19 Nisan 2021

Matt and Mom

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When the door to his town house opened to Matt Thompson’s touch, his heart began to race. It was supposed to be locked. The alarm system was supposed to be activated. But his wife Trudy was still at work, so …

Matt tiptoed inside and closed the door as quietly as he could. Sounds from the living room, someone in tears, someone sniffling. Padding silently along the ornate Oriental carpet, he stopped when he had a good view into the living room.

On the sofa, he recognized the thick, copper hair, the silver silk blouse, and the shaking shoulders — his mother, Louise.

“Mom?” he asked.

Louise jumped up, startled.

“Oh, Matt, I’m sorry,” she said, dabbing her eyes.

“It’s all right, Mom, that’s why I gave you a spare key.”

“Not about that,” she said. “These.”

Louise handed Matt a sheaf of papers. Matt flipped through them. Certain phrases leapt to his eyes: “You were so good last night,” read one. “We really should run away. They’ll find out sooner or later,” read another “Trudy, you make me feel twenty again.”

“Trudy’s cheating on me?” Matt asked incredulously. “Where did you get these?”

“Check out the e-mail addresses.”

“Oh, my God. Trudy’s and … Dad’s.”

Louise nodded, and began to cry again. His anger building, Matt took his slender mother’s body in his arms, and let her cry it out.

His own feelings were suddenly in turmoil. Rage, pain, confusion boiled in his breast, but he kept it all to himself until Louise looked up into his deep brown eyes, the same color and shape as her own.

“I couldn’t think of a nice way to say it,” Louise said softly. “It’s been going on for years. The night before your wedding, when you were out on the town with your buddies, Trudy was in bed with your father.”

“That bitch!” Matt spat. “That son of a bitch!”

“He’s got a condo I didn’t know about,” Louise continued. “They meet in the city once or twice a week.”

Crushed, Matt sank to the sofa and buried his head in his hands.

“What are we going to do?” he asked.

“Well, when someone’s fucking your wife,” Louise said softly, “one way to respond would be to fuck his.”

It erenköy escort bayan took Matt a moment to realize what his mother had just said.

“You mean … we should go to bed together?”

Louise nodded.

“But you’re my mother!”

“So what?” she replied. “I’m only forty-three, and I’m on the pill. I swim every day, I play tennis twice a week, and guys your age check me out all the time. And you’re only twenty-three. You could get it up for a walrus and go all night.”

Matt could feel his heart pounding, recalling more than one guilty moment when he’d seen his mother in a bikini and wondering what she looked like underneath. But actually taking her to bed … there were reasons society had rules against this.

“Look, Matt,” Louise said, rising. Turning her back to her son, she surreptitiously unbuttoned the top three buttons of her soft silk blouse.

“Pretend you don’t know it’s me,” she said. “Take a look at my figure. Take a look at my hair.”

Louise ran her fingers through the thick copper corona that was one of her best features, waved her hands to and fro, and, without warning, dropped her shoulder so that the blouse slid down, revealing the black strap of a tight, lacy bra.

“You’d want a piece of this, right?” she asked. “If you didn’t know?”

For a moment, she thought he had gone. Then a pair of thick, muscular arms encircled her waist and pulled her close. His hands were trembling. Louise could feel the throbbing of a hard, ardent cock nestling in the crack of her ass, underneath her skirt. She felt Matt’s breath hot in her ear and his teeth caressed the nape of her neck, and then gently nipped her earlobe.

As Louise pushed her body back against her son’s, his hands moved up her torso and cupped her breasts, still restrained by the bra.

“Oh, my God!” Louise breathed as they writhed together. “I can’t stand it anymore!”

“Let’s make love in Trudy’s bed,” Matt whispered.

Up the stairs they went to the master bedroom. Part of Matt was terrified where this might lead, but right now his cock was making the decisions, etiler escort bayan and would not be denied. Mother or not, Louise was one of the most beautiful women Matt had ever known, and a dark fantasy was about to come true.

