17 Mayıs 2021

Meeting Jake

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I met him when I applied for membership into an online group for local gangbangs. He just happened to be ” THE MAN” to talk to if I wanted to live out my fantasy to be an unknown fucktoy for a group of men for a while. I had no idea that I was about to meet a man who would allow me to give him a blow job that would totally blow me away.

I am a woman in my very early 40’s who has realized that I have too many fantasies yet to live. I am a natural blonde with hazels eyes, cute dimples and 38D tits. I may not be the first woman you want to hook up with at the bar but my ample breasts and nice smile do get me noticed every time I want to be. I am enjoying my life as a single person and any real relationship with love involved at this point in time would be overwhelming and just too scary. I want to experience all of the nasty dreams that have been going through my mind as I have given myself orgasms twice every day. I wondered…what does that make me?

I began living my fantasies about a year ago when my daughter moved away and I kicked the asexual boyfriend of 10 years out. I met a married man who was as interested in enjoying some of the kinkier things in life as I was. He liked to take me shoe shopping with my short skirt, thigh highs and heels on but panties off. We had great meetings in hotels with ropes, candles and spankings. Our hot sexual sessions were often in local parks, dark neighborhood streets and shopping center parking lots. He introduced me to deep and hard anal fucking. I was his “cunt on call” and I loved it. I begged for his attention and bent to take his cock in my mouth within a minute of seeing him on every encounter. This man wanted to see me with other men and once he told me I was very excited about etimesgut escort it also. Again, I had to wonder…what does that make me? This leads me back to when I met him.

I saw a group on the internet that was local and offered gangbang experiences. I emailed the administrator and told him about myself and my desire to have a gang experience. His name is Jake. I would use an alias for him, but for some reason, I think that would offend him. His reply welcomed me into the group and gave his phone number. He had a British accent….oh my. We agreed to meet at a local bar to get to know each other and discuss my fantasy. I was so eager I offered to give him a blow job after we talked. I was so excited about being closer to having my dream become a reality. I picked a small place that I know where it would be quiet and not crowded when we met.

I dressed casually with a button down shirt and a pair of jeans. I rushed through my make up and got there early. I needed a drink. I had never met a stranger just for the purpose of telling him I wanted to arrange for a group of cocks to fuck me silly. I was nervous. I went to the entrance of the bar to meet him. I smiled and asked ” Hey handsome, can I have a drink with you?” My first impression was….he was tall and handsome…..oh my. His smile lit up his face and all of my nervousness was gone.

We sat at the bar and got to know each other. I found that he laughed at my jokes and that I could laugh at his. He told me about the group. He could arrange whatever I wanted. Any number, any ages, any color…and a hotel in which to do it in. I told him my inner images of having a man’s cock in my mouth and another one in my pussy at the same time. I told him etimesgut escort bayan I wanted to have more than one cock pointed at my face so that I could suck one then turn my head and devour another. I told him I wanted to have my face covered with cum. I also told him that this would be my first group experience. We decided to start small. First up, a small bukkake session. My whole body tingled at the idea of watching cock after cock being stroked in front of my face after my body had been used to make each one hard, loaded and ready to shoot. Jake was wonderful to talk to. He occasionally reached over and touched my arm or my leg. It was so easy to tell him all of the dirty things I wanted. I had to wonder…what does that make me?

Jake finally asked if there was a nice dark spot we could go to outside. I was enjoying the conversation so much I forgot I had offered the blowjob! We went to my car and parked in the back of the parking lot. Thank goodness it was dark outside. He pushed his seat into the reclining position and unzipped his pants. The look of his cock in the moonlight was heavenly. It was hard and uncut. I couldn’t get my mouth to it fast enough. I licked up and down his long shaft. His skin was so soft and smooth against my tongue. I caressed each inch up and down. I was moaning with pleasure as I kissed and slobbered my way to the head of his dick. I toyed with his foreskin with my tongue then pulled it back to see the most beautiful hard cock I have ever seen. I wrapped my lips around it and slid it to the back of my throat. My tongue just couldn’t quit moving up and down the shaft as my head started moving up and down. He asked me “Do you like sucking my cock? Do you want escort etimesgut to be my little cocksucker?” Then he put his hand on the back of my head and started thrusting deep into my mouth. I could only nod my reply as he started to face fuck me deep and hard. I loved it.

My pussy was beginning to experience small orgasms of it’s own as my throat clenched again and again on his hard cock. I gagged repeatedly. I kept trying to relax and swallow his cock deeper. My eyes started to water and I was gasping for breath. I didn’t care. I wanted his cock to drill my mouth harder. I needed to feel his balls smashing into my chin. I was hungry for him. I had an intense orgasm as he started calling me a good cocksucker while he watched me drool and suck on his cock. Then he stopped. He had an idea.

He jumped out of the car and came over to the window next to my seat. He started to fuck my face through the window. I took his cock between my lips for a few minutes and then leaned my head back and begged him to cum on my face. I wanted his hot sperm to spurt on my lips and cheeks. He stroked his cock over me…and then started to explode. I felt the first wave on my cheek and lips, I was licking my tongue furiously and moaning as I savored the delicious taste of his jism in my mouth. It was the most wonderful taste in the world. He rubbed his cock on my face as it unloaded again and again. I felt cum running down my chin onto the interior of the car door. I started using my fingers to push it to my mouth. I loved his cum on my face but I wanted to drink every drop of it too. We were both out of breath as he walked back to his side of the car and got in. I wonder if he noticed when I leaned over and licked the car door clean. I drove him back to his car and we were both could not wipe the smiles from our faces as we made plans to talk again soon.

I am excited about the group experiences in my future and I am also excited that I now know Jake. I do now also know that this professional quiet woman is truly a cocksucking, cum craving slut.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
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