19 Nisan 2021

Mom, Is That You? Pt. 02

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Big Tits

I closed my eyes, running through the images of my slut mother fucking those two man. It was all I could think of. The sounds of her moans, her screams, her begging for their cum. I fell asleep with the images running through my mind. I dreamt that I was fucking my mother that night. The dream felt so real. I awoke the next morning to the sound of the door shutting and my mother walking in.

I waited in my bed, thinking about how I would tell her I know of her secret. My cock still hard from the dream I was having. The images of my beautiful mother being fucked ran through my head. Her sucking the big black cock as the white man fucked her. The black man cumming in her pussy. The white man cumming all over her face. The sounds of her screams and moans echoed in my ear. The words that the men said, the names they called her, and how much she loved it. I turned me on to the point that I wanted to masturbate once again. But I knew I had a job to do. I knew that I needed the real thing now.

“Mom you’re home?” I called out to her. I could hear her walking down the hall. Her heels hitting against the floor. She peered around the corner and smiled at me innocently, as if I had no idea of the slut she was, and how she probably just got fucked by a man, or men last night after the club.

“Yeah its just me, do you feel like having breakfast?” she asked me. Her voice was more cheerful than normal. Her smile was bright. Her hair somewhat tossed and messy.

“Yeah that sounds good to me.” I say standing up and stretching. The head of my cock pokes out of my boxers but my mother turned away before she was able to see it. A shame, because I would have loved to see her reaction. I grabbed my laptop and then followed behind her. I watched as her juicy ass bounced slightly as she walked. Her tight little skirt she wore the night before hugging the curves of her body. She goes into the kitchen and I take a seat at the kitchen table. She turns to face me. Her big D cup tits popping out of her top. I bite my lip slightly picturing them wrapped around the mans cock.

“What would you like for breakfast?” My moms asks. A grin on her face. I shrug turning on my laptop. I think of what I am going to say, and run the scenario through my head. I feel a rush of anxiety crash over me, but I shake off the worried thoughts.

“It doesn’t matter, whatever you are making.” I say to her. She takes a moment to think and then turns back around. She reaches up and grabs the pancake mix from the top shelf. The bottom of her ass poking out of her skirt. After grabbing it she begins dancing and humming as she cooks. I chuckle a little bit watching her. Her body moving so seductively, I imagine the same way that she does when she is out dancing at the club. Grinding on men, letting them grope and feel her up.

“You’re in an awfully good mood this morning mom.” I tease her. “Have fun last night?” I ask raising an eyebrow. I go onto the internet and press the bookmarked video of her.

“I had a wonderful time last night. I stayed at Kristen’s. I didn’t feel like driving home late at night.” She says to me still dancing and cooking our breakfast.

I chuckle again and smirk watching her “Oh sure you did mom.” I tease her. She turns around at this, her face blushing slightly.

“What do you mean Nick? Where else would I have slept?” She questioned me.

“Oh come on mom. Im not stupid. I know what you do. You probably slept over the house of the man that you fucked last nice. I know mom. I know you’re secret.” I say to her. She looks at ne shocked.

“How…How?” She asks somewhat nervously.

“Ive seen the text messages from the men when you get home the next morning mom. I explain to her. “‘Nice night last night Mia.’ Or ‘That was amazing Mia.’ Or a personal favorite of mine. ‘Fuck Mia you were such a good fuck. I want that milf pussy again.'” I say reciting some of the old texts that I have memorized.

She takes a deep breathe “Nick please don’t think there’s something wrong with me. I don’t want you to hate me.” My mother says composing herself.

I laugh a little “No mom! I love it. I think its kinda hot that my mom is a hot, sexy, milf.” I say to her with a smile. I begin to grow nervous, waiting for her reaction. I knew talking to my mother in this way was a risk.

“Nicholas, avcılar elit escort you shouldn’t be talking about your mother like that. I am glad you find me sexy. I think you are very handsome as well, but I’m your mother, not some slut.” My mother says sternly. I shake my head and bite my lip, I look into her eyes.

