12 Mayıs 2021

Long Time Gone

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I couldn’t shake the dream. The usual dream. The dream in which the woman had no face and then all I saw were her thighs on each side of my head as she lowered herself to my mouth. The taste, the smell, the sounds she made as I took my pleasure had been waking me for nearly a month now sending me racing to the bathroom, grabbing some Kleenex, and shooting my load so powerfully that I nearly collapsed. If only I could see her face in the dream but it eluded me. Was it her? I couldn’t know.

The first time I went down on a girl we were eighteen year old high school seniors on the couch at her parent’s house with her parent’s out for the night. She wasn’t ready for sex she kept telling me and, truth be told, neither was I but that didn’t stop us from “fooling around”. We’d had hands up shirts and down pants finally getting to the point where the only clothes we kept on were our underwear as we dry humped against each other. It frustrated us both until she suggested trying something she’d read about in that month’s issue of Cosmo. It involved my mouth going “down there”. I could tell she was hesitant to bring it up initially and when I pressed her about why she confessed that she’d always been told something like that was dirty and unclean. I pressed further and she finally confessed that despite what she’d been told that yes it did excite her thinking about it. And so gone were her panties as we dry humped and when she felt ready I knelt down on the floor, opened her legs throwing one over my shoulder, and I lowered my face.

I thought I was going to pass out. The smell was like nothing I’d ever experienced. A mixture of exotic spices from lands I’d never before visited and when I got my first taste of the salty and sweet I came in my boxers though I kept going. I wasn’t sure what I was doing, going on instinct alone, but it seemed to be working fine. As her back suddenly arched off the couch I looked up to see her with an expression on her face that was pure pleasure and one I wanted to see again. Needless to say we were both hooked and over the next few months we’d find any place we could to be alone so that I could please her and also take my pleasure for I still found it the most intoxicating thing I’d ever done. I also got better and better at it as she grew more comfortable in the act, in realizing the pleasure it gave to us both, and with her telling me what felt good, what didn’t, and what she wanted more of. As so often happens at that age we didn’t last but my love of performing oral did.

It was in college that I met Carrie, the woman I suspect of haunting my dreams, and I was immediately smitten but sadly I was also already taken. I walked the line…flirting heavily and even picturing her when with my girlfriend for they both had the same beautiful red hair so it was easy for me to do. We eventually lost touch, I married and divorced the girlfriend, and life kartal escort bayan went on though I never quit wondering about her. Twenty years passed and, while I’d dated and had some serious relationships, I’d not married again.

It’s now mid-April and my school district has agreed to send me to a conference out of town. Three days of no students, no grading papers, no lesson plans but for those for the substitute, sounds like a vacation to me interrupted only by my attendance at a few talks each day at which I might learn something. Heaven. I arrive the evening before knowing that, with as many people as will be coming, things are likely to be crazy tomorrow. Checking in is a breeze, I swing up to my room to put away my clothes, and, tired from the drive, I order dinner in my room. Sleep comes easily on a luxurious king-sized bed and, for the first night in a long while, I have no dreams that I recall in the morning.

I’m at conference registration early again to beat the crowds and I’m off to my first session of the day. When the side doors open and the panelists walk out I’m left speechless. She’s there on stage taking a seat. Sitting at the back of the room in case I want to cut out early, which now seems unlikely, I move up to the third row. Her last name is different but it’s her and she’s not aged a bit. I also glance and don’t see a wedding ring. The panel is scheduled for an hour and it takes about half that time for her to spot me. I see her eyes scanning the crowd and they move to me and past and then jerk back. I can see the recognition on her but but I can also tell that she can’t place me and then I watch as it hits her who I am and she gives me a smile. That same bright smile that caused my heart to flutter when directed at me. I wait around after the panel wraps up and she’s soon at my side.

“We have a lot of catching up to do,” she says adding, “are you hungry?”

It’s quite the loaded question after the dream I’ve been having but I answer with a simple, “Yes.”

“The hotel’s restaurant okay with you?” I ask and then add, “How many more panels are you on today?”

“That was my only one though there are a couple I’d like to see before heading home tomorrow,” she responds as we are seated.

“Home to the husband and kids?” I ask trying to be subtle and casual.

“I do have kids, two boys, but I got rid of the husband after he cheated. And cheated,” she tells me.

We send our waiter away twice as we catch up on the past twenty years. We finally order wine and continue to talk while also enjoying the silent moments.

“How do you feel about room service?” Carrie asks and I answer by asking for the check.

We hold hands as we make our way to the elevator and a bit of the nervous excitement I felt 20 years ago returns which I release by kissing Carrie as the elevator doors close. Nine floors escort maltepe later we are both breathless as we exit the elevator and follow the corridors to my room.

“Shall we order room service?” I tease. Grabbing me Carrie pulls me down for another kiss that soon becomes more passionate than the one we shared in the elevator.

