22 Nisan 2021

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

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I straightened up and nodded with satisfaction. The ornate mirror looked just right, and clearly reflected the shower behind me. Hopefully Jenna would be as pleased with my handiwork as I was, but for a totally different reason. Quickly sweeping and mopping the bathroom floor, I made a final check, pleased that the heavy scrolled black and silver curlicues on the frame provided almost perfect camouflage. To my guilty critical eye the addition stood out like a sore thumb, but the guy in the store had assured me that only the closest scrutiny would reveal my guilty secret.

Two minutes later I was booting up my computer in my room, and a click of the mouse brought up a perfect view of the shower screen door, and most of the bathroom, including the bath off to one side. The tiny remote controlled button camera I had fitted into the mirror frame just above knee height had cost more than I had really wanted to pay, but it was top of the range and state of the art, so hopefully it would be well worth it. Now it was simply a matter of waiting.

I had been an emotionally immature just-turned-eighteen year old when my girlfriend Christina became pregnant, but with the cockiness of youth, and against the advice of our parents I had convinced her to marry me. The birth of Jenna three months later had brought me down to earth with a bang, and I grew up quickly. I absolutely and totally fell in love with this adorable bundle of joy, more so I suspect than her mother did, and as the years passed the realisation grew that what Christina and I shared was purely physical, and gradually we drifted apart. That is not to say that our relationship became acrimonious, because we were very good friends. It was simply that we saw things differently. Christina needed her social life and her outside friends, whereas I was more than content looking after and doting on our beautiful daughter.

As time passed Chris became more independent, and I began to wonder if she was seeing someone else, but strangely the thought of my wife spreading her legs for another man didn’t bother me as much as I would have thought. She needed more excitement than I could give her, so as long as she was reasonably discreet around our daughter I could live with it. Somehow I couldn’t really bring myself to think of it as cheating, because we were no longer close, and besides, any time I wanted to fuck her she was as enthusiastic as she had always been.

When Jenna was ten years old, we decided to call it a day, and at her request I helped Chris move into a small but comfortable apartment. My lack of interest in the social whirl and nightclubbing meant that I could provide a more suitable environment in which to raise a child, so Chris suggested that Jenna stay with me, provided I agreed to unrestricted access. We both had steady jobs, me as a warehouse supervisor and Chris as a stenographer, so money was never an issue for either of us. Fortunately Jenna took the separation well once it was explained, and her Mom eased it even more by ringing her every day, and visiting at least three times a week to take her out.

Chris respected my privacy as much as I respected hers, and she was always careful to ring before she came over. For the first five years or so, occasionally when she brought Jenna home from one of their outings, Chris would settle her into bed, and after waiting until she was asleep we would fuck, although she always refused to stay overnight. A couple of years after the break up we agreed to a divorce, which really was no more than a formality, because her visits and our friendship continued, but three years later she told me she had met someone, so our fucking petered out to about once every couple of months.

Until we split up it had been my self appointed task to bathe my beautiful daughter every night, but when her Mom left some inner voice told me that it was no longer appropriate for a twenty eight year old man to be alone in the room with a naked ten year old girl. The ensuing eight years had been pure agony for me, due to both my enforced celibacy, and my self imposed denial of seeing Jenna’s figure gradually develop into the stunning young woman she had become. Lately I had managed to catch random and all too brief glimpses of her in her underwear, but this had only served to increase my frustrations and increase my unnatural hunger. Admittedly there had been the occasional liaisons, but they had all been short lived and somewhat lacking. They had given me physical release, but without real satisfaction.

About six months after Jenna’s eighteenth birthday I was leafing idly through an IT magazine, when I spotted an advertisement by a security company specialising in hidden cameras and listening devices. I hadn’t given it much thought at the time, but a few days later Jenna and her friend Rhianna had emerged from my daughter’s room wearing open terry cloth robes over bikinis, telling me they were off to the beach. I had never until then had the opportunity ankara escort to really notice how superbly Jenna’s figure had developed, and for the first time I saw her as a woman, rather than as my little girl. And it made me want to see more.

