16 Mayıs 2021

It Only Gets Better

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It was a special day for them.

One year ago they stumbled onto each other in an online chat room. Since that day, life had changed so much for both of them. He was 57 now, she was 33. Both were married.. although she and her husband had separated about 3 months ago.. Both were parents. She had two small children 6 and 3. His daughter was 36, three years older than his lover. Something in this alone turned them both on.

The relationship had grown incredibly strong over the past year. They had shared in many things.. saw each other through some rough times and shared in many good times as well. They had met several times over the year. It would be their 9th encounter just a week from today.

She sat alone in her quiet house. She had taken the kids to their fathers house earlier that evening. She reflected on all of those times they were together, wishing more than anything on earth that she could be with him today. She imagined him sitting on his sofa, next to his wife in his apartment, 550 miles away from her, longing for the same thing. It had been a very sad day for her. Despite all the activities of the children and family functions, all she could do was think of him, miss his touch, yearn for his voice. She tried many times to distract herself with something but nothing could take her mind off of him.

They had an amazingly comfortable relationship. They were very open with each other about sex. Both were aware of the others special turn ons, and both strived to fulfill the others sexual needs and wants. Since the relationship was one of distance, sometimes it was necessary to be creative in order to do that. They spent a lot of time talking on the phone, sometimes even hours a day.. sharing their lives, their fears, their fantasies. They had become very accustomed to the sound of the others voice and laughter, breathing and moans.

She was completely taken with him. He was unlike anyone she had ever known before. He was kind and considerate of her feelings and receptive to her needs. He made her feel so empowered and so sexy. He made love to her like she was the only woman in the world that mattered. His every touch was placed so perfectly and absolutely drove her mad with desire for him. When he whispered his fantasies to her he could bring her to the edge of ecstasy and as she touched herself he would experience one climax after another after another with her.

It had been a couple of hours since she had received a text from him and it was driving her crazy to think that she would have to go all night without hearing something. She longed for sexual release. The need to hear him cum for her was unbelievable tonight. While the thought of teasing her clit with her own soft fingers tempted her, she would hold out as long as possible for her lover. There was nothing in this world that could satisfy the desire within her like he could.

She thought back on all the times he had taken her to some beautiful, dark place in his mind– Journeys of unmatched eroticism. He had gotten to know her deeply guarded fantasies and desires through these trips they had taken together over the past year. She had responded so willingly to his voice the first time he asked her to masturbate for him on the phone. Having never done anything like that before, she had even surprised herself at how easily she was excited by this. It fueled her already intense desire for him even more.

She glanced at the clock near her bed and saw that it was already 1:00 am.. She knew the chances of him calling her lessened the later the night got and already a feeling of loneliness had crept inside of her. She always felt an overwhelming sadness when he didn’t call. Just as she sat down at her computer to write an email to him, telling him how badly she needed him, there was a soft knock on her front door. Startled by the sound and puzzled by the lateness of a visitor she pulled her robe on over her naked body and walked silently to the top of the stairs leading to the front door of her house.

The porch light illuminated the darkness and she saw his hand on the frame of the door outside. There was no mistaking that hand. It was the same hand she had kissed over and over again.. the same hand whose fingers had so lovingly offered her a taste of her own juices.. the same hand that explored her body and sent her into a place of sheer ecstasy and desire. She ran down the stairs and hurriedly opened the door to find her lover standing right in front of her. A captivating smile crossed his face as the look of surprise on hers made him laugh softly. “Happy anniversary, babygirl” he said to her.

She threw her arms around his neck and pulled him into her house, kissing his lips as she pushed him back into the door closing it. Already the wetness inside of her had begun to increase. Her tongue parted his lips as he eagerly began to softly suck on her bottom lip. She couldn’t believe he was there. Numerous questions flooded her mind and she tried to ask him but the taste of his tongue in her mouth clouded her thoughts and her body gave in to the warmness he provided her.

