16 Mayıs 2021

Lakeside View Pt. 02

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[Author’s Note: All characters in this story are 18 years or older.]


Saturday night finally arrived, and Bob and Jill took their pontoon boat around the cove to Harry and Betty’s lakefront home. The couple was on their patio, and came down to the dock to help them tie up.

A small spread of cheese and crackers was set out on the patio table when they all went up to the house, and Harry said, “I thought we’d sit here and watch the sunset before we head inside, if that’s okay with you.”

“Perfect!” Jill said. “Our house faces east, so we get the sunrises. This will be a nice change.”

“Red or white?” Betty asked, pointing to the bottles of wine.

As they sat and watched the sun light up the clouds on the horizon, Betty said, “So, have you ever watched porn with another couple, before?”

“Together—as you’re aware—but never with anyone else,” Bob answered. “How about you?”

“Yeah, we have,” Harry said. “Do you think you’re going to be comfortable if we start getting it on in front of you?”

“That’s kind of the whole point of watching porn, isn’t it?” Bob said. “Foreplay?”

“So, you’d be okay doing it in front of us, too?” Betty said.

“Is that your thing?” Jill asked, a little disappointed. “Exhibitionism and voyeurism?”

“Actually, our thing is swinging,” Betty answered. “Partner swapping.”

“But if you’re not into that, that’s fine,” Harry added quickly. “Whatever you’re comfortable with is fine with us. We just wanted you to know that we’re very open-minded when it comes to sex.”

“Are either of you bi?” Jill asked.

“We both are,” Betty answered. “I hope that you asking the question means that you are, too.”

Bob answered, “We both had turns batting from the other side of the plate back in college, but not since we met each other.”

“But it sounds like you might be open to rekindling those smoldering embers,” Harry said. “That’s awesome.”

“You should tell them your first-time story,” Jill said to her husband. “I just love it!”

“Heck, yeah!” Betty said as she refilled Bob’s glass, “Do tell!”

Bob finished the cheese and cracker he had just put in his mouth, washed it down with wine, and began, “So, basically, I became bisexual because I lost a bet.”

“This my senior year,” he went on, “and there were a bunch of us guys watching a college football game in the dorm lounge. One of the teams was from my home state, and the other was from my roommate’s”

“It’s third quarter, and his team is down by like thirty points. He comes back from getting a beer, leans over the back of the couch, and whispers in my ear, ‘I bet you a blowjob that my team wins.'”

“Now, Jake was gay, so I knew he wasn’t kidding, and I was between girlfriends, at the time, plus I knew there was no way they could turn the game around in three minutes, so we shook on it.”

The next play, my quarterback gets sacked so hard he has to leave the game. The second string guy was so bad, I think they went to the local high school and got him … off the basketball court!”

“His first pass is intercepted and run back for a touchdown. Then, he fumbles a hike, and that gets run in for a TD! Long story short, all the wheels fell off my team, and Jake’s won by a field goal.”

Bob asked, “So, what were you thinking at that point? Were you going to try to renege? Maybe go double or nothing on a coin toss?”

“It’s weird,” Bob said, “but I think there was a part of me that was glad I lost. I had had this girlfriend, my freshman, year who loved to give me blowjobs. At first I thought she was doing it to please me, but it turns out that she would rather have sucked a dick than have regular sex.”

Bob went on, “I naturally got thinking about why she liked having a hard cock in her mouth, so much, and I finally asked her. She said it was a whole bunch of things, all together. The feel of running her tongue over the smooth, warm flesh; feeling the spongy head in the back of her throat; the musky taste, and then the salty taste of the guy’s cum. She told me I should try it! I told her, no thanks!”

“But, of course, I couldn’t stop thinking about it,” he continued. “So, when Jake bet me a blowjob, I figured, best-case I get sucked off by a guy who knows how to do it, and worst-case, I’m forced into finally having my curiosity satisfied.”

“And Jake told me later” he went on, “that he was thinking pretty much the same way. He expected his team to lose, and that he had always wanted to get it on with me, so it was a lose-win situation for him, so to speak.”

“So, we get up to the room, and I’m still kind of conflicted and nervous about the whole thing, now that it’s not just something that I’m imagining, anymore. I tell him I need to go to the bathroom, and when I come out, he’s standing there bare-ass naked with his boner pointing up at the ceiling.”

“I had been envisioning illegal bahis him pulling his pecker out through his fly, me sucking on it a few times, and calling the bet paid, if it wasn’t something I felt into.”

