16 Mayıs 2021

Laundry Night

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Penelope lived on the ninth floor of her apartment building and hated doing laundry so she’d procrastinate, as long as possible, which meant she usually had three large, full, bags. The laundry room was in the basement so whenever she’d, finally, decide it was time to do laundry, she sure as hell wasn’t going to make two trips! So, she’d load her small frame with all three bags and take them all down at once.

She loved the fact there was also a bicycle room, a small gym and a recycling room in the basement and close to the laundry room. A one-time fee of fifty dollars, compared to seventy-five dollars per month at a downtown gym, gave her the use of the gym as much as, and whenever, she liked. She tried to make a routine out of it but wasn’t the most organized person.

Monday nights, from seven-thirty to eight-thirty, was a good time because it was pretty quiet. On Wednesday nights, at six o’clock, a woman in the building led a Spinning Class. Penelope liked going to that class because she felt as though being part of a group motivated her more to go. She also realized she had to hold herself more accountable compared to as if she went alone.

She’d gone, a few times on Friday nights, to do a weight-lifting routine a friend had shown her. However, it made her self-conscious to be seen, down there, with nothing better to do on a Friday night so she usually skipped. She couldn’t help but wonder what people thought of a pretty girl, in her early thirties, being alone on a Friday night and with nothing better to do. Penelope hadn’t been out on a Friday night in a long while. She’d lost track, actually. Months ago, maybe a year, she went out on a blind date with a guy she’d met during a coffee break one day.

Instead, she opted to snuggle up on the couch, in her PJs, with her cat, Carlton, a good book or movie and snacks. Good snacks were important!


She met Eric at the Starbucks around the corner from her workplace. Eric had commented she had a very pretty name after the Barista had called it out. They briefly chatted while she stirred cream and Stevia into her coffee. She ended up giving Eric her number and he texted her the following week, asking if she’d like to go out for dinner with him Friday night.

During dinner, Eric drank four glasses of wine, to Penelope’s one, and couldn’t stop talking about the girls he worked with and how beautiful they were. After the mediocre meal was over, and he drunkenly hailed her a cab, one of his feet slipped off of the curb and rolled his ankle.

When the cab arrived, he asked the driver to take him to a walk-in clinic, leaving Penelope to bus home. It was the worst date she’d ever had and, needless to say, she never saw Eric, again. All the more reason to stay home with Carlton, as he worshipped only Penelope.


Later, on a Friday morning, while getting ready for work, Penelope was so low on clean clothes to wear, she had to do the sniff test on a blouse she’d found, under the covers and at the foot of her bed…it passed. Looking through her drawer, she’d realized the only clean underwear she had were two thongs she forgotten she’d owned.

Those were date underwear and she hadn’t been on a date since the disastrous date from hell with Eric. Out of options, she slipped into a black-lace thong, Tuesday’s bra, yesterday’s socks, the skirt she wore Monday, the blouse from the bed and she was ready for work. It was inevitable, she’d have to do laundry that night.

When she arrived home, Friday night, she put the bottle of wine she’d picked up, during her lunch break, in the fridge to chill. After paying Carlton the attention he desperately needed, she loaded up the three large IKEA bags she used for laundry.

She was tired! She didn’t want to be washing clothes on a Friday night and…she didn’t have anything to wear while doing laundry! Irritated and desperate, she looked around until she found something. She, literally, had two pieces of clothing left in her drawers…a white tank top and very short, skimpy, pajama shorts.

She’d bought the PJ shorts during the previous summer for something to wear around the house during a particularly hot July. It’d have to do, besides, no one was likely to see her. Who else would be in the basement, at seven o’clock, on a Friday night?

She carried her laundry into the elevator, hit the basement button and dropped the heavy bags onto the floor. A minute later, the elevator stopped and Josh got on. Penelope had run into him a number of times since she’d moved into the building, a little over a year ago.

Josh was a cute guy who lived on the fourth floor. He was often in the gym, Wednesday nights, while she was attending her Spinning Class. He’d lift weights at the other end of the room and Penelope would often watch him from her stationary bike.

He had big, thick legs covered in hardened ropes of muscle that tightened and stretched as he did squats. She’d never seen him with a woman whenever she’d run into him in the illegal bahis lobby or elevator. He’d always smiled and said hello and asked how she was doing.

