12 Mayıs 2021

Love , Hate the New Neighbor

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I love my neighbors. Bob and Amanda are a cute couple in their late 30’s, he’s the type that borrows a tool and returns it with a 24 pack, she’s in great shape and would randomly flash me from her yard followed by a knowing wink. I’m single, work too much and travel, so they also take care of my house when I’m gone. We’d spent enough time together that we eventually opened up a secluded path between our houses connecting our side doors. A solid arrangement right up until Bob was transferred to Seattle.

Now I hate my neighbors. Steve is a bit wimpy, doesn’t look you in the eye and his wife Wendy, although tall, thin and the recent recipient of a very well done boob job is nothing short of a raging bitch. This woman insists on parking poorly, blocking my driveway, throwing loud parties with her chick friends and has been a generally disrespectful neighbor. I really, really dislike this woman.

Last night Steve was clearly out of town and Wendy was in rare form with a handful of her screechy friends drinking and squealing until 1:00 in the morning. Did I mention I hate this woman? So, imagine my surprise the next morning when she strutted up my driveway and explained how I had to help her install a water heater.

Apparently Steve was keeping her finances on a short leash (Go Steve!) and had given her cash to have the water heater he had already purchased last weekend, installed by the local handyman. She had felt it more important to spend the cash on booze and who knows what else for her dumb little buddies. In spite of her subtly thrusting her chest out, there was no chance I was going to do plumbing on my first weekend off in a month and even less chance I’d do it for this fucking bitch. I politely declined and she stomped off like a forlorned child.

Two hours later, I’m under a car, covered in grease and I see a pair of sexy heels clicking up my driveway. Imagine my disappointment when they were attached to Wendy. Now wearing a tiny bikini top and equally small shorts she went on to explain how I’m always fixing things and her water heater should be super easy.

That was it, I snapped and told her I’d be happy to be her plumber, but she’d have to be my maid and sex slave for the weekend. I immediately regretted the response and as she called me a number of uncomplimentary names and stomped away. It was delightful to watch her ass wiggle as she made her way down my driveway and I assumed that would be the last time we spoke for quite some time.

I was wrong. Now 8:00pm and wrapping up my project, I was cleaning tools in the garage when she returned, this time in a robe and crying. Apparently she’d had it with cold showers and was actually considering my offer (I had meant it more of a conversational deterrent than a real proposal, but she now had my attention).

“What do I have to do, Steve isn’t back for a week and I can’t take another cold shower, just tell me what you want” stated a beaten down Wendy. Well… That’s a fun twist, still believing I just needed to offend her enough to make per permanently go away, I explained she’d have to wear the slutty maid costume I had seen her in last halloween, clean my house and spend the weekend as my personal sex toy. I wasn’t too concerned she’d tell Steve, as she had as much to lose, so I just watched her process my last statement. Her defeated look almost made me feel bad. She once again skulked down my driveway and I went back to cleaning up and sipping whisky.

By 10:00pm I had showered and was finally grabbing a little dinner when I heard her enter from the open garage door. She looked me in the eye and dropped her coat revealing the aforementioned maids outfit. She had done her makeup, her long legs were adorned in white thigh highs and she teetered on 5″ black patent leather heels. My god, this woman was actually sexy. I wanted to thank Steve for paying for all those yoga and workout classes and particularly for the picture perfect set of boobs that were now calling my name.

“Fine, I’ll do whatever you want for the next two days, just please fix my water heater and let me use your shower until you’re done” Wendy spat with a subtle tone of desperation. Still not believing her, I nodded and pointed to the floor at my feet. She rolled her eyes, I think hoping I’d opt for cleaning duties first, but walked over and dropped to her knees. I don’t know about you, but a ton of my fantasy material involves a fetishy woman in heels on her knees and looking up at me with big blue eyes.