“He told me that I should take my clothes off, too, and I told him that I was okay. He shrugged and said, ‘You’re call, man. All we bet was a blowjob.'”

“So, my heart’s racing, and I’m wondering what the hell I’ve gotten myself into, but I drop to my knees in front of him.”

“Right in my face—closer than I’ve ever even seen my own cock—is Jake’s stiff dick, and it’s got this little drop of pre-cum leaking from the hole.”

“I reach up to wipe the drop away, and maybe give his dick a stroke or two to build up my nerve … and to postpone the inevitable, a little. But he grabs my hand, and says, ‘Just a blowjob! No hands; just mouth.'”

“So, I open my mouth, and take in just the head. I suck on it and swirl my tongue over it—remembering how my old girlfriend had done to me—and I realize, Hmm. This ain’t so bad.”

“So, I lean forward and slide my lips farther down his shaft, still swirling my tongue and feeling every vein, ripple, and bulge of his dick, and by the time he’s at the back of my throat, I get what my girlfriend was talking about. I’m actually getting turned on by having a hard cock filling my mouth!”

“With that taboo busted, I begin bobbing my head, and giving him that blowjob. When he put his hands on my head, and started rocking his hips, fucking my mouth, I had to reach down and free my own cock. I started jerking off while he was sliding his stiff dick in and out of my mouth. I couldn’t believe how hard sucking on a stiff cock was making my own cock! I was so turned on! I was a little pissed that I’d been missing out on this side of sex for so long!”

“Suddenly, he pulls out of my mouth, and says, ‘My turn. I’ve been wanting to suck your cock since I saw you in the shower that time.’ Twenty seconds later, I’m naked, too, and he’s on his knees in front of me.”

“He takes my drooling cock all the way into his mouth, and then twists and turns as he starts going up and down on it. It’s easy to tell that he loves what he’s doing, and he sure knows how to do it!”

“Then all of a sudden, he grabs my ass, and forces himself all the way down my cock, sticking it right down his throat! I thought I was going to explode, right then! Even my old blowjob-girlfriend had never done that to me!”

“But, then he pulls all the way off, looks up, and tells me, ‘Fuck me, man! Fuck my mouth with your glorious hard cock!’ Then he puts my hands on his head, and fills his mouth with my cock, again.”

“At first I take it kind of easy—like I always had with my old girlfriend—sliding it in and out of his lips, enjoying his tongue and the feel of his sucking. But then he pulls off, again, and says, ‘No, man! Fuck me with that thing! I want to feel your stiff cock in my throat, and your fat balls slapping against my chin!'”

“Well, I did what he asked, and I fucked his face so hard, I thought I was going to break his nose driving it into my pubic bone.”

“As you can imagine, it didn’t take me long to feel the cum getting ready burst out of my dick, but he apparently sensed that, too, and pulled away from me. He stood up, and said, ‘Remember who lost the bet. You finish my blowjob first, then I’ll finish you.’ With that he pushed me to my knees, again, and I quickly took his cock back in my mouth.”

“He had taken my dick down his throat with such ease that I tried to do it to him, but I couldn’t get past my gag reflex. He didn’t seem to mind, though, and fucked the shit out of my mouth while I lapped and sucked for all I was worth.”

“After a couple minutes of hard face-fucking, he said, ‘I’m getting ready to cum, man! You okay with that? That’s all part of a blowjob, you know.'”

“I’d tasted my own cum, before, so I just mumbled Mmm around the cock fucking in and out of my mouth.”

“It turns out that Jake really knew what he was doing by getting me to suck him off, first. He told me later that he was pretty sure that once I blew my own load, I’d come down off the sexual high so quickly that I probably wouldn’t have taken his cum in my mouth. I’m sure he was right.”

“So. he keeps fucking my mouth, and then, all of a sudden, I feel his cock swell, and he holds still, and I get this blast of hot cum right into the back of my throat! I try to swallow, but that’s hard to do while your mouth is open sucking on a fat cock.”

“He shoots a second spurt, and then he starts fucking my mouth, again, and his cock just keeps filling my mouth with his cum. It’s finally running out around my lips, down my chin, and dripping all over me. I even feel it hitting my cock, which is rock-hard, and about ready to burst!”

“Finally, he’s done pumping his cum in my mouth, he pulls out, then lifts me to my feet and drops illegal bahis siteleri to his knees at the same time. On the way down, he laps some of his cum from my belly.”

