12 Mayıs 2021

In College on Sunday

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I try to write descriptions of what happened in my life. Sometimes the action comes early, sometimes it takes a while. Your feedback is always appreciated. The characters are real, the situations really happened, and I try to stay true to the moment if not the exact words.

You should read the first parts of this story if you want to understand what’s going on but this one starts with me and two naked college girls waking up in my apartment. Perhaps that’s enough back-story for you.


Someone knocking at my door wakes me from a very sound sleep. I feel Kathy resting on my left shoulder with her arm across my chest and Jane is spooned against my back. I don’t want to move but the knocking continues.

Groaning I try to extricate myself from between the girls without waking them. It’s a forlorn attempt though as they both stir as I sit up. The knock on the door continues. I manage to roll over Kathy and find the floor to stand up. Looking around I don’t see any clothes and decide to just open the door a little.

Cracking the door I see a tall brunette with long hair. She’s in jeans and a t-shirt with a light coat wrapped around her top. It’s Donna, Kathy’s room-mate.

“Yeah,” I say brightly while peering around the door edge.

“Hi, Michael,” Donna says. “Is Kathy here? They told me she came home with you after the party Friday night.”

“Uh, yeah, she’s here,” I answer, motioning back over my shoulder.

“I need to talk with her,” Donna continues. “Can I come in?”

“We’re not really dressed for visitors,” I say. “Want me to give her a message?”

Donna gnaws at her bottom lip before answering. “Um, no, I really want to see her,” she says nervously. “I just need a minute, okay?”

I turn back to see Kathy sitting up in bed. The sheets are down around her waist and she is stretching slowly as I chat at the door.

Kathy shrugs and says; “Sure, let her in then,” pulling the sheet back up over her breasts.

“Give me just a moment,” I say to Donna and turn back to find something to wrap around my waist.”

Donna doesn’t wait and steps in as I move away.

“Oh,” she exclaims as my nakedness becomes obvious. I’m not just naked, though. I have my typical morning wood so my erect cock is proudly introducing himself to the room.

Kathy laughs at the situation and leans out to throw me a towel discarded on the floor. The sheet doesn’t go with her and her bruises are highlighted by the sun pouring in through the side window.

Donna gasps again and steps closer to her friend as she looks at the extensive bruising across Kathy’s breasts. “Are you okay?” she asks with concern. “Did he beat you?” Donna turns towards me obviously willing to defend her friend from her abuser.

I throw my hands up in defense saying; “Hey, I don’t hit anyone, okay?”

Kathy jumps up to stop Donna from attacking me. Her body is streaked with cum not only matting her groin but also down her thighs, across her face, and in her hair.

“Wait, Donna! He didn’t hit me!” Kathy exclaims getting between us.

Jane picks this moment to sit up. “What’s all the commotion?” she asks with a grimace. “Oh, hi Donna,” she continues and leans back against the wall with her right hand buried in her hair. Her body is equally bruised and stained while the room reeks of stale sex.

Donna’s head turns quickly from one to another of us in confusion. “Oh … oh,” she stammers. She blushes as she realizes she’s walked into a situation and jumped to the wrong conclusion.

Jane smiles at her saying; “Before you ask, he didn’t hit me either.”

I start laughing at Donna’s obvious discomfort and Kathy reaches out to offer her friend a hug. Donna’s mouth opens and closes as she gropes for something to say. I turn away to find something to cover myself and the dried scratches on my back catch Donna’s attention.

“Maybe I should have asked if YOU were okay, Michael.” Donna hides her face with her hands and shakes her head in embarrassment.

“I am SO sorry, guys,” she admits. “So sorry, so sorry.”

She suddenly raises her head to look at the girls. “Damn, how many did you take on last night?” she laughingly asks.

Jane stands to reveal her own sex stained body more fully. She steps beside me and puts an arm around my waist while pointing at me.

“Just one,” she smirks.

Donna looks at Kathy who steps back to my other side pointing at me and holding my waist.

“Um … just him,” Kathy says. I stand between them with my erect cock pointing at Donna while she takes in the raunchy sight before her. Her mouth finally snaps shut as she gathers some composure.

“Kathy, your Mom called last night and again this morning,” Donna says with the air of someone ignoring extraneous things like naked sex-stained friends reeking before her. “I told her you had stayed at Michelle’s house to study for a test tomorrow.”

“Who’s Michelle?” Kathy asks perplexed.

“Michelle is your alibi for not being in the apartment since Friday night, czech sharking porno silly,” Donna explains with a smile. “Or would you rather have me tell her how I found you this morning? She finished with an arched brow.

