17 Mayıs 2021

Look but Don’t Touch

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Ellen groaned at herself as she ran on the treadmill. Sweat glistened down her cheeks and onto her chest, staining her blue sports bra. She was getting one hell of a workout, both physically and mentally.

She turned her head to watch Mark, as she had been doing much of the time she was on the treadmill. He was lifting weights, and his whole torso was glistening with sweat. He didn’t exactly have washboard abs, but he was sure getting there. His arms strained as he lifted the weights again and again. Then he set them down and hopped on the exercise bike, riding at a leisurely pace.

It was all she could do to not jump his bones then and there. That morning, she’d tried to seduce him, but he’d grinned in a sadistic way. “Not yet. Today, we’re going to look, but not touch.” He said.

She’d pouted, “Until when?” she asked. “Till tonight.” He told her.

So she was frustrated, but at the same time, aroused. That morning, Mark teased her a dozen times it seemed to her, getting dressed, flashing her and tormenting her with whispers in her ear and soft, warm kisses on her neck. She had teased him back, though, but flashing him and teasing him with blown kisses and dancing a little in front of him.

Then while at work, Ellen had sent him a picture of her breasts to his phone. She was sure he could think of little else after that, kartal escort bayan and the picture she’d gotten in return of his cock was viewed many times by her throughout the day. She spent a few moments in the restroom at work looking at it, licking her lips slowly as she imagined how the hot thick head would taste as it glided between her warm lips.

Now they were doing an evening workout together, and soon, so soon, she would be his. She got tingles when she thought of his hard member in her, her mouth watered at his taste. They were about done with their workout.

Mark grinned at her. He knew it was torture on her not being able to lay her hands on him, or have him all day. Of course, it was torture on himself too, but he reminded himself it would be worth it. He was amazed too that she’d gone this long and wondered how long it could last. All night? No, he chuckled to himself. Neither of them would last the night. Mark grinned at himself as they finished up. The next part would truly test them both.

Mark wiped the sweat off his face as he got off the bike. “Let’s go get cleaned up,” he said as he walked into the bathroom. Ellen groaned inwardly. Surely she wouldn’t have to watch him shower!

She walked into the bathroom, getting an idea. “I’ll shower first,” she said. There, now she won’t be driven insane, escort maltepe she thought.

But Mark had other ideas. “Let’s save water, and shower together,” he suggested. “Then we’ll be done quicker.”

So she got her clothes off quickly and jumped in before him, closing her eyes so she wouldn’t be further tortured by him. She rubbed body wash all over herself and got good and soapy, then rinsed off. She just had to steal a peek at Mark, to see what he was doing. He was near her and soaping his own body up, and she groaned because his cock was already hard and throbbing. She knew she wouldn’t last much longer. She quickly washed her hair, then was going to get out quickly.

Mark grinned and he watched her. He knew the shower would torture her further, and was amused as she tried to get in and out as quickly as possible. As she was getting out though, her butt brushed against his cock, and that was the final straw.

She gasped at the touch, and all the mental torture she’d endured made her discipline crumble. She turned around, kissing him deeply and passionately, pressing herself to him. The feel of his skin against hers sent electric shocks through her, and she wanted it all. She got on her knees, wrapping her fingers around his cock, inhaling it into her mouth and sucking desperately on it. Mark let a loud pendik escort groan escape his lips as his fingers entwined in her wet hair. She bobbed up and down on his cock for a few minutes, taking him in and out of her throat, then stood and pulled Mark out of the shower.

She laid down on the floor, opening her legs, wanting him in her. Mark smiled at her, and got on the floor with her. But instead of getting in her like she wanted, he took his time, licking her lips and sliding his tongue in her. She grosned loudly, pinching one of her nipples while she laid the other hand on his head. Mark swirled his tongue in her, bobbing his head on her then blushed his tongue back and forth on her clit. She bit her lip, he was going to make her cum just from eating her.

Then he pulled his tongue out and rolled her over. She groaned and raised her ass, waiting for his throbbing engorged member, licking her pink lips. She wasn’t disappointed as Mark slammed his cock into her, holding onto her hips and taking control of her. She let out moan after moan as Mark continuously slammed his hips into her, taking her hard, slapping his balls into her. She started quivering as wave after wave of orgasm overtook her, causing her to milk his cock. Mark groaned, slamming his hips all the way in her, and soon she felt his hot seed shooting in her. She mmmm’ed, reaching down and rubbing her clit, then rolled over and kissed him.

“I didn’t say you could touch yet,” Mark said teasingly.

Ellen grinned, “Guess that makes me a bad girl. She said. “You might have to punish me.” Mark grinned.

“Maybe,” he said…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
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