As his kisses made their realitykings porno way from her mouth to her neck his fingers untied the satin belt that held her robe around her. He slid his hands inside of it. The coolness of the satin material brushing his skin and the warmness of her soft body in his hands instantly caused his cock to become swollen with desire. She could feel this too as his hardness pressed into her stomach through his pants. His longed for kisses trailed from her neck to her chest as it heaved with the heavy breathing he had caused. She turned her head downward so that it was close to his face. Her hot wet breath caught his ear and he moaned softly as she whispered how badly she wanted him inside of her. “God baby, I have been thinking about you all day. Needing to feel you, wanting to have you. Aww, I miss you so much my sweet sweet baby”.

He loved the sound of desire in her voice. The way that it resonated in her throat made her voice a slight bit softer, a little breathless sounding and god, so innocent. He could always tell how ready she was for him to take her to new heights by the sound of her voice. It had been there from the very first time he spoke to her in such a loving, lustful way. “I’ve been thinking of nothing but your beautiful body for nine hours. My whole drive up here I have been so thirsty to taste your sweet nectar.” This thought alone was enough to make the wetness inside of her so much more. She felt a drop of her own juices trickle down the inside of her thigh and pulled him closer to her body. Her intense need for him was evident in the way her mouth kissed his.. so full of urgency and wanting.

He took her hands in his and led her up the stairs and down the hall to her bedroom. She had already begun to make preparations for his much anticipated phone call and so had her favorite toy laid on the bed. When he saw the bright pink dildo he knew she was so fond of he smiled at her, “Awww… you weren’t gonna start without me were ya?”.

She walked to the closet and took something from a box on the top shelf. He looked at her and wondered what she had planned for him tonight. She stared into his eyes as she let her robe fall to the floor. God damn, she loved the way he looked at her naked body…as if he just wanted to devour every inch of her. She crawled across the bed on her hands and knees and stood up on her knees to unfasten the button on his pants. She pushed them down and let them fall to the floor allowing his hard cock to escape the confines of his clothing. She looked down at his underwear and noticed a huge wet spot where the precum from his dick had started to pool. This stoked the fire inside of her and a small, almost inaudible moan came from her throat. “mmmmm.. you have been thinking about me, haven’t you?” she whispered in his ear. “I can’t wait to hear about all those sexy little thoughts, but first.. I have something for you.. kind of a thank you, if you will, for coming all the way here to see me tonight.”

She pulled his shirt over his head and pressed herself against his nakedness. he could feel the heat from her all over his body. God damn, she got so hot for him. As she kissed his mouth again she took his tongue inside of her mouth and gently sucked on it. Her hands moved down to the waistline of his underwear and she pushed them down until they too fell to the floor. Her right hand softly cupped his balls while her left firmly stroked his rock hard cock. She kissed his shoulder and his chest. Then she made tiny little circles around his right nipple with her tongue. She playfully bit his erect nipple and he moaned loudly. She sucked on it to dull the pain for a brief second before biting it again. As another moan escaped him she looked up his face. His head tilted backward slightly, his eyes closed. He couldn’t remember ever wanting another woman like he wanted her.

Satisfied that she was pleasing him, she continued her path to his cock. Running her tongue down his stomach, stopping to place tiny kisses all over his body. She could see his dick throbbing in anticipation of the incredible blow job it was about to receive. That made her want to please him even more. As her tongue licked the precum that had already started dripping again from the head of his cock he looked down at her face. She looked so intent, so full of concentration as she took his whole shaft into her mouth and began sucking on him. Her head moved back and forth as his hips moved toward her, thrusting himself into her hungry mouth. He was amazed at her capacity to take his whole length into her mouth, the head of his cock pushing against the back of her throat. His hand grabbed a handful of her long dark hair as he moved her head back and forth. A moan came from her mouth as he did this. God, she so loved it when he dominated her.

She continued to suckle him, her tongue firmly pushing into the small opening on the head of his cock. She knew this would drive him crazy and continued, stopping only to lick the underside of his shaft paying special attention to the tiny spot just below the head that always set him on fire. rip her up porno “Oh god yes baby” he whispered into the semi darkness. “Suck that cock.. make me cum down your throat.. you’re just gonna love I way I taste”. His words were all the encouragement that she needed. Her grip on his balls tightened around them and as she sucked him off she squeezed them tightly every few seconds. He was getting so close to cumming all over her pretty little face.

