19 Nisan 2021

Mind Swap Ch. 01

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Note: This story involves science fiction and incest thus the assignment in the incest category. Keep an open mind and enjoy. All rights reserved.

Chapter 01: Experiment Gone Wrong

Bobby Turner stood by the equipment that his father and he had designed and constructed for the past five years. As graduates from MIT they had started the research lab ten years ago and had received numerous research grants from the Federal Government. The purpose of the project was to be able to read another person’s mind. It didn’t matter to them that such a device would take away a person’s right to remain quiet mainly because the government told them the main purpose was to be able to find out from terrorists important information.

“Well all of the experiments with mice and dogs seem to work very well,” Robert Sr. said to his son. They were alone in the lab long after the other ten employees had gone home.

“Are you sure?” Bobby asked. “The mice didn’t seem to have any effects but the dogs seemed to be confused.”

“But they were perfectly healthy and the dogs did respond. I think we should take it to the next stage.”

“Humans?” Bobby gasped. “We need to do a lot more work before we are even close to using this equipment on humans.”

“General Higgins said the Germans are close to finishing their project. If we don’t speed up things we will lose out.”

“Shit dad…what are you suggesting?”

“We have to do it ourselves. I’ll be the transporter and you can be the receiver. We will only do a 50% run. If you won’t do it I’ll have to ask Martin.”

Bobby didn’t like his brother-in-law Martin because he kept trying to be second in charge. “OK, but we both have our fingers on the cancel button in case we feel something going wrong.”

It didn’t take very long to set up the equipment. It did involve some radiation sources so they had to calibrate the source strengths to keep the risk low. Bobby helped his father into the transport chair and helped to attach the headgear. After connecting himself up he glanced at his father and gave the thumbs up. When he saw his father’s thumb pointing up he slowly turned the “juice” knob by his left hand. They heard the twirling noise and suddenly everything went dark.


Bobby was the first to awaken. It was quiet in the room and he remembered everything that had taken place. It took him some time to get his bearings but he had no problems unhooking himself from the machine. He turned to congratulate his father and froze. In the chair next to him was not his father. It was he. “AH FUCK!”

Robert too was opening his eyes when he heard a voice. He looked to his left to see his son in the receiver chair and saw a wall. He quickly looked right and saw the chair empty. His eyes gained their focus on the body walking his way. “What the hell?” It was his body and face.

“We fucked up,” Bobby said to his father. “I didn’t read your mind. We swapped minds. I’m in your body and you are in mine.” Bobby helped his father up.

“Shit…this will ruin us,” Robert gasped. “What the hell are we going to do?”

“We have to swap back,” Bobby said. “All we need to do is do it again. Where are your glasses? I can’t see very well.”

“We can’t,” Robert sighed. “We’ve never run the animals through twice. It might make us both brain dead. Here are the glasses.”

Bobby looked at the clock and saw that it was almost 7PM. “Shit, Briana and I are supposed to go to an awards dinner tonight.”

“Your mother and I have no plans so it should be fine.”

“OK, let’s meet back here tomorrow and test the animals with another dose,” Bobby said. “You have meet most of the people Briana works with so do your best not to blow your cover.”

Bobby helped some to clean up before leaving. Robert made notes in his ledger and hurried to Bobby’s home. He felt so good being young without his sore knee bothering him. He drove into the garage and hurried into the house. “Briana!” he yelled not sure where she was.

“Where have you been?” Briana asked looking upset as she stood in her black bra and slip at the top of the stairs.

Robert quickly turned away feeling guilty to see his daughter-in-law in her underwear. “Sorry we…uh had to finish an experiment.”

“Well come up here and get dressed. I need your help with something.”

He hurried upstairs and knocked before entering her bedroom.

She stood by the bed holding two dresses. “Tell me which one you like the best.”

He managed to keep his eyes up from her full chest as she reached down and pushed her slip off her hips. “I can’t wear a slip because of the slit in the dress,” she said pushing it off and turning to get the dress from the bed.

When she turned Robert looked down at her wonderful pink buttocks and thin black thong strap splitting them in half. He had always admired her ass but seeing it in its glory was five times better. She slithered into the dress and turned.

“Do you like?”

