12 Mayıs 2021

Kaitlyn in Vegas

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Mike was standing in line to check in at the Bellagio, and the lobby was a zoo. There were ten clerks checking people in, and the lines were long. He was a pretty patient guy, but he was surprised the lines were this long on a Thursday.

His trade show didn’t start until Monday, but he decided to fly out to Vegas early. The last six months had not exactly been a happy time, and he needed some fun. When his youngest daughter left for college, he and his wife decided to stop pretending like they were still in love. Mike found a nice apartment in the city, but living by himself after 24 years of marriage took some adjustments. Plus, with both of his daughters off at college, he rarely saw them. It had been a lonely six months.

It was finally his turn to check in, and the clerk was very efficient. After showing his driver’s license and offering a credit card, he was quickly given two key cards and was on his way to his room. The room was nice. It had a king-size bed, a couch, and a large desk. The bathroom had both a soaker tub and a walk-in shower. After unpacking, Mike washed his face, brushed his teeth, and decided it was time to start the fun part of the trip. So he headed down to one of the many bars in the hotel.

He was sitting at the bar enjoying the first sip of his martini as he started scanning the room. His eyes stopped when he saw a table with three women. Two of them were young and very attractive; the third had her back to him, so he couldn’t see her face. But she had beautiful, straight red hair. One of the other women also had red hair, and for some reason she looked vaguely familiar. The third woman had curly, light brown hair, bright red lipstick, perfect makeup, and huge, blue eyes; she was gorgeous. Mike was looking at the two girls when the brunette looked directly at him and gave him a huge smile. He smiled and then looked away, not wanting to appear too creepy. But his eyes kept returning to the table, partially because the brunette was so beautiful and had smiled at him, but even more because he was trying to figure out why the redhead looked familiar. Unfortunately, the brunette caught him staring a second time. She smiled back and then started talking to the other two, obviously talking about him. He was afraid she was telling them they should leave to avoid the creep, but he figured he was safe when they stayed.

Eventually Mike had to head to the bathroom. As he came walking back, he took a quick glance at the table, now from the other side. He could only see the backs of the women he had been staring at, but now he had a clear view of the third woman. He broke into a huge smile and headed for the table. As he got close, the third woman looked up and also broke into a huge smile.

“Mike! What the hell are you doing here?” She jumped up and gave him a big, very warm hug.

“Hi, Kaitlyn. How are you doing? I’m here for a trade show that starts on Monday. I thought I’d check out Vegas over the weekend. I haven’t been here in years.”

The brunette at the table jumped up and said, “Wait! You know my mystery man? This is the guy that was checking us out. Hi, I’m Melissa.” Then, much to Mike’s surprise, she threw her arms around him and gave him a big hug.

“Um, hi there. I’m Mike.”

Kaitlyn laughed at Melissa’s forwardness, pointed to the other redhead, and said, “This is my sister Megan, and apparently you already know her best friend Melissa.” Mike shook Megan’s hand. “My sister turns 21 tomorrow, so I brought them out here for her birthday present.”

Mike laughed as he said, “Well THAT explains it. I kept looking at Megan trying to figure out why she looked familiar. You two can’t deny you’re sisters. Almost twins.”

“Ha. Except for the twelve years between us! I’m the oldest of six, and Megan is the youngest.” Kaitlyn then looked at the other girls and said, “I taught piano to Mike’s kids for over ten years. Alana only stopped, what, about a year or two ago?”

“Yeah, that sounds about right. But they both continued playing. I used to love listening to her and Wendy play. You taught them well.”

Melissa looked all pouty as she said, “So you were ONLY looking at us because Megan looked familiar?”

“Gee,”, Mike said, seeing Melissa’s disappointment, “I guess I should go with your explanation. Then I won’t seem like a creepy old guy. But truth be told, it was pretty hard to ignore two beautiful women, especially when one of them kept flashing me huge, sexy smiles. Plus, there was the mystery redhead, whose face I couldn’t see.”

Melissa perked up and put that same huge, adorable smile on her face. “Okay, good!” she said.

Kaitlyn chuckled to herself at Mike’s smooth explanation so as to not disappoint Melissa. But she wasn’t surprised Mike was nice. She liked him from the first time she met him. Mike wasn’t home when she was giving her first lesson to Wendy, and Alana was sitting in the living room waiting for her turn. When the door to the garage opened and Mike walked in, Alana ran to him. He picked her up and they gave each other hugs and kisses. It was clear he had a wonderful relationship with his girls. The more she got to know him, mofos porno the more she liked him. Besides being a good father, he was a really nice guy. Also, funny. And not bad looking. Finally, she asked, “Are you here alone?”