“No, no, Michelle is fine,” Kathy stammers blushing beet red. Jane giggles beside me.

“Okay, I’m leaving and you three can … um … just … work things out … whatever!” Donna flees for the door while Jane laughs and Kathy tries to get her to stop.

“No, you don’t need to explain anything to me,” I hear from Donna as she retreats to her car and drives away.

Kathy turns back to us after closing the front door. “I was going to ask her for a lift home,” she says. “Guess we’re walking now, Jane.”

We all three dissolve in laughter at what just happened. It was ludicrous and funny at the same time.

“Um, is Donna a gossip?” I ask. “Did we just ruin your reputations?”

“No,” Kathy answers. “She can’t gossip about us without stuff being heard about her. We’re safe.”

I look at these two beautiful young women standing in my apartment. The sun is highlighting every blemish, every bruise, every bite mark, every sex stain, and every scratch on their naked bodies. Their hair is matted and unruly and the three of us stink.

“I want to say, in all sincerity, you two are fucking gorgeous.” Jane giggles and hugs me closer.

“Aw, Michael, you say the nicest things,” Jane says.

“Well, I mean it. It easy to look great when you’re rested, bathed, and primped but you’ve managed it first thing in the morning. That takes talent.” I finish.

Jane stretches her arms and rolls her shoulders as joints pop. Her heavy breasts with prominent nipples catch my attention as she tries to get limber.

“Caught you! Again!” Kathy jokes, punching me in the side as I stand transfixed.

“What?” Jane asks as she rotates her arms behind her.

“Guys and big boobs,” Kathy laughingly explains.

“Give me a break,” I protest smiling. “I just woke up.”

I reach out to gather Kathy into my embrace. Her lean body fits comfortably against me as we both watched Jane finish. I kissed the top of Kathy’s head and gave her buttocks a friendly pat.

“Bathroom for me,” I say heading to the back. “Be right out.”

After finding a way to pee through morning wood I look at my own reflection. No wonder Donna was concerned about her friend. There’s dried blood across my cheek and dried girl juices from ear to ear. I look like the criminal lead in a slasher movie. My back is obviously laced with scratches, a couple are fairly deep and I wonder which girl managed to lose control enough to dig this deep. From the chest down I am a mess.

Wandering back out to the front I pass Jane heading back for her own ablutions. Kathy is sitting on the bed waiting her turn and she looks up at me.

“I didn’t realize I was so scary looking,” I begin. Kathy laughs at my appearance. “Thanks for leaping to my defense,” I say.

“No problem,” Kathy answers smiling. “I didn’t want her to beat you up.”

“You need to call your Mom, don’t you?”

“Yes,” Kathy answers. “Probably better before she drives over to check up on me. Can we find some clothes for me to wear?”

“Uh, yeah,” I reply. “I can get you decent enough but let’s wait until after 10:00 A.M. to walk you home.”

Kathy looked at me questioningly.

“Sunday morning church traffic will be done then,” I explain. “Not so many people driving past.”

“Thanks,” she says brightly but with a faint blush.

Jane returns and Kathy disappears to the bathroom. “Go ahead and shower,” I call after her. “I’ll look for something for you both.”

“Kicking us out, are you Michael?” Jane asks. “Had all of us you want, huh?”

I laugh and catch her up in my arms holding her off the floor. She squeals and hugs me back as her legs wrap around my waist in support.

“Ow, ow, ow,” she growls with a wry grin. “Can we wait until after lunch? I seem to be rather tender this morning.”

“Sure we can,” I reassure her. I kiss her forehead and place her back on the floor. “Kathy needs to get home and call her Mom,” I explain.

“Yeah, I figured as much. Are you going to come with us?” Jane asks.

“I’d like to, at least to get you home,” I reply.

Jane’s stomach growls loudly. We laugh together at the noise.

“I can offer breakfast,” Jane continues. “I think we ate all your food.”

“Thank you, I accept,” I say bending and kissing the back of her hand.

“ooOoo, aren’t we formal?” she giggles. She nods towards the bike dominating one wall and says,

“You’re not like what I expected from a biker, you know.”

“You mean the stereotype?” I ask. “All black leather and chains?”

“Yeah, something like that,” she admits. “But you sure gave me a good ride,” she teases with a blush.

I laugh with her. Her openness and willingness to try things is refreshing. The water noises stop and I move to find something to cover czech streets porno these two ladies on our walk to their homes. I don’t have any female specific clothes but shirts and shorts should be possible. It’s cool outside but not cold.