It was then ankara escort he realized that he had an erection. She saw it right away. “That figures. The first time you are hard in a long time and we have to go out.”

“Sorry,” he blushed. “Uh that dress looks great.”

“Wait..one more,” she grinned realizing he was being turned on by her dressing. She removed the dress and put it on the bed. As she faced away from him she reached back and unclasped her bra.

“Fuck,” he whispered not prepared when she turned showing her magnificent titties with two large and hard nipples. “Those are amazing.”

She knew they had not had sex in a while but she didn’t expect him to act this way. “You haven’t said that in a very long time.” She smiled as she pulled the next dress over her bare boobs. “Is this too sexy? You know for an awards dinner?”

“Probably,” he grinned realizing he was starting to enjoy the mind switch. He wanted to rip the dress off and make love to her right then.

“I hope the dinner is short,” she whispered as she removed the dress and stood in her skimpy panties. “I don’t want to waste that.” She walked over and curled her fingers around his covered hard-on.

“Ohhh,” he moaned feeling guilty to have her touch him like this. He pulled back. “We need to get going.”

“Well get dressed. I’ll be putting on my makeup.”


Bobby also knocked after parking the car and entering the house. He saw his mother sitting in her robe watching TV. “Hi…Ma…” he said automatically forgetting he was in his father’s body.

“What did you call me?” She asked after lowering the sound of the TV.

“Uh…Hello Ma..my favorite wife,” he said quickly.

“Yeah right.” She smiled as she lifted her feet onto the small coffee table before her. Even at 52 years old Robin Turner had a nice tight body with wonderful blue eyes. “So how was your day?”

“Wild,” he answered noticing her robe had opened some showing him her nice legs. It was then he realized that his father would be alone with Briana in their bedroom and bathroom. “Crazy…you know how it is.”

“Yes,” she answered as she reached next to her and lifted a small box. “This must be your medication from Canada.”

Bobby didn’t know what types of medication his father was taking. He knew one was for cholesterol. “Cholesterol meds?”

She laughed. “It’s your Viagra. I was hoping that it would come today.”

“Vi…Va…va..va…Viagra?” He froze figuring his mother was looking to have sex with him.

“Yes, and since it is your birthday next Tuesday I’m going to give you your favorite today.”

“My…my favorite?”

“Has it been that long since I gave you a blow job?” She sighed rolling her eyes.

He was feeling light headed after hearing that his parents still had sex and that his conservative mother gave head. He looked again at her legs and noticed the robe had moved further apart now showing the front of her green-laced panties.

“Umm….maybe you won’t need the Viagra after all,” she said seeing his hard bulge in his pants. She grabbed his left wrist and pulled him down next to her. “Seeing all these Soap Operas has made me horny.” Before he could react her fingers opened his pants and unzipped his fly. As quickly as you can blink she pulled out his hard cock and lowered her mouth.

“OH SHIT!” he groaned as her experienced lips and tongue teased and played. He closed his eyes imagining that he was now his father and that it was OK for him to let her suck him off. He peeked under her body at her familiar face and mouth, which was now full of his manhood. She shocked him again when her mouth moved away and she looked up at him.

“Your cock is sooo hard. As much as I want to take your cum in my throat I would rather it be in my pussy.”

Bobby was speechless as she stood up next to the sofa and pulled off her robe. Her braless breasts popped out with hard brown tips. He knew he shouldn’t look but they were amazing.

“Take off your pants and underwear,” she commanded. “You are going to fuck me right here.”

As if the hands belonged to someone else Bobby pushed off his trousers and boxers. When he looked up he was face to pussy with her moist lips. He had known she was a natural blonde and was excited to see a yellow bush for the first time. He ripped off his dad’s shirt and moved aside as she moved next to him on her back. When her legs opened he stared at her sweet pussy and climbed between her legs. He reached to guide his cockhead into her depths but her fingers were there first. As she lined it up he pushed downward and felt his shaft pierce her swollen lips. As inch upon inch entered her she reached up and pulled his mouth down to hers. Her tongue pushed into his lips and he was frenching his own mother while he started fucking her.


They were only man and woman now racing for satisfaction. It had been years since Robin had achieved orgasm this way. escort ankara Her fingernails dug into his backside while their bodies pounded together again and again.


