17 Mayıs 2021

Large and Lovely Lynda

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I saw the popup come up in the lower right hand corner of my monitor at work, indicating that I had email. I clicked on the icon and saw that it was from Lynda, my sexy 340 pound best buddy over the past year and a half. I opened it and read:

Hey Stud:

(I love it when she calls me that)

I’ve had a Hell of a bad day with my boss and idiotic customers and could really use some of that TLC you are known for. If you have a charitable bone in your body, you will say I can see you tonight.

Hugs, Kisses and Licks,


I hit “reply” with a big grin on my face and typed:

Hey Juicy Buddy:

You know I always have an abundant supply of TLC for you. I can smell and taste you already. See ya at my place at 6:00. Will be dreaming of you ’til then.

Licks and Thrusts,


I hit “Send” and found it hard to get my large sexy lover out of my mind, but managed to muddle through the rest of the day.

I arrived at my condo in time to chill some wine and start a salad and some dinner before the door bell rang. I opened the door, and Lynda looked incredible, dressed in a tight scoop necked dress, stopping about 4 inches above her knees. Her large brown eyes looked a little tired, but she still had that devastating smile and large sexy body that made me melt.

I stood aside and let her enter, then closed the door, and we were immediately at it. She grabbed me in a bear hug, squishing the air out of me, but I had enough room to grab both of her breasts and squeeze, causing her to release her hold and drop me to the carpet.

Over canlı bahis the past year and a half we had always started our evenings with a wildly erotic wrestling match. Both of us were equal in strength, and gave as good as we got..

Lynda was on my back in a flash and was able to remove my shoes and socks, but I was able to twist just enough under her great weight to pull her dress down over her breasts. Her arms were trapped in her dress which allowed me to slip out from under her and push her face first into the carpet, where I removed her dress the rest of the way.

I turned to remove her shoes and she flipped to her back and caught my head in the fleshy vice of her thick meaty thighs. She easily undid my belt and removed my pants and jockies, then she gave my dangling ball sack a rough squeeze calling me to cry out. She knew how to give me just the right amount of pain and ecstasy to get me instantly hard.

I tried to pry her legs apart without success, but was able to reach the waistband of her panties and draw them down her thighs. She released her scissors to rip the shirt from my body, and I was fast enough to unclasp her bra, so both of us were writhing in each other’s arms, totally naked.

Muscle flexed against muscle as we tried for dominance, and our sweating bodies rolled around the floor, grabbing and probing each others’ genitals, buttocks and breasts. Side by side we battled, then locked our lips as our tongues, teeth and lips lashed out for supremacy.

Panting like two wild animals, we thrashed and strained until both bahis siteleri of us completely winded, broke the kiss and held one another, stroking and caressing as we regained out breath.

“Well Stud, I guess that was a draw. What’s for dinner? I’m famished.”

“I fixed a salad and my world famous lasagna.”

“Mmmmm. I love your lasagna. You spoil me Jerry.”

“That’s my intention lovely sexy buddy. After dinner, I plan a massage, then having you, my dear, for dessert.”

Naked, we ate by candlelight, and caught up with what had been happening to each other since we had seen each other a month ago.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her beautiful full body as the light from the candles danced over her body. Her massive breasts hung low, beckoning to be held and sucked, and her large stomach showed thick folds of beautiful soft flesh. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever met, and her wit and intelligence made the conversation free and easy.

We finished dinner, then left the dishes in the sink and turned on the TV. I instructed Lynda to lay down on the soft rug and gazed at her sexy wide ass and the way her breasts squished out to the side of her as they lay crushed against the floor.

I retrieved some slick edible lotion, then warmed it in my hands and proceeded to massage her broad back, producing an appreciative moan.

“God, you’ve got great hands.”

“God, you’ve got an incredible body, woman!”

“Mmmmmmm. I’m glad you think so Jer.”

I massaged up and down her big body and came to her full hips, which was my favorite bahis şirketleri part of my beautiful friend. I loved to feel the soft flesh in my hands and separate the crack of her ass to see the little black hairs surrounding her puckered opening.

After massaging her beautiful feet, calves and thighs, I once again returned to her ass, but this time, replaced my fingers with my lips, mouth and teeth. I gently bit her large mounds of flesh, then licked at her large crack, lightly teasing, and causing her thick legs to part further.

My tongue probed a little deeper, causing more moans of pleasure, then I slowly inserted my large tongue into her moist warm opening, causing her to cry out.

“Oh yes Jer. That feels incredible!”

I licked and probed her deeply for 15 minutes until she could take no more and flipped to her back.

I then tasted the sweet nectar of her lovely vagina, as I inserted a finger in her asshole and massaged her massive breasts. Her whole lower body began to thrust up and down, covering my face in her delicious juices. The smell of sex filled the air as my tongued and finger probed deeply and I sucked on her hardened clit.

Lynda was losing control as I explored every inch of her sweet pussy and unable to control herself any further, wrapped her meaty thighs around my head and exploded.

“Oh my God!!! Yeeeeeessss! I’m cuuuummmming!”

I though she would crush my head, but it was an incredible feeling that I could make my lover and best friend feel so good.

Slowly, we rose and headed into the bedroom where we lay naked, with her head on my shoulder. The closeness of her large sexy body was intoxicating, and we talked for a half hour, just luxuriating in each others’ company before we drifted off into a restful contented sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
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