21 Nisan 2021

Mom’s Big Bed Ch. 06

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I slept that night with my mother quite contently in what could be best described as a little cuddle puddle in her big bed. It was a strange floating dreamy sleep that seemed very peaceful and comforting. We had gone to bed early for our sexual rut in the sheets and now I lay there blissfully with my cock in my mom’s pussy as we spooned in a lover’s slumber. I woke up at around a half hour before midnight to the sensation of something warm and moist and wet sliding up and down the length of my cock. Mom was getting herself a little satisfaction by gently rocking her hips back and forth and the bed was slightly shaking from the clit rubbing her fingers were making while I spooned her.

I hugged her close and began thrusting back and forth with my hips as matched her strokes. My hands reached up and tweaked her hard pierced nipples and I kissed and sucked the back of her neck and shoulders. My mouth worked its way up to her ear and I licked all around its crevices before sticking my tongue in her earhole.

Mom was quietly panting now with sleepy excitement as she brought one of my hands down from her breasts and placed it between her legs. Our fuck rhythm intensified a notch as Mom guided her hand over mine across her pierced clit. She began manipulating my fingers until she had shaped my digits into a masturbatory tool she was looking for and then began moving my hand across her clit back and forth at a pace she found desirable.

“Do it Ian!” my mother whispered. “Do this nice thing to Mommy! Oh yeeesss, just like …that!”

I continued to suck Mom’s ears and neck and I nibbled on her shoulders making playful little puppy nips here and there as I plowed her pussy and frigged her clit. My other hand tweaked and pulled one of her pierced nipples and then switched to the other. My bites and nips continued and mother giggled and let out an “Ow!” with each new one. Her hand manipulated mine faster and with more vigor across her clit.

Mom then did something a little strange (even for a mother and son in an incestuous fuck). Once she decided the paced that I was strumming her clit was what she wanted, she moved her hand down past mine and stuck a finger into her cunthole which was already crowded with my cock! Talk about double parking!!

I realized what my mom was going to do, she was going to make herself gush again. Now I had the sensation of her pussy sloshing back and forth on my cock and the strange sensation of her finger in there! No- a second later it was two fingers! Now three fingers were inside her! Her panting became more erratic and ragged. Now four fingers were packed into a twat already stuffed with my dong! It reminded me of watching Japanese people shoving to all get in on a subway train as I had seen on TV!

I bucked and plowed against my mother’s rump up into her cunt against her fingers, as I now hungrily nibbled and sucked on her neck (later it would be apparent that I had bestowed quite a hickey on her neck and back which was wonderful “retribution” for the one on my neck). Mom fapped her cunthole furiously as my fingers worked her clit in a blur, my other hand tweaked and pinched her nipples, and my dong plowed back and forth into her cramped wet pussy! I began to feel that familiar rumble in my balls. My cum-blast was just around the corner! Mom was frigging herself faster and faster! Then it happened.

Mom screamed and her entire body tensed as a splashing wet torrent spewed from her cunt. Her body shuddered and I suddenly felt my own cock spasm as I shot a huge load up into my mom’s fuck hole! A second orgasm crashed through my mom’s body and I stopped strumming her clit to pinch the and gently tug at the ring on her clit as I had seen a lesbian do in a porno to another woman!

“OH YESSSSS! YEEEESSS! Uuuugh!” Mom said as the wave of the orgasm passed over the top her and went crashing down to her toes. My cock spewed the last of its seed into Mom and then we rolled apart panting. I flipped over onto my back drenched in sweat and my mother puss juice. Mom got up and got a towel from the bathroom. When she came back she patted down the wet spot on the bed and then patted me down with it before spreading the towel over the damp sheet in an attempt to soak up the sexual swamp we had created. Then she climbed on top of me.

“I guess this is fortunate to have a wet spot. “my mother whispered in my ear mischievously. “Now I have to sleep on you and let YOU be my mattress!” We chuckled at her little joke as she lay on top of me and eased her cunt onto my cock which although slackened still had enough resiliency for penetration. We then drifted off to sleep.

We drifted off to sleep that is until sometime later in the night I got another hardon. Mom was laying with her head on my chest sleeping peacefully straddling me and my cock was wedged up into her vagina. I figured oh what the hell, I was horny and began to grind my hips back and forth. I pushed back and forth and back and forth until I found the rhythm that pleased me and then I began to focus on getting ataköy türbanlı escort myself off.