Kathy returns and Jane takes her turn in the shower. Walking up behind me I smell soap and toothpaste as she leans in for a kiss. I return it carefully; well aware I haven’t cleaned anything on me yet.

“Any luck yet?” Kathy asks looking at what I’ve pulled out. There’s a long-tailed dress shirt that should cover her well enough. I’m large enough that my clothes will drape on her nicely.

“This one’s a bit thin but with a t-shirt under it you should be covered,” I offer, holding the pale blue shirt against her frame. The tails are mid-thigh on her. “I don’t have any panties or bras for you though,” I grin.

Kathy hits me gently on the shoulder as she takes the shirt and shorts from me. “I guess we can do without underwear,” she admits. “Looks like it’s warm enough for a short walk, at least.” November in the south can be a real scorcher and today looks to be sunny.

“How about jackets? Anything I can wrap in? Or do I need to use my cape?” She examines my meager offerings critically.

“Yes,” I point to a couple of windbreakers.

Kathy slides her long legs into the shorts and dives into the shirt which ends at about the same place on her legs. The shorts and her breasts are very obvious under the shirt but she looks decent. I offer a short belt she tries on over the shirt around her waist. The outfit works, sort of. With the windbreaker over the top she should be able to get home.

Jane’s going to be more difficult. My shirts will be too tight on her in the breast and hips plus I don’t have another long one to offer. The best I see is an oversized t-shirt from some bike rally. The logo reads, “Hills are more fun than Valleys” as it came from a scramble event. There’s a biker riding up the side of a mountain as part of the design.

Kathy snorts and grins as we realize exactly where this design will fall on Jane’s body. She comes walking out as we hold the t-shirt up.

“Is that for me,” she asks innocently. She holds out her arms above her head in invitation to slide it over her body. She wiggles to shimmy it down over her hips and the design lands exactly where we expected. Her breasts fill the shirt completely and the biker is climbing the center of what would be cleavage. Jane looks down to see what we’re laughing about.

“Oh my,” she giggles reading the design. “Guess that depends on the valleys, huh?” We laugh loudly as Kathy offers her a jacket to wear over the top. Slipping it on covers most of the design and when she puts her heels back on it comes together.

“Ladies, if you’ll excuse me I’ll get clean, too,” I say and head off to the bathroom. Halfway through my shower I hear noises and turn to see Kathy naked in the bathroom.

“Turn around and I’ll clean your back,” she offers. “Some of those scratches need attention and I found your triple-antibiotic cream.”

I turn back and feel her gently cleaning the ragged but minor injuries. She feels good and I relax as she attends to my wounds. The cooling water warns me to shut the shower off before getting cold.

“Come on out and I can see better,” Kathy says. She hands me a towel and I dry most of my body as I walk back up front.

“Lean against the table and I’ll finish,” Kathy says blotting at my back to dry it. Jane takes my towel away and drops to dry my legs. My semi-relaxed cock stirs at her proximity and she looks up to smile at me. Kathy hits a sore spot and I flinch slightly. It isn’t bad, just surprising.

“I’ll distract him so you can finish,” Jane says to Kathy and sucks my soft cock into her mouth. It immediately swells as Kathy forces cream into the sore spots. Jane sucks harder and bobs her head until Kathy says, “Okay, done.”

Jane releases my erect cock and stands up with a grin. She wipes the corners of her mouth before handing me the towel back.

“There, that didn’t take long, did it,” Jane says. My cock is left waving between us in neglect. Kathy looks around and sees me erect before giggling.

“Really, Michael? Already? Aren’t you being a little greedy?” Kathy teases me before reaching out and giving my cock a soft squeeze.

“Ladies!” I protest weakly. “How am I supposed to walk you home with a raging erection pointing the way?”

“Get dressed, Michael. We promise to leave you alone,” Kathy snorts as she reaches for her own clothing. She slides the shirt back down her body and buckles the belt again. I hold up the shorts but she shakes her head.

“Not allowed,” she says motioning to Jane. “Remember that bet I lost? She says nothing on bottom.”

“That’s right,” Jane smirks. “We’re walking home commando.”

I quickly find shorts, pants, shirt, and boots while Kathy puts her sandals on too. Watching the girls walk back to check their appearances in my sole mirror I appreciate czech super models porno what the heels do for their tight backsides. The cotton t-shirt is snug enough to caress Jane’s cheeks as she walks. Kathy’s shirt pulls tight against her cheeks and flips up to the bottom button. I hear giggles and words as the girls finish their preparations.

