16 Mayıs 2021

Kelli’s Computer Problem

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Kelli was a tall, voluptuous lady who worked in my company’s purchasing department. She had nice, ample breasts, and she liked to wear clothes that showed them off nicely. In addition, she often wore low-rise pants which, combined with her sometimes-short shirts, often left me distracted by seeing the top of her ass. I liked to help her with her computer problems (which is my job) because I could often stand behind her and look down her pants to see that she was wearing thong panties or a sexy bikini.

One particular evening, Kelli called me to ask if I could help her with a computer problem. Of course, I was glad to help, so I walked up to her office. On this day, she was dressed in a tight, white T-shirt and jeans. Even though she had a bra on under the shirt, I could clearly see her nipples sticking out through the material.

I tried to maintain a professional air and not stare at her chest, but it was hard to look her in the eye when her chest was pointing at me so obviously. Each time she would ask me something, I would have to force my eyes to stay on hers. Before long, my dick started to swell a bit in my slacks.

I tried to tell her what to type to fix her problem, but she just said, “Oh, you type it. I’ll just watch you.” She didn’t move out of the way, though, so I had to almost lean into her to reach her keyboard. Being that close to her made my cock continue to swell, and she reached up and “accidentally” brushed against it.

“Oh, it looks like your pants are a little tight,” she said with a little smirk. She started to stroke me through my pants, and my breath started to get a little faster. “Maybe we should let him out, eh?”

“Mmmm, yeah,” I mumbled.

As I continued to lean forward, she unzipped my slacks and fished around for the opening in my underwear. Meanwhile, I forgot all about her computer problem. Instead, I braced myself on her desk with one hand and started to caress one of her breasts with the other.

Kelli licked her lips a little and breathed a little faster as I pressed my hand into first one of her tits and then the other. She had managed to pull my stiff penis out through my fly by now, and she was beginning to stroke it. She used her thumb to spread the precum around the head. It felt awesome when she would hold the shaft in the palm of her hand and rub her thumb back and forth across the opening at the tip. I thought I would just shoot my load right into buca escort bayan her lap right then.

Before too long, my arm started getting tired supporting me, and I stood up straight. As soon as I did, Kelli leaned forward and engulfed my organ in her mouth. It was all I could do not to just cum right down her throat right then, but I just groaned and tried to keep my balance.

She started to move her head back and forth, fucking me with her mouth. She grabbed the base of my shaft between the thumb and forefinger of one hand and started stroking it with that, too. She would stop every few strokes and squeeze the base of my dick, almost to the point where it hurt. A minute of her hot mouth on my organ, and I gasped out that I was going to cum. She released my cock from her mouth, then quickly stroked it with her hand. I could feel the pressure building up. I was having a hard time standing up, and she put her other hand on my back to support me. I threw my head back and groaned out loud. She kept stroking my shaft, and I felt the cum spurting out the end.

After a few moments, my orgasm subsided. My legs were weak, and I could still feel Kelli’s hand around my shaft, stroking me gently. When I opened my eyes, she was looking up at me with streaks of semen across her face and in her hair. Some had dripped down onto her shirt, too, but she didn’t seem to even notice.

“Mmmmm, that was nice,” she said in a husky voice. She released my dick and wiped her hand on her shirt. She then stood up in front of me. As I stepped back, she pulled her shirt off over her head. She then used it to wipe my jism from her face and hair. She dropped the soiled shirt in her hair and smiled at me. Her nipples were still sticking out through her bra, and I reached out my hand to cup one of her breasts through her bra.

“That was fucking incredible,” I said to her. “Sorry I, umm, you know, sprayed my stuff on you.”

“It’s okay,” she said. She reached behind her and unhooked her bra. I took my hand from her long enough to let her bra fall to the floor, then reached out with both hands to feel her large boobs. She sighed a little at that and pressed them against my palms. I squeezed one gently, then leaned forward to suck on the nipple. A sharp intake of breath rewarded me, and I repeated the action on the other side. As her breasts took turns filling my mouth, I flicked my tongue over each escort buca of the nipples.