Mom stirred and realized what was about and she began to rock her hips back and forth. We continued this for about five minutes of quiet snuggle fucking until with a grunt and a sigh from the both of us we shuddered together in a loving cum drenched cuddle. Then mom kissed me.

“That oughta make us sleep!” she said as she drifted off, my cock still impaled in her pussy. I was asleep a few seconds later. The rest of the night was quite quiet.

Dawn came early the next morning and I awoke to the surprising sensation of a wet mouth on my cock. My mother was down between my legs giving me a wonderfully sloppy blowjob ( the kind I love to get from her to this day)! I was a great way to wake up!

“Good Morning Ian! I want to suck you off before I teach you something new! I don’t want you to cum too fast when we do it!” Mom said with a wicked grin.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Anal. I want you to learn how to fuck me in my ass!”

This was awesome! Yesterday had been a dream come true but now my mom was going to teach me something I had always been curious about with girls. I always wanted to know what their buttholes felt like when they surrounded my cock!

Mom gave me a wonderful blowjob, cupping my balls and gently squeezing them. Soon I began to feel my orgasm rising and she sensing this picked up the pace and began to deep-throat me until I bucked and convulsed grabbing the back of her head. Her greedy mouth gulped down the contents of my balls and she swallowed hungrily the hot protein-shake I had provided her courtesy of my testicles.

“Nothing like hot breakfast in bed, and it’s better than egg beaters because I don’t have to heat up the stove! Your man-batter is nice and warm and just the right amount of salt already in the mix!” she chuckled. I snickered too at her joke. Mom was definitely a hippy with a dirty sense of humor.

“Now then, let’s see about making this cock of yours nice and hard so I can teach you how to put it in my ass!” she said as she hopped off the bed and went to the night stand and opened a drawer. She pulled out a tube of white grease with an incredibly long medical name that I can’t remember that said on the label “For Routine Medical and Hygienic Needs”. Yeah right… if Vaseline didn’t make sex and masturbation so much easier do you think as many people would buy it because they have chapped hands? Yet I digress.

Mom got on the bed and tossed the tube on the pillow next to my head. Then she looked at me with a gentle expression like a teacher who was going to begin a lesson. I was ready to learn!

“Now move your body down on the bed. You can keep the pillow under you head but I want room for my legs.” I did as she requested and now my head was a third of the way down the mattress with my feet almost touching the third of the bed. Mom then got on top of me and sat on my face with her body sitting upright and facing down to my feet and the foot of the bed.

“Now start eating and licking that pussy just like you did last night Ian.” Again, I did as she requested. “MMmmm! That is very good honey! Baby sweet…just like…that!” she said as my tongue lapped at her clit and cunt lips. This went on for a minute or so. My mom reached forward and began to jerk my limp dick.

“Ohhh, that’s it baby. Lick my pussy! Nibble my clit just like you are doing!” Her hands began working in a rather gentle massage of my penis. It actually tickled and felt soothing rather than masturbation. I looked up at her ragged balloon knot of an anus. It was slowly pulsing as I stimulated her pussy and clit with my mouth.

“Ok Ian now move your mouth up my taint and lick my butthole. I want you to loosen be up with your tongue before we use the grease.” Mom said as she worked my dick with her hand, her other hand now gently down between my legs rubbing my testicles.

I kissed and licked and nibbled up her taint and then reached her anus. This was another first. I had seen rimming in porns and had watched a guy licking a chick’s butthole before (also seeing a film where a couple of lesbians did it to each other), but I really did not know what to do or expect. I decided to do what I wanted to do and let my desire and instinct be my compass. I took the pink puckered hemorrhoid-ringed fleshy sphincter into my lips and sucked. I sucked the flesh and sucked some more. I felt mom tense up and then relax like this really felt good, although in a wicked way. I then licked all around the creases and crevices of my mother’s pink starfish exploring the musky filthy and wonderfully nasty taste of her backdoor! I then locked my lips around it like it was a big raggedy nipple and continued to suck.

Mom began breathing irregularly as I did this. She let out little contented whimpers as I devoured her rosebud in the middle of her bottom for the first time. She was really getting into it and she picked up the pace with ataköy ucuz escort her hands on my dick and balls as if to encourage me.