He too had to cum and was happy she was there. ‘ARGGHHH!” He grunted when he came deep inside of her.


“Why are you driving so slow?” Brianna asked her husband. “We are running late.”

Robert normally drove slowly so he pushed the gas pedal until the car was actually doing the speed limit. He looked at her and smiled. She rolled her eyes and leaned back in the seat. She had no care that her dress was high on her thighs since she figured it was only her husband sitting next to her. “Don’t you wear pantyhose?”

“Not for about six years,” she said looking at him suspiciously. “Are you sure you didn’t lose some memory cells in the lab today?”

“Shit,” he thought thinking she was curious about the way he was acting. “I uh guess I haven’t noticed.”

“Yeah, you haven’t noticed much about me in quite a while.”

Robert suddenly realized that things were not peaches and cream between his son and his daughter-in-law. “Sorry things are almost done in the project and I’ll be able to concentrate more on you. You know that I love you.”

She wiped a tear forming on her left cheek. “I know but I miss the old Bobby. I miss when we used to go to bed on a Friday night and not come out until Sunday. But maybe tonight we can change that.”

“Uh yes…tonight,” Robert said realizing that he couldn’t turn her down now even if he wanted to which he didn’t. He reached over and put his young hand on her left thigh. It felt so smooth and hot.

“Promise?” She said taking the hand and pushing up between her thighs. Her legs opened wide to let him feel the dampness of her panties and the swollen and ready lips underneath.

Robert didn’t move his fingers for almost thirty seconds but his will power weakened. His middle finger pushed down into the lips and found her ready clitty.

“OH GOD BOBBY!” She moaned. “Pull over!”

“Here?” He asked looking at the busy intersection. When she didn’t answer he turned down an empty street and watched as she lifted her hips and pushed off her panties. “Jesus,” he whispered seeing her almost shaven moist slit. She again jammed his fingers to her need but this time he took over. He saw the raw passion in her eyes as he worked his magic on her clitty. Deep sounds from her throat caused him to stop until he realized that she was completely lost in passion. He had always pictured her as Miss Priss afraid to let her hair down and here she was naked from the waist down being fingered on a street. It took him less than a minute to get her off.

“BOBBY!!!! BOBBY!!” She screamed when she came.

They sat in silence as she got her breath again. Her bright red face turned back to pink and she pulled her panties back up. “That was the old Bobby,” she giggled.

“That I am,” Robert thought. “I’m the old Bobby.” He laughed.

“What’s so funny?” She asked as he pulled back into the street.



Bobby emptied his load deep inside of his mother and after a few minutes pushed back to sit at her feet. He looked at the cum starting to drip out. “Uh you better get up.”

“Yes, it’s been a while since I’ve had that problem,” she chuckled. “What has gotten into you? Even with Viagra you’ve had problems keeping it hard.”

“It must be you,” he grinned looking at her naked body. “You have a beautiful body.” He didn’t move away when she leaned over to kiss him once again. At first they were baby kisses but moments later the kisses were wet and deep. He felt his hardness growing again and guided her hand back to it. When she felt it she pulled her mouth from his and looked down.

“What the hell?”

“It’s you babe,” Bobby grinned. “Are you up for another round?”

“Hell yes,” she grinned. “But this time I get to be on top.”

He didn’t complain as he moved onto his back and watched as she mounted him. He felt himself enter her and smiled when her eyes closed and she started riding him like the bull at Gilley’s. He knew he would probably feel guilty later but at that time his body was alive and he felt more than just turned on. As she fucked him he wished that he had more time with her. Maybe the whole weekend.

They took their time this round. She moved until she felt him stiffen and then backed off. He had never fucked anyone this long and didn’t want it to end. His hands found her titties and caressed while her hips continued moving up and down. Fifteen minutes later they were both ready.

“I’m close,” Bobby said as he reached under her body to rub her clitty. It only took a few seconds before she was ready to.

“Now Robert…please now!” As her pussy slapped down onto his cock his fingers continued to rub and rub. When her eyes rolled back in her head he knew she was ready. “AHHHHH!”



