21 Nisan 2021

Mom , Sons: Leo and Michael

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It all started when I was 19 and my brother, Michael, was 18 and our mother was 39. I’d started to get interested in Incest from in my teenage years and had often looked at my mum’s underwear, she wore thongs and lace bras (she’s a 36F I learnt), and I’d even managed to steal a glance of her in her underwear, without her seeing, once or twice. Anyways the story really begins when I won £1,000 on a scratch card, I didn’t tell my mum or my brother because I wanted to surprise them with gifts. I sat my brother down and asked what he really wanted and to my surprise he said he wanted to “Have sex with a busty woman.” Which kinda left me stuck. However, when I asked my mum what she wanted she said “To have sex with a young guy.” Now at first I thought their answers were coordinated, and I thought maybe they had been being incestuous behind my back but later dismissed this thought, and then I started thinking about my money, and maybe I could make all three of what we wanted come true.

I told my brother I was going to arrange sex with a woman for him, and also told my mother I would find a young guy to have sex with her. Then I bought some bondage gear, a sort of table thing with a leather top for someone to lie on, some chains, collars, blindfolds and various gags. When it came to the sex I told my brother that the woman wanted him to wear a gag (so my mum wouldn’t hear him) and a blindfold because she didn’t want him to know who she was in public (and he wouldn’t know who he was fucking). Then I told my mum I had found two guys who wanted to have sex with canlı bahis her at once, but she would have to wear a gag, be handcuffed from behind and chained to the bondage table, and be blindfolded so that she couldn’t know who they were in public (and couldn’t see who she was fucking) and both my mother and my brother agreed to these terms (thankfully as I’d already spent the money and tried to work it all out!).

I told my brother before he entered the room that when he was done fucking he was to leave the room and go out for the rest of the day to give him an alibi so mum wouldn’t know, and I left mum in her bedroom getting dressed and told her to put on the blindfold. Then I knocked and asked if she was ready and she said “yes”.

I walked Michael into the room and then took my blindfolded mother, laid her down on the table, handcuffed her hands behind her back and chained her down to the table. I then fitted a gag with a metal ring that held her mouth open, ready to give a blowjob. With this done I was now able to admire my mother’s sexy body, and it was really sexy, her skin was so smooth and warm, her boobs hung freely and looked so much better than when they were held in her bra, I nearly blew my load then. I lowered my boxers and helped Michael do the same and moved him up behind my mum and I started to rub her pussy, I was actually rubbing it, I couldn’t believe it, it was warm and wet but I couldn’t keep playing because I had to let Michael at her.

She was lying ass up, her cheeks were large and bounced as we slapped them and moved bahis siteleri them apart, my mother was skinny but had very very nice assets. I put Michaels hands on our mum’s vagina and nearly blew my load again as I watched him unknowingly grab our mum’s ass and plunge his dick (7 inches long) into her pussy, all the way in he went and mum shivered and pushed against him and let out a moan. Michael slapped her ass and really started pounding her, and I could see they were really enjoying themselves. I then walked round in front of my mother and rubbed some cherry lube onto my cock and then pushed it through the hole in my mother’s gag and pushed myself into her mouth and my god what a feeling it was, she sucked hard on my cock (cherries are one of her favourite things) and she licked all round, I placed my hands on her head and fucked her mouth hard and she really went all out on me with her sucking and I managed to somehow cum into her mouth at the same time Michael shot his inside her pussy and I could feel her swallowing my cum as Michael kept fucking her for a while.

I took myself out of my mother’s mouth then and walked round to Michael and cleaned him off, and he started wanking until he was hard enough again. Then I fetched another lube, and another one of her favourites, liquorice, and he made his dick drip with it before pushing his big member into her mouth and she moaned as she licked and sucked him. Then I lubed up my cock and stood behind her, I grabbed her ass and then bit it, I really was losing grip on reality but if I was going to do bahis şirketleri anything, now was the time. I started at the top of her crack, resting my lubed dick on her back and slid it down to her asshole. Then I pressed my tip against it and I could feel my mum tense up, I don’t think she was expecting anal but I pushed in and out slowly, working the lube into her hole and then I pressed in hard and her asshole swallowed up my dick until I was pressed against her cheeks, at which moment she lurched and deep throated Michael who then moaned through his gag.

I grabbed hold of the hand cuffs and began to move in and out of her ass. I started by pulling out and in slowly, then I pulled out slowly and started slamming my dick back into her, each time making her force Michael deeper in her mouth, Soon I was going quickly in and out, it was soo good I didn’t want to stop but then I blew my load inside her ass and pulled out quickly, she quivered again and moaned and then Michael moaned as he shot inside her mouth. He waited until she swallowed all of his cum before removing himself and I led him to the door, then I un-handcuffed and unchained mum from the table and removed her gag, then I put a towel over her and then led Michael from the room.

We cleaned ourselves up in our rooms and then I told Michael to get going and handed him some money. Then I went to mum’s bedroom door and knocked “Are you ok, mum?” I said, “Just a sec” came the reply. When she came out of her room she was dressed normally and said “You really must ask them to come back again, that’s the best I’ve had since before your dad left” and then “Will you stick on the immersion so I can have a shower please?” to which I went and did and then I went back to my room to try and understand what had just happened.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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