21 Nisan 2021

Mom was an Addict Ch. 03

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Betty lay chest down in the middle of the bed with her legs spread wide. She listened to her son’s groans as he laid heavily upon her, fucking her with a moderate but determined rhythm.

Minutes earlier she had been on her back with Gary’s face buried in her bush.

It was Wednesday night and she had not seen her son since the prior Saturday night when they had hosted Carol.

She lay passive, with no thought or desire to aggravate, but just enjoying the light thumping her ass was receiving. Her own orgasm had been strong and the feeling of calmness was soothing to her.

“Have you talked to Carol recently?” Gary queried

“Not a word from her.” Betty responded. “It’s possible we may never hear from her again. I would like to know if she has fucked her son. I was even hoping she might reciprocate.”

“Reciprocate? How so?” Gary quizzed.

“Well, you fucked her. I was hoping that she would get me and her son, John, together. I gave her a lot of insight. I think it would only be fair, don’t you?” Betty’s related, causing her son to chuckle after stabbing her a couple of times to squelch a jealous sarcastic comment.

“You are a manipulating bitch! I should have known you had an ulterior motive in all of this.” Gary said humorously. “I don’t give a fuck what you do just be careful.”

“My end game is to get the four of us together for a roundtable incestuous party. Would you like that?” Betty inquired.

“If it gets me pussy, game on!” Gary answered.

“All I ask from you is when I set it up with me and her son that you don’t happen by, unless she host. Can you do that?”

It was getting late. Gary’s answer was to rev up his rhythm, hammering his mother’s ass as he concentrated on getting his release.

With his arms slipped under her arms, his hands wrapped around her shoulders, his intense incestuous fucking was making Betty feel terribly claustrophobic. She lay with her face looking left and making the best of the situation. She knew it would not last very long. It did not.


Carol was not avoiding Betty. She was just busy working, seeing a doctor and trying to decide how to approach her son. The word “seduction” sounded stupid to her after what had happened between them. He was ready – she was not – he was just waiting for her. She wanted him badly but the doctor told her she should wait until the pills took effect. If they made her feel bad, she might even have to try a different one. It was very frustrating and as her son was barely talking to her she needed to ease the situation.

As she lay in bed watching her favorite Wednesday night program, she heard her son enter their apartment and as he walked down the short hall. She expected a tap on her door but it did not come. She heard the shower turn on with a slight amount of relief. He would come check on her after his shower. With falling spirit, she heard his door shut and all was quiet. She was near tears as she clicked off the TV and pulled the covers up to her neck.

She lay there near an hour unable to sleep.

She threw the covers off of her and left the bed. She discarded her light nightgown and pushed her panties down, stepping out of them and tossed them on the bed.

She made no effort to be silent as she walked the short distance to her son’s bedroom door. She did not knock.

“John, are you sleeping?” She uttered in a moderate volume after cracking the door.

“No mom.” John responded.

“When are you going to stop ignoring me?” She asked, entering the room and walking to the side of his bed. “Slip over and let me lie down next to you.”

1. His was only a twin bed and he scooted and turned on his right side putting his back up against the wall.

“You know I love you!” She nearly whispered with passion. “I saw a doctor Monday and we have to wait a while longer…

“I have condoms mother!” John injected.

The time she had spent with Betty and Gary was the first time she had ever experienced fucking with a condom. She had not liked it. The thought of breakage scared the hell out of her. She had actually considered making her son wear one anyway but pushed the idea aside till later. She had, off and on, been on the pill since age 15 – more to control her monthly – she was a virgin when she married at 18.

Placing her right hand on her son’s face, she kissed his forehead lovingly.

“Don’t you know you’re hurting me when you ignore me for something I have no control over?”

“I’m sorry mom!” John said, placing his hand on his mother’s hip, discovering that she was nude.

The darkness was almost complete except for a small amount of light that came through a window near the ceiling across the room. Still, Carol felt her son’s body tense, knowing it was because of her nude body.

“Can we hug and makeup?” Carol offered.

Mother and son embraced warmly. Carol allowed John to push his left knee between her legs bringing it tight against her pussy and causing an involuntary moan.

“Hold me tight sugar!” Carol whispered into her son’s ear as ataköy masöz escort she slowly began to hump her son’s knee.