I pulled my robe back and my now hard cock sprang free. She begrudgingly started with a slow stroking and then the tip in her mouth. A low moan sent vibrations through my groin and were quickly changing kartal escort my opinion of this woman. Blond hair tied back, I could see her full red lips distend each time her mouth ran the length of my cock. She clearly knew what she was doing and soon had the tip bumping the back of her throat. I was starting to like Wendy.

God, I love that feeling of a woman’s mouth on my hard cock and was soon sensing a tingle in my nuts. Her pace quickened, moaning increased and she was now tickling my taint with her free hand. “I don’t swallow, do you want to come on my tits?” I shook my head, grabbed her by the hair and fucked her face until I unloaded down her throat with a loud groan. It had been a while for me, and she struggled to contain the gush of cum, but managed to take most of it.

I let go of her hair and she pulled back about to say something, I cut her off and again explained I don’t do plumbing, but this weekend we’d both be stretching our limits. She sighed and finished cleaning the cum off my dick. I’m not sure if she was sexy because she was sexy, or because she was under duress, but I was really starting to enjoy this woman.

Those big blue eyes peered up at me as she tongued my sensitive tip and I found myself looking forward to the next few days. “Stand up and turn around”, she dutifully let my once again hard cock plop out of her warm, wet mouth and extended her muscular legs as she rose and pivoted. I pulled her to my body, pushed her skirt up and slid a hand inside her tiny underwear. She was soaking wet and I secretly thanked some power greater than my own for what was promising to be an epic weekend.

Pushing two fingers into her and trapping her clit, I added a little pressure to her inner walls and she let out a sigh that made my cock even harder. Whispering into her ear, “You’re wet, you enjoyed being on your knees?” She tried to stammer an answer, but only managed to throw her head back and moan.

“I think I like it when you’re in control, my husband never really does that…” she shared in a hushed tone. Well, Wendy, I like it as well and explained there would be a whole lot more to come. My hand was now soaked and she was thrusting her hips out to meet each stroke and then she said the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard. In a breathy voice, “can I cum?”

I nearly did as well and vowed to make her ask for it for the duration. “Yes baby, cum on my hand, tell me what a good slut you’re going to be this weekend”. Her hips bucked and she babbled out a littany of sexy positions “yes, fuck me doggy style, hold my hips and pound me from behind, tie my hands up and fuck my face, use me…” and then it hit her, I was now supporting her entire weight as her body shook, magnificent boobs had worked their way out of the maids costume and every muscle in her body went taught.

As she came down, we both made our way to the floor, her head now leaning on my chest. “I’m sorry I’ve been a bitch to you, I promise to make it up, can I use your shower?”

I could see the steam all the way into my bedroom as nearly an hour later she emerged from the bathroom, wrapped in a towel and little else. “Can I sleep here tonight? Please, I’ll do whatever you want” Hard to deny an offer like that and I pulled the covers away to let her climb in. We were both beat and pretty quickly passed out.

I awoke late in the day and alone, assuming she had returned to her bitchy self and left. The clatter coming from the kitchen told another story and as promised, dressed in an even sexier maids outfit she was doing dishes and scrambling eggs. We made eye contact and I suspect she could tell I was admiring her.

“Truth be told, I like dressing sexy and have lots of outfits although Steve has never really liked this side of me”. I sat down and pondered the sight before me. So, here was my bitchy neighbor, that until yesterday I would have preferred never speak to me again, dressed in stilettos, thigh highs and a maids outfit that was as little as possible, required to convey the maid fantasy. The subtle click of her heels (damn, I love women in heels) as she pivoted around the kitchen, artfully bending over the sink and handing me coffee with that beautiful rack inches from my face made we want to fuck her all the more.

“Is there anything else you’d like sir?” her crafty request pulled me from my reflection and made me even harder than I already was. “Yes Wendy, we need to discuss your punishment for the last 9 months of bitchiness”. Her eyes cast down in the hottest pout a grown woman had ever thrown out.

“Yes sir, I understand, but I promise to be good from now on.” With that she again dropped to her knees and I was soon in maltepe escort bayan her hot mouth. God, Wendy knew how to suck cock. The moans and a hand at the base combined with slow sucking and her tongue swirling around my sensitive tip were nothing short of pure heaven.

