18 Nisan 2021

Merry Christmas Surprise

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“Wake up, squirt,” Amber said to her younger sister, giving the eighteen-year-old a good shake. Even though she was only a year older than Becky, she always called her squirt. “It’s Christmas morning. Time to get up.”

“What time is it?” Becky asked, rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

“It’s almost nine,” Amber said, stepping back so she could get a better look at her hot little sister, as she threw the covers back to get out of bed. “Mom must have let us sleep in.”

Becky quickly sat up, the excitement of the day finally sinking in. Although they weren’t dirt poor, they did not have a lot of money. Their mom, Debra, had always tried to make Christmas special for them. She was a single mom, and had always worked hard to provide for her girls. She had always tried her best to give them whatever they wanted, no matter what it was. She would often deny herself things she wanted or needed in order to get things for her daughters. The girls knew this and appreciated everything she did for them. They truly loved their mother, and rarely gave her any problems.

“I love Christmas,” Becky said, as she quickly slipped on a robe for warmth. Both girls usually slept in long t-shirts, and not much else, so the robe was a very necessary item.

The girls scampered to the living room, and found it dominated by a large cardboard box. Taped to the side of the box was a note. Amber pulled the note off, and read it out loud to her sister, when she saw it was addressed to the two of them.


Had to go out on an errand. Will be back soon. Don’t wait for me. Go ahead and open the big box, its sort of a special gift, that won’t wait. I hope you like it, because I think it’s what you wanted.

Love, Mom.”

“Do you think we should?” Becky asked, running a fingertip over the edge of the box.

“Mom’s note said it was ok,” Amber said, wondering what could be inside a box so big. The size of the box was so impressive, she knew that whatever was in there must have been very expensive for their mother.

Suddenly curiosity got the better of the two girls, and they ripped the top open in a flurry of flying hands.

“Merry Christmas,” their mother shouted jumping up, when the top opened.

Both girls staggered backwards in surprise, not only from their mother popping out of the box, but from the fact that, except for a stickon bow covering each nipple, and one stuck to her neatly trimmed pubic hairs, as well as a large red ribbon tied around her waist and a smaller one tied around each wrist, ankle, her throat, and one used to pull her hair back in a ponytail, she was stark naked.

Amber was the first one to speak, “What the hell is this, Mom?”

“I’m sorry to scare you girls,” Debra said, climbing out of the box as gracefully as she could, but still giving the girls a very good view of her secret places. “But, I just couldn’t resist it.”

“Mom,” Becky stammered, unable to take her eyes off of her mother’s beautiful body. She figured her mother must be cold, because despite the bows, her nipples were standing straight out like pencil erasers. “You’re not wearing any clothes.”

“How nice of you to notice, dear,” the woman replied, reaching out to stroke the side of her youngest daughter’s face.

“What gives?” Amber repeated, staring straight at the older woman’s crotch.

“I’ve been trying to figure out what you two wanted, or needed for Christmas,” Debra said, reaching out to take the girls’ hands. “Most of the things you wanted I couldn’t afford. Well over the last year I accidentally found both of your diaries, while I was cleaning, and, I’m sorry girls, but I read them.”

“That’s ok,” the girls mumbled in unison, kicking the floor in embarrassment.

“At first I was shocked, and then I was flattered,” Debra continued, pulling her girls closer. “It seems both of you wanted to have sex with me. So after a lot of soul-searching, I decided to give you what you said you wanted.”

The girls looked at each other in total shock. Their mother had first discovered and now revealed their deepest darkest fantasies. Each had thought that they were the only one that harbored lustful thoughts about their sexy thirty-six year-old mother. Now they found out that both of them had had the same taboo desires. And, now, here they were being held by the naked cause of those desires, and it seemed she was giving them the chance to live out those fantasies.

“So what do you think?” Debra asked, her eyes going from one girl to the other, hoping she had been right, and had not ruined their relationship. “Did I get you the right gift?”

“Um, ah,” Becky stammered, not sure what to say to the naked woman, she had just slipped her arm around.

Amber knew exactly what to say, nothing. She leaned in and planted a not too subtle kiss on her mother’s full pouting lips. It was definitely not your typical mother-daughter kiss. Her hand went to the back of the older woman’s head and held her as her tongue pushed between Debra’s beylikdüzü escort moist lips and explored her warm oral orifice.