“He goes down on my cock, and starts bobbing and sucking, and spearing it into his throat, and all I have to do is just stand there getting the blowjob of my life.”

“It doesn’t take too long before I say, ‘Oh, yeah! Here it comes, Jake! You ready for my cum?’ He just mumbles, and picks up his pace.”

“My first blast goes right down his throat, but then he pulls back, and starts bobbing fast, and sucking the cum from my balls, out through my dick. I was cumming so hard and so much that I almost fell over. When I was finally done, I staggered back, and just collapsed on the couch, my wet dick going limp between my legs.”

Harry said, “Hot story! So, was that your only time? One and done?” He hoped he was wrong.

“Jake was the only guy I ever did it with,” Bob answered, “But it wasn’t my only time. We sucked each other off quite a few times over the next couple of months. Neither of us was in a relationship, so we took care of each other’s needs, so to speak.”

“Did you ever kiss him?” Betty asked.

“He started to make out with me, once, but not only was that not a turn on for me, it was such a turn off that I don’t think I could have gotten a boner with a fistful of Viagra. It was just about the sex for me; no emotional component, at all.”

“Was he okay with that?” Harry asked. “That’s how I feel, too, by the way. Kissing guys doesn’t do a thing for me.”

“Fine,” Bob answered, “He said that he could see himself falling in love with me, but if all I wanted to do was suck dick, he was cool with that, too. He got that I wasn’t turning gay, but was more than happy to have a live-in sex partner.”

“How did it end?” Betty asked.

“It ended well,” Bob said. “We both ended up in more serious relationships—his gay, and mine hetero—and we both decided that being loyal to our respective new partners was going to be best. Besides, we were both getting all the sex we needed, at that point.”

“Great story!” Betty said, as she refilled Jill’s glass. “How about you? You have a hot first-time story?”

“Nothing like that,” Jill answered. “Mine was during a sleep-over my senior year in high school. Misty was my best friend, and neither one of us had had sex, yet, but we were both really curious.”

So, we’re in my bed, and we decide to pretend to be each other’s boyfriends, and we practiced kissing—which included tongue for the first time. Well, that got us so hot that we started feeling each other’s tits. Then we pull off each other’s nighties, and start sucking on them.”

“Misty was going nuts as I sucked on her big puffy nipples and squeezed her tits, and that got me all turned on. So, I slid my way down over her belly, pulled her panties to the side, and gave her a big kiss her right on the pussy. She sucked in her breath, and I wasn’t sure if that a good or a bad suck, so I said, ‘Do you wish Eddie would do that?'”

“She didn’t even answer,” Jill continued. “She lifted her hips, just about tore her panties off, and said, ‘Use your tongue, Jilly! Kiss me down there with your tongue! French-kiss my cunny!'”

“When I started doing that, she about lost her mind!” Jill told them. “She put her hand on my head, and nearly smothered me, she was pushing my face so hard into her pussy. Then, she said, ‘Finger me! Stick you finger up my cunt hole and fuck it while you suck!'”

“That was the filthiest language I had ever heard come out of her mouth, but it turned me on like I wouldn’t have believed! I started tonguing, sucking, and hammering my fingers up her pussy for all I was worth.”

“Suddenly, she yells, ‘Oh, my fucking God!’ and her cunt just about explodes in my face. We figured out later, that that was the first real orgasm she had ever had, and it probably let loose every drop of cunt juice that she’d generated on her practice runs with her finger or her hairbrush.”

“I kept sloshing my fingers up her cunt, and she kept cumming and repeating, ‘Oh, my fucking God!’ over and over.

“When her cunt finally stopped pumping her juices all over my hand and face, she took hold of my head, pulled me up onto her body, and started kissing my pussy-soaked lips. And she wasn’t pretending to be my boyfriend, anymore; that was Misty kissing Jill and tasting her own pussy juice.”

“After a minute or so of really intense making out, she flipped us over, and helped me wiggle out of my soaked panties, then stretched her naked body out on top of mine. We kissed some more, then she started sliding her way down my body. I had my legs spread, and she made sure to rub her body against my wet pussy as she moved.”

“She stopped at my tits, and squeezed and kissed them. Then she started sucking on the nipples, much harder than my boyfriend ever did, canlı bahis siteleri and boy did that feel good! I started moaning and humping my pussy against her.”

“Then, she took hold of the nipple she wasn’t sucking, and pinched and pulled on it really hard. I knew that it should have hurt like hell, but instead, it was like there was an electrical wire direct from my tits to my cunt, and it just lit me on fire.”

