiment a little.”

“Now you’re trying to get me in trouble!”

“Well a little trouble just spices things up. I told you I like flavor. Not just in food though, atmosphere can have a flavor too. Take this place for instance, laid back, yet excitingly different.”

“That describes you pretty well too doesn’t it?” she said.

“I’ll take that as a real compliment. I never could follow the norm.”

Just then a similarly clad buxom blond came in shrugging off a long coat, running her fingers through her long red hair and shaking off the cold.

“Sorry Vic, I owe you one! Damn new sitter stood me up and I had to take Billy across town to mom.”

“It’s ok Dee, I’ve kept myself occupied” she glanced pointedly at me and Dee broke out in a grin.

“I see!”

Vicki stood and looked back to me. “I’ll be right back.”

As they walked off they giggled together and talked in low tones that I couldn’t make out. Dee continued to glance my way with a broad grin on her face. I could feel myself flush from the unaccustomed attention. It’s a rare thing when I’m embarrassed but here I was.

It was Dee who came back first. As she bent to collect my empties, I was treated to a splendid amount of lightly freckled cleavage.

Returning my appreciative stare, she said, “What do you want for desert?”

“What I want is not on the menu! I will take another beer though.”

“You might be surprised at what you can get if you want it badly enough.” She said with a smile.

Off she bounced before I could get out a reply. After a few minutes she was back with a refill and a spare.

“Are you trying to get me drunk so you can take advantage of me?” I said with a laugh.

“Oh not me baby, I think someone else has that in mind for tonight. Maybe I’ll get you some other time!” and off she went again.

I noticed that she had placed the second beer at the other side of the table. As I looked up I saw Vicki come from the back. She had changed into skin tight jeans and a low cut angora sweater. Time seemed to slow as she did a runway strut across the room toward me. The sway of her breasts made it obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her nipples stood out proud and hard. I imagined the caress of the angora across them as she moved must have felt like a thousand little kisses. Again I had to force my eyes away. I looked up to be met by a look that was smoking hot. A subtle smile played at her lips.

“You like?” she said as she did a little pirouette.

“Honey, you just don’t know how much!” I stammered out.

“The look on your face right now tells me all I needed to know. Thank you…very much!”

“You are quite welcome.” I said as she slid into the booth next to me.

She did a slow stretch across the table to retrieve her beer letting one breast slide across the back of my hand on the table. The feel of the sweater backed by a hot hard nipple was maddening. A thousand little kisses, yes I love angora on a woman. The sweater rode up as she stretched revealing a tattoo of rose vines across the small of her back, disappearing into the cleft of her ass just below the belt line of her hip huggers. The top edges of a white thong played peek-a-boo just above her belt line.

I was trying valiantly to remember that where there are roses there are thorns as she sat back down.

“Well here goes!”

She turned up the dark brew taking a long sip and letting it roll across her tongue. As she swallowed her eyes brightened up.

“Hey that’s not bad!”

“Told ya!” I responded. “I wouldn’t lie to you.”

“Yeah, right!” she said. “I think I have a sign on me telling men to lie to me.”

I took her czech estrogenolit porno by the hand and turned her toward me. As I looked into those brilliant blue eyes I told her seriously, “I will never lie to you.”

She took a long pause looking me in the eyes, searching for any trace of deception. She found none.

“You know, somehow I believe you…”

“You can put me to the test if you’d like.” I offered. “Ask me anything.”

“Wow that’s a dangerous game, you sure you want to play?”

“I have nothing to hide, just remember that soon it’ll be my turn.”

Again a long pause as she looked into my eyes. God a man could drown in those eyes….

“OK.” She said finally, “Are you married?”

“Ah right down to it….Divorced. We still talk.”


“One son 18 years old”

“What do you do for fun?”

“Flirt with beautiful young women!”

She laughed and punched me on the arm.


“Hell no!”

“What are you looking for?”

“Looking for?”

“Yeah, knowledge, adventure…you know…”

“I’d have to say both. You never really stop learning and it sure has been an adventure! Is it my turn yet?”

“Just hold on big fella’. I’m not quite done yet.” After a short pause she said, “What do you fantasize about when you look at me? Remember you promised not to lie.”

“Oh don’t worry; I just need to know how much detail you want in that answer. I have a very active imagination and you have to admit that’s a pretty loaded question!”

She just grinned and said, “Oh I like detail…Surprise me…”

“OK. I wonder what it will be like to look into your eyes from close up and whether you’ll close them when we kiss. I wonder how you’ll respond when I gently begin to probe with my tongue. I imagine the taste of you as our tongues intertwine.

I imagine your warmth as I pull you against me and the little sharp intake of breath you’ll have as my cool hands come under the edge of your sweater at the small of your back. I imagine the very feminine scent of your skin as I pull you closer. I feel your arms go around me, your hands playing with my hair. I imagine you moaning as you sense how strong my hunger for you is becoming. I feel your breath quicken as my kisses move down to your neck.