John pushed his knee lightly into his mother’s crotch as she began to ride his knee and thigh. He wanted desperately to explore her body but was afraid to. He relished what he had and did not put it in jeopardy by overreaching.

When his mother began to breathe heavily, almost involuntarily his left hand went to her ass. His hand, wandering over his mother’s ass, found it to be smooth and soft and wondered if that part of her body had escaped the fire.

The only sound in the room was the lustful breathing of Carol. She had not intended such a quick dissent into incestuous petting, but deemed it, as long as they did not couple, acceptable if she could control her son.

“Aggg, aggg, agggggggggggg!” She moaned as the orgasm flowed through her – a soothing orgasm – very satisfing.

As she came back to reality, her right hand slip between them and she found a lengthy bulge in her son’s underwear.

“Take them off!” She directed, untangling from him, giving him room.

Their torsos embraced once more, but left enough room below to allow Carol to yank on her son’s rigid cock. Ohhh, how she wanted it inside of her.

She wrestled him partially atop her left thigh. She stopped yanking on his cock, causing him to begin his own natural rhythm humping her thigh. I suppose you might consider it lucky that Carol paid no attention to his quick ejaculation. It was all quite understandable given the incestuous circumstances. Perhaps three, maybe four minutes, pasted before his cum erupted onto his mother’s belly and thigh.

The young stud’s breathing remained quite normal. He did groaned slightly as he reached orgasm.

Again, involuntarily and without thought, he kissed his mother passionately. She kissed him back just as passionately as she’s milked his cock.

“Would you like to come to my bed?” Carol offered.

“That would be nice. Will you stay naked?” He queried.

“I’m not used to doing that, but if you wish, sure.”


“Of course I was not avoiding you Betty. You have been very good to me. I don’t know how to repay you for your guidance.” Carol explained as the two women talked on the computer cam.

Carol continued to explain to Betty about the pills and what had happened between she and her son the night before.

“Have you been with Gary recently?” Carol inquired.

“He just left 15 minutes ago.” Betty replied with pride. “He loves his mother’s pussy, but I can’t understand his passion about wanting me to be on my knees. We have fucked dozens of times (she lied), but it is near impossible to get him to fuck me missionary.”

Carol refrained from offering a thought on the subject. She figured it could be his way of coping with their incestuous relationship or maybe it was just her appearance that put him off. Her thoughts were interrupted.

“Look! You told me it is going to be a while before you can let John inside of you. You say he’s not seeing anyone that you know of. How about I make a visit to see you? You were wondering how you could repay me.”

Carol hoped her lengthy silence did not alarm Betty. She searched for a way out but found no escape.

“I could approached him on the subject.” Carol explained. “He’s such an introvert – that’s why he has such a problem with girls – it won’t hurt to try – I do owe you – it would be a great help to get him some pussy to tide him over – and you do like to fuck – are you sure you’re son won’t mind?”

“I might not tell him.” Betty answered. “Even if I do, he won’t mind a bit. We have an understanding that we fuck who we want.” She did mention that until her son had succumbed to her relentless badgering, she hadn’t had a cock in five years.

“I’ll see what I can do then.” Carol proposed. “Is this Saturday night too soon?”

“If you can set it up I’ll be there.”


Carol had to stay up late to talk to her son about meeting and fucking Betty. As she sat pondering the possibilities she began to get aroused thinking of her son fucking Betty – the little troll. Her mind began to ponder the possibilities of sex-play with her son when he arrived – if he was interested. The last thought made her chuckle out loud.

John came home at his usual time. He kissed his mother and moved to the kitchen to get a coke, then he sat down with her.

They exchanged pleasantries for a few moments.

“Mom, call me brain-dead but it just occurred to me that you said you were going to – did – fuck a friend’s son. Do I know her?”

Carol spent long minutes bringing her son up to speed on how she had met Betty and touched, with vivis description, on the various sexual material, conscious of the fact it would arouse her son, which she desired

“That’s amazing mom! An unbelievable story. Of course you did fuck him, right?”

“Yes. I did.” She answered timidly, having left out much of her meeting with Gary, centering her story on ataköy otele gelen escort mother and son.

“Do you think I can meet this lady?” He queried.

