21 Nisan 2021

Memories are Made of This

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I was sitting in the TV room watching some rubbish waiting for my daughter to come in from her date. She’s 18 and has always been responsible for her age but since her mother left and I’ve been playing both roles I’ve tended to be an overprotective father.

She came flouncing in, clearly in a bad mood and slumped down beside me. “What’s wrong baby?” I was surprised because I knew that she got on really well with Jason, her current boyfriend. They’d been going out for 6 months and seemed made for each other.

“Tonight was a huge disappointment. I had it all planned. A really beautiful and romantic setting and a wonderful guy to have sex with for the first time. I’d been looking forward to it for months and now I’m so frustrated!”

Let me give you a bit of background. My wife left us when Melody was 11 and I never remarried. I hardly dated to tell the truth but I didn’t really miss it. Melody just filled my whole life.

Obviously I had to do all the sex ed and explain as her body went through its changes and everything and we’ve developed a pretty open relationship. I’ve always encouraged Melody to chat without trying to pry.

The sex chat was all pretty academic until I walked in on her and her first boyfriend in her bedroom one day. It was a total accident. I opened the door and there the two of them were, kissing like there was no tomorrow. Her t-shirt was hiked up and the guy (I can’t remember his name) had his hand on her tit over her bra.

I stood speechless and numb until they noticed me. The boy clearly got a fright and pretty much ran out of the house. I finally found my tongue. “Oh, I’m so sorry I should have knocked.” I turned and walked out.

The atmosphere was tense for a day or so and then we had a talk and I explained to her that it was her life and body and I understood she was experimenting and sex was perfectly natural. I told her that I would always support her and love her whatever she did but to never let anyone pressure her into doing anything she didn’t want to do.

After that she pretty much told me everything but at a high level. This boyfriend was a good kisser that one was good with his hands, this one was well endowed and that one really did it for her.

I managed to listen to this without overreacting and we grew even closer. I had assumed that she’d been sleeping with at least the current boyfriend so I was really surprised.

“What happened?”

“Pre-mature fucking ejaculation was what happened. Twice!” She looked so outraged I had to laugh. She looked at me and giggled. “I got all dolled up for him.” She stood up and twirled and I saw what she was wearing for the first time. It was simple but elegant. A long wrap around skirt and matching strapless top with high heels. Her beautiful black hair was in very thin braids with a circlet of hair like a tiara. She looked absolutely stunning.

“Jason’s parents are away for a couple of days so I went over and cooked him a nice meal. Candle light, our favourite music. Lots of little touches and kisses. It was perfect. I took him by the hand and we went to his bedroom. We took everything so slowly loving every second as our hands explored each others bodies. We’ve done a lot of mutual masturbation so we know what we like. It was great.”

I was entranced by what she was saying. She’d never gone into any details before. I realised that I was getting really aroused. Luckily I had a cushion on my lap but otherwise only my thin pyjama bottoms and I was pitching a tent like nobodies business.

“I’ve never let us both get naked at the same time acıbadem escort because I knew we wouldn’t be able to control ourselves. So we were just in our pants. I lay down and he lay on top of me. My breasts were pressed against his chest. His pecks are so nice and big, I love his toned body. My nipples were like diamonds. He’s so good at sucking them that I can almost cum just from that.”

I could hardly breathe. I didn’t want to do anything to disturb the mood. My cock was the hardest it had ever been and I could feel the pre-cum oozing out.

“I could feel his cock through his boxers and my thong. It was so hard. I could feel it throbbing and the veins standing out like they would burst. My pussy was on fire and wet, wet, wet.”

I could see that Melody had closed her eyes as if she were reliving the moments.

“I slid my hands down his back and helped him remove his boxers. I love his tight butt and I dug my nails in a bit. He helped me get my thong off and for the first time I could feel his cock against my stomach. I nearly came. He started to move against me and slide his cock and balls up and down my slit. He looked down in surprise because I’d shaved my pussy for him for the first time. His eyes grew really wide and he started breathing like he’d sprinted 100m metres and then he came all over my stomach and thighs.”

