16 Mayıs 2021

Into The Sunset Ch. 02

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Author’s note: the following story is purely a work of fiction and any resemblance to real people or events is purely coincidental. The author wishes to express his gratitude to rozezwild for her editing to make this a better story.


I got up Monday morning feeling great. I got to the office early and attacked my work with a vengeance. I think my attitude was contagious because the staff got along better and accomplished more than they had in a long time. I could only hope that the change was lasting.

It was early evening Wednesday when I arrived home after a particularly productive day’s work, only to find a strange car sitting in the driveway just beyond my front door. As I parked behind it and got out, so did the driver of the other car. To my surprise it was Laurie.

“Hi,” she greeted me. “Surprised to see me?”

“Yeah, but it’s a good surprise.” Having closed the distance between us, I kissed her full on the lips and she met me halfway.

“Could I come in and talk with you?”

“Sure. Come on in.”

I opened the door and escorted her down the hall to my den. “Can I get you something to drink?”

“Not right now.”

“Then what can I do for you?”

“Well-l-l,” she drawled, “can I spend the night with you?”

“Of course you can. But what happened?”

“Well, when I got home Sunday, I decided to come clean with John. I guess I was feeling a little … I don’t know … frustrated, knowing that I had just had two days of great sex but wouldn’t be getting any at home. So … I told John everything. Well, everything except your name. I told him how many times you screwed me in the two days and how many orgasms I had. I described how fantastic it was when you fucked my ass. I told him that I had to have more of that or we would have to go our separate ways.”

“Wow! How did he react?”

“He was okay with it. He said that he was sorry he could no longer give me the satisfaction I need but he was glad that I had found someone who could. He said that he would never object to me getting with you to get screwed as long as he knew that was where I had gone. He doesn’t want to worry that something bad might have happened to me. So-o-o . . . here I am. Would you be interested in fucking me again?”

“Baby, like I told you before, I would always be ready if you were around. Why don’t we go upstairs?”

I took a few minutes to show her around the second floor and then she took one look at my heavy four-poster bed and began taking off her clothes. Naked, we sat on the side of the mattress and kissed and fondled each other. Then I urged her to settle in the middle of the bed and I kissed my way around her face, along her smooth neck and down to her breasts. After spending several minutes licking and teasing her nipples, I moved south again, over her belly button and down to the thin patch of pubic hair that formed a pointed arrow straight to her pretty pussy.

I dipped my tongue into her crevice, savoring the sweet/tart taste of her juices, already causing the delicate petals of her cunt to glisten like polished sparkling gems. Shortly Laurie lifted her knees until they were touching her big tits, leaving herself wide open from front to back for my tongue. I licked from clit to vagina to anus and back over and over, loving the feelings that caused her to shiver and shake three times before she begged me to fuck her.

I moved up and slipped my dripping cock into her slick cunt, watching it slowly slide all the way down to the root without stopping. Then when Laurie flexed her internal muscles several times around the invader inside her, I shifted my gaze to her face and was pleased to see that she was already on the verge of another climax. A few circles around her clit with the pad of my thumb and she huffed and puffed and tossed her head and then came . . . and finally relaxed from exhaustion.

I leaned over closer to her, kissing first her precious lips and then both nipples. Then I concentrated on pumping her pussy until I felt my balls contract. Drawing them back to hold off on the inevitable yielded maybe another eight seconds before they began to gush hot white sperm.

I rolled over beside Laurie and she turned to lay in my arms. After a long wet kiss, I asked “Can you stay the night?”

“Only if you’ll let me.”

“Oh, sweetheart, I’ll let you! I’ll gladly let you.”

“Thank you. I hope you don’t mind if I huddle close while we sleep. I feel like I need to be held all night.”

“That sounds good to me.”

We kissed again and I ran my hand down her back and under her butt, drawing her even closer to me. Laurie wiggled her body into mine, rubbing my cock with her stomach. She looked up at me and casually said, “There’s something else that John requested. I didn’t know if I could ask you but … well, after what you just did for me, I’ve got to.”

I eased back just a bit so I could watch her face. “What is it?”