I imagine you taking my hand and guiding it around to your breast, the feel of your nipple as I lightly roll it between my fingers pulling the angora tight. My other hand slides down and cups one of your magnificent ass cheeks and squeezes lifting you up and into my lap, your legs straddling me. Your heat radiates into me as you grind against the bulge in my pants. I feel your need for me rise as you feel how hard I am for you. I have to fight not to explode, you have me so hot.

I pick you up from the table, set you down and lead you quickly from here. In my car you take off your shoes turning sideways in the seat with your feet in my lap as we cruise toward my home.

You tease me by touching yourself, playing your hands across your nipples. One hand slides up your tummy exposing skin as it goes. You push your sweater up exposing your tits to me as the night air dances across your nipples. I tell you that that is not fair as I reach for you. You laugh and tell me to just keep driving with my hands on the wheel.

You rub your feet up and down my bulge, gently keeping me going as I speed thru the night. As I pull into the drive and stop the car you rise to your knees on the seat, lean across and give me a deep kiss. You moan as our tongues intertwine. My hands come to your tits and I catch those wonderful nipples and squeeze. You gasp and pull away quickly. Jumping from the car with your shoes in one hand, tits still exposed you race me to the door.

Inside I grab you from behind. Pulling your long hair aside I kiss and bite the back of your neck as my hands slide up your stomach to cup your breasts and squeeze gently catching your nipples between my fingers. You respond by arching your back and pressing your ass back into me, your breathing czech experiment porno is coming in ragged gasps.

I turn you around; your legs go around me as I pick you up. I sandwich you against the wall, hungrily taking a nipple in my mouth, rapidly flicking my tongue. Your breath comes in sharply through clenched teeth as I lightly bite down. Your back arches as I grind my cock into you thru our clothes.

I turn and carry you across to my leather couch. Setting you down I go back to working on your tits with my mouth and tongue as I unbutton your jeans. In one fluid motion I take them off and stop to look at you. The look in your eyes is almost predatory as you touch yourself for me. As one hand pulls at your nipples the other slips down to pull aside your thong, revealing your wonderful folds to me. Your fingers part them slowly and lightly pinch your clit as your hips move completely out of control.

I can take it no longer as I pull the thong away and bury my face in you. My tongue finds your clit and dances across it as you raise your ass from the seat. My hands move to cup your phenomenal ass as my tongue moves to probe you. I can tell you are very close so I suck your clit hard as I slide two moistened fingers inside you. You come hard, screaming, pulling my face into you with both hands. I lightly flick your clit keeping the aftershocks going and going as my fingers move inside you.

Finally you raise me up and kiss me as you unbutton my shirt. As I pull it off your hands go to my belt and undo my pants. I stand to step out of them and you drag my shorts down with them. My cock springs forth glad to finally be free as you lightly trace its outline with your cool fingers. One of your hands grabs my ass as your grip tightens and you stroke me slowly. You look strait into my eyes as your mouth closes over me and you draw me slowly into the hot warmth. I can feel your magic tongue dance around me as your head moves slowly up and down.

I can’t take much of your hot mouth on me and I stop you, pushing you back on the couch. I go onto my knees in front of you and pull you to the edge of the couch. My cock is perfectly lined up with you as I begin to slowly rub it up and down your slit. I gradually begin to penetrate you only to pull out again to rub the head of my cock across your clit. Your head begins to thrash and you call me a tease, begging me to give it to you. I enter you slowly inch by inch, pulling almost completely out, gradually moving deeper inside you.

Finally unable to hold back any more I fall forward and take your tongue into my mouth as I slide all the way in, feeling you push up to meet me. Your legs come around me as you pull me inside. I hold still inside you prolonging the sensation of filling you up, trying to let my excitement die down a little. I really want this to last.

Slowly I start to stroke using my full length to greatest advantage. You’re moans are coming more frequently until the sounds are one continuous primal growl, unable to hold back any more I thrust into you faster. You urge me to go harder and harder, your legs scissoring across my back. I bend to catch a nipple in my mouth and suck on it hard. I feel you clench as your breath catches, your back arches and your orgasm explodes upon you. That is all that it takes to push me over the edge. You beg me to come for you as my world turns into white hot pleasure and you. There is nothing else and I want nothing else. I explode into you over and over as your teeth bite into my shoulder; your nails rake my back. Feeling me cum sets you off again and we both call out wildly as wave after wave breaks across us.

I hold you for a long time kissing you deeply as our passion slowly subsides. Pulling reluctantly away I sit next to you and you fall across my lap, breathing deeply, a light sheen of sweet sweat glowing on your skin My hands trace slow circles across your belly and breasts as we bask in each others warmth.

When I look at you now I see the flush of your skin, the quickening of your breath, the way that you’re biting your lip and how you’re delightfully squirming in your seat. All that tells me you do appreciate a man with imagination.”

She reached forward and placed her arms around my neck. “Let’s see… that fantasy started with a kiss right?”

After she finally let me come up for air she said. “Gee I sure hope you don’t live far…”


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
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