“Its okay mom. I know. You are a slut mom. You are a dirty milf slut who craves cock and loves the attention.” I say to her.

My mother at first looks at me with anger but takes a breathe and she begins to laugh. She walks towards me, her hips swaying back and forth. She takes a seat across from me. She sighs and nods. “You know what? I cant get mad at you for saying that Nick. It is true. I like to fuck. Not like, I love to fuck. I need to fuck as much as possible, and yes I do love the attention. I love it Nick.” She says giggling and extending her hand out to mine.

I take her hand and take a deep breathe. “That’s not all I know mom. I know your other secret too.” I say to her biting my lip. I look at her and her tan skin turns a shade of red. I notice her hands shaking. “You…You do?” She asks me nervously.

I nod “Yes mom. Or should I say ‘Milf Mia Homemade Slut.'” I say reciting the name of the video as I press play. I turn the computer so that she can watch it. She giggles a little and takes a sigh of relief. She stops shaking and turns to look at me.

“Oh this? You saw it? Ummm…How’d you like it?” She asked innocently. Her response surprises me. I take a second wonder what it was she thought that I was talking about before responding.

“Like it? Mom I loved it. That was probably the best video I have ever masturbated to. You looked so sexy!” I said to her with a smile. I blush slightly and look down. “I wish I could see the real thing. I want to fuck you so badly.” I say feeling nervous, butterflies rising in my stomach.

My mother laughs and moves to the seat down next to me. She leaned close to my ear. Her hands rest on my thigh. “Oh really?” She whispers in my ear. Her hands running to my cock and rubbing on it. I let out a soft moan and nod. Again she laughs and pulls away. “We can’t Nick. Don’t be silly. What if someone finds out?.” She said teasingly. Her hand still on my thigh.

“I wont tell anyone mom.” I say looking at her seriously. I grab my cock and whip it out from my boxers. My mother must have been surprised about this, because she jumped back slightly. Her eyes widened.

“Wow Nick, you are serious aren’t you?” She asks. I nod. She looks down at my cock and then back up at me. I nod at her. Her hand runs to my cock and wraps her hand around it. She slowly begins to stroke my cock. “You better not tell anyone son.” She says softly. Her hand strokes my hard cock. Her thumb massages the head of my cock. I let out a moan and nod at her.

“I wont mom. Please. I want to fuck you just as hard as the men in those videos.” I say to her. At these words she moaned and stood up. She walked away from me and then turned so that I could get a view of her. She pulled off her top, freeing her large D cup breasts. She walked to the table and layed down on her back, her head hanging off the table. I stood up positioning myself so that my cock was right by her face. My mother pulled down my boxers and I kicked them off. She grabbed a hold of my firm thick cock and once again began to stroke it.

“Fuck son. I am going to enjoy this. Maybe almost as much as you will.” She teased me. Her tongue flicked on the head of my cock, sending shivers down my body. She opened her mouth wide and she took my cock in, inch by inch.

I let out a loud moan. “Holy fuck mom. That’s so good.” I say breathlessly. Her tongue expertly twirling around the head of my cock. My balls resting on her forehead. She massaged them with her free hand. She took me in deeper her tongue circling around me. I moaned again as she deepthroated me. I began to thrust back and forth, fucking my moms beautiful face. My balls slapping on her face. I felt my cock hitting the back of her throat as she gagged on it. I then held my cock deep into her throat waiting a few seconds until she tapped in my thigh so that I could let her breathe.

“Holy fuck…” She said out of breathe, gasping for air. She licked down my shaft avcılar escort and began to stroke my hard cock. She then slipped away and got down onto her knees. She looked into my eyes as she said “Do you like how your dirty slut mother sucks cock baby?”