She looked up at him with those big beautiful brown eyes and the innocence in that look sent him right over the edge. The grip he had on her hair tightened and he pulled her head back unintentionally freeing his cock from the suction that had been created inside of her hot mouth. Streams of hot white cum spewed forth all over her chin and neck, dripping down her chest. He released her hair. His body was racked with tiny little spasms causing him to shudder uncontrollably. Watching him in this state was making her pussy so wet. He looked at her face again and bent down to kiss her throat as he licked his own seed off of her. She kissed his mouth and swirled her tongue around his tasting his cum in her mouth. She was so hot for him.

His mouth left hers and he took a cloth from the nightstand and cleaned her face for her. “I have to taste you now” he whispered in her ear. He pushed her back on the bed and grabbed her legs just under her knees and pulled her to the edge of the bed. “Open that sweet pussy for me baby” he said to her. Her hands moved between her legs and she pulled back the lips of her pussy for him, fully exposing her clitoris to him. “Fuck baby, do you realize how many times I have dreamed of this very sight? Your pussy is so beautiful.” She moaned lowly encouraging him to begin softly licking the inside of her lips. Her scent was just as he had remembered it. God, she smelled so fucking good. His mouth watered at the thought of her cumming all over his tongue. Her hips moved rhythmically against his tongue as he moved inward, tasting every part of her.

He pulled his head back and looked at her pussy again. Her clit had gotten so swollen and she was the wettest he had ever seen her. He so loved how big her clit grew when she was excited. He flattened out his tongue and licked her from the bottom of her opening to the top of her clit then put his lips around her clit and began sucking gently at first. Her moans increased in intensity and her breathing became more labored. “Oh God baby! I just fucking love that!” He knew she loved it when he sucked on her clit. She had told him so many times before and so he continued, stopping only to periodically move his tongue in and out of her hot wet hole, fucking her with his tongue. Her hips continued to grind into his face and her moans got louder and louder.

She had a taste to her so different from anyone he had ever been with before. She tasted slightly sweet and oh god, so very very wet. He could have eaten her for hours and she would have let him. Her mind was so focused on every stroke of his tongue. She longed to feel something inside of her. “Fuck me with your fingers while you eat my pussy” she pleaded with him. Taking his index finger he slowly entered her as the tight wet walls enveloped him. She moaned loudly, loving the feel of his tongue and his finger working her pussy. He then inserted another finger into her wetness and located her g-spot. As soon as he touched it her moans turned to something much louder. She reached down and placed her hand on the back of his head. “Fuck yes.. that feels so good baby… oh god, please don’t stop.. please don’t ever ever stop!”

She felt like she were going to explode.. the pressure inside her was so much. She could feel him everywhere. Her heartbeat increased as her breathing became much heavier and faster. For a brief few seconds she was silent. She couldn’t breathe, she couldn’t speak, she couldn’t move. The sensations inside of her were so strong it was all she could do not to completely lose her mind. Then the warmness started in her stomach, spreading to the rest of her body quickly and she knew she was going to cum. “Oh god baby.. make me cum.. make me cum so hard for you”. He continued stroking her g-spot fast and hard and pulled his head back to look up at her face. Her eyes were closed, her head back. She arched her back and her hands quickly moved to her breasts squeezing her big tits. She moaned loudly as cum spilled from her sweet pussy all over his hand. He felt the muscles inside of her squeeze and release, squeeze and release, over and over again until they finally subsided.

He brought his face back into her and began sucking the juices out of her. She once again moaned loudly and grabbed the back of his head, firmly pushing his face deep into her. He used his tongue to probe the inside of her, lapping out all of the sweetness that he had brought forth from inside this wonderfully sexy woman. He found her clit again and as soon as he lightly flicked it she began squirming beneath him, pushing herself further up the bed. He was not going to let her get off that easy though and stayed right rus porno with her, wrapping his arms around her thighs and holding her still, forcing her to feel the assault his tongue was making on her sensitive clit. “Oh my god.. you are so fucking amazing” is all she could say and she wasn’t real sure if she even said it out loud until she felt him moan inside of her. She came again, this time all over his tongue and face. She forced her hips into him holding his head firmly still.