Her eyes sprang open and I could see she was still angry.

“I tried to be calm and told him not to worry. I just held him for a few minutes and we kissed. My pussy was dripping juice onto the bed sheets. They must have been soaked.” She giggled again. “Anyway, he got hard again and I kissed him harder and stroked his cock for a couple of seconds to get him fully hard. I’d only been doing it for 10 seconds and he came again.”

Her voice was so full of frustration, tinged with lust. I felt like cumming myself. All I could do was nod and make supportive noises although I think they may well have sounded like grunts. I moved my hand under the cushion to adjust my cock. Sure enough the pjs were soaked. I’d have to wait till she went to bed to move otherwise she’d see how aroused I was. I gave my cock a couple of squeezes and brought my hand out. She didn’t seem to notice.

“I just couldn’t take it anymore I shouted at him telling him he was an insensitive jerk. An immature boy who couldn’t control himself. I pushed him off me. Flung my clothes on and came home.” She stood up and removed her skirt and sat back down with her legs slightly apart. I wasn’t particularly shocked as we often walked around in undies or swim clothes. However, what she said then nearly made me fall off of my chair.

“I was in such a hurry I didn’t even clean myself up. I’m still covered in his cum. It’s mostly dry now.” She indicated her stomach and thighs as if I should look. I glanced over and sure enough I could see loads of traces of cum.

We were sitting very close now and I could see that her thong was pulled up into her pussy and her puffy swollen lips were peeping out on either side.

I moved my finger onto one of the cum marks and lightly touched it. “He certainly seems to shoot loads.” I murmured. I continue to trace my finger onto different areas of cum and Melody seemed to almost accidentally open her legs further. I had a fantastic view of her cum stained thong which was petty much transparent as it was so soaked. It was so clear that I could see her pussy was totally shaved.

I was in a totally different reality. Words came out of my mouth totally unconsciously.

“When I ataşehir escort was at Uni I got into a couple of threesomes with my room mate and his girlfriend. There were times when we were all pretty out of it and were willing to try anything. I remember one time Jim, my roomie, was fucking his girlfriend while I was watching and he pulled out and shot his wad all over her pussy and thighs. I went over and licked it up. It just seemed the right thing to do and I loved the taste.”

I looked up. I was amazingly calm but amazingly aroused almost as if I was two different people. Melody had her eyes closed and was biting her lip. Her hand rested lightly on one breast and as I watched she pinched the nipple through the fabric.

I lent over and started to lick the cum from my daughters thighs. I knew that it was wrong but only a bullet through the head would have stopped me. Melody groaned softly and I nearly came. I threw off the cushion and pulled down my pjs to release my cock. I managed to do this without taking my tongue off of her thighs.

I pushed her legs further apart and licked desperate to find all the cum. I traced each side of the thong down to her ass and back up. I licked her stomach. So beautiful and smooth, her skin was like alabaster. Michelangelo could have sculpted her and then given up forever as he never would have been able to improve on his creation.

I heard a rustle and saw that Melody had pushed her top up and was running her fingers around her breasts in a spiral, getting close to her nipples and then moving back the other way teasing them. Her breathing was getting more ragged.

I was in heaven. Arousing and being aroused by the woman I loved most in all the world. How could this be wrong?

I couldn’t wait any longer. I hooked my thumbs around her thong and pulled. Melody lifted her butt so I could get them off. I was able to see her cunt in all its glory for the first time. Melody’ pussy is exquisite with puffy outer pussy lips with the inside lips more delicate and hidden.

I planted light kisses up and down her lips and then poked my tongue between them, to get my first taste. I spread her lips open with my fingers and popped her clit out a little bit. I started to blow on it, alternating between hot and cold air and she began to rock her hips back and forwards. She whispered “I love it daddy, please keep doing that.” So quietly I could hardly hear it.

I planted some light kisses directly on her clit, mixing in some licking. She’s sighed long and loud. I took her clit entirely in my mouth and sucked it gently to start with but harder and harder. She grabbed my head to hold me between her legs.