I moaned at these words and nodded in response. “Fuck yes mom. Please don’t stop.” She smiled and grabbed my cock. She stuck out her tongue and slapped my cock against it multiple times while stroking it. She looked into my eyes, her eyes filled with lust. my sexy milf mother was enjoying pleasuring her son. She then took my dick back into her mouth and began sloppily sucking on it. She slurped on it, her tongue slapping against it as she sucked. My hands grabbed onto her soft D cup breasts firmly. I toyed with them, playing with her sensitive nipples and firmly rubbing down on her tits. Her hands trailed down to my balls. As she pulled my dick out of her mouth it made a “pop” sound. She smiled up at me. She licked down my shaft to my balls and began sucking on each sack. I moaned out loudly at the feeling of her tongue trailing on my balls. She licked back up my sack, then my shaft, all the way to the head of my cock. She teased my slit which again sent shivers down my body. She layed down on her back. I kneeled down so that my cock was right between her tits.

“You like your moms big natural tits don’t you baby?” She teased. She spit on the head of my cock and pressed her tits together, forming a tight crevasse for my cock. I moaned out, thrusting back and forth. I fucked her tits like a pussy, as I reached the top she would kiss and lick on the head of my cock. I moaned out loudly, feeling my balls tighten. I began thrusting more rapidly. She moaned at the pleasure and closed her eyes. I threw my head back and sent a few hot streams of cum onto my mothers face. She moaned out loving the feeling of my cum shooting onto her face. What continued to drip formed a little pool between her tits. She smiled at me. “Fuck son…Now its your turn.” She said seductively and slipped out from underneath me. She pulled off the tight little skirt. Her shaven pussy just as tight as it was in the video. I bit my lip and let out a moan starring at my mothers tight pussy. Still kneeling a scooted over towards her. I rubbed on her slit feeling that she was already very wet. I smirked at her.

“Fuck mom. You are enjoying this arent you?” I ask teasingly. I slide a finger deep inside of her pussy. She let out a moan of pleasure and layed back on the table.

“Ohhh yes Nick…” She whispered in a moan. I kissed on her thigh slipping a second finger inside of her and worked my fingers back and forth in a come hither motion. She bucked her hips up slightly as I kissed down on her clit. “Uhhhh mmmm…” She moaned at the feeling. I looked up and all I could see were my mothers two gorgeous breasts rising and falling as they sat perfectly on her chest. I rapidly worked my fingers from side to side. She started to breathe heavily as she raised her head to look at me. My tongue then slipped into her tight wet pussy. She let out a squeal of approval as my tongue explored deep inside of her. She grabbed the back of my head and held me still, pushing me deeper into her pussy. I moaned loving how much she was loving it, causing her pussy to vibrate. “Fuck.fuck…FUCK!” She screamed out as my tongue found her g-spot. Her legs began to shake uncontrollably. She began to orgasm rolling her hips and grinding her pussy against my face. Her nails dug into my back. She moaned and faintly screamed out as she came. Her juices splashing onto my face. She looked down at me, her eyes filled with lust.

“Fuck me Nick! Fuck your mothers pussy. Let me ride your cock son.” She said as she began to catch her breathe. Coming down from her intense orgasm. I nodded and layed down on the floor of the kitchen.

“Yes mom. Fuck your sons cock. You are such a slut mom.” I said and she moaned at these words lowering herself down onto my hard thick cock. She slowly took me in, inch by inch. She rolled her hips in a circular motion.

“Yes Nick. Fuck your slut mother.” She said. My hands grabbed firmly onto her soft breasts. She began to ride my cock faster. I rolled my hips back and forth with hers, pumping my dick back and forth in her tight wet cunt, which had avcılar eve gelen escort a air tight grip on my cock. She leaned down so that her body was pressed against mine. Her tits jiggling as she fucked my cock. I grabbed onto her ass and flipped us over to that I was now on top. She spread her legs wide then wrapped them around my waist. She was moaning uncontrollably with every thrust I gave. My trusts grew harder with each one, and she began screaming my name. I grabbed her hand and pinned them down to the floor. Her eyes shoot wide open. My cock pounding my slut mothers tight pussy.