“Well … John did say that he wouldn’t mind if I … you know, fucked glory hole secrets porno you whenever I needed to but with just one requirement. He wants to be able to watch sometimes. Is that … is that something you could do for me?”

To say that I was startled would be an understatement. “Why do you think he wants to watch? Will he try to kill me when we’re in bed together?”

“No, I really don’t think so. John can’t get an erection but I think he wants to have sex vicariously by watching you fuck me.”

“So you think he really would like it if he could watch us?”

“Yes, I think so.”

I thought for a few minutes and then decided that she would be worth a little risk, although I would have to keep an eye on John when we did it. “Okay, I’m willing to try it if you are.”

“Thank you, sweetheart. How about this Saturday? Could you come over then?” Laurie had been fondling my cock all through the discussion and it was throbbing and hard again.

“Sure. Just give me directions.”

“All right. Now how about using this thing in my ass again?” She produced a tube of KY Jelly from somewhere and quickly coated my cock and rubbed some into her ass hole. When she turned onto her knees and face, raising her ass high in the air for me, I eased my cock into the tight hole and watched it slowly push into her rectum. Just a few moments later though Laurie was urging me to pound her ass hard as she massaged my scrotum with one hand.

The tightness of her muscle ring around my intruding member caused exquisite feelings to emanate to all parts of my body, adding precious fuel to my lust-inflamed brain. While I pumped in and out, my fingertips lightly explored her entire body, adding to the pleasure I felt as she bucked back against me, shivered wildly and then exploded in a tremendous orgasm. As she was cumming, I rammed her hard for several more strokes until I felt my balls contract. Then, holding her hips, I held us as tightly together as I could while my nuts emptied into her ass. Only when my cock deflated and slid out of her did I roll over and lay beside her again.

Once in the night, I woke with my bladder screaming so I went to the bathroom to take a leak and wash up. Even though I had been careful not to disturb Laurie, when I came back she was laying on her face with her ass in the air and giving me a “come here” wave with a hand between her legs. I settled on my knees between her legs while she guided my cock to her already wet pussy and we had a delicious fuck and both achieved a very satisfying climax. My head no sooner hit the pillow than I was asleep again.

I awoke in the morning to the fantastic feeling of Laurie’s mouth wrapped around my cock as she ever-so-softly sucked on me. I soon had a morning woody and she reversed her position and lowered herself until her cunt enveloped my spear. For a while she just lay on my chest while we swapped spit and I groped her buttocks. Then she pushed herself up, interlocking her fingers with mine for support, and began to move her bottom on my shaft. Closing her eyes, she began accelerating her movements until finally she was moving so quick it was like watching a feeding hummingbird. I was the first to cum, shooting stream after stream into her hot body and before my balls were completely empty, she screamed in pleasure, shuddered long and hard and then collapsed back onto my chest.

Friday afternoon my cell phone rang. When I answered, a sweet voice said, “Hi, sweetheart. It’s Glenda. I was wondering how you are doing.”

“Well, I’m real fine, honey. How about you?”

“Oh … I’m okay, I guess. Just a little horny and I got to thinking about you. Are you busy tonight?”

“No. I’ll be at work until about six or six-thirty but I didn’t have any plans after that. What did you have in mind?”

“Well . . . I wondered if I could . . . maybe come over and we could fool around some.”

“I would love that. Would you like to go to dinner first?”

“No, not really. How about if I bring us some snacks and we can eat whenever we feel like it?”

“Okay. You have my address?”

“Yeah, I know where it is, sugar.”

“Good. I’ll see you about … say, seven?”

“I’ll be there.”

It was an understatement when she said that she was a little horny. She was hot and ready the minute she stepped out of her car. She brought a basket with a large bowl of diced cheeses and lunch meats, a loaf of bread, and another bowl of ice cold fruit bites, along with a bottle of wine and two glasses.

After I greeted her with a long sensuous kiss, I asked about the basket. She said it could wait a while because she wanted to get fucked first. I led her to my bedroom where Glenda wasted no time getting out of her clothes and stripping mine off me hungrily.