“Yeah – my associates aren’t coming until Sunday night.”

“Well, you can’t be alone in Las Vegas! Sit here,” as she pulled out the fourth chair at the table.

Now that he was sitting at the same table, Mike had an opportunity to study the women more closely. Megan really did look like a slightly younger version of Kaitlyn. She was shorter and had smaller breasts, but they were perfect for her body. She was wearing a simple beige blouse, buttoned all the way up, and a black skirt. Melissa had on a very sexy little black dress. It was a little shorter than it should have been, and fit loosely at the top. Whenever she leaned forward, which she apparently liked to do, Mike couldn’t avoid getting a peak at her semi-sheer pink bra and the top of her areolas. And Kaitlyn was wearing a tight, silver, stretchy dress with one shoulder strap. Mike thought it made her breasts look perfect. They were large, but not outrageously huge.

Mike’s kids and Kaitlyn were Facebook friends, so she knew the major stuff that was going on in their lives, like where they were at school and what sororities they joined. At one point she looked at Mike, put her hand on his, and said, “I’m sorry about you and Diane.”

Mike let out a deep sigh. “Thanks. The last year or so wasn’t fun for either of us. Although we never officially talked about it, we did the ‘stay together for the kids’ thing until they were both out of high school. I don’t know if it was smart or not, but we don’t have to worry about it anymore. Hopefully we can finalize everything without getting into shouting matches.”

“Sorry to bring it up. Just wanted you to know I felt bad for you when I heard. You were very kind to me when I went through my divorce, always offering a sympathetic ear. I really appreciated that.”

They moved on to happier topics, and then Mike asked about their plans for the weekend. She said they were seeing shows the next three nights, had dinner reservations at some great restaurants Friday and Saturday, and were going to see the Hoover Dam tomorrow. When Mike asked about their plans for tonight, Melissa grunted, “NOTHING! It’s a wasted night!”

Megan said, “Stop complaining, Melissa.” Then she turned to Mike. “We thought we’d keep it simple tonight in case we were tired from travelling.” Obviously, Melissa didn’t vote for this option.

“Well since you all look reasonably refreshed, I’ve got a suggestion,” Mike offered. “I checked online before I came out here. There’s a great sushi restaurant about two blocks away, and there’s a great club not far from that. Could I escort you three ladies to a night on the town?”

Melissa jumped up and said, “YES!”, as she threw her arms around Mike’s neck.

Kaitlyn rolled her eyes and gave a silent ‘you okay with that’ look to Megan. She smiled and nodded. “Well, kind sir, it looks like you’ve got a date. Or THREE dates. Must be your lucky night.”

Mike smiled. “Let the fun begin.”

Everyone loved the sushi restaurant. It was a relaxing dinner, with lots of conversation. Megan was certainly the least talkative, but Mike kept asking her direct questions to make her talk. She was obviously an intelligent woman, just like he sister, and Mike liked her. No work was required to get Melissa to talk.

They moved on to the club Mike had mentioned, and the girls thought it was perfect. The place was crowded, but they managed to get a table for four. The music was good, and there was a huge dance floor. Shortly after they ordered drinks, Melissa jumped up, grabbed Mike’s hand, and said, “C’mon. Let’s dance.” Mike walked out to the dance floor and quickly started moving to the beat. Melissa was a good dancer, and she was almost using Mike as a prop as she danced around him. When she was facing him, she often bent forward as she shimmied, again giving Mike a good look down her dress. He didn’t complain, as he could now see her hard nipples through her bra.

After the first song ended, a slow one started. Melissa said, “I LOVE this song!” as she grabbed Mike and pulled him to her to dance. She pressed her breasts into Mike’s chest and pulled his waist tight so she could grind on his cock. He didn’t try to stop her and enjoyed the feeling of a pretty woman offering her body. He felt himself get hard and thought he heard Melissa moan, but the music was so loud, he wasn’t sure. When the song ended, they both sat down. Mike was having a great time, dancing successively with each of the women. Even shy Megan seemed to really be enjoying herself.

Melissa got more daring, and during the dances she occasionally put her hands on Mike’s ass. When she caught Mike looking down her dress, she just smiled. She was feeling pretty good.

After a few hours of on and off dancing, Mike was sitting at the table next to Kaitlyn while the other girls went to the bathroom. Kaitlyn said, “You’ve got quite a fan.”