They ankara escort bayan looked at the cars parked around the restaurant and knew the ceremony had already started. Robert followed her into the building and stopped when she did. She introduced him to her co-workers and although it was quite boring he managed to touch her back and periodically her ass as they worked the crowd. “I’ll get us a drink,” he said walking away.

After ordering wine for her and a beer for himself he turned and looked around the room for her. At first he couldn’t find her but then saw her behind some artificial plants talking to a young good-looking man. At first it looked normal but then he saw the man reach for her hand. When she jerked it back he knew something was going on between them. He took the drinks and inched his way through the crowd until he was near them but at a place they couldn’t see him. He listened.

“I thought you were going to come alone,” the man said. “After the last party…you know…I thought we could be alone again.”

“That was a mistake,” she said looking around the room for Bobby. “We had too much to drink. It’s over Mark.”

“You said your husband hasn’t touched you in months. Is that what you want? You didn’t stop me from…from touching your..touching your pussy.”

“It was wrong…I can’t do this.”

“I remember how your lips felt around my cock. You wanted me to fuck you but we ran out of time when that asshole of a husband showed up.”

“Fuck,” Robert thought hearing how his daughter-in-law had cheated with another man. He quickly moved back into the crowd and walked into her vision. “Here you are honey.”

The man tried to turn and leave but Robert stopped him. “I uh forget your name. I’m Briana’s husband Bobby.” He held out his hand.

The man turned and glanced at her before offering his hand for a friendly shake. However it wasn’t friendly. Robert squeezed the hand hard until the man shrieked from the pain. “OUCH! LET GO!”

Robert thought he heard a bone break but was not sure. He saw the man’s wedding ring when he released him. “I think maybe you need to stay with your own wife. Mine is taken.”

Briana was shocked because she had never seen her husband his angry and knew from his action that maybe he knew she had a history with Mark. “Let’s go over there.” She pulled him aside and waited until Mark had moved away. “Bobby…I’m sorry…things have not been so great between us and..”

“It’s all history,” Robert said stopping her confession. “What happened is history and neither of us will ever mention it again. Tonight we start fresh.” He pulled her face to his and when their lips touched his tongue worked its way between her teeth. After they kissed they heard someone talking about the awards.

“Let’s go,” she whispered.

“But aren’t you going to receive an award?”

“Yes, but I’d rather be at home with you in our bed.”

“Me too,” he grinned thinking about a night with his beautiful sexy daughter-in-law. He knew it would be a night that he would never forget.

Briana was shocked that her husband was so calm. She realized that he probably heard about her fling with Mark but instead of being totally upset he was willing to forgive and forget. Now that he was showing sexual interest in her again she didn’t have any desire to mess around with assholes like Mark again.

After getting into the car they were both quiet as he sped towards their house. It seemed to take forever until they pulled into the garage and they hurried into the house.

She took his hand and let him to the bedroom. After unzipping her dress he stopped her so he could sit on the bed and watch her unveil her nakedness to him.

“You act like you’ve never seen me naked before,” she said seeing his wide eyes and facial expressions. She unhooked her bra and turned to tease him while the bra fell onto the floor and her fingers pushed down the dainty panties.

“You’re amazing,” he whispered when he saw her round pink buttocks and bare back. He wanted to reach out and cup her bum but he wanted to see the whole front first. She slowly turned and stood bare ass naked facing him.

“Jesus,” he gasped seeing the bare titties again along with the bare stomach and now her shaven pussy lips with a small dark puff of pubic hair over the slit. He had imagined many times what she looked like naked and none of those times was he correct. Her body was nearly perfect. “Briana…”

“Shhh, let me undress you. Tonight I’m yours…anything you want…I’ll do it.” She pushed him back and opened his slacks. Robert watched her petite fingers search into his boxers until she found his hard member. He watched her lick the pre-cum drops off the tip before she completely engulfed the crown. As she gave him a blowjob his hands roamed down her back to her ass. There he played and caressed before sliding his middle finger between her cheeks. She froze when he rubbed over her back hole but continued sucking until he pushed his digit deeply into her dripping wet pussy.

“Turn around,” he commanded wanting to 69 his sweet young daughter-in-law. Moments later her pussy hovered over his face. He looked at her swollen clitty and pulled it down into his lips.

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