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The bell rang, Dave answered.

“Hi Julian, good to see you again,” Dave greeted his wife’s new black lover.

“Hi Dave, how’ve ya been?” he brawled in his Texan accent.

The men exchanged hellos and drank a beer whilst they waited for Jill to join them.

The bell rang again.

“Hi,” welcomed Dave.

“Hi, it’s Scott,” introduced the tall, fair-haired Scotsman in a broad Aberdonian accent. They joined Julian and sipped beers.

“Hello lads,” Jill said as she drifted into the room. It had been a long week for her after her last weekend’s threesome with Julian and Dave. She couldn’t take her mind off Julian’s thick black cock all week and struggled to concentrate at work. Several times, Jill had to pinch herself in disbelief of what had happened and what was going to happen. Her shyness had evaporated rapidly last Friday evening when she, Dave and Julian fucked so many times over the two nights, she had lost count the orgasms she had had. Friday afternoon, her only sexual intercourse had been with two previous boyfriends and her husband. Tonight, it was going to be a whole new ball game.

The bell rang once more and Jill could hear a strong cockney accent, “Ah, that must be John,” she told two guests as Dave escorted John into the lounge and placed a drink in his hand.

The group talked for a while, about their previous experiences mainly, and soon, following several more beers, they were relaxed. Jill had been wet all week and more than eager to get the ball rolling.

“Why don’t you dim the lights a little and put on some nice music,” Jill asked Dave. He did and soon Jill was up dancing in front of her guests, her hips gyrating to the rhythm, her firm 34” breasts gently moving beneath her light summer dress, causing her nipples to harden.

Julian wasted no time and stood to join Jill. As they danced, his hands found her ass. He squeezed her and pulled her close, kissing her hard on her lips. Jill undid Julian’s shirt buttons, exposing his hard muscular chest. The two new guests watched, bulges forming in their trousers as the couple began exploring each other. Dave had already removed his cock from its hiding place and had begun to slowly pull his foreskin back and forth as he hardened with each heartbeat.

“Why don’t you make yourselves more comfortable?” Dave asked John and Scott. They need no further encouragement and removed their clothing. John’s 6’6” frame sported a large cock to match. He was almost as big as Julian’s 10-incher. Scott couldn’t believe the size of John’s member, commenting that that was the biggest he’d seen in the flesh.

Jill had now knelt in front of Julian and begun to suck on his growing black rod. Her summer dress had been lifted above her waist and Julian had lifted it over her head as she knelt in front of him. Braless and wearing a pencil-line bikini fake cop porno bottom, Jill was virtually naked already. She lapped at his cock, teasing the eye on which had now grown a small drop of pre-cum.

Dave had joined John and Scott in removing his clothes. His cock was hard now and matched Scott’s modest 6 or 7-inches. They stood around Jill, cocks pointing horizontally at her face. She took hold of each of her guests, licking and sucking one at a time for several seconds before moving onto the next.

“Looks like Jill’s going to get the fucking of her life tonight,” Dave said as she took his cock in her mouth. She groaned with pleasure, vibrating on his cock as she felt butterflies in her womb. Dave smiled at his wife and she winked at him in appreciation.

Dave lifted his wife up to stand in the centre of the four, their cocks pressing against her from all quarters. Jill felt her pussy juices begin to escape and run down the inside of her thigh. She closed her eyes as she savoured the moment, the odour of these men around her. Then, she felt a finger enter her pussy after it had lubricated itself with her juices. She moaned as she felt the finger explore her pussy, finding her g-spot. Still eyes closed, Jill felt two tongues, one on each nipple, sucking her rubbery erections. Her first orgasm was beginning to erupt from her depths and whoever’s fingers were inside her could feel her tighten as she shuddered to her first climax.

Jill opened her eyes to see Scott’s hand at her pussy. She thanked him for her first orgasm and as a reward, he would fuck her first. She pushed Scott onto the sofa and straddled him, his cock sliding into her vagina with relative ease. Scot moaned as he felt her hotness engulf his hardness. Jill moaned as she too felt him probe her, his cock bumping against her womb with every slow stroke. Julian and John sat either side of the copulatives and teased her nipples. Dave knelt behind his wife and tried to enter her from behind. Jill felt Dave’s probing cock and assisted by guiding it into her pussy along with Scott’s. She stretched tight as the two cocks filled her canal. Another orgasm was rising in her as she began to scream with pleasure as Scott and her husband fucked her pussy in unison.

All three exploded together, filling Jill with hot cream that oozed from her pussy as Dave first, then Scott softened and slipped out of her hole.

“Come here baby,” said John as he laid on the rug. He took hold of Jill and made her sit on his face. John liked to lick out a woman and made no bones about whose semen she had in here. Jill groaned again as she felt John’s tongue lap at her clitoris and probe deep into her pussy. She felt him suck at her causing her folds of skin to redden and swell with blood as he made Jill cum. She slid down his body and sat on his huge fake hospital porno cock. Her screams where almost loud enough to be heard over the music and outside, but no-one cared. Jill just wanted to be fucked and fucked hard. Her pussy, now tight with John’s cock, began to spasm involuntary as her vaginal muscles succumbed to yet another orgasm. Her body was soaked with perspiration that ran down her back, down her chest and dripped onto John from the tips of Jill’s nipples.