As she kissed her mother, the older girl remembered the comment she had made in her diary. “I don’t know why the guys aren’t flocking around mom. She is so hot. I know if I ever got the chance to jump her bones, I’d make sure to rock her world.” She had heard the line in a movie and liked the sound of it, even if it did sound kind of hokey. Well, she had just been given the opportunity of a lifetime and she wasn’t going to pass it up.

As Amber’s long tongue freely explored her mouth, Debra wondered what her other daughter thought about this. She suddenly got her answer when she felt a bow being removed from her nipple and replaced by a pair of warm lips and sharp teeth. She moaned into Amber’s mouth as the girl nursed at her breast as she had when she was young.

Suddenly Debra felt a hand pushing between her legs, so she spread them slightly allowing easier access to her dripping wet pussy. She couldn’t tell who’s hand it was at first, but soon figured it had to be Becky’s, as for some reason she felt that Amber would be a bit more aggressive. The gentle probing of her sex could only be her youngest daughter.

As Becky suckled on her mother’s breast and fingered her twat she remembered what she had written in her diary. “I saw mom naked as she was getting out of the shower today. God is she hot. I don’t know why she doesn’t have a boyfriend, or a girlfriend. I sometimes wish I were a guy so I could fuck her.” While she had been unsure at first, seeing her sister give her mother a tonsillectomy with her tongue was enough to make up her mind for her. She was ready to live out her dream.

Amber continued to probe her mother’s wet mouth, and was quite pleased with the older woman’s response. She then decided to probe a little lower, so she slid her hand down her mother’s belly only to find her sister’s hand already occupying her target. Amber was not a girl to be unnerved by little setbacks, so she slid her hand back up her mother’s belly and began to caress the breast that wasn’t being sucked on by her sister, knocking the bow off in the process. She then slid her other hand from the back of the older woman’s head down her back, over her well-rounded asscheek, slowly sliding her fingers into her buttcrack. Debra gasped when she felt her daughter’s finger start to caress her puckered anus.

“You wouldn’t,” Debra gasped, pulling away from her daughter’s liplock.

Amber smiled wickedly and shoved her finger palm deep into her mother’s ass. This caused Debra to rock forwards slightly pushing Becky’s fingers deeper into her pussy. Debra gasped, and rocked backwards pushing Amber’s finger deeper into her butt. She was caught between the two girls in an endless cycle, and all three of them were enjoying it.

“Amber, take…” Debra began to protest, only to be silenced by her younger daughter covering her mouth with her own.

It was Becky’s turn to kiss her mother, and her style was a bit different from her older sister’s. Instead of pushing her tongue down her mother’s throat, she used her tongue to tease her mother’s tongue out of her mouth. When it entered her daughter’s orifice, Becky latched onto it, and began sucking on it as if she was trying to pull it out of woman’s mouth. The pain in her mouth distracted her momentarily from the discomfort in her ass, as Amber continued to probe her, adding a second finger.

“My God!” Debra gasped, when Becky let go of her tongue, and moved back down to suckle on the tit that was already slick with her saliva. “You girls are going to drive me crazy. I don’t think my legs will support me much longer.”

“We’ll keep you up, mom. Won’t we Becky?” Amber said, letting go of her mother’s tit just long enough to respond, as she pushed her two fingers deeper into her mother’s clutching rectum. She immediately went back to nursing at her breast.

“Oh, yeah,” Becky responded around the nipple she was working on, and pushing a third finger into her mothers dripping twat. “I don’t think you could fall down, even if you wanted to.”

Debra groaned as her hips rocked back and forth on their own, impaling her on her daughter’s probing fingers. She was surprised to find that the initial discomfort in her ass had been replaced by a warmth that was spreading and joining with the tingle from her clit, to push her ever higher up the slope of Mount Orgasm.

“I wish I had a cock,” Amber gasped, letting her mother’s nipple drop from her mouth with a bounce.

“Box,” was all Debra was able to gasp.

With a giggle, Amber yanked her fingers out of her mother’s butt, causing the woman to moan at the sudden loss, and ran to the box. She rummaged through the paper that was inside, and came up with a pair of strapon dildos, a couple of regular vibrating dildos, and a bottle of K-Y jelly.

“Looks like we hit the mother-load, sis,” Amber büyükçekmece escort said, holding up the loot.

