19 Nisan 2021

Mom , Son Confess Ch. 02

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Four months now. Why wouldn’t I be happy here? I’ve lived in Virginia before and this area has everything I need. I have a nice apartment that is not taking a lot of my Social Security. I have savings. I’m close to my son and his wife……… the grandkids are great. I guess I’m at an age…..62 now….almost 63 to be honest….. when I could use someone to take care of me.

I’m still independent and doing a lot of walking, though it concerns my son about me getting mugged or raped. Me! Raped! He keeps telling me I’m still a good-looking woman and need to be careful. You should hear the way he talks about the old men in this apartment building. He’s always complaining about them gawking at me. In my loose jeans! Makes me laugh! Now, occasionally I’ll see one of these old fellows downtown and they will offer me a ride home, but I always turn them down. Don’t want to get too friendly they might think they have a chance. And it would upset Sean.

Of course, my son doesn’t say a thing about that bitch in 2A following him around like a bitch in heat. He says he hasn’t screwed her. I know his car stayed late in the parking lot one night after he left my apartment. His wife out of town! Said he got waylaid by a card game in Mr. Cook’s apartment. No. I didn’t ask Mr. Cook.

Yeah! It would have bothered me to catch my son in a lie. Was I concerned about his wife or me? Can’t really answer that! I know he is not happy about his sex life at home. But I do know that bitch aggravates me every time I see her. She always speaks to me but I ignore the bitch.

Anyway, we have lunch together and he takes me to the stores whenever I need to go. We go a short distance to a truck stop to eat. My son seems to know every waitress by her first name. He says he’s not screwing any of them. I will not deny that I’m interested in who he is screwing, other than his wife.

I’ve got a boyfriend that comes down to see me occasionally but he’s really a pain in the ass, always wanting to screw. He can’t keep it up with a rubber on, and because of heart problems can’t take any pills. His fingers are numb and his fingering me leaves me wanting. I always have to take care of myself later on…. days later usually after he leaves of course.

No. I don’t really care whether he comes to see me or not. But the money flows free when he is here and he buys me things. He takes me, Sean and family out to dinner often. A good guy, I suppose.

Do I remember back when? Of course I do. Far away from my son it was not hard to ignore the things that happened in the apartment. But remember he would come to visit me. It always gave me a chance to renew our alliance, if we had an alliance. After he married, he often brought his family, but often he would be alone. In fact, he visited me alone a year before I moved down here. So, definitely yes, I remember well. Did I preform for him? You damn right!

He recently told me he had a vasectomy. Then told me when Suzy stopped the pill. I have to admit that got the imagination running wild. That was the biggest concern you know. In the beginning, I never considered incest but things change and his telling me about his vasectomy might be more than casual conversation.

If he watched all that time, one would think he’d want to screw me.


Mom moved to Virginia to be close to me and my family? She called about eight months ago wanting me to find her an apartment. A good idea, I suppose. Mom has never gotten along with Suzy very well but she would be living across town….. it wouldn’t be like she was living next door or across the street. She doesn’t drive even!

It’s working out good. I got mom a nice apartment, on the eighth floor, a great view and I see her at least once a week.

Yes. Having her 400 miles closer and seeing her more often has caused a lot of old memories to surfaced……. desires to become stronger. She is still a sensuous woman. She walks continuously and is in real good shape for her age. I checked her bed stand for her toys and she still has a few. Yes, I guess you could say I’m still spying on her. I guess you could say I still harbor a bit of jealousy when one of those old codgers in her apartment building looks at her….. I tell her I’d like to knock them on their ass. She just laughs at me.

My jealousy? Her jealousy is maddening. She’s always accusing me of fucking, Betty, in apartment 2A. I know a lot of people and every time I call a woman by her first name mom assumes I’m fucking her. She doesn’t believe that I have known Betty for a long time and that she has a nickname of “pincushion” because she will fuck anyone, man or woman, who will jump in the sack with her. I assure you I’m not one of them. They do say she is a good piece of ass.

I told mom that I had a vasectomy. I don’t know what I expected her to say. She did ask me if Suzy was giving more pussy. Yes, I might’ve said something over the years about how bad my married sex life was.