We spent several minutes in the 69 position giving oral to each other but then she pushed me back, mounted me unceremoniously and rode me like a stallion. It was a hard demanding fuck with grup sex little consideration for each other but after several minutes of banging her bottom hard against me while I tried to keep her mammoth tits from killing me, we both came just a few seconds apart.

With the urgency of the moment temporarily satisfied, Glenda brought her basket to the bed and, while she lay sideways propped on one arm over my thighs, she pulled out the loaf of bread and bowl of diced cheeses and meats and proceeded to feed both of us while we talked and laughed and drank a little of the wine.

Eventually Glenda stopped eating and began playing with my cock. When it grew hard, she lowered her mouth around the purple head and gave me some much appreciated attention. I got her turned onto her back and this time I mounted her missionary but the sex was much slower, less demanding and sweeter the longer it lasted. I managed to work her up to three cums before I shot another load into her twat.

A few recovery minutes later, Glenda brought out the bowl of fruit and we resumed our conversation as she fed us the sweet bites. When we were finished with it, she put away her basket and we snuggled while we watched a little TV, until her roving hands again got me hard. Because of my previous two orgasms, it was a long time before I could muster another one and in the meantime, we fucked in just about every position we could think of without leaving the bed. I lost track of Glenda’s orgasms and by the time my balls finally spit out their third load of the night, we were both so tired and sated that we snuggled and were soon asleep.

Twice I awoke in the night, once to Glenda’s hands massaging my balls and another time because of pressure on my bladder. The first time, I mounted Glenda from behind and romped doggy style until we both came. The second time, when I came back to bed, Glenda was on her side facing away from me so I spooned behind her. When my cock kept prodding her behind, I spread her buttocks enough to slip my cock into her pussy and slowly fucked her for almost an hour while my fingers diddled her clitty and she came three times before I loosed a somewhat feeble but still satisfying load. We were asleep again before my cock deflated completely and slid out of her.

In the morning after another slow and loving coupling, we had breakfast together and agreed that Glenda would spend her Friday nights in my bed for the foreseeable future, and maybe some other nights as needed. She said that, if it was alright with me, she would plan to bring something for us to nibble on, other than each other, so that we didn’t have to waste our time having dinner. That seemed like a perfect arrangement to me.

Saturday afternoon I began to get antsy, a little bit apprehensive but quite excited too at the prospect of fucking Laurie with her husband watching. We had agreed that I would drop over around 5 o’clock, meet John and get to know him, have a little dinner with them and then we’d adjourn to the bedroom, where I would fuck Laurie with John watching.

Since I had never seen their house nor even been in their neighborhood, I left home at 4 o’clock, thinking I might need some extra time to find their house. As it turned out, her directions were right on and I was there just after 4:30. I was going to drive around to kill some time but as I drove past slowly, Laurie dashed out of the house waving at me. I stopped and she insisted that I park the car and come inside immediately.

Leaving the car in their spiral drive, I felt a little self-conscious as Laurie led me inside holding my hand. But inside, John was exceedingly cordial when he greeted me, offered me a drink and made me feel right at home. Even with Laurie sitting close beside me on the sofa with John in a single chair facing us, he seemed quite at ease with his wife snuggling under my arm.

We both relayed something of our backgrounds, colleges attended, career details and family background, of which I had very little to tell. Then John detailed his own history of heart disease and the treatment plan which had robbed him of most of his sex drive and ability to have erections. Unfortunately he couldn’t use one of the Viagra-type drugs to induce erections because their impact on his blood pressure could be fatal. However he knew his wife had a burning need for sex and could not stand to see her deprived of that pleasure. So when she found someone who pleased her, he vowed to be completely supportive and provide whatever was required to insure that Laurie was as sexually satisfied as possible. I thought it sounded plausible but at the same time too good to be true . . . at least, for me.

About six o’clock, I followed John out to the deck where he got the ol’ barbecue grill (actually a monstrous modern brushed-aluminum affair that consumed a small city block) and prepared to grill some burgers. He obviously was trying hard to put me at ease about their situation. He told me that Laurie was the love of his life and it had hd porno been tearing him apart for the last few years that he was unable to satisfy her. He had tried to please her orally but she had never truly liked his techniques and he had been unsuccessful at changing them to suit her.

