22 Nisan 2021

Momma Daddy No

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Editor’s note: this submission contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sexual situations.


I think Daddy hates me. I don’t know if it was because he was misogynistic, because he’s always nice to Momma. Most days and nights I spend them tied up to some contraption in the basement which is also Daddy’s study. It stand three feed high, is sort of flat like a table and four feet wide and six feet long. On one end are a pair of leather straps nailed to the center of the table and pair of silicone cups lined with little nubs and two small holes in the center, they’re to harbor my D-cup breasts and Daddy keeps the remote in his desk along with the remote for his machine. On another end are four leather straps, set on the ends of the table. One pair is set on the very end of the table to hold my ankles, the others are for my knees. In this position I am exposed for Daddy to do whatever he pleases with me.

The basement has no windows except for a red carpet, Daddy’s desk in one corner with all his shelves and cabinets, on the other end is a mahogany-colored leather couch and arm chair and coffee table, and a door. The door leads into another room, painted blood-red where the table is. There are also leather cuffs suspended from ceiling by a chain, a large cross that stands six feet tall in one corner of the room, in another corner is a pillar with leather cuffs. The pillar is where Daddy cuffs me so my back faces him and he whips me until I bleed. Near the door is the closet, where Daddy and Momma keep all the whips, chains, ropes, bars, dildos, strap-ons, vibrators and gags, and Daddy’s machine.

I don’t know why he is doing this to me. He beats me if my pussy is not shaved and completely bald, on those days he spends hours slapping my ass until my cheeks are scarlet. Sometimes he will get out his machine, a big black box-like monster about five feet high with a long bar and at the end is a thick, foot long black dildo attached with two red ping pong-sized balls dangling at the end. He’ll push it in my pussy and bahçelievler escort have it fuck me so I can’t walk without my legs collapsing.

I’m only nineteen. People say I look like Momma, but I don’t. Momma is tall and thin, with long blonde hair and blue eyes. I’m short and plump, with wavy brown hair and brown eyes. I think that is why Daddy punishes me by strapping me to the table. He’s such a large man. He’s taller than six feet with big muscles and his cock is thick and beefy. I’m not allowed to leave the house. Whenever I hear the door open, and I hear footsteps, I hide under my bed or I try to climb out my window but now I can’t anymore because Daddy installed bars on my window.

Today was different though. Daddy strapped me to the table, my breasts filling the cups and my legs spread, knees and ankles and wrists strapped down. Momma was downstairs with Daddy this time. Momma was wearing a black leather corset and black thong with thigh-high black leather high heeled boots. Daddy was wearing black pants, in his hands he held a small remote. He pressed a button and the cups began to vibrate, the little nubs massaged my breasts and teased my hard nipples which had been sucked into the two holes and I felt a prickly sensation at the tips of my nipples. I moaned softly, and then Daddy moved his finger along the side of the remote and the cups began to vibrate a little faster. Daddy stepped behind me and Momma bent forward so her eyes were level with mine.

“We’re going to have a lot of fun with you,” Momma said, tracing her thumb over my trembling lip.

Daddy’s hand brushed my clit and I heard a loud buzzing and something vibrated against my clit. Tilting my head back, I moaned aloud and Momma disappeared for a bit but then came back wearing a large black strap-on.

“Suck it bitch,” Momma said.

She pressed the blunt head of the dildo to my mouth and forced her way past my lips. Lacing her fingers in her hair she fucked my mouth, sliding the dildo in bahçeşehir escort and out my throat. Daddy rubbed the vibrator against my clit and I moaned into the strap-on, then Daddy took the vibrator away and I felt something hard and thick push it’s way into my pussy. The next sound I heard was a loud farting and huffing sound. As Momma roughly fucked my throat, Daddy’s machine bullied its way in and out of my wet pussy, the balls brushing and slapping against my clit with each thrust. Then the machine started going faster, the cups were vibrating harder.

“Take it all, you remember what happened the last time you didn’t behave…” Momma said, twisting her fingers in my hair.

At that moment I felt something vibrating against my clit as the machine continued to bully pussy and I screamed into the strap-on dildo. Every sensitive area was being teased, every hole except my ass was plugged and I hoped that Momma and Daddy would ignore my ass and leave it alone.

Silicone cups massaging my breasts and teasing my nipples, Momma fucking my mouth, Daddy’s machine pounding my pussy and a vibe to my clit, I didn’t know how I could hold up and I was so close to cumming. My body tensed up and my pussy clenched the dildo of Daddy’s machine and I cried out into Momma’s strap-on. Daddy took the vibrator away from my clit and pulled the dildo from my pussy. He turned off the vibrating cups.

His fingertips ran up my inner thigh, over my clit and up my slit and to my ass, his fingertip just resting on the puckered entry of my ass.

Please, don’t! Daddy not there! I cried in my mind.

Daddy’s finger entered my ass wetly, then two, then three, then four. He slapped my ass repeatedly as he moved his fingers in and out of my ass and then pulled them from my ass and Momma joined him.

“You’re soaking wet tík,” Momma giggled.

I hated that word, I hated being called it, it meant bitch. She stroked my clit with a single fingertip. I moaned softly and Momma slapped my pussy bakırköy anal yapan escort hard and I cried out.

“Næmur lítill tík!” Momma laughed. Sensitive little bitch.

Momma applied her tongue to my clit, stroking me with her tongue. She ran her tongue over my wet pussy lips and my inner thighs, she flicked my clit with her tongue and kissed my pussy lips. I moaned softly, Momma’s tongue on my pussy was much pleasurable than the beatings and rough fucking of the machine and her strap-on I endured earlier. Licking, sucking, and planting soft kisses on my pussy.

Daddy stepped in front of me.

“What do you say?” Daddy said.

“Please can I cum? Please master? Please mistress?” I begged.

Daddy slapped me.

“Tík! You say ‘Thank you Master, thank you Mistress for being nice to me,” Daddy snapped angrily.

Bull! But I did as I was told and said, “Thank you Master, thank you Mistress for being nice to me.”

Daddy unbuckled his belt and his hard cock jumped out. He pressed it to my lips and I allowed him to push inside. Daddy grabbed a handful of my hair and I sucked on his cock as Momma licked my pussy. As I started to cum again, Momma grasped my hips and pushed her strap-on back into my pussy again. Spit roasted between them I sucked harder on Daddy’s cock as Momma began to bully my soaking pussy.

“You better behave tík, or we’ll open your ass again and fuck it,” Momma said.

Her hips slapped against my ass, her strap-on digging deeper into me. I cried into Daddy’s cock and he twisted his fingers in my hair.

“Stop crying tík!” Daddy snapped.

He fucked my mouth as Momma did. His cock twitched in my mouth, he was going to cum but just before he did he pulled his cock from my mouth and began to masturbate. Momma fucked my pussy harder. Daddy moaned loudly. I cried out as I came again and as I came Daddy came all over my face and then rubbed his cum into my skin.

Momma pulled her strap-on from my pussy and tapped it against my wet lips. I whimpered and tried to pull away from Momma, shifting my hips forward to the side. Momma just laughed and continued to tap my clit with her strap-on but then Daddy unstrapped my wrists and I sat up on my knees, then Daddy went behind me and unstrapped my knees and ankles.

“Get up to your room, we’ll be up in an hour,” Daddy said.

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