21 Nisan 2021

Mom Needs a Baby

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I remember it so vividly. I was visiting home during my sophomore year of college. My parent’s relationship had always been strong. There was no telling how many times I had jerked off to the squeaks and pounds of their bed.

However, when I returned, everything had seemed to change. Mom would still walk around in the slutty hot outfits she always did but Dad took no notice. She would lounge around the pool, her bikini practically swallowed by her gigantic breasts.

I would watch her from my window, jerking off as she rubbed lotion on herself. But that Thursday had the final straw. I was hammering away at my full erection. She lay on the pool chair, vigorously rubbing her clit. Her head shot back as she went faster, her eyes meeting mine.

I expected her to yell at me but she didn’t. Instead, she went faster, rapidly plunging her fingers into her pussy as I picked up speed jerking myself off. We came together, I blowing a knee buckling load all over my bedroom wall.

The rest of the night somehow had no awkwardness though I could see Mom occasionally glance at me through the corner of her eye. She began to seem more vibrant and happy, no longer seeming to care of Dad’s lack of concern.

– –

I struggled to fall asleep that night. Just waiting for Dad to burst in, ready to kill me for jerking off to Mom, the door slowly swung open. Mom and I had always been close, even when I had gotten into trouble before but I was sure this was the final nail in the coffin. Thus, I was shocked when she came into view.

“I’m horny baby,” she said as she moved her hand into my pants as gasped as she removed my cock, hard as a baseball bat. “And I feel you are too.”

“Mom…” I moaned, loving the feeling of her soft hands pumping my cock under the covers while I reached a cupped one of her huge tits.

When she turned on the light, my mouth dropped. She wore my favorite red see through negligee, leaving extremely little to the imagination. “Looks who’s nice and hard for me.” She said licking her lips and walking over.

“Tommy.” she said in a seductive tone, “I saw you yesterday. Beating this massive pole to me.” She began sucking my knob making me moan.

“I found some of your cum in my panties.” she said as she smiled and she licked around my head and I moaned louder.

“I was so happy to see that.” she said as she moved closer squeezing her boobs. “I imagined all that thick cum you blasted in your room yesterday filling me up.” She resumed her blowjob before continuing,

“Imagine that Tommy. Your cum flooding my womb. Making me all big and pregnant.” I began breathing fast. It was so hot. Imagining getting my beautiful mother pregnant with my own child.

She came and sat beside me, still madly jerking me off. “You’d like that wouldn’t you?” she asked whispering in my ear. I nodded as she kissed again. “I want your baby Tommy.” she said, “I want to see my belly pregnant and know I’m making another wonderful child like you.” I stared into her clear blue eyes as she planted her mouth around my shaft sucking gently with her soft lips.

She pulled off and we kissed long and passionately as she rubbed her thumb in the precum oozing from my head. I forced two fingers into her and she tensed before kissing me harder. She pulled her mouth and went fiercely jerking me off with both hands.

She then held and hefted my balls. “Oh yeah…” Mom said, “Now you’ll definitely get me pregnant. They’re so heavy with all that sperm for me.” I smiled as lay next to me with canlı bahis her legs spread and instructed me between them.

She kissed me as I pushed into her, my cock pushing through the little resistance. I began thrusting slowly, wanting it to last as long as possible. She groaned as I pushed all the way to the base and I started moving my hips against hers.

Before long, she was having an orgasm as I slammed into her womb. Her tremendous boobs shook powerfully with each hard thrust I made. I fondled and sucked on her tits licking around her sweet areolas. She moaned and held my face to her tits as I slammed into her even harder.

We kissed madly and felt all over each other. We hungrily explored the depths of each other’s mouths as I squeezed her juicy boobs, more than ample enough to feed our child for years to come.

I suddenly grabbed her hips and began shoving my shaft into her like there was no tomorrow. She threw her arms out and held fast onto my bed which threatened to fall through the floor. “S-ssss-So fucking big!!” Mom cried out and threw her hips against mine.

I fought to maintain my composure. I couldn’t cum. Not yet. I hit her spot and she screamed loudly. “You’re deep inside me baby!” She cried, “The only place you should ever be!!” I kept going bouncing my loaded balls off of her.