What canlı bahis do I think about incest? With pregnancy out-of-the-way, I think it could be a plus… for the right people in the right situation. But maybe I’ve been conditioned to think that way whether mom knows it or not.


I made a special dinner that night. Suzy had gone to see her mother with the kids for a couple of days. He offered to take me out to eat but I declined. I had thought about it a lot and I intend to go through with it or be rejected and embarrassed. But what the hell!

I discarded my jeans. I thought my favorite wool-blended, straight-lined skirt would give my body a good outline. My red cotton sweater makes my boobs look a little larger. I know, red heeled shoes were a bit out of place but they are not that high and I wanted to look especially good. Hell, I even put on a good amount of makeup.

He may me a bit mad when he asked if I was going on a date. He told me that wool would be a bit warm for a summer night. Said he was teasing when I asked him why he thought it was strange that I would want to dress up for my son and that the air-condition made the skirt quite comfortable.

No, I didn’t know exactly what I was going to do. I guess I hoped that my dressing up would be enough to get things rolling. Us alone, me dressed to the hilt.

I managed to keep the conversation moving, asking him about work, his wife’s trip and such. But I really miscalculated because I didn’t know of a damn thing to do after we finished dinner. I told him that I didn’t need any help cleaning up. But I was a little relieved when he eventually offered to dry the dishes.

We were standing side by side, me washing, him drying, and he commented on my attire again. I told him I thought he might like to see me wear something other than my jeans. He joked that here he was with his wife out of town and a good-looking woman standing next to him. I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity and it took all of the brazen I could muster, but I told him that I was thinking the same thing.

And then I threw all caution to the wind and asked him about the little scratch on the window. All of the pondering and suspicion was wiped away when he told me, yes, he had spied on me. Then, he asked me to forgive him. I told him in the sweetest voice I could that there was nothing to apologize for and that I had performed for him. I told him that maybe I should be the one apologizing. I asked him did he know that I had spied on him quite often. He was quite surprised which made me laugh.

I turned to the counter, dividing the kitchen from the living room, to place a platter there on the counter. I felt his nearness behind me and I heard him tell me that wanted to be than a spy. I told him I wanted him to be more too.

His hands wrapped around the front of me as he cupped my breasts and kissed me on the neck. I remained passive, enjoying the caressing and fondling of my tits.

I willingly raised my arms as he lifted the sweater up over my head. He then unsnapped by bra and I slipped it off, dropping it to the counter. Things were rolling fine!


Mom was a good cook and I was wondering what I was going to eat while Suzy was away. So when mom called and invited me to dinner, I figured it would take care of one meal.

I let myself in the apartment with my key and found her by the stove in the kitchen. She turned to welcome me. She looked like a high-priced hooker and I was totally awed by her unnatural appearance. I could tell that the joke I made did not sit well with her. I could scarcely take my eyes off of her as she moved repeatedly from the kitchen to the little dining table in the living room. I offered to help but she just told me to sit down.

As we ate I was practically speechless, luckily mom kept up a lively conversation, with me only having to answer questions. Never one to watch people work alone I offered to help clean up only to be told to relax. I offered to dry the dishes and she reluctantly tossed me the towel.

Again, I chuckled and try to say something comical…. something about my wife being out of town and a gorgeous woman next to me. Her answer did not sound as comical…. she was having the same thoughts and said as much.

I was honestly not ready for the question she would ask me about spying. There was only one answer and I gave it. I don’t know why as I should have known that if she asked the question she probably knew the answer, but without time to realize that, I just apologized. Then, she laughed, and followed up with an even more amazing question. It never occurred to me that she would use the little scratch in the window to spy on me. She thought that was really funny.

She turned towards the counter to sit a platter down still laughing, which for some reason made me want to stop her laugher. I moved in behind her and reached up to cup her breast. Her laughing ceased and she became an instant statue, bahis siteleri Giving me pause!

But, I kissed her neck I whispered that I did not want to be a spy anymore, hoping she would get the meaning. She did, as she answered the same and I wasted little time removing her sweater and bra as I wanted to seal the deal, so to speak… see how serious she really was.