“Melissa naughty america porno is quite taken with you. I believe she’ll do ANYTHING you ask, if you get my drift.”

“Does she know I’m old enough to be her father?”

“I think that only adds to your allure. You can be a lucky man tonight,” Kaitlyn said, hiding her jealousy.

Mike turned toward Kaitlyn, leaned in very close to her ear, and put his hand on the inside of her thigh just below the hem of her dress. She gasped. “What if Melissa isn’t the one I’m interested in? What if I’d like to get lucky with someone else?”

Kaitlyn was at a loss for words. She really liked Mike, but she thought he was playing for Melissa. She turned toward him, smiled, and kissed him. “Hold that thought, please.”

Then she got up and disappeared toward the bathrooms. After a few minutes, she came back with a smile on her face. She leaned down over Mike’s shoulder, and said, “I talked to Megan. I said you and I were leaving, and that she and Melissa should walk or Uber back later. “

“What did she say?”

“She kissed me, said ‘I love you”, and told me to have a good time.”

Mike stood up, took Kaitlyn’s hand, and they left the club. Mike grabbed a cab, and they hopped in. It was only three blocks to the hotel, but Mike was suddenly in a bit of a rush. In the back of the taxi, Mike and Kaitlyn kissed. They were soft, gentle kisses, and they both were getting very excited.

When they got to the hotel, just before they got in the elevator, Mike suddenly stopped. “Umm, could you wait here for a second. I’ve got to get some stuff at the store before they close.”

Kaitlyn said, “Okay. Sure. I’ll wait” But then she leaned in and whispered to him, “But I’m on the pill, I’ve been tested clean, and I trust you are, too. So you don’t need condoms. But go buy anything else you need.”

Mike turned to her, kissed her forehead, and said, “Let’s go to my room.”

The elevator was crowded, so Mike stepped into the corner and positioned Kaitlyn in front of him at an angle. Then, as they elevator was going up, he put both his hands on her ass and gently squeezed. She quietly gasped, hoping no one heard her. When they finally got off the elevator and the doors closed, she looked at him with sexy smile. “You are a very, very bad boy. And I like that.”

When they got into his room, Kaitlyn said she had to use the bathroom. Mike said, “Me too. But you go first.”

After she peed and washed her hands, she looked in the mirror and started to walk out. Then she stopped and smiled at herself. She reached up under her dress and pulled off the purple, lace boyshorts she was wearing. She laid them out very neatly across the top of the closed toilet seat, with the obvious wet spot in the middle, and walked out. “Your turn.”

Mike walked in the bathroom and froze in his steps when he saw her underwear. He closed the door and smiled. He picked them up and felt how wet they were. Then he held them to his nose for a second.

He was so hard, he couldn’t pee. He had to wait a few minutes before he could finally go. At last he emptied his bladder, washed his hands, and picked up the underwear. When he walked out, Kaitlyn was sitting on the bed. “Thanks for the present. I feel a little overdressed now.”

“We’ll take care of that soon enough.”

Mike walked over, took her hands, and pulled her up. He put his hands on her head, pulled her toward him, and kissed her. She immediately opened her mouth to invite him in. They kissed like they had been waiting for this moment for years. Mike slid his hands up the side of her body until they touched the sides of her breasts. They both gasped. He extended his thumbs and rubbed them over her hard nipples. Again she moaned. Next, he slid his hands over her breasts and squeezed them. Now they both were breathing heavily.

Kaitlyn slid the one shoulder strap of her dress off her shoulder and turned around. Mike slowly unzipped her dress and pushed it to the floor. She still had her bra on, but, of course, she had taken her underwear off in the bathroom. He undid her bra, slipped it off her shoulders, but stayed behind her. He slowly kissed his way down her back – between her shoulder blades, in the middle of her back, and in the middle of her waist. Then he put wet kisses on each of her butt cheeks, squeezing the opposite with his hands. Kaitlyn was shuttering.

He continued down her legs and then on the back of her knees. Finally, he put his hands on her legs to turn her around. He was still down at knee level, and started kissing up. He kissed the inside of her thighs. He lifted his face until he was directly front of her pussy, and he let out a moan. He had never been with a redhead before, and he thought he was going to cum right there when he saw her bright orange pubic hair. Her lips were shaved clean, but she was untrimmed above. Then he stuck out his tongue and licked her pussy lips from bottom to top. She grabbed his head as she moaned. After one more lick and a kiss on her mound, he continued going up and kissed her stomach. Finally, he stood up and public agent porno saw her completely naked body for the first time. “Jesus, Kaitlyn! You are beautiful!” She smiled as he put his lips on hers. They kissed hard.