But I had other plans and snaking my fingers into her hair, I begrudgingly pulled her off my cock and layed her across my lap. With a hand in her hair I kept tension on her neck, flipped up her tiny skirt and slammed a hand print into her rounded ass. She grunted and wiggled, but was trapped and endured a half dozen more spanks before I let up.

Each spank was met with a whine and a moan that said she was not exactly looking to escape. From the back, I pushed her tiny thong aside, I wrapped her cunt in my hand and palmed her clit. She was wet as hell and now gyrating against my hand. “Tell me how sorry you are for being a bitch…”

Moaning an answer she spread her legs more and regaled how sorry she was and how she would do whatever it took to make up for her actions. “I’m your slut…” And with that she clenched her ass against my arm and came. I suspect every man alive has wanted a woman to share those very words and I was grateful I got to hear them with a wet pussy in my hand.

Still breathing heavy, I swung her around and had her straddle me while I remained sitting. Our mouths connected for what was our first kiss and I could feel the need with each swipe of her little tongue. She lowered herself onto me and with little resistance my cock slid into her wet pussy.

Lips still connected, she moaned into my mouth as she bottomed out and began grinding herself into my lap. Pulling her face away, she looked me in the eyes and pleaded I not cum in her as she was not protected. Those giant blue pools of wantan sexiness paused waiting for a response. “I’ll take that as a request to cum in your ass” and snaked my hands back into her hair, pulling her face to mine and resuming our hot kiss.

I doubt that was the answer she was hoping for, but hardly cared at this point. Twenty minutes of grinding and three more orgasms from Wendy and I was ready to shoot. Sliding her down my legs and to her knees, the wry smile and smokey eyes said she understood what was next.

Licking her juices off my hard cock, she resumed the guttural moan that sent vibrations into my soul and bobbed her head up and down with a sexy slow twist. I couldn’t help but let loose down her throat and like a good girl she gulped and swallowed until I had emptied my load into her mouth. I could not help but appreciate the pure fetish sexiness that lay before me, maid outfit disheveled, blond hair across my thighs, tanned legs and heels splayed across the floor and her mouth still cleaning off the last bit of cum. I should have told this woman off months ago!

She spent the balance of the day cleaning my house in various trampy outfits while I installed a water heater and we both got some use out of the secret path the old neighbors and I had created to connect our homes. At one point she brought me lunch wearing a school girl outfit (a grown woman with great legs in a plaid skirt could convince even the toughest man to do anything she wished).

I pulled her in for a hard kiss and freed her boobs from her blouse. Her nipples were rock hard and tasted of vanilla. She pushed her tits into my face and leaned her head back in a slow moan. Pulling away, I slapped her ass and told her to let me finish. I could see the conflict in her eyes, cum some more or enjoy a hot shower in her own house…

She pulled away, flashed that wry smile, flipped up her skirt showing me she was not wearing underwear and strutted away. I struggled to concentrate and spent the next few hours wrapping up the job while my cock kept telling me to go find her and fuck the hell out her.

By dinner time, I was done (Damn, I hate plumbing) and had everything cleaned up. Back at my place I hit the shower and threw on a robe before heading down to the basement to check my own utility closet. Wrapped up a few chores in my rarely used basement and heard the now familiar click of stilettos upstairs.

By the time I made it to the livingroom my coffee table was covered in sex toys and she was on her knees wiping them down. “I’ve had these hidden in my end table for years, can we try some of them?” I glanced at her collection and at her pleading eyes, told her to turn around and bend over the couch. She nearly jumped into position and was soon on her knees and face down in the sofa.

Grabbing a mid sized looking butt plug and her tube of KY, I moved in behind her. “Grab our ass cheeks and spread them”, escort pendik as she complied, I remembered her earlier request and picked up the cuffs she had also laid out. Now face down and hands tied behind her back, it was everything I had to not just fuck her then and there.