After all the attention my nipples were getting, they were tall and erect when Sean turned me around. When he took my nipple into his mouth, I thought I was going to faint. He was now fortyish. I couldn’t think at the time but with my eyes closed I could imagine him at 19. He alternately took each nipple in his mouth suckling on it tenderly but hungrily. All I could do was to put my hands on the counter and push my chest out for him to devour.

Call it brain dead, I suppose, I’ve been accused of being a Drama Queen, but I asked him what his wife would think if she knew what he was doing. He practically spit out my nipple and looked at me and asked if I had let him get so far so I could tell his wife. Without hesitation, I informed him that I wasn’t going to tell her a damn thing! He asked me if I thought a mother and son spending quality time together was wrong and who would know what was done behind a locked door. I forget the words I spoke but I instantly agreed and apologized for uttering such a stupid question.


Bringing my wife into the equation, as I sucked her tit, nearly stopped by heart, I was tempted to storm out of the apartment. But I thought quick and countered with questions of my own. She agreed it was a distracting question.

Back on track, I reached to undo the button on her skirt, unzipped the zipper, and squatted to remove her shoes and pull the skirt down. She lifted each leg clear. I placed my hands on her ample hips, placed my nose into her crotch and took a deep breath. I have often told my wife that I could detect her scent if she was standing in a line of 10 women. My mother’s scent was delightful. I stood up and she asked me if she could see it…. my cock. I could have just unzipped my pants but I instead kicked my shoes off, never wearing socks in the summer, and undressed below my waist. I stood before her briefly with my rock hard cock peeking out from under my shirt before moving closer. Mom reached to toy with my cock with her fingers briefly before wrapping her hand around it and squeezing it tightly.


I thought it so odd when Sean stuck his face into my crotch and breathed in deeply. I was hungry to see and touch his cock and I asked him to show it to me. It was hard. Oh, so hard! And it was warm. The domed head was darker than the rest of the shaft.

I cradled his balls and he asked me if I would like to go to the bedroom. I muttered something and he took my hand and led me through the living room, down the short hall, to my bedroom. As he finished removing his clothes, I looked to my left out of the near wall length, 2 foot wide, window adjacent to my bed, noting that it was raining. I moved topless to the window, not concerned about being seen on the eighth floor, and commented on the light rain, the streetlights and how they made the blacktop shine and how romantic it was. He came up behind me, placing his hands on my shoulders and agreed that it was very romantic. I could feel his cock poke me in the rear.


There were a dozen places in the apartment that I could have fucked her… I wanted to fuck her standing right there at the counter, but something told me that the proper place to consummate our new found relationship would be in the bedroom. I suggested such and led her to the bedroom. Her comments on the rain and lights and how romantic it was showed a side of mom that I didn’t know really existed. She could have been a virgin about to give up her treasure for the first time. I felt the need to treat her as such.

Her panties were still on and I asked her if she still had that fantastic lavish bush. She told me sympathetically that it was not as thick as it was in her 40s, but I sould find out myself, which I took as an invitation to remove her panties. I turned her around and slipped her panties down squatting as I pulled them down her legs. I had no problem assuring her that her bush was still lavishly forested and the prettiest thing I have ever seen. I could not help myself and I pushed my nose into her forest, taking in a deep sniff.

I kissed her softly and maneuvered her gently to the bed. Hell yes! I wanted to jump on her and fuck her brains out, but I felt the need for refrain. I rolled her to her belly and concentrated my attention on all my favorite part of a woman’s anatomy…… her ass…… and mom had a great ass. I nibbled. I licked. I lightly bit and I ran my tongue up the crack of her ass. Her moans left little doubt that it was pleasurable for her. I worked my way up, placing many kisses on her back and neck, giving her a substantial backrub as bahis şirketleri I worked my way back down. I rolled her to her back.