I started to chew gently with my teeth at the flesh, scraping it ever so delicately just like the way my mother earlier had delicately applied her teeth to my cock to give me a little added excitement and sensation as she blew me. I then stuck out my tongue and entered the forbidden world of her nasty butthole! My lips were locked around the rim and I gently held the flesh in place now with my teeth as my tongue wormed its way inside and around- and around her anus.

“Oh you are a naughty boy! Momma just discovered she has an expert rimjob artist for a son!” she continued, “Your momma wuvs to have her wittle pink eye wick’ed and sucked!” She said this in her Betty Boop voice and combined with the whole experience of her asshole, her hands working my dick and balls, and her talking like that… my dick began to spring to life.

“Oh that is it baby! Lick Mommy’s asshole! Clean me out there nice and good! Now Momma is going to give your wittle cocky a suckie suckie!” she said again doing Betty Boop.

She leaned forward and took my cock in her mouth and used both hands to rub my balls. I shifted down to her clit and reached up with a finger to continue to rub her puckered anus. We were now in the classic sixty-nine position. Again, I had seen this in pornos but could not imagine how enjoyable it was. We continued with this for a few minutes while I explored her butthole with my finger. Then my mom stopped sucking and gave me a new instruction.

“Sweetheart, keep doing what you are doing with your finger but now use some of the grease back there.” I fumbled around with a free hand around on the bed above my head until I found the tube. I opened it and applied a huge dollop of the petroleum jelly to my finger, screwed the cap back on and threw the tube to the side. I then smeared the grease around her puckered asshole and into the opening of her anus as I continued to munch her clit. Mom returned to sucking me, now and again letting out contented moans and whimpers.

My finger pushed the grease all the way in to her hole, up to the knuckle and then I stopped. I moved it around exploring as I smeared the jelly all around the inside of the passage. I then wondered something, and tried and experiment. I applied two fingers. It was snug but mom only let out another contented moan and continued her slurping and sucking. I then figured three was only a little more than two so I moved the third digit in to see what the other two were up to. Mom began to grind her pelvis and her clit down into my mouth as she really liked this and she moaned with muffled pleasure into my cock. Her hands feverishly worked my cock and testicles to show me she wanted me to continue so I kept it up.

Now my fourth finger was sitting around outside wondering what was taking so long with the other three so he wandered inside. I now had four fingers in my mom’s ass and I was sixty-nining her! Mom had a shudder go up and down her body as a mini-climax seized of her. She let out a muffled scream that came out mostly as an, “Mmmnnnnnffff! Mmmnnnffff! Mmmmnnnnfff!” as her mouth was stuffed full of my cock and her gagged vocalization of her climax sound a little like she was sitting on the can pushing one out!

One more shudder wracked through the length of her body and then she rolled off me onto the mattress – my hand made a sucking SCHLURRP! sound as it was pulled from her asshole. Mom lay there panting with a dreamy smiling expression on her face like she was staring through the ceiling fan and the stucco ceiling all the way up to heaven. After half a minute she glanced next to her at my proud boner which was now fully revived and staring at the ceiling as well like some tower in Lord of the Rings!

“Okay,” Mom whispered thoughtfully, “I think we are ready. You’re going to love this Son! It’s the nastiest thing a guy and a girl can do and I love it because I get a feeling of being completely vulnerable and dominated at times! It’s so primal and forbidden!” Mom got on all fours next to me on the bed facing the headboard. She had me get up behind her crouching on my feet so that we were in a modified doggy position. Then she placed two pillows under her belly low and almost where her navel and pubic bone were. Then she handed me the tube of white grease and she lowered her shoulders to the mattress with her hands in sort of a push-up position below her shoulders with her fingers scrunching up a handful of sheets. Her body now formed a sort of ski-jump ramp on the bed with her asshole pointing up!

“Okay Doctor Ian!” Mom said. “It’s time to examine your patient. Put a blob of grease on that fat boner and then we will get started. We are going to go really slow this first time alright?”

“Yes Mom.” I answered as I opened the grease and hung a huge glob of it on the end of my dong. Mom reached up between her legs with one hand and rubbed the grease ataköy üniversiteli escort up and down my cock while I stood there have crouched standing flat footed with both legs apart and both hands on either of her buttocks as I enjoyed the view and the sensation. When I was adequately lubed from cock-tip to balls, she released my prong and went back to the pushup position with her head and shoulders down and her butthole pointing straight up like a volcanic crater with hemorrhoids!