As the orgasm subsided again he looked up at her, and stood up next to the bed. Her body was limp and her breathing very shallow. She had a look of complete contentment on her face as she opened her eyes and smiled sweetly at him. She sat up in front of him as he leaned close to kiss her lips. She kissed him back and immediately smelled herself on his face. Tasting everything he had just experienced made her want him all over again. It was amazing how turned on she could get when he was near. It seemed as if she would never be able to get enough of him.

“I need you to fuck me. I so need to feel you inside of me. Fill me with your cock baby. Oh god, please fuck me” she begged. He was more than happy to fulfill her request. He placed his hands on her hips and turned her over onto her hands and knees, her gorgeous ass in the air, tempting him. He placed his hand around the shaft of his cock and guided it into her. The feeling of his cock parting the lips of her pussy and pushing into her opening made her arms weak and she dropped her head to the mattress, pushing herself back into him. As his strokes became more forceful she placed her hands behind her back and found his hands. She used his hands as leverage and began pulling her body into him hard and fast. He had never known a woman to get as wet as she was and sliding in and out of her pussy was so effortless. The tightness of her reminded him that she was so young and that further fueled him to pump himself into her harder and harder turning her moans in to screams of pleasure. ” Fuck me baby… fuck me harder.. harder.. oh god yes make me feel you” she screamed into the silence of her house. “mmmm sweetheart, I love fucking your sweet young pussy” he growled back at her.

With each thrust inside of her he let out a primal sort of grunt. The sounds that he was making while he was fucking her and the pressure of his shaft rubbing her hard swollen clit sent her into another orgasm. He could feel the walls of her once again tighten around him, making his cock throb for her. She coated his manhood with her creamy cum as she screamed out again in ecstasy. He pulled himself from her and used his finger to scoop out the rest of her cum. He sucked some from his finger and placed a hand on her back making sure she knew he wasn’t finished with her. He used two fingers to fuck her with for a couple of minutes just to ensure that he had enough of her cum to lube her ass with. He moved closer to her resting the tip of his hard dick against the tight opening of her ass and very slowly pushed himself into her.

Oh dear god… the tightness of her ass gripped his cock like nothing he had ever felt before.

He moved slowly inside of her letting her body adjust to the size of his hardness. Once he was all the way inside of her he stayed there using his hands to massage her hips and the cheeks of her ass. When he was sure she was ready he slowly pulled out and slid himself back in. She responded by pushing back against him, wanting more and more of his cock up her ass. “I love fucking your ass baby. Its so tight around my cock. I want to cum inside of you. I want to see my cum dripping out of your beautiful little asshole. Do you want that? Do you want to feel me fill your hole with my hot cum?” “Oh my god baby.. yes, yes, make me feel it.. give it to me baby.. give it all to me” she screamed. He began fucking her ass harder and faster until the release inside of him poured out of his cock and filled her ass with more of his load.

The pleasure was so great inside of him he didn’t know whether to stay inside of her or pull out. She made that decision for him when she gently rocked forward and his cock pulled out from the warmth of her insides into the coolness of the air. She turned to face him and said, “Ok, now its my turn”. A quizzical look crossed his face as she stood and walked over to where she had laid the treasures she had retrieved from the closet shelf. He was so into what was going on he had completely forgotten that she had laid them there. She giggled softly. Then she handed him the strap on they had discussed earlier that week. Fucking a mans ass is not something she had ever considered erotic until her trip to his hometown. It was there, on his birthday, that they discovered the pleasures of prostate massage. She had never known such a feeling of control in her whole life and it really turned her on. She watched his face closely, studied every part of his beautiful face while she fucked his ass with her fingertip and slowly progressed to a vibrator. As she continued to rub his prostate he began cumming uncontrollably, spewing forth every ounce of the hot creamy cum that filled his balls. It went everywhere… all over her hands, her arms, her chest, the bed, his stomach. Some of it even went on the pillows. It was so sexy watching him cum with such intensity and force. She knew at that moment, this would not be the last time for that.

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