“I pulled her mouth off of my tit, and told her, ‘Go down there and do what I did to you!’, and I pushed her head toward my pussy.”

“But she didn’t go. She gave my tit a little kiss, and then said, ‘Go where? Do what?'”

“I couldn’t believe she didn’t know what I was talking about, and I said, “Come on, Misty! I did it to you!”

“She smiled, and said, ‘I know! And I loved it! But if you want me to do it to you, you have to tell me what it is you want. Use your words, Jilly,’ she teased.”

“That’s when I realized she wanted me to talk dirty to her. Now, that’s not something I normally did. I hardly ever swore, at all, but my raging hormones unlocked that closet in my brain, and boy, did I let her have it!”

“I grabbed her by the hair, and I almost snarled at her, ‘Eat my pussy, Misty! Go down there and kiss my soaking wet pussy lips, and taste my cunt juice! Then I want to feel your pretty tongue shoved up my cunt hole! Get down in my crotch, and tongue-fuck me!”

“Misty laughed, and said, ‘Now you’re talking!’ As she slid down to my crotch, she added, ‘Keep it up, Jilly. Your filthy mouth makes me as hot as your hungry little cunt!”

“She clamped her mouth over my pussy and after she sucked on it, and licked it, she started to run her tongue up and down my slit all the way from my clit to my asshole, and back again. I thought I was going to fucking die, it felt so good!”

“I’d played with my pussy plenty before that, and my boyfriend had fingered me, but it was nothing like how Misty was making me feel. All I could do was close my eyes and moan in raw pleasure.”

“But Misty lifted her head, and said, ‘Talk to me, Jilly! Tell me what you want me to do to your dripping little pussy down here! Tell me how you want me to eat your cunt!'”

“I pushed her face back down against my pussy, and I said, ‘Eat it, Misty! Eat my cunt! Suck on my hot fucking pussy, and stick your tongue up my hole! Fuck me with your tongue, Misty! Make me cum all over your pretty fucking face!'”

“She ground her face into my pussy and rocked her head back and forth, and then she lifted my hips up to get a better angle. She then drove her tongue up my cunt hole as she mashed her face into my pussy. God, I was on fire!”

“She broke her tongue-fucking for a moment, and said, ‘How about fingers?'”

“‘God, yes!’ I said. ‘Finger-fuck my cunt, Misty! Shove your fingers up my hole and pound my pussy! Jerk off my cunt while you suck my clit! Make me fucking cum, Misty! Make me fill your pretty mouth with my cum so we can share it!'”

“She pushed two fingers up my cunt as far as she could force them, and then, as she sucked right on my clit, she began to hammer her fingers up my hole so hard that it should have hurt! But it felt better than anything I’d ever experienced.”

“‘Oh, fuck, yeah, Misty!’ I yelled at her. “Fuck my cunt and suck my hot little clit! Oh, fuck, yeah! I’m gonna cum, Misty! Make me fucking cum!'”

“Suddenly, she stopped pounding my pussy, twisted her fingers over inside my cunt, and started wiggle her fingers around. I was about to tell her to go back to fucking me, when she found what she was feeling around for. My G-spot.”

“I had no idea what that even was, and she had only recently read about it, but when she mashed her finger into that rough little knob, my whole fucking body lit up, and five seconds later, I started gushing the hardest orgasm I’d ever had, right into her sucking mouth.”

“‘Oh, fuck, yeah!” I yelled as I crushed her face into my erupting cunt and she kept rubbing that magic little spot.”

“After what seemed a long time of cumming and cumming, I couldn’t take any more, and I pulled her face up to mine. With our cunt-juice and sweat covered bodies writhing against one another, we kissed and swapped the pussy juice that covered her face.”

Betty said, “Great story, Jill! You’ve got my pussy wet! So, did you have repeat performances with Misty?”

“Hell, yeah!” Jill answered. “We had sleepovers at least every other weekend that whole summer, and had quickies whenever we could sneak away somewhere. The only thing that stopped us was both of us going off to college in the fall. God, how I cried when she drove away.”

“You still keep in touch?” Betty asked.

“Christmas and birthday cards,” she replied. “She’s married, and went on to become a gynecologist.”

Harry laughed, and said, “I’m not sure whether that’s ironic or prophetic.”

“So, how about you, Harry?” Bob asked while he poured a little more red into his glass. “What was your first time having a stiff dick in your mouth?”

“A little like yours,” he said. “It was because of a bet, but it was in a poker game.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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