As the days passed my mind kept returning to the possibilities offered by a concealed camera. It was out of the question that it would go beyond looking, and she would never know, so I really didn’t see that there was any harm in it. The problem facing me though was even if I could somehow get hold of one of these outlandishly expensive devices, where could I hide it? Her room seemed the most obvious place, but she was seldom in there for longer than it took her to change or prepare for bed, and then there was the additional problem of where to conceal a camera to give the best angle for the longest possible time.

I thought I saw a solution when, for the umpteenth time Jenna bemoaned the lack of a decent sized mirror. The cogs in my head went into overdrive, and I suggested we go together to choose one as an early gift for her nineteenth birthday, and I turned mental cartwheels when she readily agreed. My hopes took a tumble when we arrived at the store, because Jenna selected a pivoting cheval style mirror with a plain steel frame, which provided nowhere to conceal even the tiniest camera. In a flash of inspiration I mentioned casually that since we were looking, we may as well choose another mirror for the bathroom, and to my delight she pointed out a large elaborately embellished wall mirror that had been heavily discounted. This was the one I had just gloatingly mounted and installed a tiny camera in.

An hour after I finished setting everything up I heard the front door slam, and switching off my monitor but leaving my computer on, I hurried out to greet my daughter. “Hi Daddy,” she said cheerfully as she kissed me chastely on the lips. “how was your day?”

“It was good sweetheart. I took the day off work and managed to get the mirror fitted in the bathroom. Want to take a look and give me your approval?” I grinned, swatting her bottom playfully. Following her into the bathroom I held my breath, praying she wouldn’t notice the camera, but she merely stood looking at her reflection and smoothing her blouse over her breasts. I exhaled slowly, unable to tear my eyes away. How come I had never really noticed before now how well she filled out her blouse?

She must have noticed my stare, because she gave me a good natured grin and pushed me towards the door. “OK you dirty ol’ man,” she teased. “Out of here. I’m going to take a shower before dinner.”

She followed me out, heading to her room to collect her robe, and I hurried into my own room, waiting until I heard the bathroom door close before I fired up my monitor. Delayed guilt flared up as I stared fixedly at my screen. I knew it was wrong to want to see my daughter naked, but if she didn’t know, what harm could it do? Fifteen feet away in reality, but less than three feet away on my screen, I watched my beautiful daughter studying her reflection as she slipped out of her blouse, and slowly took off her bra. A lump came into my throat when she cupped her superb young boobs in her hands, her pert nipples peeking out between her fingers. They were even more perfect than I had ever imagined, standing out so firmly from her ribcage that I couldn’t help but think she wore a bra more from modesty than for support. After a moment she pushed her jeans and panties off together, standing totally nude and stroking her hand slowly across her abundant bush.

Even as my cock stiffened I felt a small twinge of disappointment. I had always known of course that her boobs would grow, but irrationally it hadn’t occurred to me that her pubic hairs would also grow, and now they were effectively concealing the one thing I most wanted to see. My disappointment faded as my imagination compensated, and as she turned her back to step into the shower, almost without realising I pulled my cock out and started stroking to the forbidden thoughts that were racing through my mind. For so long I had dreamed of seeing her in all her naked glory, but that was as far as it went. Now as I sat with my hard tool in my hand, I knew that seeing her on a screen was no longer enough, although I also knew that no matter how much I wished, I would never have more than I had now.

I had tried countless times and in countless devious ways to see what I had just seen, and all had met with dismal failure, so I accepted the impossibility of more and concentrated on her beautifully rounded bottom behind the rapidly misting glass of the shower door. Finally she stepped from the shower, and my heart thudded in my chest as she approached the mirror again. Her wet pubes were plastered to her inner thighs, affording a partial view of her pouting lower lips and just the barest hint of her tiny clit. This was all it took to send me over the edge, and I hastily grabbed the first thing escort ankara I could get hold of to catch the strings of thick cum that spurted uncontrollably from my throbbing cock, not realising until too late that it was a tee shirt that Jenna had bought to say thanks for the mirror.

Filled with self disgust at my actions, I switched off my computer and headed to the kitchen to cook dinner. Despite how I felt about myself, I knew that wild horses couldn’t drag me from my computer next time my beautiful daughter took her evening shower, and I searched through the kitchen drawers for an old tea towel to unload into.