“You mean, can you lay with her?” Carol queried back, hiding her shock at her son’s suggestion, but understandably making her offer would be so much easier now.

“Yeah. Of course, if you say no I will understand. I certainly do not want to make you jealous. It’s just that you told me it would be a while before you and I could… be together.”

Carol continued on telling her son of Betty’s appearance, speech and overall statue, assuring him that Betty’s pussy would make up for any fallacies.

“No, of course I would not be jealous.” She returned. “I’ve already told you that I expect both of us to be free in our relationships. I’ll mentioned it to Betty and I don’t think you’ll have any problem.

I know it’s late, but could I beg you for a back rub.”

“It would be my pleasure.” John said in a seductive tone.

John followed his mother to her lamp illuminated bedroom where she promptly removed her light nightgown, being nude underneath. Following her, John had already ascertained that she wore no underwear. The fuzzy outline of the crack of her ass brought his erection to near firmness.

“Are you going to undress?” Carol asked her son smiling over her shoulder.

Carol entered the bed as her son hurriedly removed his clothes. She positioned herself on her chest in the middle of the bed just short of the pillows.

`John saw what he suspected, that his mother’s buttocks were pretty much untarnished. He, again, acting cautiously, straddled his mother’s upper thighs and began to massage the middle of her back. As he moved upward he purposefully brought his cock in contact with the crack of her ass.

“John, have you ever kissed a girl’s pussy?” Carol quizzed.

“No mother. I haven’t.” He answered.”But I’ve always wanted to. I’ve seen it done but I’ve been afraid to try.”

“You’ve watched xxx-videos. So you’re a virgin with knowledge but little experience. What would you say to me turning over and spreading my legs for you, letting you practice oral sex on me?”

in answer, John gently maneuver his mother to her back. He sat on his knees and gently pushed his mother’s knees back, spreading them. He saw but ignored her fire ravaged body. “May I just look at it for a minute?”

“Look as long as you like.” She answered in a loving tone.

He studied her pussy long enough to make her become self-conscious and she told him so.

John positioned himself prone. Carol held her legs back and wide. John breathed in heavily smelling a scent of sweet soap and female aroma. He lovingly kissed her vagina. His tongue pressed into her thin lipped labia at the bottom and licked upward, causing Carol to moan loudly and lift her ass off of the bed.

“Are you sure you have never done this before?” She queried teasingly.

“I’m sure mother.” He mumbled.

John licked repeatedly, sometimes moving to kiss his mother’s bare mound or nip on the inside of her thighs.

Remembering a scene in a video he slid his hands under his mother’s ass, lifting it, and pushed his tongue into her pussy, causing Carol a great deal of distress and pleasure. Her ass pumped his face frantically as he repeatedly sent his tongue deep into her. Remembering another scene, he lifted himself to his knees and gently pushed his middle finger into her pussy. He finger-fucked her slowly at first and then much faster and harder sending his finger as deep as he could inside of her.

Carol had never been fingered in such a manner and was finding it to her liking. For long minutes her moans attested to her arousal and sensuous lust. After more minutes she reached to still his hand.

“You’ve seen 69 certainly! We could do that if you would like?”

For a brief instant, John saw his mother in a dim light, but in his lust brushed it aside.

Mother and son scrambled to maneuver into the 69 position. Carol stared at her son’s cock for a long moment before taking the domed head into her mouth, soon to be taking two thirds of his shaft into her mouth and sucking firmly.

John spent a few more long moments licking and exploring his mother’s pussy before concentrating his tongue to her clit. He repeatedly tongued fucked her before concentrating on her clit to bring her to orgasm.

Carol, when the orgasm ripped through her, desperately tried not to bite her son’s cock off. She spit him out.

She lay panting mostly on her back as her son held her ass with both hands.

John released her ass and quickly moved to reverse and gather her up. The hope was to couple with her. It was not to be. She flipped to her chest preventing him from topping her and slipping between her legs.

“Lay it in the crack of my ass John!” She directed. “I can suck you off or you can hump my ass.”

John was too overcome with incestuous lust to argue. The crack of her ass would do just fine. I would ataköy rus escort get him closest to his desire.

Pulling her crack wide, his blood boiled as he saw her rosebud. He laid his cock in her crack and lay down over her gently supporting his weight, but getting as close to her as possible. He proceeded frantically to hump her ass.