Julian wanted some action and decided to join in. He pushed Jill flat onto John’s chest and sandwiched her between John and himself. His cock, comparable to John’s but opposite in colour, probed at Jill’s pussy. She tried to get it in with John’s, but their cocks were too big.

Julian had a different idea. He took hold of his cock and placed it at the entrance to Jill’s anus. She felt his push against her and his huge bulk prevented her from moving. It hurt, but it felt so good at the same time. Julian’s cock slowly entered her anus. Jill screamed in pain as his cock slowly slipped inter a place no-one had been before. She had seen porno flicks and pictures, heard the girls at work talk about it, but when Dave tried it once, the pain turned her off and they never tried anal sex again. But now, she had no choice. She was pinned down, unable to move. The cock in her pussy gave her so much pleasure, the pain of Julian’s cock entering her rear became part of a pleasure and pain sensation that Jill wanted more of. She screamed again as she felt a sudden release as Julian’s cock passed the point of resistance and she felt him fill her up as he slid deeper inside her.

Jill couldn’t hold out any longer and the orgasm was so intense she wet herself, and John as she climaxed. She had never ejaculated before, but then again, she had never had two monster cocks inside her before filling both holes either.

John and Julian continued to fuck Jill through to another orgasm. Dave had forgot how many times she had shuddered as she received her first gang-bang.

Their pace began to increase as John and Julian began to cum. Jill could feel their impending eruptions as she voiced her pleasure, “fuck me, fuck me… fuck me harder… that’s it, I’m cumming again…” she screamed as she felt Julian fill her first, followed quickly by John. The three slumped exhausted on the rug. Cocks shrinking inside Jill, semen dribbling from her well stretched orifices.

Scott waited several minutes then stated he wanted to fuck Jill. Jill was exhausted, but she didn’t want to disappoint her guest. She sat on him as he took John’s place on the rug. Dave decided he wanted to fuck his wife too, so he took Julian’s place, slipping his hard cock into Jill’s anus. Even after getting a good fucking, Jill still felt tight to both Scott and Dave. The pair fucked fake taxi porno her for some time, driving Jill to several more orgasms before they too added to the large quantity of semen already deposited inside Jill.

Dave slipped out of his wife as she rolled onto her back, her legs spread exposing a sore looking pussy that was both swollen and stretched. Semen ran out of her as her vaginal muscled throbbed. John knelt between her legs and kissed away the semen and her juices. The other lads look on in surprise as John swallowed every last drop of juice from Jill’s pussy and ass.

Jill laid, almost unconscious on the rug. The three guests decided she had had enough and decided to leave.

“John, Scott and I are going to give you guys some time to take a breath,” Julian told Dave as they pulled on their clothes. “We’ll head into town for a few beers, maybe hit a nightclub or something. I’ll take Scott and John over to my hotel first though, get them settled in. In the meantime, you two have a good evening, and we’ll call over tomorrow afternoon and maybe play some more.”

“Yeah, sounds like a good idea,” Dave reflected as he gazed at Jill, her eyes closed, her breasts heaving deeply as she slowly began to catch her breath once more. “You enjoy yourselves and we’ll see you tomorrow.”

Dave escorted the three studs to the door; when he returned to his wife, she had a large smile on her face. She kissed him hard, telling him how much she loved him and thanking him for the fantasy-come-true of a lifetime.

Jill sighed as she rested her head on Dave’s shoulder, “Wow, I can’t believe this has all happened. I feel like a slut, but it feels really great. What shall we do tomorrow?”

Dave shrugged his shoulders, his cock beginning to swell once more, “Perhaps I’ll get the video camera out of its box,” he whispered in Jill’s ear as he lowered himself onto her, his cock slipping into the hot, wet nest.

“Sounds good,” Jill gasped as she felt her sore pussy envelope her husband, “but I might have to soak my aching pussy first,” she told her husband as he gently slid in and out of his wife.

After a long hot bath, they slept heavily that night, both totally spent following the day’s activities. Saturday afternoon came soon enough and so did the arrival of their three friends. Dave had set up his video camera and had borrowed a second from a neighbour.

The group made full use of Jill’s body. Every conceivable sexual position was tried out and Jill once again forgot how many multiple orgasms wrenched through her body that afternoon.

Dave spent several days producing a final cut video from the eight hours or so of raw footage from the two cameras. He sent a copy to each of the lads and made several spare copies, passing them onto his closest friends. Dave also uploaded short clips of video onto their website for the whole world to access his wife. This eventually led to interest from Ernie and Joanne, who soon became regular visitors to Dave and Jill’s place. But hey, I’m spoiling another tale here. You’ll just have to wait a while for me to write it out for you.

Bye for now…

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