Every evening for the rest of the week, and all the following week I jerked off as I watched her strip and shower, licking my lips at the way her firm young tits bounced and jiggled with every movement, whilst all the time desperately hoping in vain for a clearer view of her teenage pussy. The lust in my throbbing cock completely overrode any guilt I felt about the forbidden urge to bury my length in my daughter’s sweet eighteen year old snatch. When Friday came around, she greeted me with the usual chaste kiss, and announced. “Don’t bother with dinner for me tonight Daddy. I’m going out for a while so I’ll grab a hamburger on the way, but I won’t be late.”

As she prepared for her shower, I eagerly took up my usual position, cock in one hand and tea towel spread across my lap in front of my screen. What happened next was so sudden and unexpected I thought my senses had deserted me. Sitting nude on a chair in front of the mirror, Jenna took some scissors and ruthlessly attacked her luxuriant bush. Snip by careful snip her slit was revealed to my greedy eyes, and I began to rub my tool like there was no tomorrow. Right in front of my disbelieving eyes, she lathered up her stubble and started to shave, placing a protective finger over her clit. My cock throbbed and my cum shot out with such force that I completely missed the spread tea towel, and I heard a ‘splat’ as it hit the top of my shoe.

As my cock finished spurting its load, I recalled what she had told me about going out for a while. This was obviously the reason she had decided to shave, and I felt an insane jealousy for the man she was going to give what I so desperately craved. When she had showered and dressed, I tried to keep my thoughts to myself as she kissed me before leaving. Before she mentioned going out I had planned a nice dinner, but now I had lost my appetite, and instead poured myself an extra large scotch, and downed it in a single gulp before pouring another. I sat on the couch, sipping my drink and glowering at the blank television screen, consumed by unreasoning hatred for a man I had never even known existed an hour earlier. If she had told me a month ago that she had a date, I would have shrugged it off, but now the thought of some pimply oversexed son of a bitch mauling my daughter’s tits, and sticking his dick in her hairless pussy filled me with jealous rage. Downing my drink with a gulp, I poured another and sat wallowing in self pity and envy.

I guess I fell asleep, because the next thing I knew Jenna was sitting beside me on the couch, shaking my shoulder. She must have showered again, because she was wearing a robe, and her hair smelled of shampoo. “That would be right.” I told myself morosely. “She needed to wash off the smell of sex before I noticed.”

Cupping my chin, she turned my face to hers to kiss me lightly, and I detected a faint taste of alcohol on her breath, although she didn’t seem to be affected. “You don’t need it you know, Daddy,” she said gently as she stared into my eyes.

My eyes shifted to my empty glass. “I only had a couple.” I said defensively.

She shook her head. “I’m not talking about the drink.” I looked at her uncomprehendingly, and she continued. “I mean the camera.”

The blood drained from my face. “You know about that?” I stammered, trying to fight my embarrassment at being caught out.

With a brief laugh she nodded. “I guessed when found the package in the garbage. The only thing I didn’t know was where you hid it. I scoured my room but couldn’t find it, then it dawned on me a couple of days ago that you disappeared into your room whenever I took a shower, and I realised there was only one place it could be.”

My embarrassment increased as I realised that she must have known that I was watching her shave. What I couldn’t understand was why it hadn’t stopped her. I received the answer to my unspoken question with her next words.

“You could have saved your money, Daddy. If you wanted to look at me you would only have needed to ask. You have only ever needed to ask.” The rest of her words came out in a rush. “When I was little I looked forward to you bathing me because I liked you looking at me, and when you stopped I thought it was because you didn’t want to see me anymore. You have no idea how much I missed that when I was growing up. Because I thought you didn’t ankara escort bayan want to look at me I always covered myself when you were around. When I found out about the camera I knew you did want to look at me again and I knew it was my time. That’s why I shaved. I wanted you to see all of me, and I wanted to make you want me.”

In an attempt to divert the conversation, I asked as casually as I could. “How was your date tonight? Where did he take you?”

She shook her head. “I didn’t have a date. I went to a bar for some Dutch courage.”