Debra gasped, and almost collapsed to the floor, when Becky pulled her fingers out of her mother’s pussy to take one of the strapons from her sister. Debra could feel both orifices pulsating with pleasure even though they were now empty of the girl’s probing digits.

She watched as her girls quickly shed their t-shirts and panties, so they could slip into the strapons. She was amazed at how beautiful and well developed her girls were, and wondered when that had happened. She was still the curviest of the three, but the girls weren’t far behind her. Plus they had the advantage of youth, and the fact that their bodies had not yet been affected by gravity, or motherhood.

Debra did not suffer from false modesty. She knew she still had a body that attracted men, but she had always put her needs behind those of her daughters. After reading her girls’ diaries, she also realized that she was apparently attractive to women as well. At least, as far as her daughters were concerned.

Debra was amazed at the transformation that had taken place before her eyes. Her two beautiful daughters had just been transformed into two of the most gorgeous sexmachines she had ever imagined, equipped with the best parts of both sexes.

“How are we going to do this?” Becky asked, once she had her strapon fixed to her groin.

“Any preferences on holes?” Amber asked, with a wicked smile.

“Not really,” Becky replied, matching her sister’s smile. “But, I do have a thing for her tits.”

“Ok, then,” Amber said, taking Debra’s hand and pulling her to the side, while kicking the empty box out of the way. “Lay down on your back on the floor.”

Becky took a couple of pillows off of the couch and did as her older sister had instructed. Amber then positioned their mother on her knees straddling Becky’s hips. Debra moaned as she slowly impaled herself on her beautiful daughter’s “cock”.

Debra groaned as Amber pushed her mother forward till her upper body was lying on top of her youngest daughter. This gave Becky easy access to her mother’s generous boobs, which made her very happy, and she showed just how happy she was by immediately starting to maul the soft orbs. Amber grabbed the tube of lubricant her mother had dropped in the box with the toys, and used her hand to rub it up and down the length of her strapon, making it as slippery as she could.

“Okay, mom,” Amber said, positioning herself behind her mother’s well-rounded ass. “This’ll feel a whole lot better if you just relax.”

“I’ll try dear,” Debra gasped, as she felt her daughter pushing the bulbous head of the dildo against her rosebud opening.

After a couple of minutes of grunting, sweating and pushing Amber had her cock buried balls deep in her mother’s rearend. By this time Debra was panting like a racehorse. Amber gave her mother a few seconds to adjust to the feel of the dildo buried in her virgin rear, before she slowly pulled it out halfway, and then pushed it all the way back in. Slowly she began picking up speed until her hips were moving at a blurring speed.

“Oh, my, God,” Debra gasped, as her oldest daughter slammed into her butt like a jackhammer.

Beneath her, Becky was holding on for dear life. Pinned to the floor by her mother, her movements were limited, so she let Debra do most of the work. That’s not to say she was totally inactive. The girl actively squeezed her mother’s tits, rolling and pinching her hard nipples to her hearts delight, as she rocked her hips up and down in synchronization with her older sister. She was in heaven.

“Oh, god,” Debra screamed. Her body began shuddering as an orgasm of biblical proportions shook her to the core. “I’m cummmmming!!!!”

Amber and Becky continued to pump their mother’s two overheated holes for several minutes, keeping her pleasure going longer than anything she had ever experienced before. It was the first time she had ever had multiple orgasms. When they finally stopped, she slumped down on top of Becky, teetering on the edge of unconsciousness.

Debra groaned when Amber pulled back extracting her now brown-flecked dildo from her mother’s ass. The girl stepped back from her mother, trying to catch her breath from the thorough screwing she had just given the older woman.

On the floor Becky soothingly stroked her mother’s flanks as the woman recovered from her mind numbing orgasm. Becky’s dildo was still buried balls deep in her mother’s pussy. She could feel the woman’s juices running out of her crotch and down over her own soaking wet lovehole. And, even though her cock was made of plastic, she could feel her mother’s twat clutching rhythmically around the thing.

“I think it’s time for mom to do some work,” Amber said, giving her mother’s round ass a light slap, as she removed the dildo.

“What’d you have in mind?” Becky asked from under cevizli escort the older woman, still rolling her mother’s nipples between her thumbs and forefingers.

“Well,” Amber said, sitting on the couch. “She came, but what about you and me? I mean, she did present herself as a gift to us.”