“It won’t be long I promise John!” Carol assured her son, knowing the crack of her ass was a poor substitute for her pussy, but wiggling and thrusting her ass upward to show her participation helped. “Come for me! Shoot your cum in my crack!”

John answered his mother’s desire in a few short minutes. His come shot up the valley of his mother’s crack for about 3 inches and collected in a pool.

It surprised Carol, as her son pushed his chin through the pool, smearing white liquid over her buttocks. She was a bit alarmed, saying nothing, when he licked the same areas.

When he turned her over and kissed her passionately full in the lips, she did not flinch, having tasted cum before. Still, she found her son’s actions to be highly peculiar, even suspect.

“You are so beautiful mom.” John said, dropping to take into his mouth her one untarnished nipple.

“You are a good lover John.” Carol returned, running her hand through his hair.


Betty and Carol talked Friday and all was set for Saturday.

Then, after Carol related the previous events they masturbated together, turning the cams to show each other’s pussy as they fingered them.

Betty advised her son that she needed a ride for Saturday night to Carol’s high-rise apartment. He picked her up at the appointed time.

“So you’re going to bed the young stud.” Gary queried his mother.

“Actually, according to Carol, he pretty much brought it up himself. She hasn’t given him any pussy yet – I don’t know what the holdup is – but apparently he’s biting at the bit to get his cock wet in my snatch.”

“So it took this for you to get a haircut and put on a little makeup. Shows me where I stand!” Gary laughed. “I hope to hell you didn’t trim that forest you got between your legs.”


“I’ll call you when I’m ready to be picked up. If you don’t hear from me it means Carol probably gave me a ride home or I spent the night.” Betty told her son as she stepped from the car at the door of the high-rise.

“Hello my dear lady. Come right in.” Carol said merrily after opening the door.

Carol instantly took in Betty’s appearance. She looked almost cute. She noticed that her son, as he shook hands with Betty after introductions, was perfectly happy with the little redhead.

Carol had made snacks. She and Betty had wine while John had a Coke.

Betty commented on Carol’s pretty apartment and other such petty conversation but soon the three were talked out.

“I hope you’re being patient John.” Betty said. “Your mother will give you what you desire when the time is right. It took me years to bring my son around to see in the light – that a sexual relationship between mother and son c an be quite satisfying and workable for both.”

“Mom and I have found waiting for consummation of our love can be a bit of fun!”

“That’s what I hear.” Betty responded, glancing at Carol who was blushing. “I think we’re embarrassing your mother. Maybe you and I should retire to the bedroom.”

“We all will retire to the bedroom.” Carol informed them as she stood.

“You want to be there mother?” John queried nervously.

“Don’t tell me you are shy?” Carol teased. “Betty and I have been here before, and in her words, we are all adults here – right Betty? I’ll behave myself and stay out of ya’ll way.”

“You don’t have to do that Carol!” Betty said humorously.

Carol led the way to the bedroom.

Together the threesome began to undress until two stood naked. Carol retained her panties.

John quickly compared the two women. His mom; pretty, ultra-slim, coal black hair and a gorgeous bubbled ass well proportioned to her body. Her tits, were remarkably perky for her age though scarred. Her scarred body never entered into the equation. Betty; not nearly as homely as he was led to believe, a bit beefy, more than ample breast that sagged slightly and a broad ass, but her red hair and lavish red bush tipped the scale to the plus side. Her voice and speech pattern, though distracting, was figured a plus as it should add sensuously to her moans.

Had Gary been present, though he never recognized it as such, he would have acknowledged the last.

“It seems John may be under a little distress.” Carol said observing her son’s less than rigid cock. She would return the favor. “Come here sugar and let me do something to help.”

John, approaching to stand in front of his mother who had taken a seat in a positioned lounge chair, did not understand the problem until his mother gripped his soft shaft. With fascination, he watched her take the head of his cock into her mouth. The problem was instantly solved, but she continued to suck on his cock taking half of it into her mouth, gyrating her head around the shaft.

“There! That’s much better!” Carol appraised. “He’s all yours.”

John was unbelieving, intoxicated and exuberant with his predicament. His mother – his mother – had just sucked his cock and Betty was going to give him her treasure – the first – the one he would remember a life time.

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