Mike pulled away and gently held her right breast with both hands. Then he leaned in and put his mouth on her nipple. He sucked hard, and Kaitlyn moaned. Then he repeated the action on the other breast. He pulled off his shirt and pulled her in for a hug. Then he lowered his right hand put it on her pussy – she was soaking wet. He inserted his middle finger into her, and she let out a loud moan. He curled his finger up and tapped her G-spot. She moaned even more loudly. He removed his finger, took her hand, and led her the two steps to the bed. He laid down beside her, and put his mouth on her nipple. Then he inserted his finger into her again and started pumping it in and out. She was writhing on the bed making constant moaning sounds. He kept sucking her nipple and fingering her, being sure to rub her G-spot. It didn’t take long before she started lifting her hips off the bed, letting out a very loud moan, and dropping down. She repeated this over and over until she lifted and just held herself there, screaming out, “OH GOD!”. She repeated this longer process five or six times and then just collapsed on the bed. She wasn’t moaning any more but was breathing very hard.

Mike turned her toward him and wrapped his arms around her. He held her quietly until her breathing returned to normal. When she finally opened her eyes, she smiled at him. “Wow. I’ve never cum that hard in my life.”

“You’re beautiful when you cum. I want to see that look again.” Then he gently kissed her on the lips.

He slipped off the bed and took off the rest of his clothes. He climbed onto the foot of the bed and lifted Kaitlyn’s left foot. He rubbed it for a few seconds, eliciting a giggle from Kaitlyn. Then he put it down and performed the same act on her other foot. He put his hand under her right knee and lifted it while placing her foot flat on the bed with her knee in the air. Then he did the same to her left knee. He kissed the inside of her thigh and then laid down with his face right in front of her pussy. He licked the outside of her lips, first one, then the other.


Then he licked the inside of each of her lips. This brought a louder “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.”

Then he slipped his tongue as far into her pussy as he could, swirled it around, and then licked straight up, ending by licking her clit. “OH SHIT!” she yelled.

He concentrated on her clit, listening for sounds to figure out what she liked. Circling her clit with an occasional flick directly on it brought a welcome moan. When he put his lips around her clit and sucked gently, she screamed. He didn’t think she could take too much of the sucking, so he was judicious in using that. But after a few minutes of repeating the circling and occasional sucking, Kaitlyn again started lifting her hips into Mike. Each thrust was accompanied with a loud grunt. After a minute of this, Kaitlyn again felt a giant orgasm scream through her body. Mike kept up his tongue action until her final scream, followed by a total collapse. He pulled away, gently pulled her feet back down so she was laying flat, and again crawled up next to her. She didn’t move for a few minutes. Finally, she opened her eyes and smiled at him. “Anyone ever tell you you’re pretty good at that?”

“Glad you liked it. I could do that to you all day long.”

“No, you couldn’t – I’d be dead! But at least I’d go with a smile on my face.” They both chuckled.

“You want some water?” Mike asked.

“Thank you. That would be nice.”

Mike brought her some water, and she sat up to drink it. When she finished it, she put a hand behind his head and pulled him in for a gentle kiss. She pulled away and asked, “You have any other tricks up your sleeve?”

“Well, I do have at least one other idea, but it’s not up my sleeve.”

“Mmmmmm. Sounds nice. Why don’t you show me.”

Mike laid down next to her again and began kissing her again. He moved a hand to her breast and stroked one finger around the outside of her nipple. It quickly got hard, and Mike pinched it between his thumb and forefinger. Then he stuck those two fingers in his mouth to get them very wet. Again he pinched her nipples with the wet fingers, causing her to moan.

He moved his hand down to her pussy and found out she was already very wet. “How do you like it? Do you want to be on top?”

“Actually, yes. I DO like that.” Kaitlyn rolled on top of him. She rubbed her pussy over his hard cock, making Mike the one to moan this time. She did this a few times, and Mike continued to moan each time. Finally, she lifted her body, grabbed his cock, and placed it at her entrance. She started to slowly lower herself down, but she was so wet she quickly bottomed out. This brought a moan from both of them. She reached back and put her hands on Mike’s thighs for leverage and lifted herself up. Then she dropped down, eliciting another moan from Mike matching her own. She starting going up and down faster, and they were both breathing heavily. Mike put one hand on her breast and used the other to quickly rub her clit. Kaitlyn was surprised by how quickly she peaked and then screamed as she had another orgasm. She rolled off of Mike so she could stretch her legs and return to normal breathing.

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