With a little lube on my fingers I circled her asshole and waited for her tell tale moan. Sure enough, she pushed back against my fingers and my thumb slowly entered her ass. He moans got louder. Just to make sure she was distracted I grabbed a vibe, put it on low and inserted it into her wet pussy. Her head flew back and moans increased in volume.

Pouring lube over the butt plug, I pushed it against her ass and told her to back into it. Nothing sexier than seeing a woman ass fuck herself. The internal conflict is just plain sexy. Heaving grunting and much back and forth movement ensued before the plug was fully embedded in her ass. I gave it a final push and turned the vibe up to full and then down to low.

She actually screamed and thrust herself into my hand as she desperately tried to orgasm. Leaning over her and with a handful of her blond mane, I whispered in her ear “Tell me you want to be fucked in the ass and I’ll let you cum” She just grunted and pushed her ass into my crotch. I backed away, not letting her make contact and she made a needy whine.

“Ok, ok… Please do my ass, fuck me in the ass I don’t care, just let me cum.” Dropping her head into the cushions, I slowly pulled the plug from her ass and slathered my cock in lube. She was wiggling and moaning the entire time and only managed to sit still when my dick touched her now distended asshole. She froze , knowing what was next.

I turned the vibe up a little and eased a few inches into her little asshole. The moaning and grunting hit a new high as she spread her legs further and arched her back. I added a few more inches of hard cock and told her she was a good girl.

The vibe was now at full noise and her body was gyrating out of control as I sunk all the way into her upturned ass. The velvet glove sensation and tightness of a woman’s bottom is virtually indescribable, I’m sure it’s the taboo nature of the act as well, but it feels like you have very much conquered her, you own her and she exists purely for your pleasure.

The vibe was doing its job as her bound hands clenched the air and her head slammed into the couch in another orgasm. “Tell me where you want me to cum Wendy”.

“Oh god, please… Cum in my ass, fill me up, uhhh… Please fuck me and cum in my ass”. Magic words indeed and combined with her orgasm induced clenching of my cock, I was close.

Grabbing her hips, I started thrusting into her helpless ass, her words were unintelligible, but I suspect it was the continuation of her pleading for me to cum in her. Easily beginning in my toes, I could feel it build and by the time my orgasm hit my cock it was like a tidal wave of pleasure, I pounded into her ass, threw my head back and groaned as I flooded Wendy’s backside with cum and flopped down on her body.

Still breathing like we’d run a marathon, it was everything I could do to untie her and pull the vibe from her overly sensitive pussy, while pushing the plug back in her ass to keep her from leaking.

We laid on the floor for a good 30 minutes before I got up and carried her to the shower. We both cleaned up and she later joined me in bed, nuzzling and kissing my neck, she confessed her love for being tied up and used. “I’ve never cum so many times and so hard, I know it seems wrong, but I need to be told what to do in bed.”

I pulled her away, looked her in the eye and told her I’d like to finish the evening in her mouth. She moaned and slid down to my once again hardening cock. “You like my mouth and my pussy and my ass, don’t you?” I nodded and she pushed my cock into her throat, came up for air and began a staccato pleading, “are you ready to cum, I want to be a good girl and make you feel good with my mouth” back into her mouth and then “I’ll be your slut anytime you want, spank me, fuck my ass tie me up…” again in her mouth “dress like a slut for you and swallow your cum whenever you ask.” Then her patented moaning vibration began and I let loose what little cum was left in my body.

When I woke Wendy was gone, along with her toys and any indication she had ever been at my house. Not long after, Steve returned and our normal cycle resumed for the next few months. Wendy was no longer a bitch, but it may also have been because I rarely saw her. Figuring I wouldn’t push my luck I rolled with it. One fateful Friday night I came home from work, pulled into my driveway and saw a familiar silhouette through my kitchen window. I was greeted with a woman in sexy black lingerie, slutty heels and a thick black collar that said Fuck Me in sparkling rhinestones. “My car needs an alternator, is there anything I can do to convince you to help me?” I love my neighbors.

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