12 Mayıs 2021

Industrial Erotica

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There was a huge group of us staying at an All Inclusive resort in the Dominican Republic. It was mostly immediate family and two of my girlfriends. My husband was also there, however, most of his time was spent “Golfing” (whorehouses) during the day. I spent it on the beach or by the pool. One of the pool bars was tended to by this very tall dark and handsome, Dominican native. Besides being “eye candy” he was very charming and had a very enticing smile. He carried himself in such a delightful manner. Every drink served, was not only spot on, it arrived with a flirty and friendly compliment. This guy had the sexiest “Colgate” smile which had the women, and some men, swooning over him.

The locals sold a coconut oil blend that helped you get a really deep dark tan. On the second day I arrived to the pool before anyone else and began applying the lotion I just purchased. I decided to lie face down but it was difficult to apply lotion everywhere on my back. I guess my predicament was noticed by the tall Dominican bartender. He came over and introduced himself, “Hola. I’m Reynaldo. Can I get you anything to drink today pretty lady?”

I looked up at him struggling to to put the lotion over my back and mumbled something incoherent as my arm had gotten pinched with the chaise lounge chair.

“Perhaps I can help you with the oil? Here, I do this for you. Lie down”

I looked up again and his smile was so sweet and sexy that I had no qualms accepting his “generous” offer. He got closer and I noticed the most beautiful brown almond shaped brown eyes adorned with these really long eyelashes that would make any woman envy. “Damn this guy is handsome!” I thought to myself.

He rubbed the lotion between his hands then started applying it around my shoulders and neck area. He moved down to my back then my lower back. All the while his touch was very sensual and surprisingly gentle for a man. Obviously he seemed to be enjoying the effort, as was I! He kept complimenting me on my appearance and how smooth my skin felt. I was enjoying the attention but began wondering what was he going to do when he reached my exposed ass cheeks. After all, I was wearing a thong bikini.

He applied more lotion and without any hesitation applied it very sensually unto my exposed ass cheeks. At this point it felt more like a massage than a simple suntan oil application. The combination of his touch, his appearance and the spontaneous sexual undertone of the moment began stirring feelings of desire within me. I carefully parted my legs to encourage him further and allow easier access to my inner thighs.

“How far will he go?” I wondered to myself.

No sooner than I thought that, I felt his hands gently caress my inner thighs and part them a bit further. I could feel my feet very close to the edge of the chaise and was wondering what his view was. I couldn’t help the feelings quickly building inside of me and became concerned that the impending wetness of my arousal would become evident for Reynaldo to notice. He was kneeling beside me which gave me a feeling of intimacy and without warning a light moan escaped from my lips. It was after this moan that I become aware that I was also lightly gyrating my hips.

I looked up at him in my excited state and he was staring back at me with a look of wanton desire. When he bit his lower lip and began shaking his head as his eyes devoured my body from head to toe I knew this would not end here. I smiled, blew him a kiss and winked at him.

“You are such a desirable sexy woman.” he said in Spanish.

I look at him and notice a very nice bulge forming underneath his tan colored shorts.

“Damn, I have to get back. Here. Call me after 3:00. Please! That is the end of my shift today.” he said as he handed me a napkin with his number. Reynaldo now had a noticeable bulge in his pants at this point. He untucked his shirt from inside his shorts and grabbed a serving tray that was on the table behind him to cover his unmistakable erection.

“Oh My God.” I wanted to feel him. To kiss those pink full lips of his. His deep cinnamon color complexion and wavy jet black hair were such a turn on. When he smiled, his Ivory colored teeth stood out in such a manner that I wanted to devour his mouth. I felt wet! I casually felt my punani and my fear was confirmed. I was soaked and oozing juices but combined with the oil it seemed to blend in and not be too obvious.

Friends and family began arriving and soon we were all partying and having a blast yet I couldn’t get Reynaldo out of my mind. I kept reliving how his hands felt as he oiled my body and knowing that he left with an obvious erection had me consumed with lustful anticipation. I confided in my girlfriend Gina what had just transpired earlier before.

“Oh My God! He is so hot. You gonna call him, right? You gotta hook up with that guy mi loca!”

Gina seemed even more excited than I was. I looked down and noticed the time. It was 3:17 P.M. “Should I or shouldn’t I?” I kept asking bagros porno myself.