He had great teeth and a big smile that was a little crooked on one side, which Penelope thought was adorable. As he pressed the button for the basement and turned to face her, she noticed he was dressed for the gym.

“Hi, how’re you doing? How has your week been?” he asked.

“It was good,” she lied to get the topic out of the way.

“Are you going to the gym?” she asked.

“Yeah. I like going on Fridays because it’s quiet. I usually have the place to myself which means I can listen to music and do my thing.”

“That’s cool. I should be going more often.”

“I see you, on Wednesdays, in the Spinning Class. It looks fun. I’ve thought of joining.”

“It’s pretty cool.”

“You’re doing laundry. That reminds me, I have a ton to do, too.”

Josh couldn’t help but notice her thin tank top was taught against her soft, pink nipples and see through, while under the overhead lighting of the elevator. Her gaze froze, on Josh’s great calves, for a moment. The elevator stopped and dinged, breaking both of them out of their dazes at the same time.

“Oh! You, ah, dropped something,” Josh smiled while looking down at her feet.

Penelope looked down and saw the black thong she’d worn during the day was laying on the floor. It must’ve fallen out when she dropped the bags.

“Oh, great!” she said.

She would’ve been more embarrassed if it’d been a pair of the type of underwear she normally wore, the type her sister referred to as, ‘bloomers’. As she bent over to pick up the thong, Josh had a good view of her nipple, for only a second, down the front of her shirt.

“Thanks,” she said with the thong hanging from her hand.

Josh smiled his big crooked smile and gestured for her to get off of the elevator first. She smiled and, unintentionally, flicked her eyes to the bulge in the front of his loose fitting gym shorts but she didn’t think he’d noticed. Penelope struggled, briefly, to pick up her three heavy bags.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Let me help you,” he said.

“Oh, okay,” she smiled.

Josh grabbed the straps of the bags she’d thrown over her right shoulder. As he pulled them from her shoulder, the strap of her shirt slipped off with them. He started to reach to fix her strap until he quickly realized what he was doing.

“It’s okay. It’s a short walk to the laundry room,” Penelope blushed.

Penelope led the way, her face still lightly pink from the moment they’d almost shared. She’d wished he had fixed her strap so she could’ve felt his big hand on her bare little shoulder. His hands matched his calves…big and thick.

“Damn! Who needs the gym? Hauling this laundry around is a workout all by itself,” he said.

“Ha! You can say that, again!”

The laundry room was completely empty. Penelope dropped the bag, she’d been carrying, next to a washing machine and Josh dropped the other two bags beside it.

“Thank you so much!”

She fixed her fallen strap while Josh followed her hand with his eyes.

“No problem,” he smiled.

On his way out of the laundry room, Josh looked back to check out Penelope’s ass as she bent over while putting her clothes into the washing machine. The legs of her shorts barely covered her ass cheeks and were tightly and snugly against her pussy, outlining it. The material barely covered her mound, allowing Josh to briefly stare at her camel toe!

The laundry room was somewhat of a U-shape, similar to a square but missing one side. Once her three loads were in the machines, she found something to read around the corner from the main machines where there was a reading area. There was a ‘take a book, leave a book’ shelf, which had the week’s newspapers but, mostly, outdated cookbooks about how to make casseroles in the microwave.

Penelope found a book about travelling through Ireland, sat down and began to flip through it. As she absently turned the pages, her mind drifted back to Josh, his thick legs and his big hand which had almost touched her bare shoulder. As she sat, thinking, she couldn’t help but notice how tight her shorts were against her pussy.

She squirmed in her seat to see if she could cause her outer lips to part enough for the seam of her shorts to rub her clitoris. ‘It should be pretty easy,’ she thought as she remembered she wasn’t wearing any underwear. She gently rocked her hips back and forth and she felt a meaty lip move to the side.

Then, as she began rocking front to back, she thought of Josh in his loose, thin gym shorts. She wondered what he was doing in the gym at that moment…probably lifting weights or maybe working his thick, ropy legs. Her crotch became damp and warm while thinking of Josh and rocking in her seat.

After a while, the buzzers on the washing machines sounded off, pulling her out of her daze. She got up and transferred her laundry into some drying illegal bahis siteleri machines. When she was finished, she returned to her spot around the corner, picked up the book of Ireland that she wasn’t reading and began to fantasize, again.