Louise closed the door. Face to face with Matt now, their lips met for the first time as lovers. Their mouths meshed together, their tongues danced like dervishes, and then Matt let his lips kiss and caress their way down his mother’s long neck, down to her bountiful cleavage.

Gently, he opened the other buttons, and Louise shirked the blouse to the floor. Matt stood up, kissed her fiercely again, and when the kiss broke, Louise’s bra had fallen, and her breasts stood proud and free.

“All that tennis,” she said with a smile.

Then Louise pulled her son’s shirt open and began to lick and bite his sensitive nipples. He uttered a sharp gasp of surprise and passion. As Louise began to nibble her way downward, she unbuckled her son’s pants, deftly parted the zipper, yanked down his pants and underwear.

Now his cock was free. Long, lean, and red, it poked forward, tickling Louise’s chin.

“My, my,” she said. “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen one like this.”

“Huh?” Matt grunted as Louise’s long, slender, tan fingers slipped around the throbbing shaft. She stroked it slowly as she dropped to her knees. Louise cupped his tight balls with her other hand, then teased them with her long fingernails.

“I’ll blow my wad in your face if you keep that up,” said Matt, his breath shallow.

“Maybe that’s what I want,” his mother said, casting a sly glance upward. Before he could reply, she bent his cock forward and took it into her mouth, catching Matt completely by surprise.

Louise knew she could never choke the whole seven inches down her throat, but that’s not what she wanted right then anyway. What she wanted was the hardest cock she could get for what she thought would be the most powerful, fiercest orgasm of her life.

So she lubricated Matt’s shaft with her tongue, she tightened his balls with skillful use of her florya escort bayan fingers, and when Matt’s cock got just a little harder in anticipation of a spectacular orgasm, Louise slowly let it slide from her mouth.

“Oh, Jesus, Mom!” Matt barked. “I was so close!”

“You’d have broken my jaw,” she said softly, “and I have other plans for that.”

They shed the rest of their clothes and fell onto the bed. Matt glanced at the clock. Almost four; Trudy would be home soon.

Matt’s and Louise’s hands spent a few moments exploring one another’s bodies. Matt sank a pair of fingers into Louise’s steaming, dripping cunt; she was as wet as a rain forest. He also took the opportunity to nuzzle his mother’s heaving breasts, and then she slid her slender, athletic body underneath his.

“Are you ready?” she panted.

In reply, Matt thrust his hips forward, the red head of his dick poking through Louise’s cunt lips. He pushed a little bit forward, then stopped.

“What are you doing?” Louise gasped, shocked.

Matt began to move his cock slowly in and out, a little bit in, a little bit out, only going in about half way, a move which drove Louise insane with lust. Not able to take it anymore, she pushed her hips upward, taking all of his cock in, and then she squeezed her tight vaginal muscles around it.

“Hah!” she cried. “Gotcha!”

Now Matt abandoned all restraint. He rammed his cock all the way home, withdrew to the very tip, and rammed in again, and again. Lifting himself onto one arm, he fingered her clit, and that did it for Louise.

“Ah! Agh! Ah!” she gasped as all capacity for speech left her. Awash in orgasm, she thrashed violently on his prick, calling his name, pulling him close.

Four, five times Louise climaxed when, finally, Matt stiffened above her and she felt the first hot jet of his jism spurting into her.

“That’s it, honey!” she cried. “Give it all to me!”

Matt buried himself deep in his mother and stayed there, as his balls blasted jet after jet of hot sperm.

When it was over, and he withdrew, they clung closely together, kissing and caressing each other’s bodies, in the deepest part of love.

“You came out of me,” Louise said at last, “and I’m so happy you went back in me.”

“I can’t believe how powerful that was,” Matt said, kissing her again. “But now what?”

“Maybe it’s better if we don’t let them know,” Louise said. “They’ve got their secret; now we have ours.”

And then the door slammed downstairs.


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