I sat her back down in her chair and continued sucking and licking. She was moaning louder, and I ran my hands down her stomach. I continued to suck on her nipples as I unsnapped and unzipped her pants. She lifted her hips enough for me to slide them down over her thighs, then I pushed them down around her ankles. She still had on her lacy black panties, and I caressed her pussy through them.

Kelli spread her legs to allow me access to her pussy, and I ran the palm of my hand over the crotch of her panties. She pushed up against my hand, and I could feel her moisture through the fabric. I could feel my cock starting to regain some hardness, and I took my other hand off her breasts to stroke it slowly into a full erection.

By the time I was fully hard again, I had my hand down her panties, stroking her pussy lips and her clitoris with my fingers. I stuck one finger inside of her, and she threw her head back and groaned.

That was about the last that I could take. I stopped sucking on her nipples, leaned down and pulled her panties over her hips. Kelli looked up at me, then down at my cock. She smiled and licked her lips as a drop of pre-cum appeared on the head.

Her jeans were still around her ankles, and her panties now joined them there. Her neatly trimmed brown bush pointed down toward that heavenly pussy of hers. I licked her moisture off my fingers and then pulled her forward to the edge of her chair. She was almost lying down, with her head against the back of the chair and her legs sticking out in front of her. I knelt down in front of her, and I’m sure I nearly dislocated her ankles getting her shoes off so I could remove her pants and panties.

I lifted her panties to my face and inhaled deeply, loving the musky smell of her pussy juice. I would have loved to eat her pussy, but my cock had other ideas. I spread her legs a little more and leaned over her, holding the arms of the chair for support. I positioned my cock over her and pushed forward. I missed her pussy and ended up rubbing my dick on her belly. I backed up and she reached down and took my cock in her hand. She positioned it at the entrance of her slick pussy, and I pushed slowly into her heat.

She moaned as her pussy embraced my hard dick. I continued pushing forward until I was all the way in her. Her pussy buca escort felt absolutely wonderful. It was hot and tight, and I could feel her muscles squeezing my dick all along its length. I started slowly thrusting back and forth, and I could feel Kelli’s hips pressing against me. I gradually increased the speed of my thrusting as we matched the rhythm of our hips.

We continued this way for several minutes. She pulled me deep into her her and ran her hands up and down my back. I could hear the sound of my balls slapping against her ass over our grunts and moans. Her pussy kept tightening around my dick, trying to milk the cum out of it. After a few minutes, she grabbed my ass and pulled me as far inside as she could. Her pussy clenched around my dick and she threw her head back over the back of the chair. She screamed and moaned and rolled her head back and forth, and it drove me into my second climax of the night.

I could feel my sperm shooting out deep inside of her, and the heat of it seemed to drive her to yet another level of pleasure. Her fingernails dug into my butt cheeks, and her velvet tunnel clenched even tighter around my shaft. I could feel her wetness dripping down onto my balls, which were pulsing out their sperm into her.

I kept my cock thrust as deep as I could inside of her until it felt like my climax was finished. I could still feel her pussy muscles clenching and relaxing, even as my dick got softer. She had stopped moaning, and it looked like she was just enjoying squeezing my penis inside of her. I left it as long as I could, but it eventually became fully soft and popped out of her with a little wet sound.

I stood up. My arms felt like rubber from supporting myself on the chair. Kelli looked up at me and smiled. I looked down at her pussy and saw our intermingled juices dribbling out. She reached down and caught some of it in her fingers, then rubbed it all over her pussy. More was seeping out, and she cupped some more in her hand and rubbed it over her belly.

I could feel little twitches in my cock as she played with our juices, all the while staring up into my eyes. It was much to soon for me to expect any real reaction, however, and my dick stayed lying limp.

Kelli finally sat up straight. She picked up her T-shirt, which she again used to clean herself off, then she reached over and wiped the remaining liquid from my crotch.

“Thanks for the cleaning,” I told her, “but what are you going to wear?”

It turns out that she had a spare T-shirt in one of her desk drawers, and I was curious if she had expected something like this to happen someday. I didn’t ask her about that, but it still makes me a bit curious to this day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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