7 Mayıs 2021

Long Distance Relationship Ch. 02

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I wake up to my first morning in Florida with you. Knowing what we did the night before on the beach brought a smile to my lips. My body was sore in places I didn’t know I had, but it was worth it. You’re still sleeping next to me. I admire your strong features and your sexy body.

I straddle your body and wake you up with my kisses. Our kiss becomes deeper as you come fully awake. You slide your right hand into my hair and hold my head in place so you can deepen the kiss. Your left hand slides down and grabs my butt. You give a little moan at the feel of my smooth skin, you forgot that I slept fully nude last night.

You shift against me and I feel the first stirrings of lust shoot through my lower body. I feel you starting to get hard. So I slip your underwear off and come back on top of you. We’re kissing and grinding our bodies against each other. I give a moan with every little contact.

You’re flipping me over so your can enter me on top when your phone rings. We ignore it and you start rubbing the head of your cock against my wet entrance. But when the other person calls you for the fifth time you finally reach over and answer the phone. “Hello?” Your voice sounds deep and rough.

I smile because I know it’s from what we were doing. Your voice was heavy with untamed lust. It makes me bite my lip in anticipation. As you listen to the caller you roll off of me to lie on your back. I look at you in question. You just tell the caller we’ll be there soon and end the phone call.

“I forgot that I made plans for us to go to brunch with a few of my friends at the hotel in town. They’re waiting for us. Can I take a short rain check on the morning play? A very short rain check.” At that, my tummy gave a loud grumble making us both laugh. So I nod and give you a quick deep kiss and we start getting ready. You tell me to grab my bathing suit and sunscreen so we can lie out in the sun by the hotel pool afterwards.

We make it out to the car in record time but I can’t help the little pang of sexual frustration that runs through my body. The night before was amazing and I know we have to take advantage of the time we have together before we see each other again. The waiting game was getting to me.

As we’re sitting in the car I think that maybe I can ask you to go shopping for a new toy for me. Maybe that will help me get by during the long nights without you. With that happy thought in mind, I settle into the seat for the drive into the city.


Brunch with your friends was great. The food was good and the company was even better. But the whole time I was aware of you sitting next to me. Occasionally you would place your hand on my leg and rub my thigh. I think it was an innocent touch on your part but it still turns me on.

I was having a hard time paying attention to anything at the table. Your hand so high up on my thigh was making me short of breath in anticipation. I’m just focused on your warm hand sliding up and down my thigh. I want it to slide higher. I want it to go under my sundress, push my panties aside and feel my wetness.

I want you to slide those fingers inside my pussy and feel how wet and ready I’ve been for you all day. I want you to touch me at the table. I’ll be good and not make a noise as long as you touch me. I’ll even try and carry on with conversation. escort bostancı I just want your fingers inside of me.

My eyebrows are furrowed in concentration and I’m biting my lower lip again. You have to call my name twice before I realize you’re talking to me. “Are you ready to go lay out by the pool?” You have a little twinkle in your eye as you say it. I mentally give myself a shake.

I can feel the blood rushing to my face in embarrassment. I think you knew exactly what I was thinking about. When you see my cheeks turn red, your smile just grows wider. You tease! “Yes I’m ready. I’ve just been waiting for you!” I snap at you while slapping your hand away off of my thigh. I can hear your laughter as I stomp away, head held high. Hopefully I’m heading in the direction of the pool.


It was a beautiful day for the pool but it was starting to get pretty cloudy by the time we all got out there. The weather was still warm enough for swimming but eventually I made my way over to the hot tub that was a little away from the pool area.

The water was bubbling so furiously you couldn’t see to the bottom of the tub. The bubbles were soothing my aching muscles and I slowly relax and close my eyes. It was a little quieter over here away from everyone at the pool so I was fully relaxed and happily resting against the side of the tub.

After a few minutes I hear a little splash as someone gets into the hot tub. I know its you before I even open my eyes. When open them, I see you standing above me, water dripping down your body. I follow with my eyes the path the droplets of water are taking down. Watching as they stop at the band of your bathing suit.

I licked my bottom lip and look up at you. “Hii.” You whisper to me a little gruffly. Then you sink down into the water and kiss me.

My body drifts up to yours and you pull my legs around your waist. I can tell that the sliding of our wet bodies against each other is having an effect on you.

I feel your erection, swollen and thick underneath me. I break off from the kiss and we just stare at each other. Your eyes are filled with dirty secrets that I want to explore and have you whisper in my ear. I know I’m looking at you with hooded eyes. You know exactly what you do to me.

Your hands are moving over my butt, tracing the outlines of my bikini bottoms. You pull me closer for full-body contact and my hands come around to hold your face as I kiss you. There’s no one around who can see us so I attack your mouth with all the lust I’ve been feeling this morning.

My tongue enters quickly, sweeping and wrestling your tongue with my passion. Your hand purposefully goes to my butt again and you pull me into you, grinding our hips together. You start to rock against me and moan as our slippery wet bodies slide against one another. My hands are all over your back, exploring, squeezing, caressing and massaging.

I roll my hips against yours and feel your hands tighten on my butt. You pull me harder and harder against you. Rubbing my bikini bottom covered pussy against your hard cock straining underneath your bathing suit. I roll my hips against you again and you throw your head back in pleasure, holding back a groan so no one comes over to see what we’re doing.

You take a quick look around ümraniye escort to see if anyone is watching us. They can’t see what’s happening underneath the bubbles. I know you want to fuck me right here, right now. You’re to a point where you don’t care. It’s going to be hot, rough, fast and satisfying.