Gina noticed the time too and looked over and did that phone gesture with her hands and mouthed to me. “Call him. Now!”

By this time I had a few drinks in me and knew that everyone would be by the pool for the next few hours before returning to their rooms to shower and change for dinner then party after. I knew I had some time to spend with Reynaldo if I acted now. I excused myself and went over to the veranda facing the beach and dialed his number. He explained that they were not allowed to fraternize with the guests so he could not be seen with me in the resort area. He asked me to meet him outside by the bus stop in front of the Resort.

I agreed but then realized that I didn’t really know this guy and began having second thoughts about being outside the Resort. Gina saw me and walked over. I explained my concerns and she said with a devilish smile, “Simple. I’ll tag along. I’ll be your chaperone.”

We grabbed our sarongs and found our way to the bus stop. It was just outside the main entrance to the Resort. Along the way Gina was grilling me about the guy and what was I going to do with him. I love Gina but she was actually getting on my nerves with her non stop interrogating. The instant we get to the bus stop I saw Reynaldo wave at us from another entrance about fifty yards away.

“Fuck, he’s hot Linda! I mean really hot. How tall is this guy. Wow!”

I was in total agreement and I began thinking of a Caribbean hookup with this hunky gorgeous native was just what I needed. The sun was bearing down and I was covered in sweat and suntan oil which increased my arousal. The closer I got to him the more aroused I became. Having downed quite a few Rum and Cokes certainly helped me shed my inhibitions.

Reynaldo leaned down and gave me a big hug and a kiss on my cheek. In return I grabbed his face then slowly licked his lips a couple times. He opened his mouth and I gave him a very wet passionate kiss but intentionally broke it off quickly just as he was getting into it. “Just a taste.” I thought to myself. I introduced Gina who was all smiles.

“Wow. How tall are you big guy” asked Gina in Spanish.

Reynaldo smiled and responded, “6′-5. And yes. I played basketball.” As it seemed like everyone had asked him that countless times before.

We engaged in some petty small talk but all the while I was replaying this morning’s events and getting increasingly aroused. He invited us to lunch.

I looked over at Gina and gave her a “I got this” smile then I leaned closer to Reynaldo and whispered, “The only thing I want to eat is this!” as I grabbed his crotch and felt his cock.

His eyes widened and a huge smile came over his face. I asked him where could we go for some privacy. He suggested his apartment but I said no. It needed to be here. He gently grabbed my arm and we all walked over to a service entrance leading to a dilapidated structure that seemed like it had not been used for years. I was astonished and proud of myself for being so sexually aggressive. “I am seizing the moment!” I said to myself.

He took us inside a storage work area that was by far not the sexiest place for an encounter, yet that excited me more. Here I was in nothing but a thong bikini, flip flops and a sarong among dirty rusty machinery a tall tin roof with holes all about. The floor was a combination of greasy gravel but there were spots with dusty bare concrete. There were big machines with peeling paint scattered all about. It seemed like an abandoned machine repair shop of sorts. The more I took it in the better it suited the moment.

“Perfect! I feel as dirty as my surroundings.” I said under my breath, while deep inside of me there was a tempestuous wave of lust and carnal anticipation gaining momentum.

We placed Gina on lookout on the far end facing the back of the Resort, in the unlikely event someone would walk over. I looked down at the floor and it was dirty gravel. Something inside of me in the deepest pit of my stomach surfaced and I had this incredible desire to feel this dirty disgusting floor with my bare feet! I removed my flip flops and the sensation of the gravel under my toes felt so sexually dirty. I squeezed my toes and took in the gritty texture of the gravel. I looked down and my toes were covered with this gray colored dust when I realized that I had inadvertently begun to moan. “What the heck? This has never happened to me before?” I thought to myself.

“Why was I deriving such deep dark pleasure with my feet and this grimy environment?” I walked over to Reynaldo and kissed him roughly. Without any warning this impulse came over me and I spat on my toes. I sucked on my own mouth gathering as much saliva as I could muster then dribbled it over my feet and my soles. I asked Reynaldo to do the same and he did so without hesitation. He bent down and spat on my feet. I curled my toes and took this newfound sensation in. My bangbus porno diaphragm was heaving from the unforeseen and never experienced pleasure overwhelming me. My entire body was trembling as I felt the warm saliva over my dirty, yet carefully pedicured toes. “Your such a kinky dirty Bitch!” was all I could say to myself as I was on the verge of an orgasm.

