21 Nisan 2021

Man of the House Ch. 01: Almost Home

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Beautiful Girls

When I’d gone off to college the year before, I knew my parents would be lonely, I just didn’t know how much. I was fine. The entire year went by quickly for me, but for them, it just seemed to linger. They drifted apart, at least that’s what I got from emails and phone calls.

My mother would call me late in the evening, when my father was supposed to be home, but wasn’t. I could tell she’d started drinking more than usual and each time she called it was a little bit sloshier. I felt bad. I figured my dad wasn’t just “working late” and I knew she wanted to believe him, but she didn’t.

One night she called and confided in me that she thought he was having an affair in Atlanta, miles away from her in California. She thought he might have someone there that was more important than her, more sensuous, or more exciting. It made me so sad to hear her talk to me about the way she envisioned him seducing this young, exciting girl.

She’d drink her Martinis and tell me about how she thought his “lecture series” was just a way for him to fulfill some “sex addiction” she thought he had. A bunch of stuff I didn’t need to hear about, but she was always drinking when she called and didn’t seem to care, like I was one of her friends or something and not her son.

So it wasn’t a surprise when my father called and told me he was doing a “summer series of lectures” in Atlanta and that he wouldn’t be able to see me over summer break. I thought of my mother the whole time he was talking. She was right. He was an asshole. I didn’t listen too much that he had to say after that. Just mumbling on the phone, but I did hear him say, “man of the house” and I thought, yeah, I will be the only man in that house you prick.

It was May and school was almost out for the semester. I was 19 and still couldn’t go to the bars where most of my friends were hanging out. I’d always seemed to be attracted to older friends, men and women and most of them were around 25 or 26, so it wasn’t unusual that I was home alone on a Friday night in May.

I was feeling a bit lonely, as my first year of college had almost come around and I still didn’t have any real stories to tell. ümraniye escort My father would get drunk and tell me conquest stories of his days at University and I thought I was supposed to follow in those footsteps, but just didn’t seem to know where to walk.

I figured I’d pour myself a little Patron, left over from a party I’d thrown for my friend Cassie and her partner Stevie. That night I’d drank way too much and sort of watched Cassie and Stevie make out in front of me for like an hour while they thought I was passed out. It was actually pretty fucking hot watching people who didn’t know you were watching them. The sounds they made and the way they awkwardly fumbled through pieces of their clothing to get to each other’s nipples made me so hard on the ground. I wanted to rub one out so badly, but just laid there, watching.

Anyways, back to my lonely, pathetic Friday night plans at college: I poured myself some Patron and got online. After about an hour of twitching my eyes to not look at the sexy pop-up ads to the right of whatever forum I’d happen to click on, I found myself staring at the screen. A gif of a woman, maybe in her 50’s, her dark black hair pulled back, an apron on, nothing else, cleavage pouring out over the tops of it, bending over, again and again in gif wonderment.

I kept staring. My cock pulsed and I could feel my heart pumping. I clicked on the image. Then another and another and another, until my cock was raging underneath me. I looked at more older women online that night than I ever had before. Their eyes looked at the camera differently, wantingly in a way no 20 year-old could ever understand. I watched video after video of older women seducing younger boys; boys who’d just come home from college, just like me. I wondered, as i started to paw at my pants, groping down on my balls and cock, wanting to unleash it, but needing to click the screen to see more images.

I was addicted to this new wonderlust. The eyes of an older woman staring down on me, her cleavage pouring out, nurturing her pussy around my throbbing cock, soothing me to feeling calm, content and üsküdar escort brimming with pleasure. Oh fuck, I edged so hard, not wanting to cum, addicted to the images, one after the next.

I was lost in my headphones, my balls tensing up on my 7in, cut shaft. My hand was squeezing hard, edging my cock, so that I could consume more images of gorgeous older mothers, 40, 50, sometimes 60 years old! I didn’t care. I stroked and grabbed my balls hard, about to cum…

Then the phone rang. I ignored it and tried to stay on track, but it wouldn’t stop ringing. Why the fuck!? I thought, as i paused the video, clamped my cock hard with one hand and angrily picked up my phone, screaming,


“Andy, is that any way to talk to your mother?”

I was mortified. My cock was swelling in my hand, my balls aching underneath my tight grip. I paused, froze, didn’t say anything, looked at the computer screen, thought of the phone, froze again.

“Andy!? Are you there? It’s your mother and I need you right now, are you there, Andy?”

“Yea, uh, mom.” I stammered.

I looked around the dorm room. I knew I’d be alone for the evening, but this felt awkward even to me. Half naked, my cock in my hand, standing up out of downright embarrassment, talking to my mom on the phone, with naked videos of gorgeous, wanting women of HER AGE filling my computer screen.

“Andy, I…,” I heard her take a long sip of her Martini.

“Andy, I need to speak with you about something, are you alone?” She asked.

“Yea, Mom, I’m just here in the dorm, whatsup, I’m kinda busy, I mean it is Friday night and all,” I spouted out with a bit of teenage indignity.

“Well,” she said, “I am just thinking that you don’t need to get a job this summer.”

“Uh, why wouldn’t I get a job this summer, Mom, I’ve had one since I was 15?” I asked.

“I just need you around the house, you see, your father, well, your father won’t be here and I’ll just need you to do jobs around the house that he would have done,” she said sloppily, her Martini no doubt spilling over her Tiffany crystal.

“Like anadolu yakası escort what?” I asked.

My eyes were starting to confound me and I now started noticing my cock was not only not going down, but seemed to be pulsing every time my mother spoke. I held it tightly, gripping it tightly, as if I wasn’t the one in control of it. I was edging hard college cock in one hand and talking on the phone to my mother with the other. I couldn’t help it. I almost wanted to cry, but I couldn’t help it. My cock felt so good, so full.

“Well, Andy,” she started, taking another long sip of what was probably her 3rd Martini of the evening.

“Well, Andy, the second bedroom needs to be redone, I am turning it into a yoga studio, complete with a sauna. Isn’t that wonderful?” She said, pouring back the alcohol into her throat.

I could picture her running a hand through her hair as she stated the sentence, victorious. She must have really turned over a new leaf with the news of my father’s “summer lecture series” in Atlanta.

“The second bedroom, you mean my room?” I shot back, like a stricken, angsty brat.

“Well, Andy it was your room, but now it will be a sauna and work out room and we can all use it.”

She sounded so happy I didn’t want to upset her, though I was now feeling like her son more and more. I was beginning to feel overwhelmed, i squeezed my balls and took a deep breath.

“Where am I going to sleep while I am helping turn my old room into your, whatever, your sauna sanctuary?”

I tossed back the words quickly with another shot of Patron and waited for my cock to return to normal, so subside, to give me refuge. It did not. It stood at attention, without guilt or shame, intent on hearing her every word.

I could hear her take a deep pull of her Martini and rustle around a little bit.

“Andy, I’m not worried about stuff like that, don’t be worried about anything like that. We are going to make it a great summer, regardless of whether your father will be home or not. We are going to make it our house and just do things the way we want to do them. Don’t worry about a thing, Mommy will take care of you.”

She hung up, drunk again. I took the phone away from my ear and stared at it. Then I looked down and watched my cum soaked belly button fill and seep down across my shaved, toned abs, and pool into the base of my cock. I passed out, my last thoughts drifting to what this insane summer was going to hold.

—-End of Chapter 1—-

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