Opening the door I feel a warm fall day with a light breeze chasing leaves around. I won’t even need a jacket today. The girls join me at the door and with nods we all step out into the sunlight. The girls precede me to the sidewalk and I take a moment to appreciate the view. Even with damp hair and no make-up they look gorgeous.

“Come on slowpoke,” Kathy urges. “You can watch Jane’s ass wiggle later.”

Jane elbows Kathy in protest as I join them and we turn to walk. They take an arm on each side and I walk between them. Their heels make faint noises on the concrete as we stroll past houses and apartments in companionable silence. Kathy stops us at one point to undo the lowest button on the shirt and then steps out more freely.

“That’s better,” she explains. “It kept catching my legs.”

Jane has a smile as we walk along. Vagrant breezes play around us and after one she leans around me to talk with Kathy.

“Is this getting you as turned on as it is me?” she asks. Kathy nods with a smile.

“Yep,” she replies. “I’ve never gone commando while in a dress – or shirt,” she quickly adds. Jane giggles and holds my arm a little tighter against her breast. Her nipples are prominent in the cotton and breasts are bouncing with every step. Kathy has extra color in her cheeks as we walk along.

A passing car honks at us and Jane waves back.

“Who was that,” Kathy asks.

“No idea,” Jane replies and giggles.

A breeze lifts Kathy’s shirt a little higher and she reaches down to hold it in place. “Oops,” she laughs. “That was a little too revealing.”

Jane laughs with her before replying, “Maybe we should take walks in the park like this sometimes. It’s stimulating.”

“You’ll start riots,” I offer and the girls giggle.

After a few more minutes we arrive at Kathy’s place to see Donna’s car parked outside beside Kathy’s. Walking inside Kathy calls out that we’re back.

Donna appears from a back room and hesitantly waves hello before retreating back to her room. Jane and Kathy giggle quietly at her room-mate’s behavior before Kathy reaches for the phone.

“Let me call quick and then we can get breakfast,” she says.

“We’ll go get it started while you call off the parental patrol,” Jane says heading back out the front door and holding my hand. Kathy waves as we leave and head to the next building.

As we pass the car in the driveway Jane stops to fiddle with something in the wheel well before standing up with a key.

“No roomie,” she explains. “I generally hide a key outside when I don’t want to carry one.”

“Makes sense,” I agree. When she opens the door I see a large and comfortably furnished room that leads to the kitchen behind it. Unlike my own broke-student apartment this one is spacious and inviting.

“Steak and eggs work for you?” Jane asks walking to the kitchen.

“Great,” I reply. “What can I do to help?”

“Not much really, but you can make coffee if you want,” Jane gestures to one side. I busy myself with the fixings as she defrosts steaks.

The door opens and Kathy walks in smiling. She hasn’t changed and the sun through the shirt makes it transparent to me.

“What are we cooking?” she asks kissing me as she walks past.

“Steak and eggs?” Jane replies busy throwing the meat into a broiler.

“Sounds great. Thank you! I’m hungry enough to eat it raw this morning.” Kathy opens up the refrigerator to pull items out. She has undone a couple of buttons and the shirt gapes open as she leans forward to expose pale breasts.

“Gee, I wonder why,” Jane smirks at Kathy and they do the Betty/Wilma giggle from the Flintstones.

“Is Donna joining us?” Jane asks more seriously.

“No, I offered but she said she’d already had breakfast and didn’t want to … cramp our style,” Kathy answered making quote marks in the air. Kathy pours some orange juice and places the glasses on the counter in front of me. I’m sitting on a stool at the breakfast bar so I stay out of the way and enjoy watching them move around the kitchen.

“Sunday breakfast together is a routine for us,” Kathy explains to me.

“Kathy, why don’t you watch these and I’ll go convince her to come over,” Jane says. “She’s being silly to pass up breakfast. There’s plenty for us all.” She leaves quickly and I hear her heels tap next door.

“Am I being a problem?” I ask.

“No,” Kathy quickly replies. “She’s just a little embarrassed she caught us all together. She’ll be fine once she gets over it.” She flashes me a quick smile that lights up the room and winks.

I hear Jane returning and Donna straggles in behind her.

“See, I told you it was just one guy over here, Donna,” Jane teases her friend.

“Hi, Mike,” Donna says hesitantly with a little wave.

“Good morning,” I reply. “Thanks for coming over for breakfast.”

“Sure. Look, I’m really sorry about earlier. I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions,” Donna is profuse in her apology.

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