“Fuck yes mom! Fuck you like your sons dick don’t you, you slut.” I moan out loudly. She nods unable to say anything, just breathing heavy and screaming out loudly. Her pussy juices began squirting out. Her tits bouncing from the power of my thrusts. She grabbed onto them and pulled on tit to her mouth. She began sucking down on the nipple. Her legs shaking violently as she came.

“FUCK YES! FUCK YOUR MOTHER!” She finally screams out as her orgasm reaches a peak. My cock violently slammed into her pussy. Hitting her g-spot over and over again. She threw her head back and then swung it around. “Fuck. Fuck yes. Oh God.” She breathes out as her orgasm ends.

I pull out my cock and turn her around she assumes the position, her ass sticking straight up into the air. I spank her thick juicy ass causing it to shake. I leave a hand print on her ass cheek. I slide my thick dick back into my moms tight pussy. She moans out loudly. I begin thrusting quickly picking up speed. I grunt and moan, grabbing the back of her hair and pulling it back. She turns to look at me and smirks loving how I am using her. I tease her asshole with my thumb, pushing it into her. She tosses her head back in pleasure and pushes back against my cock. I slip my cock out and slide it into her asshole she squeals out in pleasure. “FUCK NICK! YES BABY!” She screams out. My cock pushes deep into her ass. I begin thrusting slow at first but then quickly picks up speed. I then slide back into her pussy and alternate, giving her pussy a few good thrusts and then her asshole. She begins shaking again and cums again, her juices squirting all over the floor. “FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUUUUCCKKK” She yells out. I spank her ass once again making it shake.

I feel my balls begin to tighten again. I slam my cock into my mothers tight asshole. “Fuck mom! FUCK MOM! UGHH MIA YOU FUCKING SLUT.” I moan out as I rapidly fuck her tight asshole. My balls slap against her drench pussy. I close my eyes tight trying to hold off from cumming as long as I could.

“Fuck Nick. Cum in your mothers ass baby. Fill me with that hot cum. Please baby. Fill your cum slut mother.” She begs. At this my eyes shoot open and I cum hard in her ass. I spank her once as I begin to cum, hard leaving another mark. She moans out feeling my hot sperm fill her tight asshole. I continue thrusting, milking all of the cum out that I can. As I finish cumming I spank her thick ass again and slide my cock out of her ass.

I collapse to the floor and my mother kisses down my chest to my cock. She swirls her tongue around the sensitive head, cleaning it off. I lay out of breathe. She kisses back up and smiles at me. “Fuck mom. That was the best sex ever.” I say trying to catch my breathe. She smiles and smirks looking at me. “I know, Im good.” She teases and stands. She wobbles a little and then drops down to her knees. “You were very good to son.” She says taking a minute before standing again. She uses the kitchen counter to help her walk. I lay for a few minutes before standing up and joining her.

I wrap my arms around my mother and kiss on her neck holding her from behind. “I love you mom.” I whisper in her ear.

“I love you too son. Come on, lets go out and get breakfast. We cant eat on the table, I just came all over it.” She laughs. “Go get dressed.”

I nod and laugh a little looking back at the table “Now whenever we eat there that’s all I will think about.” I say chuckling.

She giggles “Me too. Now go get dressed sexy.” She says with a wink and teasingly smacks my ass. I smile and walk out of the room. Replaying what we have just done in my mind I smirk to myself. II see her phone laying by the table in the hallway and I grab it as I walk by.

I close the door to my room and lay naked on my bed. I open my moms messages and read the first message.

“Kristen: Had fun last night sexy. Ive never been with another woman before. Say hi to your son for me.”

I lay in bed, mouth wide in awe. “Holy fuck.” I say to myself, wondering if this was planned all along.

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