I find the zipper to her skirt and pull it down letting the skirt pool at her feet. Carrie’s unbuttoned her blouse more than half way and I finish the rest slipping it off her shoulders to join her skirt in a pool of fabric. Turning her around I kiss her neck as I release the hooks of her bra moving my lips to her shoulders as I move the bra straps out of the way. I release her heavy breasts and cup them from behind as I move my lips back to her neck. Carrie spins around and my clothes quickly end up on the floor as well. Taking my hard cock in her hand she sits on the bed and brings me to her mouth.

“No, you first,” I whisper as I settle her on the bed. She raises her hips and I slide her panties off before kissing her calves, her inner thighs, and as I open her legs Carrie suddenly scoots across the bed away from me.

“We can’t do this. Not like this,” she says and she quickly throws on her blouse and skirt, picks up her purse, and is gone.

I pick up her bra and panties and, folding them, I put them on top of the dresser. At a loss as to what to do now I consider a cold shower but I’m not sure it will help as worked up as I am. Getting dressed and realizing I haven’t eaten I pick up the phone to call room service when there’s a knock on the door. Opening it I find Carrie there in a bathrobe.

“I had to get a few…supplies, I’ve waited 20 years for this after all,” she says while opening her purse and dumping its contents on the bed.

“Are these for me or for you?” I ask as I survey the amazing array of sex toys including a dildo, nipple clamps, handcuffs, and an egg shaped vibrator and much more. Carrie answers by handing me the handcuffs, opening her robe under which she has nothing on, and laying down diagonally on the bed raising her arms near the headboard post. I quickly apply the cuffs and undress before grabbing some of the toys that interest me.

“Open your legs for me,” I command and when she hesitates I pick up a whip that has a handle and long wide leather strips hanging from it and bring it down across Carrie’s breasts. She opens her legs after the second whipping but I also notice that her nipples have grown hard. I’ve waited 20 years for this and I’m going to take my time. I lower my head and I can already smell that she’s turned on and running my tongue over her pussy I can taste that she’s turned on as well.

“Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve had a guy do…” she starts to say but then stops when I lightly suck her swollen clit into my mouth. I kiss and lick pendik escort and suck listening to her moans and letting them be the guide as to what she likes. Reaching up I caress her swollen nipples as my face becomes more and more wet from Carrie’s now soaking pussy. I find a rhythm she likes and I can tell she’s close to an orgasm when I stop. Grabbing the nipple clamps I quickly attach them to each hard nipple tightening them until I’m sure they won’t come off. I also grab the dildo and, wiping my mouth of Carrie’s wetness I spread some on the head of the dildo. It slips inside easily and I push more and more of it until it won’t go any more. Turning the knob on the base a low hum begins and I again suck her clit in my mouth. Reaching up once again I pull the chain that attaches both nipple clamps stretching and tugging her nipples until suddenly I see the dildo getting pushed out and hear the moans of pleasure letting me know that Carrie is having a very intense orgasm. I push the dildo back in and suck on her clit more wanting her to cum again and again only stopping when she begs me to stop because she can’t take any more.

Pulling out the dildo I leave the clamps in place and undo the handcuffs.

“Turn over and get up on your knees,” I tell Carrie and she quickly does as told. I again lock the handcuffs around her wrists. Standing by the bed and grabbing her hair I force my cock in her mouth. She quickly has me hard again and nicely wet and so I walk to the end of the bed. Getting on the bed behind her I grab my hard cock and run it along her wet pussy before grabbing her hips and pushing inside. I don’t stop until I’m fully in and then I simply pause. The feel of her pussy is soft and warm and liquid and I enjoy the moment, the moment I’ve been waiting for for so long.

“I’ve wanted this since I first met you,” I tell her. “You’re so beautiful and sexy and I want this to last but that’ll be for next time,” and with my hands still grabbing her hips I pull nearly all the way out before slamming back inside of Carrie. “It’s all about me now,” I say as I set a fast and hard pace.

I’m so lost in what I’m doing that I’m not aware of anything until Carrie’s crying out, “Harder. Fuck. Me. Harder,” and I do our bodies colliding violently into each other smacking so hard it sounds like she’s being slapped and then I cum and as I do I grab her long red hair pulling her head back as I give one final hard thrust. Pulling out I watch as my cum comes flowing out of her pussy in long strands. Cupping my hand I catch some in my palm and I move off the bed.

“Clean me up,” I tell Carrie as I thrust my palm out to her. She sucks the cum up obediently and then uses her mouth to clean up my cum soaked cock. Only when she’s done do I release her from the handcuffs.

“Twenty years. Was it worth the wait?” Carrie asks as she heads to the shower.

“More than worth it and when you get out there’s more catching up to do,” I tell her.

“Or you can join me,” she suggests as she slips behind the shower curtain.

“We do have a lot of time to make up for,” I say quietly to myself just before I too get in the tub.

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