But as you free yourself from your bathing suit and try to grab my bikini bottoms, I twist out of your grip and hop out of the hot tub before you can recover. “Two can play the seduction game,” I whisper to you. And with a smile and a wink I turn and leave you simmering in the hot tub while I walk away.


That night at dinner I make sure I sit across from you. Far away from any distracting hands that roam up my thighs. I could tell you wanted me to sit next to you again but I was able to maneuver myself across from you since we were once again out with a group of your friends for dinner.

We smile and flirt but I can tell that not being able to touch me the way you want and fuck me the way you want is getting to you. I’m so close yet so far because we have to be good. I know this and it makes me smile devilishly at you all night.

We weren’t planning on it but after dinner all of your friends decide to go out to a club. You try to politely decline the invitation but your friends insist and you eventually relent. I know why you didn’t want to go.

Its not that you didn’t want to go per se, but it’s just that you had another things planned for the night. Things that involved a bed, you, me, a lot of moaning and hot sweaty skin. Your smile is tight but once we get inside and get a drink you start to relax again.

Standing around the bar was getting to be a high traffic area so we all decide to head out onto the dance floor to enjoy the music. We’ve never danced before, so at first we kind of shy. Standing a few feet in front of each other, moving to the music.

I’m having a great time. You twirl me but instead of having me face you, you lock your hands around my hips so my back is pressed up against your chest. You still have your hands around my hips as we laugh and dance to the music.

While we dance I can’t help but notice that you’re starting to get hard against my bottom. So I rub against you as much as I can. Teasing your cock with my ass. The hands that were locked around my waist holding me close are now beginning to stray.

You cup my breasts and lick the side of my neck by my ear. I gasp and look around but its dark in the club and no one is paying any attention to us. We lost your friends in the crowd a few songs back so the people around us are strangers and engrossed in their own dance partners.

You continue to massage me and run your hands all over my body. I didn’t wear panties for you tonight. A discovery you make when you slip your hand between our bodies and touch my pussy. You whisper in my ear your approval.

Then you bite my earlobe and slip a finger into me. No one can hear my moans over the loud pulsating music. I’ve wanted you to touch me down there all day. Waiting for you has made me wet and made my pussy throb with desire.

Your erection stretches against my ass and I feel it hot and heavy and it only adds to my pleasure as I rub my ass against you. I liked knowing that only a few pieces of fabric are left kartal escort bayan between my wet pussy and your hard cock. Knowing it’s only those few pieces of fabric that are keeping you from fucking me right here on the dance floor.

Suddenly you turn me around and hold me against you tightly. I can feel your muscles straining against me. You whisper into my ear, “I can’t wait any longer. We need to leave. Now.” The “now” came out in almost a growl. I nod my head in agreement wanting you just as much but I have to take one quick stop to the ladies room before we go.

Luckily there was no line by the bathrooms and I was able to enter one of the one-person bathrooms relatively easily. I go in and as I’m about to walk out of the bathroom, you push your way inside and lock the door behind you. “What…” I start to stammer but then you pull me against you and bring your lips to mine. “I don’t want to wait anymore,” you growl against my lips in a husky but strained voice.

You pull my dress up around my hips and unbutton your pants. We’re still half dressed when you spin me around and lean me against the bathroom counter. I’m looking into your eyes in the mirror in front of me as I feel your hard cock behind me. I’m already wet so you slide your cock back and fourth over my clit, not entering me yet.

When your cock is wet from my pussy you slowly slip yourself inside my pussy. Slowly, you rock inch by inch into me. Making me gasp as my pussy stretches trying to make you fit. But soon that pussy is yours as you put that last inch of hot cock into me.

You being to slowly fuck me at first, building speed. Soon you begin to pound into me. I braced myself on the counter as you continue your rhythmic thrusting, fucking me hard. You thrust into me harder straining to get the deepest fuck possible, straining to make it last. With each thrust the sound of our fucking warred with the heavy beat of the music outside of the bathroom.

You pull on my hair and our eyes lock as I look into the mirror and see you looking down at me. Seeing the raw passion and determination to fuck me until I came made me loose it. “Oh God, fuck me. FUCK ME.” I screamed. My body raced towards climax. My face contorting in pleasure as I moaned and screamed. But I kept my eyes locked with yours the whole entire time you fucked me.

I felt my legs weaken as the intense feeling your cock inside of me brought me towards my climax. I felt like I was going to explode from the sensations. “Oh my god. You’re going to make me cum.” I moaned. You gasp and increase your speed even more.

Sweat is dripping down our bodies. With each trust your giving out a sexy grunt of pleasure, which just turns me on even more. When you start chanting, “Oh god, oh god, oh god,” I fully loose it. Knowing how much pleasure your getting from my pussy pushes me over the edge and I scream as my pussy starts to contract around your cock. A long and strong orgasm shakes my whole entire body in pleasure.

You feel my pussy cumming around you and your strokes start to get short and choppy. I know you’re close. Your breathing is ragged and your moaning in pleasure. “That’s right baby fuck me,” I whisper. I look into the mirror and lock eyes with you. “Fuck my pussy. Make that hard cock cum inside of me.”

Your hands are locked onto my hips so hard that I think I might have bruises the next day. But I don’t care. The muscles in my pussy are still pulsating, squeezing you tight as you go off. I can feel you cumming with me. You moan and thrust into me again and again forcing your cum into my pulsating pussy.

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