“What about Dad?” I asked trying to avoid cumming too early, “Why didn’t you ask him?” She laughed loudly. “Your father agh!… is a fucking joke! I spend all night trying to get him in the mood and he can go for just 5 minutes and then he falls asleep before I get one orgasm.”

She places her mouth around my cock as I pushed into her. “Not like you baby. So hard and loving to your mother. Always ready to make her feel good.” She tensed again as I plowed into her. “It’s a miracle he made you”

I yelled out when her pussy clamped again, my knob buried in the wet depths of her pussy. She kissed my shoulders and sucked my nipples while I focus on filling her with my dick.

She held my face close to her’s as we kissed and sucked on each other’s lips. Our glorious incest was an all out fuck-fest. I and my mother forced ourselves against each other. The hard slaps of skin on skin filled my room as we moaned into each other’s mouths.

I careened in and out of my beautiful mother, cumming rapidly on my invading shaft as she gripped hard onto my balls forcing me to pick up speed. I continued focusing on breathing in and out as Mom kissed across my chest.

She screamed even louder as I fucked with all my power burying my balls inside her. “Oh fuck!” She cried, “Harder Tommy!!” I groaned as I found the means to drive deeper into her. She kept screaming louder and louder as I fucked her brains out.

I brought my cock completely out and forced it back into her in one smooth motion. “Oh shiiiiit!!” She screamed loud enough to be heard on the street. She breathed quickly and smiled at me full of lust as I groped her rapidly rising and falling tits.

“Oh god!” She pleaded, “Fuck me baby! Feel up my tits. I want your cum. Every fucking drop! Deep within in me getting me all big and pregnant with your child! Give it to me like you always dreamed of!”

I lay my head back and picked up my pace once again. Her legs were on top of my shoulders, her calf muscles tightening as I forced myself into her. I rubbed lovingly up her soft skin as we kissed again, my slick pole moving effortlessly inside her.

“Do you want my baby mom?” I asked squeezing her massive juggs, “You like bahis siteleri my cock fucking you like this?”

She screamed again. “Oh fuck yes! I fucking love it! Make me your little slut!”

She pulled me in for another fiery kiss, our tongues down each other’s throats. We traded spit, almost as if trying to eat each other. My cock grabbed with each of my fast heartbeats, accelerated at the sight of my mom loving my dick inside her.

“You make your mommy so happy Tommy.” She said, her sweet lips inches from mine, “Keep fucking me you hung sex god!” I resumed fucking her with every ounce of energy I had driven by her hot words. Her sweaty knockers flew in every direction and the headboard slammed repeatedly into the wall.

“Oh shit! Right there! Right there!!” Mom screamed as I sucked and gently bit on her stiff tits. I tried to suck in as much of the soft juicy flesh as I could as my buzzing cock plowed into her. I looked down to see my shining cock tearing into her as she screamed uncontrollably.

I looked into her eyes as I picked up speed, the sounds of my balls against her wetness filling the room. I was in heaven. My buxom mother came again and again, enabling me to fuck her harder.

“Feel that pussy Tommy.” She said in a hot tone, “Fuck me. Fuck your wife good!! Give me all your fucking babies!” I gritted my teeth as she continued this verbal barrage.

We changed position, I entered her sweet love canal from the rear, slamming my cock inside. She moaned loudly, her ass getting mauled while I repeatedly transitioned from her ass to her pussy.

My dick was on fire, speeding in and out of her. It was driving me insane fucking my mother, about to give her the biggest load of cum, which to date, is the largest I have ever blown. I groaned as her wetness coated my shaft and she said,

“Enjoy it Tommy! Enjoy it while you can because soon you’ll enjoy watching me knocked up with your child, my boobs getting even bigger for you to play with as I blow that hard cock off.. Maybe while I nurse it you can have the other boob.”

Hearing her hot words drove me mad with lust. I hammered my hips into hers, increasing her screams as she threw her hips back at me to ensure every inch was inside her. Her gigantic udders were shaking wildly and slapping each other while I fucked her in a frenzy. She started cumming at the same time a sharp pain tore into my stomach.