“Good point,” Becky said, letting go of one of her mother’s nipples so she could give her mother’s ass a slap as well. “What about us?”

“What would you like me to do?” Debra asked, lifting her head from her daughter’s shoulder with a well-satisfied smile on her beautiful face.

“Why don’t you come over here,” Amber said, beckoning the woman with her finger. “And show me what you can do with that pretty mouth.”

“Yes, mam,” Debra replied, still smiling.

The older woman slowly extricated herself from her daughter’s embrace, slowly pulling herself off of the impaling dildo with a moan. She then crawled over to where her older daughter sat waiting for her. Once she was between Amber’s smooth thighs, she got her first close look at her daughter’s smooth hairless pussy. While her own pussy had a neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair pointing like an arrow to her hidden treasures, Amber was completely bare. She found this look most appealing.

Ever so slowly Debra leaned forward. Never having been with a woman before, she wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Tentatively she stuck out her tongue, and using two fingers of her right hand, she spread her daughter’s delicate nether lips, and got her first taste of pussy. She loved it.

“Oh, my,” Amber gasped, as her mother’s tongue began probing her moist center. “You sure you never did this before?”

“Um uh,” Debra mumbled, without taking her mouth from her daughter’s delicious pussy.

“Oh, God, yes,” Amber screamed, reaching down, grasping her mother’s head with both hands and pulling her deeper into her crotch. “Yes, right there. Right there!”

Maybe it was what the girls had done to their mother earlier, her talented oral administrations, or perhaps just the shear erotic nature of it all, but with amazing speed Amber’s body began to convulse as she came on her mother’s tongue. She wrapped her smooth powerful legs around the older woman’s head and squeezed, until she was afraid she would crush her skull. After a while it became more than she could stand, so she sat up, grabbed her mother’s face, and pulled her up, kissing her on her pussyjuice covered lips.

“That was amazing,” Amber gasped, when their lips parted.

“Thank you, dear,” Debra moaned, using her finger to scrape some the girl’s juices from her cheeks and chin and deposit them in her mouth.

“Now me, mom,” Becky piped up from the floor behind her mother. The girl had already removed her strapon in anticipation of her turn with her mother’s mouth.

“Of course, dear,” the older woman smiled, as she squirmed around on her knees, and moved between her younger daughter’s legs.

She was amazed to find that Becky was not completely shaved like her sister was. Instead of a neatly trimmed bush like she had, the girl was sort of in between with what was called a Mohawk or landing strip. It was a closely cropped quarter-inch wide stripe of fur that ran up her belly for about two inches from just above her labia.

She wanted to prolong Becky’s pleasure a little more than Amber’s. Now that she had a little bit of experience under her belt, she wanted to do a little more exploring before she brought the young woman to orgasm. Just as with Amber, she used two fingers to spread her labia, and used the tip of a finger from her other hand to stroke her clit. The effect was immediate and positive. Becky moaned and arched her back as her mother’s long fingernail slid over her hooded nub sending electric shocks of pleasure shooting through her body.

Holding Becky’s labia apart with two fingers, Debra used the same two fingers on her other hand to grip the girl’s hooded clit and begin to stroke it up and down sort of the way she used to jack-off guys when she was younger. The effect was pretty much the same. The girl cried out with pleasure, arching her back and clutched at the carpeting with her fingers. Debra loved watching the girl’s responses to the different things she did to her sex. This was a definite learning experience for her.

“Amber!” Becky wailed, rolling on her shoulders as she arched her back in pleasure. “Make her stop teasing me! She’s driving me insane!”

“You heard her,” Amber said, giving her mom a much harder slap on the ass than she had previously. “Finish her off.”

“Yes, mam,” Debra said, quickly diving between her younger daughter’s legs. She began licking and sucking on her clit, while she pushed a finger into her dripping wet pussy.

“Oh, yes,” Becky gasped, reaching down to grab a handful of her mother’s hair and pull her face tighter into her crotch. “That’s much better. Oh, my god, that feels so good.”

As Debra lay on her belly on the floor between her youngest daughter’s legs, Amber sat on the couch stroking her overheated pussy as she watched the amazingly sexy scene before her. While she knew that she was bisexual, the fact that her sister leaned in that direction had come as a complete surprise to her. If she had known this, she probably would have tried to seduce the little minx a long time ago.

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