“Okay Doctor now let’s go in with your instrument!” Mom whispered to me. I grabbed my cock with one hand and steadied her buttocks with the other. I was crouching over her upturned bottom staring down at her pink greased rectum and her two moonlike buttocks. I had to push my cock down (but not quite bending it backwards) to line it up with Mom’s bunghole. I placed the mushroom headed tip at the entrance to her puckered greasy dung-hole and rubbed it around. She giggled at the sensation that we both found exciting and enjoyable.

“That’s it baby, do it just like that! Move it around the hole!” she whispered. “Now push against the opening SLOWLY!”

I did as she instructed and found that even though it was greased up, her anus resisted at first. I slowed down and found a notch opening to her rectum. It held my bonder secure so I released it with my hand and instinctively grabbed both of her hips like I was going to pull her to me as she scrunched up even more bed sheets in her clawing hands. Mom exhaled through her nose and the plum head of my cock now found that the entrance to her sphincter yielded slightly. Now her anus opened more. Then the head of my penis gained entry past her rubbery back-door and it pushed past the gripping pink ring which could no longer grip shut with all the grease it was working against! Mom moaned a little and then looked over her shoulder at me.

“Wait! Hold it right there Ian! Just wait. Wait.” Mom said in a tone half pleading and half coaching me. I want to push in all the way to my balls and fuck with reckless abandon but I did as she told me to do. We stood there for what seemed like forever with my throbbing erection wanting to charge further up the path of her poop-chute but I waited. Mom stared off into space over her shoulder and then one off her hands reached up and began to rub her clit.

“Ok Doctor Ian! ” Mom said. “You may continue with the procedure.”

I pulled her hips and thrust my cock an inch or so further so that the shoulders of my penis now had entry into her ass-tunnel. Again we paused. This time it was not as long. A few seconds later and I gave Mom another inch and stopped. Her hand was working her clit rapidly. I paused again and then pushed another inch down the passage.

“There you go baby! Nice…and …slow! Yeesssssss!” Mom hissed at me. I pushed in another two inches and waited.

“Hooooooh!” was all Mom could utter now. I waited again and then I made the plunge of the last three inches right up to my balls and tummy!

“Oooooooooohhh! Iaaaaaaaaan! Yeaaaahhhh!” Mom exclaimed! I was now in my mother’s rectum with my cock fully encased in the warm greasy grip of her bowels! This sensation was not completely what I expected but pleasing just the same. Unlike Mom’s pussy where I could bang into the back of her vagina and cervix with not a lot of travel, this was a long warm fleshy tube that seemed to go on without end! I reveled in this new and exciting sensation and was glad I had just cum earlier so not to shoot my testicle tartar sauce too soon!

Again we waited. I was panting and Mom was furiously strumming her clit making little whimpering noises through her nose. I waited and waited again in what seemed like an agonizing period of time. Then mom looked over her shoulder with that mischievous look in her eyes and spoke to me in her Betty Boop voice.

“Alright Doctor Ian proceed! Get workin!” Mom said with a grin.

I began thrusting my hips back and forth while pulling moms ass onto my pork sword. Her greased shitter felt wonderfully warm and exciting – like another mouth was sucking my penis! Her fingers flew on her clitoris and her excited whining and mewing continued. I pushed in and out, in and out in a joyous fashion. I had never experienced something as awesome as the feeling my cock was experiencing right now and the smell of the grease mixed with her ass spices rose into the air and danced around my nostrils only adding to my horny abandon. It felt like blissful sensory overload for me!

Mom gave contented whining grunts as I plowed myself back and forth, or more appropriately up and down as she still had her ass high in the air so I was stroking with my cock coming down into her with each greasy stroke. We looked a bit like a greasy heaving panting oil well rig chugging and lurching away in some field out in North Texas. I was beginning to get hot and drops of sweat began to run down my forehead and the tip of my nose before dripping all over Mom’s back. We didn’t care!

Mom lowered herself down so she had her tummy resting on the pillows but slightly up for my access. I pulled out my cock as she did and then repositioned myself over her so that I was laying on her. I slid my cock back into her Hershey highway and continued to fuck her. Her hand returned to her clit, strumming away with vigor. I began kissing and biting the back of her neck.

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