21 Nisan 2021

Making Mom Happy Ch. 03

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The massages continued like this every few days for a couple of weeks. I would let my hands wander occasionally up to mom’s awesome butt cheeks for a ‘full’ handful whilst doing them, but only once or twice during our sessions, so as not to appear too obvious. I’d often get so turned on that I’d have to make an excuse to go to the bathroom and jerk myself off for relief. That seemed ok, and I was sure both mom and dad didn’t suspect what I was really doing, when I disappeared for a few minutes, or so I thought at the time.

Apart from the evening massages life carried on ‘as normal’ during each day. It was only when the three of us were all alone in the evenings after dad and I had set up the massage table, that there seemed a bit of an ‘electric air’ between us all. It was hard to put my finger on it, but these sessions seem to have some ‘energy’ to them and although to an outsider it may have looked a bit odd, after a while it seemed perfectly natural.

But we only ever did the massages when there were no other guests or family visiting anyway, and as far as I knew neither mom or dad ever mentioned the massages to anyone else, and neither did I.

Then after another couple of weeks, the heat wave set in.

It became really hot. We’d get this every year of course, in India, but that never made it any easier. Although we didn’t have full air conditioning in the flat, we had a couple of those portable-cooling units. They helped, but it wasn’t the same as having full air-con and it was still warm and humid in the flat, especially in the evenings.

It was a couple of days after the heat wave had set in and dad and I had just finished setting up the massage table. Dad was wearing light cotton shorts and a half sleeved shirt, whilst I had shorts and a t-shirt on. Mom came in wearing her usual skirt and blouse.

“Oh, it’s too hot in here” she said in a complaining tone. ümraniye escort “And I’m all hot and sticky” she added.

Dad looked up from reading his paper. “Why don’t you take a quick shower and then come in here. I’m sure Rasheed won’t mind” he said.

“That’s a good idea,” said mom, “I’ll be a lot more comfortable. Give me a few minutes Rasheed.”

I sat on the sofa and waited. Dad went back to reading his paper.

After about 10 minutes, I got the shock of my life. Mom came into the living room with a dark blue bath towel draped around her and carrying a couple of smaller towels, the same colour. The bath towel covered her boobs and down to the tops of her thighs, leaving most of her legs and the area above her boobs completely exposed. I had never seen her like this before and I felt my prick nudge against my shorts.

“That’s better,” she said. “Now Rasheed, I’ve brought in some small towels. I’m going to lie on the massage table and you’ll have to put one over my bottom under the bath towel and then take the bath towel off so you can massage me properly.”

I swallowed, not quite believing what I was hearing and trying to cover the slight bulge in my shorts with one hand. “Sure mom” I said, rather timidly.

With the bath towel still wrapped around her, she lay herself face down on the massage table. I grabbed a smaller towel from her hand and hesitated whilst she released the bath towel from under her, so it was free from below but still covered her back and butt.

“Just slip the small towel under the big one, so it’s over my bottom” she said, looking around on her elbows.

“That’s right son,” added dad, looking up from reading his paper.

My hands were shaking, but I tried not to let it show.

I lifted the blue bath towel slightly from where it covered her thighs, so as not to expose yenibosna escort her completely, and slid the smaller towel under it, over both thighs. I didn’t get a glimpse of her butt as I looked away so as to appear quite innocent to what I was doing. Then, replacing the bath towel over the smaller one, I slid the small towel up. My fingers invariably couldn’t help running over the fleshy cheeks of mom’s ass as I did so. The feeling was extremely arousing, and my dick jerked up in my shorts again.

I tried to adjust the smaller towel so it would be covering most of her ass, but although I couldn’t see it’s position exactly, I could tell the towel was not really very big, and would only just cover it.

‘Oh fuck,’ I thought. ‘How am I going to control myself?’

“That seems fine” said mom. “The small towel feels like it’s positioned ok – you can remove the bath towel now.”

‘Oh shit,’ I thought. ‘Here we go, keep cool, keep calm….’ My heart raced.

Slowly, starting from where the bath towel lay over her shoulder blades, I started to peel it back, revealing more and more of her naked flesh. First her mid-back came into view, then the lower back and then the smaller blue towel just covering her butt, and finally it was all off. I threw the large towel on the sofa and stared at the awesome sight in front of me.

As my mom lay there on the massage table, for the first time I saw her almost naked from the back, and it was a vision to behold. Her skin was very lightly tanned, hairless and smooth looking, and as she lay there I could even see the sides of her boobs as they squashed outwards against the cushion of the massage table. The smaller towel only just covered her ass, as it rose with the line of her large butt cheeks from the small of her back and down to the tops of her thighs.

I could now also have yeşilköy escort a better sense of her body’s proportions, and boy did it look good. She had a very voluptuous figure, and although a little overweight, she had retained her curves, and there was an arch shape from her boobs down to her hips and waist, giving an hourglass figure of sorts.

And now I could see the shape of her fabulous ass more clearly than ever before. Although not fully exposed due to the small towel, the flesh of her ass cheeks rose up in a smooth curved fleshy mound, and their width was such that, although large, her butt looked in proportion to the rest of her body. I ached to bury my face in between her ass cheeks there and then, but I had to hold myself back.

“Now you can massage me properly” said mom, and placed her head down on her folded elbows.

Dad looked up from his paper. “Oh yes, that’s much better now isn’t it Rasheed? You can now massage your mom like a professional,” he added, smiling.

By now I had a bead of sweat on my forehead, and my dick straining in my shorts. Luckily, I was standing so my crotch area was below the top of the table so it couldn’t be seen by both mom and dad from the position I was in.

“Yea dad – mom looks much more comfortable, and I should be able to do a much better job” I blurted out, not really knowing much about what I’d just said. My head was in a spin at the sight of mom virtually nude from the back, in front of me. “I just need to go to the toilet for a minute.”

I grabbed one of the other small towels so as to cover the front of my shorts and almost ran to the bathroom. After locking the door I ripped my shorts down and grabbed my dick, which was by now pulsating. After just a couple of strokes I came, spurting wave loads of cum into the bath and on the floor – I couldn’t even direct my cum properly so it missed the floor, I was so worked up!

‘Wow,’ I thought, ‘How the fuck am I going to get through this massage?’

I cleaned up and regained some composure before walking back into the living room. The sight of mom again, virtually naked from the back was amazing, and I knew that touching her skin would get me going again, but I had to do it.

To be continued…

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