She was getting so horny, she couldn’t help but place her hand between her legs and rub her pussy through her shorts. She’d looked around for cameras, before she put her clothes in the dryers, but didn’t see any, anywhere, so she didn’t have to worry about being watched. She heard the door open, immediately stopped and pretended to be reading.

She heard the door of a washing machine open and decided to peek around the corner to see who’d come in. It was Josh. Penelope tossed the book back onto the shelf and went over to say hi.

“Oh, Josh. Are you finished at the gym?”

“Yeah. Only had a light workout, today. After seeing all of your laundry, I thought I should do some of my own.”

Penelope noticed he smelled of fresh soap and cologne and his hair was still wet from the shower. He looked good in the black tank top and grey sweat pants he’d changed into. Josh filled the washing machine with his load of laundry and winced as he bent to close the door.

“What’s wrong? Are you okay?” she asked.

“Yeah, I’m alright. I think I pushed myself too much, today. I’m feeling stiff, now. I’ll have to go for a massage after work, Monday,” he said while reaching across himself to rub his shoulder.

“Where are you feeling it?” she said.

“Mainly my traps and lats,” he said.

“What’s that in non-gym, layman’s terms?” she smiled.

“Oh. Well, turn around for a sec,” he smiled.

Penelope turned her back to Josh as he moved so close to her, she could smell his clean hair and cologne. She felt him moving closely behind her and tensed as he placed a large, strong, warm hand on her upper back.

“Here and…”

He slid his hand onto her shoulder.


Penelope immediately blushed at Josh’s touch as her heart began beating faster in her chest and she tried to hide her heavy breathing by speaking.

“Oh. Traps and lats, huh!” she said.

“Wow, you’re tense! You feel as stiff as I do,” he said.

His hand began to gently, almost imperceptibly, knead her soft, delicate shoulder. ‘Why don’t you show me how stiff you are,’ she thought.

“I think my shoulders get really stiff and sore because of my crappy chair at work,” she said.

She quietly gasped as Josh’s hand began to work her flesh, causing her nipples to grow hard under her shirt. Josh saw them when he looked over her shoulder as he moved in closer behind her and gently rested his soft cock between her ass cheeks.

As he reached up with his other hand and began massaging both of her shoulders at the same time, she felt his hot breath on the soft, delicate skin of her neck and let out a soft moan.

“That feels fantastic!”

“You’re all knotted up. This will ease it out,” he said.

“It’s easing alright,” she said.

She was unable to hide her unabashed pleasure and was at the mercy of Josh’s thick hands. She felt Josh’s cock begin to swell between her ass cheeks. Her breathing became louder and she was no longer able to hide the fact they’d already gone from an innocent massage to sexual pleasure.

She pressed her ass against his hot crotch in response to his hardening dick. It hung like a swollen spear between her ass cheeks, separated only by her thin shorts and his sweat pants. Josh didn’t say a word as he slowly slid one of his hands down her side to the waistband of her shorts and tugged lightly at her tank top, exposing a small flash of nude skin at her side.

He slid his hand under her shirt, moved it up to her breasts, grabbed a breast and squeezed, eliciting a passionate moan from Penelope. She hadn’t been touched that way in years. Josh’s cock was a huge, raging beam burrowing between her thighs. She pulled his hand out of her shirt and turned around to face him.

She kissed his big, perfect, crooked smile as she squeezed his massive, hard cock in her hand. No longer able to contain herself, she tugged hard at it while kissing him between uncontrolled gasps for air. She grabbed him by the hips and pulled him in tight to her, ramming his swollen cock against her mound as she inserted her tongue deep into his mouth.

“Come here,” she said.

She turned and led him around the corner to the reading area and he watched her plump ass move side to side as he followed. She sat down on the seat, where she’d been sitting earlier, with Josh standing in front of her. She reached up and slid her fingers between the waistband of his sweatpants and his rock hard pelvis.

Using both of her hands, she pulled his pants down, in slow motion, and cherished the revealing of his giant, hard cock. It sprang forward, protruding from his body and resting mere inches from her face. A small, clear bead of pre-cum had formed at its opening. Penelope smiled…he had the largest canlı bahis siteleri cock she’d ever seen.