Reynaldo was looking over at me with raw lust and amazement. I walked around him feeling the filthy floor beneath my feet then I slowly removed his shirt. He was already sweating which enhanced his beautifully provocative cinnamon complexion. His slim physique sported a sculpted six pack that begged to be touched. He was standing still as I circled him taking in my surroundings. The texture of the gravel under my feet as I walked kept stirring something new inside of me. I watched the sweat build up on his slender enticing physique and slowly drip down his chest and upper back. I removed my top and tossed it aside.

I stood behind him and reached up to feel his chest. I ran my fingers down carefully feeling every ripple of his chiseled abs, while my breasts slid easily over his back. My face was nudged against his back gently biting him. Tasting his sweaty skin. I reached down and slipped both my hands down through his shorts and felt his wet cock head. Slowly I started undoing his shorts as my biting became more intense. His breathing started getting labored under my touch. Carefully I unfastened and lowered his shorts and had him step out of them. I grabbed his hard swollen cock still standing behind him and stroked him. I had yet to set eyes on what felt like a substantial appendage in my hands.

Slowly I walked in front of him staring straight up at him. He leaned down and we kissed. Passionately. I tasted his full luscious lips and twirled my tongue with his. His arms were exploring my body nervously as if not knowing where to begin. I pulled away from his mouth. My upper belly felt sticky and when I looked down I saw Reynaldo’s cock for the very first time. He was uncut and very thick with a considerable curvature. There was a good deal of foreskin covering his cock head which had yet to be exposed. There was substantial pre-cum oozing from his increasing erection.

I wanted to kneel down and take him in my mouth but the gravel floor was too rough. I noticed a rusty steel work bench just behind him where there was a patch of smooth concrete floor. Reynaldo was towering over me with his massive erection. His body was glistening with sweat as his cock was bobbing up and down dripping a substantial amount of sticky heavy pre-cum.

‘Aaaay que rico Papi!” I utter to him as I removed my bikini bottom in front of him and tossed it on the dirty floor. We were now both devoid of any clothing and our bodies were dripping with sweat and sexual juices. I lead him over to the steel bench area and knelt down before him so I could savor his heavy pre-cum. The concrete floor felt smooth under my knees but it would be to hard to stay like that and properly take care of him.

I noticed a couple of cinder blocks under the bench and asked him to retrieve them. I instructed him to place them on top of each other so we could improvise a proper “throne” in which I could comfortably sit him down and pleasure his sizable cock and juicy balls.

He sat on the dirty blocks which gave me perfect access to his entire crotch area. His large hairless balls hung down allowing me to do as I wished with ease. I knelt down completely resting the back of my thighs over my calves. The concrete floor felt like very fine sandpaper under my bare legs adding to the intensity of the moment. Reynaldo spread his long arms over the bench behind him and I stopped to take in this vision. His complexion jumped up from the grittiness of the pale colored gray floor. His long sinewy legs were splayed before me displaying a bobbing pre-cum dripping curved appendage begging to be serviced.

I grabbed of hold of his shaft and pulled back the heavy foreskin to reveal a deep purple colored cock head. As soon as I did this his juices oozed out more and bathed his shaft. His cock was throbbing and very warm to the touch. I stared right into his eyes as I wanted to see his expression when my mouth enveloped him for the first time. I slowly went down and inhaled his scent. There was a powerful musky aroma, that combined with his sweat, increased my desire. I teased him with my lips and tongue then licked his cock head opening causing Reynaldo to throw his head back and close his eyes.

I started teasing the pre-cum from him and gave his cock head great attention. I had not wrapped my mouth on his cock yet. I wanted him to beg me to do it. I took my time licking up and down his thick shaft bathing him with my saliva and his pre-cum as my hands stroked him sensually. His massive hanging ball sack was too enticing to pass up. I buried my face in them and his scent penetrated me and ignited another level of raw unadulterated carnal desire. I sucked beurette tour porno gently on each one of them while my hand kept stroking his lengthy shaft. I could feel pre-cum continue to drip down and coat his cock deliciously. Beads of sweat were streaming down his chest unto the base of his cock.