I stretched open her outer lips and then unfurled her smaller lips so I could see her little pink hole. She was so tight being a virgin. But seeing her little open hole like that really turned me on even more, if that were possible. I pushed one of my fingers inside her, not very far but to get her used to it because I know that I’m going to have my cock inside her very soon and I wanted her as ready as possible.

I kept sucking and licking her clit and she started to move on my finger. I kept it still so she could decide the speed and depth of penetration.

I kept at this for a couple of minutes, stretching her inside with my finger, loosening her up a bit while making her dance on my tongue. She tasted so sweet and everything felt so right I almost felt like crying.

I used my fingers to squeeze her pussy lips together and popped out her clit. The clit is so sensitive içerenköy escort this way. I could feel her orgasm building up.

“Oh daddy, that feels so good. Don’t stop. Please make me cum. I love you so much.”

She bucked her hips riding on my finger and pushing my head into her pussy shouting “Yes, that’s it! Oh daddy.” As her body started to spasm. It seemed like she came for ages. I kept still waiting for her body to stop shaking and for her to get her breath back.

I moved up her body to lie upon her. I rested on my elbows so I could look at her beautiful face. I gently stoked her hair and brushed a few strands away from her eyes. She looked and me and smiled. I could feel all the love I had for her growing up and all my pride in her and her achievements welling up inside me like any loving father but at the same time I knew that I wanted her more than I had ever wanted any woman.

She kissed me on the lips and slipped her tongue in my mouth. She tasted of strawberries. “Mmmm. I can taste my pussy juice on your lips. It’s nice.”

“It’s wonderful.” I agreed.

“Daddy, I want to feel you inside me now. I need your cock.”

“Are you sure?” I asked, dreading that she might change her mind.

“Totally sure. I think I always knew I wanted my first time to be with you.”

I kissed her again and I could see a small teardrop beginning to form. I couldn’t wait any longer. I lent on one elbow and used my hand to part her pussy lips. I put my cock at the entrance of her virgin pussy and rubbed it up and down her slit to make it as wet as possible. Then I started to push.

I slid in until I reached the barrier of her hymen. I rocked in and out pushing in a little harder each time, desperate to feel the warmth and wetness of her cunt totally envelop my cock but not wanting to hurt her.

She reached round and grabbed my ass and as I pushed in she pulled as hard as possible and said “Fuck me daddy, fuck me hard! I need everything you’ve got!”

She grimaced with the pain as the hymen finally split and bit my shoulder to stop from crying out. For the first time my cock was inside her all the way to the hilt. It was the most wonderful thing I had ever felt. She had the tightest pussy I had ever fucked.

I lay still to give her some time to adjust. After about thirty seconds she kissed me and started moving her hips sliding up and down my cock. “Mmm that feels nice daddy. Why did I wait so long? You could have been fucking me for years.”

Her words enflamed me. I began to thrust into her harder and faster, holding onto her shoulders so I could pound into her as deeply as possible.

“Daddy loves you baby. Your cunt is so tight and fantastic. I want to fuck you forever and never stop!”

“Yes daddy. Do me. Do me like you’ve never fucked anyone before.”

I fucked her like a madman. It seemed like forever but was probably only 10 minutes. I could feel my orgasm building up and I slowed my thrusting so that I wouldn’t come too soon. I stared into her eyes and we kissed gently again. “I’m getting so close baby. I want to cum inside you. To fill you with the same seed that made you.”

“Yes daddy, I want it. I’m going to cum soon. I’m on the pill so fill me, fill me.”

We both sped up. My balls were churning like a washing machine. I could feel the sperm moving up my cock almost in slow motion until it was right at the tip. Three more thrusts and I would cum and then Melody shouted “I’m, cumming daddy fill me now!” I exploded inside her and she came at the same time. I’d never felt anything like it. My entire body spasmed. I wasn’t sure if I was having a heart attack but I didn’t care. I couldn’t think of a better way and time to die in this moment of perfection.

We eventually came down from our highs and lay next to each other, gently stroking and kissing, basking in the glow of our love.

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