No one, and I mean no one, ever treated my body with such loving tenderness. My body was quivering as he tenderly bit my buttocks. I think my ass lifted 6 inches off the bed when his tongue slid up the crack of my ass. And the backrub! He would definitely be doing that more. When he turned me over, I was sure he was going to mount me. I was unsure whether I should guide his cock into me or let him put it in. I lifted my legs and spread them wide… ready for him, but he placed his face, not on my hairy mound, but smack dab on my pussy. Surprised? You damn right! I had never had a man do anything like that! I was probably staring at him like he was crazy. But when I felt his tongue on my clit, amazed he was able to find it, I melted, telling him…

“Oh Lord, Sean! I’ve never felt anything so good.”

I was just dumbfounded and just stared, running off at the mouth, between moans.

“Why are you doing that? How did you learn to do that? Right there! There! Don’t move please don’t move. I wish you could suck on my nipples at the same time. I wish I could get my hands on your cock. Your cock is so hard. No! Don’t move!”

He moved! He pushed my legs back almost to my tits. I felt his tongue push into my pussy! Can you believe that! I thought it almost comical that there were so many times I pondered why I could not have his cock in me and here I was now with his tongue in my pussy as deep as he could push it, and my ass thrusting against his face to get it deeper.

Yes, it passed my mind that he might want me to reciprocate. At the time, I didn’t think my mouth was large enough. I was wrong. But it wasn’t easy and I gagged a lot at first, but that’s another story.

After a good tongue screwing, he went back to my clit. I loved his hands cradling my ass.

I have to admit I was getting a bit tired holding my head up watching him eat my pussy, so I just dropped my head back to the pillow and played with my tits when I wasn’t pulling at his hair or ears. I was a lot harder on my nipples than Sean was. I pinched and pulled like I wanted to pull the bitches off.

The orgasm? Which one! The first one I thought my head was going to blow off. Luckily, I have found that my apartment is a very quiet one, so I doubt if anyone heard my old lady bellowing. If they had, the police might have been knocking on my door. The second one was milder and actually much nicer as it flowed over me and I think I shuddered from the tip of my toes to the top of my head.

And then, just as nonchalant as you please, he said he had pee and just left me lying there. I wanted his cock! I watched him standing there at the toilet relieving himself. He finished and began washing his cock in the sink. I thought it was quite courteous of him.

Yup! I have to admit that the two orgasms had simmered my passion somewhat and I had a moment of apprehension. But hey! This little puppy had gone too far to stop now. And I still wanted his cock in me.


I was in heaven. Mom was behaving as expected and I was doing what I enjoyed more than fucking…. I think. I’m a giver more than a taker. I did find it hard to breathe with all that fur around my nose! I find it comical that she was asking me questions that I couldn’t possibly answer at the moment. I wondered if I should tell her about the older woman I had met, shortly after leaving Long Island, in an X-rated movie one evening. A married woman, who took me to her exquisite home and taught me a good many things… eating pussy at the top of the list.

My, my, did mother come. She sounded like a wounded animal and her ass bucked like shot with an arrow in the hindquarters. She didn’t ask for me to come up so I just continued lapping on that clit. She seemed content enough and was soon lost in sexual delirium, shaking her head from side to side and moaning softly. It took her quite a while to reach orgasm the second time and I had to pee like a racehorse. I hated to leave her like that, very much aware that she could have second thoughts, no longer in animal lust, hormones diminished, you know what I mean. All this was incest wasn’t it!


He came back to bed and I accepted him between my legs just as natural as could be. Calmer though like we had been screwing for years. Just as natural, I reached for his cock, which was just as hard as ever, and placed it to my hole. A coarse word? Trust me, it’s a hole. A cock is not square, now is it?

I didn’t request him to be gentle, didn’t want him to be gentle, to be honest. Somewhere between him leaving the bathroom and covering the distance to the bed, I was again ready and willing.

Like I said earlier size isn’t as much a factor as what a man does with it. And Sean was doing just fine. Getting it passed all that hair, regressing a time or two as he resized my pussy, my pussy muscles still being tight from orgasm. I finally felt his balls touch my ass. He cradled me in his arms as he started to pump into me and I felt lightheaded again. Nope! No rubber this time! Just bare cock! Breath taking!

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