I wanted more. I raised his balls and started licking his underside. He was drenched in sweat, saliva and fluids. I started rubbing his perineum with this naughty lubricant mixture emanating from our bodies. His legs tensed up. “Now I will take him in my mouth.” I said silently. I timed it to where the instant my mouth engulfed his engorged cock head my index finger penetrated him. I knew this would be a risky move and may get rejected but if he accepted this, I knew I would probably have an orgasm as well.

“Aaay. What you doing?” he muttered breathlessly, but he didn’t stop me.

“Shhh Papito. I’m going to make you explode like never before.” I said quickly in Spanish.

I was so nervously excited and turned on that I was totally oblivious to anything other than Reynaldo and my emotions. We were both moaning heavily and he had become very vocal at the pleasure he was receiving. I was now stroking his shaft up and down with a circular twisting motion while my mouth was delightfully sucking and licking his pulsating cock head. My slippery index finger was inside him going in and out rubbing his insides. The curvature of his cock was unlike anything I had ever seen or felt before.

I knew what was happening. I could feel a powerful tension building inside of me that was beginning to interrupt my breathing. The more I sucked and tasted Reynaldo the wetter I became. I was trying to hold out but it was pointless. My mouth let go of him and I moaned loudly as powerful waves of ecstatic bliss consumed me. I was physically unable to put him back in my mouth at that point.

He looked down at me and asked astonishingly, “You came? Holy shit that is amazing. Oh My God! Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Please don’t stop!”

His reaction increased my resolve to make him explode. I wrapped my mouth over his cock head once more but this time he grabbed my head. He started guiding the tempo causing me to gag several times when he went too deep inside my mouth. His entire body was as stiff as a board as was his considerable manhood.

He pulled my hair really hard and screamed, “Coño me vengoooo! Aaaaay que rico. Ugghhh, ughhh!” (Dammit I’m cumming!) as I felt the back of my throat get splattered with heavy salty spurts of cum. As much as I tried it was simply too big of a load for me to swallow without coming up for air. I pulled away and finished him off over my breasts. His last spurt was the “coup de gras” as it hit me on my right cheek. It quickly dripped down my sweaty face unto my chin then down my to my breasts.

I inhaled deeply and stared in amazement at his curved cock, shining with my saliva and his cum. He was still hard. I waited for a few seconds to see if it would subside but it didn’t. He stood and helped me up. Before I could say anything he leaned down and kissed me passionately. His tongue danced sensually inside my cum soaked mouth.

“Damn Linda. That was epic! He’s still hard as a rock. Look at him!” I looked back at Gina and wondered how long she been standing there.

Reynaldo leaned down and whispered in Spanish, “I want to be inside you. See? He wants more of you Mami” pointing down at his marvelously curved erection.

I was curious as to how that curvature would feel inside me. “Would it hit some unknown and undiscovered pleasure area of my love canal?”

I realized I didn’t have any condoms and I asked Reynaldo if he did. He said no, but he could run to the store and buy some. I didn’t have that much time left before everyone began wondering where we were. As much as I wanted to feel him inside me I wasn’t going to do it without a condom. Gina was looking curiously at me asking me what was I going to do.

She walked over and smiled at him then says, “Damn he has a fine dick! You going to fuck him?”

I told her that I wouldn’t without a condom. During that exchange Reynaldo’s cock was bobbing up and down still hard as a rock. We looked over at him and he had this “Sweet and sad puppy look” that was so endearing. Watching him standing tall with his very impressive oozing erection, was giving me second thoughts. I told him I would suck him again and make him cum but I wasn’t going to let him enter me.

Gina then blurted out, “I’ll fuck him! Do you mind?”

I glanced back at Gina, not too surprised, considering Reynaldo was a fine luscious specimen of a man, and said, “He’s all yours.”

Gina and I were talking about him as if he were simply a piece of meat with an erect cock, there for our enjoyment! He was speechless. Gina quickly removed her sarong then knelt down then placed her mouth around his dripping erection.

“Aaay que rico sabe!” (How good he tastes!) She blurted out while taking him really deep in her mouth. I stood there mesmerized listening to Gina’s slurping noises while she was giving Reynaldo head. The expression on his face was pure lust. Our eyes met and I nearly fainted. I found myself slightly trembling watching this sexual act evolving in front of me.

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