She’d seen a few in her day but, for the most part, they all looked pretty much the same. She couldn’t remember ever being truly taken aback by the size of a man’s cock but Josh was absolutely hung! She took his dripping dick into both of her hands because one hand wasn’t able to fully close around his throbbing girth.

“This is the biggest cock I’ve ever seen!” she said.

She stared at it in awe as she ran her hands up and down and around it, trying to encircle his girth by touching the tips of her index finger and thumb but she couldn’t. Penelope stuck her tongue out and licked clean the clear beads running down the underside of its swollen head.

Josh lightly moaned as she inserted his dick deep into her mouth and slowly retracted it while circling the head with her tongue. He placed a hand on the back of her head and gently pressed. She responded by bobbing back and forth faster each time and feeling his mammoth rod massage the back of her throat.

The sheer size of Josh’s cock wildly turned her on. Josh began slowly, at first, bucking his hips slightly back and forth then started full on thrusts as he pumped his cock in and out of Penelope’s mouth as it stretched tightly around his massive member. Penelope put her hands on each of his hips while he fucked her mouth.

As Josh pulled his meat out of Penelope’s mouth, strands of saliva fell onto her chest. He grabbed her hand, pulled her up and turned her around. She leaned against the wall, using both of her hands to steady herself. Josh grabbed her tiny shorts, pulled them down to her ankles and put his hand between her legs. A thick, strong finger parted her puffy, wet lips and, starting at her opening, slid slowly up the smooth inside of her wet lips until it rested on her engorged clit.

“Oh, Josh!”

Josh rubbed her clit with slow, tight, little circles, and used a good amount of pressure as he moved his other hand between her legs and slid two thick fingers into her aching, wet hole. She bucked against his large fingers, moving herself up and down on them, as her juices ran down onto his hand. The other hand worked her clit in circles, slowly increasing pressure as she came down faster and harder onto his fingers.

“Make me cum, Josh. Fuck, you’re making me cum!”

Josh rubbed her clit in a very fast, small, back and forth motion. His other hand stiffened and pulsed in and out of her pussy until she came hard with his hand inside of her. She moaned, loudly, as she continued to thrust herself up and down on his fingers, slowing as the ecstasy of her orgasm left her body.

She reached around, grabbed his wrist and pulled, sending his fingers deeper into her canal. She moaned between heavy breaths as she slowly, and softly, glided her pussy up and down his fingers. Josh slowly slid his fingers out of her pussy and stood squarely behind her, putting his hands against the wall on the outside of her hands.

“I want you to fuck me, hard! I want that big, fucking dick inside of me!”

Penelope widened her stance, to accommodate Josh, as he slowly moved his huge cock between her legs until it was resting against the outside of her soft, swollen pussy lips. He left it there for a brief moment, smiling his crooked smile as she breathed hard in anticipation of how he was about to stretch and fill her hole.

With one long, slow, steady motion, he pushed his giant dick into Penelope until she moaned, hoarsely, as it bottom out. The pressure of the base of his mammoth cock, further stretching her opening, sent euphoric spasms into both of her legs.

He slid himself all of the way in until his balls rested firmly against her soft, outer area. He froze there for a moment, filling her insides completely, as her opening tightly gripped his thick, veiny girth. When he flexed inside of her, his cock pressed against every square inch of her insides as his cock-head massaged the depths of her sopping pussy.

She uncontrollably moaned and spasmed, impaled by Josh’s huge, throbbing cock. No longer able to contain her wanton needs, she thrust hard against him, her ass cheeks bouncing off of his hard pelvis.

“Oh, my god, Josh!”

She bit her lower lip at the sheer pleasure of Josh’s giant rod inside of her. Josh took his hands off of the wall, pressed gently on her back, to bend her over further for better access, and grabbed her by the hips. He slid himself in and out of her, his balls slapping against her swollen clit.

Penelope came hard, gushing clear fluid onto his thick shaft and balls, his legs and the floor between her legs. Her body bucked, quivered and convulsed with the most intense orgasm and she was powerless against the deep, hard thrusts of Josh’s dick. He didn’t stop or slow down and her pussy gripped him tighter as she continued cumming.

She reached between her legs and felt her soaking outer lips. She reached further back to where her opening was spread wide by Josh’s unrelenting mass of meat. She laid her hand flat to feel his balls on it as they slammed against her. She squeezed them briefly a few times before he pulled them away, only to slam them against her opening, again.

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