I thought I was beginning to understand, but I didn’t dare hope. “Oh, I thought you shaved for some boy.”

“No, Daddy. I never let any boys touch me. Not down there anyway, except sometimes on the outside of my clothes. I let them touch my boobs, but I always stopped them when they tried to go further.” She took a deep breath, letting it out slowly. “I’ve only ever wanted one person to touch me or look at me. That’s you. I went out earlier for a couple of drinks, because that was the only way I could find the courage to talk to you like this. And do this.” As she said the last she opened her robe wide and parted her legs. “Feel my bald cunt Daddy. Touch me. Feel how much I want you.”

My mouth went dry as I looked at this beautiful creature that was my daughter, slumped back against the cushions, open and vulnerable. The scent of her femaleness wafted to my nostrils as she tugged at my belt. “Show me you, Daddy. Let me feel how much you want me. Show me you want me as much as I want you.”

Almost trance like I allowed her to unfasten my pants and pull them off, followed by my shirt, and as her hand wrapped around my shaft I lowered my head, sucking her hard nipple deep into my mouth. Her free hand guided my hand to her virgin mound, placing my forefinger carefully against her stiffened clit. I drew in a deep ragged breath when I discovered how wet she was, and I stroked gently at first, then more urgently, rejoicing in her slippery warmth as she raised her bottom from the couch. “Oh, Daddy,” she sighed. “It’s just how I always dreamed it would be. Make me cum for you.” Her breath was coming in short trembling bursts, and suddenly she stiffened, clamping her legs tightly as her juices cascaded over my fingers. “Oh shit yes! Oh yes!”

Relaxing as quickly as she had tensed, she looked at me dreamily. “Oh Daddy, that was so good. I’ve wanted that for so long.” Parting her smooth nether lips with her slim fingers, she smiled again. “Can you see my cherry Daddy? I’ve been saving it for you.” I stared in awe at the delicate membrane, and she reached again for my cock. “I want this in there now. Quickly — fuck me — PLEASE!”

Gazing hungrily at my daughter’s slick teenage pussy, I hesitated. I knew that what she was asking was wrong, even more wrong than what I had already done. Feeling her up was bad enough, but to actually take the virginity of my own offspring was more than crossing the line. The inescapable fact was that there was nothing I wanted more than to bury my hard rod in her tempting hole, but nonetheless I still held back to give her a last chance to change her mind. “I don’t want to hurt you Baby.” I pleaded

“Oh, Daddy!” she said impatiently. “I know it will hurt, and I know you don’t want to hurt me, but it has to happen. I’m ready for this, honestly. I could never be more ready. Don’t think about it, just do me.”

Afraid to look at any pain that may be reflected in her face, and unable to believe I was living a dream, I watched the bulbous head of my cock part the neatly shaven lips of my daughter’s pussy, pushing gently until I felt resistance. Trying to shut out the sound of her gritted teeth grinding against each other, I pushed more firmly, bursting through her hymen until my entire length was buried in her incredibly tight wetness. I paused for a few moments to allow her to adjust, and then began to fuck her with long smooth strokes. Chris had been a virgin when we met, we both had, and our first sex had been special and memorable, but it paled in comparison with fucking my beloved daughter. Some people may say that the taboo nature of incest added to the excitement, but I truly believe it went beyond that. Certainly feeling my hard cock sliding in and out of Jenna’s wet twat was undeniably and unbelievably exciting, but what took it beyond special was that we shared an emotional connection that was lacking when I fucked her mother. Knowing that my daughter loved me so much that she had chosen me to share the most intimate moment in any girl’s life filled my heart to bursting.

Her hips rose and fell in rhythm with my thrusts, and soon her whole body was trembling, telling me she was close to another orgasm. As special as our first fuck was, I knew it would be even better if we could cum together, so I increased the speed of my thrusts, and as I felt my peak approach I scrubbed my pubes against her clit, willing her to climax with me. She gave out a long low moan, mashing her firm young tits against my chest and her cum poured out around my driving shaft, as my cock exploded deep inside her tight teenage cunt. “Oh, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, that was wonderful! Thank you, thank you!”

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