We turned back to face each other as it became evident I couldn’t hold much longer. I cried out in pain and put a hand on each of the beautiful milky sacks and fucked savagely, grunting as I hit. She squeezed my ass cheeks as I brutally fucked her, my balls getting drenched in her cum.

I groaned as the first long thick rope of cum shot from me coating her insides. My cock shot a geyser, blasting my hot cream directly into her cervix. We held our faces together as I picked up speed, emptying my balls into her.

“I’m your’s Tommy!!” She whispered as I struggled to pick up speed, “Your’s and only your’s.” My head drilled deeper spraying her insides with all my cream. It spread her pussy apart as she raised her leg and cried in pain and happiness as all my floods of cum filled her, splitting her egg apart.

We kissed furiously as I bucked wildly, my deflating balls covered in her cum. Her stomach bloated briefly like she was already pregnant, My deluge not stopping as I nearly fell unconscious. Mom held me up and encouraged me to keep driving inside her.

I screamed to the heavens as thick gallons of bahis şirketleri cum surged through me into her pussy. “Oh fuck… oh fuck…!” She kept yelling as her pussy spread to hold my massive load which wouldn’t stop. My balls seemingly rose and fell to fill her to the brim. Through my shaking and painful orgasm, we kissed furiously.

I sucked on her boobs, her pussy overflowing with my seed. My dick tingled as I continued fucking her deep. She turned and smiled at me. “Did… did we do it?” I asked catching my breath.

“Honey…” Mom replied, “with all that cum, it be impossible not to be pregnant. But if not… we can do this everyday until you give me another child.” I loved imagining her response as we kissed again. I imagined being alone for weeks in my room with her, experiencing nothing but complete happiness while fucking her nonstop.

“I wish I could be in you all the time Mom.” I said as I kept exploding into her. “I’m happy I got to cum in you.”

She kissed me long and sweet. “I am too Tommy. I can already feel your cum getting my womb ready for our child.”

I kept shaking as I slowed my thrusts until finally, I could cum no more. I had no idea what time it was and my head was spinning but I felt Mom’s walls close to keep my cum inside of her. “You did great baby.” She said breathlessly as I lay on top of her, my dick still buried inside.

“I love you so much Mom.” I said, “I love being married to you.”

“I love you too Tommy.” She replied as I passed out on her tits, “I can’t wait to do this again.” I felt asleep, exhausted but feeling safe and warm with her next to me.

– –

Two weeks later, Mom announced she was indeed pregnant. Dad looked quite proud of himself and called his family and friends. However secretly, Mom and I celebrated our success. With more sex. Sex upon sex upon sex.

I fucked Mom hard that night and gleefully filled her with gallons of cum. “My baby gave me a baby.” Mom said as she kissed me after yet another hard fuck session.

I couldn’t wait for the baby to come. Though she played into Dad’s happiness, Mom always let the real father know how thankful she was. To my surprise, we kept right on fucking, seemingly even more than before.

We fucked in the shower, bedrooms, laundry room and car. Mom would always either give me a blowjob or handjob before bed before we went back to our wild unrestrained fucking the next day. It never mattered if Dad was nearby or not.

I came home from school one afternoon to find her sitting on my bed, completely naked except for some hot fishnet stockings. With a flick of her wrist, my pants were down as she was jerking me off. Seconds later, she was on her back as I ruthlessly pounded her pussy.

“Right there baby!” She cried, “You’re fucking me as great like you always do!” I kept fucking the hot wet cunt as we both cried in ecstasy. She dug her fingers into the sheet before mounting me.

Her pussy clenched as she slid down onto me. Her pussy now was easy for me to fuck. It seemed as if I was meant to fuck her always. I wrapped my mouth on one of her lactating tits and she moaned. “Oh yessss…” she moaned, “Feed off mommy.”

I thrusted upwards into her and she cried out, sending another explosive orgasm through both of us. We screamed as I came inside her, filling her cunt with enough cum to give her octuplets.

We kissed as we felt all over each other. As she fondled my balls, I continued to hit her with desperate thrusts. “I love you Mom.” I said.

“I love you too baby.” She replied. I remained inside her, my cock not softening.

“Someone seems ready for a Round 2…” She said.

“Always.” I replied and we did it again.

And again…

And again…

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