So . . . having given her his blessing to find and take a lover with the promise to keep coming home to him, he was encouraged when she finally told him about me in a bubbling story that she told and retold over three days, longer than the actual events of the cruise. The only thing he asked is that he get to watch us at least some times . . . the thought struck me that he wanted to insure that it was just sex for me and that we were not falling in love, planning to leave him out.

John asked me how often I thought I might want to get together with Laurie and I said that I supposed that would depend on how often she felt the need to have sex. He said that, in his opinion, she really needed it about three times a week, although she probably would get by with less without complaining and probably would not object if I ever wanted to do it more than that. He asked if I thought three times might be worked into my schedule and I told him that I would make sure it would. He suggested that twice a week we might spend at my place while he would like it if Saturdays could be at their place so he could watch. I didn’t see a problem with that, except for weekends where I took my boat out; I suggested that they might join me for those cruises and he seemed to like that idea.

I told John a little about the cruise we had taken and how much I had loved screwing all four of the ladies, including his Laurie. However I was having too much fun with wonderful women like Glenda, Sherri, and Abby to settle for just one . . . at least for the near future. He laughed and nodded knowingly.

After we ate, we walked out into their back yard into a magnificent garden of flowers and green plants. As a hobby, John liked to cross-breed roses and had developed some magnificent varieties over the years, all of which were in bloom at that time of the season. Their soft gentle fragrance was like the lovely smell of perfume dabbed lightly between the breasts of a sweet woman.

At 7:30, Laurie said, “John, I think its time we should go in now.”

He smiled and replied, “Yes, I imagine it is. You two have some things to take care of. Let’s go back.”

John proceeded Laurie and I up the stairs to the bedroom. He slumped into an easy chair while we undressed and got into the bed. Suddenly John jumped up and asked, “Hey, do you mind if I make a video? I thought we’d keep it for Laurie to review if she gets . . . you know, horny . . . before you get together again.”

I shrugged and said I wouldn’t mind. He hurried into a closet while we were kissing and came out with a camera and tripod, which he set up at the foot of the bed. After a few minutes, Laurie shifted positions and I noticed that she arranged herself partially across my body where she was looking into the camera. She captured my cock in one hand and guided it to her mouth and, by the various mirrors around the room, I could see that she was putting on a show for John and his camera as well as stimulating me.

For the better part of the next three hours, I kept my cock in or moving in and out of Laurie’s slick pussy and tight anus, with a few timeouts to rest or clean up. John kept moving around with the camera, looking for various angles that would best show our couplings or our facial reactions. I learned to spread my legs wider than I normally did so that he could film the action of my cock plunging into his wife. At last count she had cum nine times to my three, one of which they made me shoot all over her face and tits to get the effect of my cum on film. It made me feel a little like a porno actor but that wasn’t really bad.

In the last few minutes when things got really heated for the last time, I noticed that John had put the camera back on the tripod, striped off his clothes and was jacking his limp cock as he watched us. He managed to dribble out a few drops of cum and then staggered off, saying something about sleeping in the guest room.

After my last cum in Laurie’s ass hole, we took a few minutes to clean up, relieve our bladders, and then climbed back into bed only to snuggle together and drift off into a near-comatose sleep.

My normal routine is to sleep about three hours, wake up for a few minutes and then go back to sleep for another three hours, so that in a typical night, I wake twice. However because our night had started so early and been so vigorous, I awoke about every two hours, long enough to get another quick erection, poke it in Laurie’s pussy, fuck us both to another orgasm and then drift off to sleep again.

But after the third time like that, the next time I awoke the sun was streaming in the eastern window and John was talking to Laurie. According to the bedside clock, I had slept over four hours straight after our last fuck.

John was saying, “Wake up, sleepy heads. It’s getting late. I’m going down to fix us all some breakfast and coffee. You two have just enough time for another quick fuck and then a shower before coming down to eat. Okay? Get with it and I’ll take my time.”

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