21 Nisan 2021

Moms Dirty Magazine Chore

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I was 18 in 1994, living with my Mom and two younger sisters somewhere in the English suburbs. It was a hot Sunday morning and a friend had called by earlier and we had roamed the streets aimlessly for a while before visiting the local corner shop. While my friend ordered cigarettes at the counter I skulked around the magazines secretly eyeing up the porno on the top shelf. Those sexy girls looking out from those magazines made my blood blaze in my crotch. With the shop keepers back turned for a moment I reached out, snatching a magazine and thrusting it in my jacket, holding it there under my arm. My heart raced at the thrill of almost getting caught and the thoughts of the wanking that was to come. My hard-on bulged against the inside my boxers as we left the store and went our separate ways. I hurried home, anxious to see what treasures lay in the pages.

Back in my bedroom, I was finally alone. My mom was busy vacuuming the lounge, with the smell of Sunday dinner drifting through the house. I had about half an hour before dinner was ready and my sisters would arrive back home. Unbuckling my belt I yanked down my jeans and sat on the edge of my bed, legs apart and started to pump my hand down the length of my hard dick. Opening the mag I turned the pages, feasting my eyes on each incredible naked goddess. I was jerking hard, my balls tightening ready to shoot my load. As the orgasm built up I feverishly drank in the girls beauty.

“Oops! sorry!”

My mom was stood at my bedroom door looking a little flushed. Nothing really fazed my mom, she was pretty open minded. Her morning cleaning routine was not going to get stopped by walking in on her son masturbating.

Blushing, I pulled my t-shirt down too hide my hard-on and yanked up my jeans and boxers, pre-cum dribbling from the tip. Mom strode in, dragging the vacuum and plugged it in. I jumped up and awkwardly gathered my magazines and began shovelling them back under my bed. My mom scanned the scene in front of her with a bemused smile.

At 40 she looked good for her age, short and curvy with auburn red hair and brown eyes. In the summer heat she was wearing a low necked t’shirt, shorts and pumps. Despite being a single parent, she was always upbeat and had a cheerful demeanour; she’d do anything for her kids.

“Oh sorry! Don’t mind me, just carry on. Sorry honey, I just need to vacuum. You just carry on.” she said chirpily. “Tsk tsk, you’re going to have to throw out some of these girlie magazines, do you really need all these?”

Still embarrassed I mumbled “Yeah yeah, I’ll throw them out I promise.”

“Don’t be ashamed honey, we all do it. I have a few naughty books myself but no-one needs this many.” she smiled.

She sat besides me on the bed, checking her watch. Sunday’s were a busy day for her.

“I’ll tell you what, you find the best picture in each one and do your business on it – and then I’ll throw it out. How does that sound? It can be your daily chore.”

Before I could answer, she said. “You’re already started, so let me pick one.” Mom reached under my bed and pulled one out from my stash.

“Hmm! ‘Parade’ this one looks good! ” She sat besides me on the edge of the bed, thumbing through the pages. Inspecting each model like browsing a menu.

“This is fun, it’s good for us to share our hobbies! Ok honey, what’d fancy? A blonde? A brunette? Big or smalls boobs?”

I trembled with excitement and my dick bobbed under my shirt. Reaching the large photo of the centre spread she exclaimed “Oh, look at her! On all fours with that nice plump bottom in the air – what a dirty girl! Well? shall we get started? get those jeans off. We don’t have long!”

The photo set was Christy Canyon undressing from her basketball kit.

“But Mom… you really want me to do it right now? in front of you?” I stammered.

“Don’t bayan arkadaş worry son, it’s only natural, boy’s get hard-ons and they need attention. It doesn’t bother me at all. Now we don’t have long so come on!”

“Ok mom, if you really want me to.” I resigned myself to her request, she was in charge after all, and my erection wasn’t putting up any fight. I hurriedly striped my jeans down and tossed them on to the carpet.

“And the shorts! Come on, I hear you doing it every night – I want to see what all the fuss is about.”

I nervously tugged my boxers down and clambering back on to my bed.

“Right then!” Mom sat crossed legged at the foot of my bed with the mag open in front of her. Come on then lets have a good look. I knelt on the bed in front of her with my cock in my hand.

“Right let’s have a good look. It’s Mom’s Willy inspection time!”

My nerves were kicking in as I pulled up my shirt revealing my semi-hard on.

“Wow – that’s a really nice healthy penis. Can you get that willy nice and hard for Mommy? There’s no need to hide it from me any more.”

I laughed nervously, my dick twitching as it began to stiffen

“It moves when you laugh! It’s getting nice and stiff now. Mommy’s so proud – my boy’s got such a nice manly penis, and look at those testicles! They look like they need emptying! Get going darling, look at this beautiful naked slut! Is she good enough for you? I hope so, I want to see her covered in your cum. I want you to make a real mess on this girl so we can throw it out.”

I started gliding my fist over my cock, feeling it stiffen even more.

“Mmm- looks like your enjoying that! Don’t be shy, I’ve seen it before – but not like that! I can’t believe how big my boy has grown! it’s so much bigger than your dad’s!”

Mom traced a finger over the girls ass,.

“Look at that juicy arse, wouldn’t you just love to slide that big hard penis up there. GIve a her a real good fucking. I know you’re a virgin honey, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. You’ll make some girl very happy with that huge thing!”

As I fucked my hand over my dick I was so fucking horny, exposing my cock to my own mom, and she was loving it. She lay down on her front to get a closer look, i couldn’t believe I was wanking just inches away from my moms face.

“Mmm, smells so good! ” She managed to take her eyes off my cock and looked up at me.

“You’re doing great honey, this is a great show you’re putting on! Hold your hand out” I did so and she took my wrist and spat her warm mom spit into my palm.

“Use that honey, get it all lubed up with mommy’s spit.” she grinned.

My pulse throbbed through my engorged shaft as I smothered my moms warm wetness over my glands.

“There we go, isn’t that better! Let’s have a look for some more sluts for my big boy.”

She lay at my side and started flicking through the pages.

She glanced over, transfixed by my throbbing member.

“Wow, it looks so big from the side, god it’s massive!” she smiled.

“Look at this one, goodness look at those boobs, and her legs are spread open showing her vagina. You just wait ’til you feel a vagina for the first time, you’ll love it – so smooth, hot and creamy!”

I grunted with lust as pre-cum began dribbling from my cock on to the girl in the picture.

“Ooh! we’re almost there! Ha, I know what my boy likes! Are you ready to shoot that load over this trollop’s face?”

Suddenly a thought struck her and she jumped up from my bed.

“I have an idea! You’ll love this!” She walked out and I heard her rummage through her bedroom cupboard. Mom came back in brandishing her vibrator.

“I know you’ve been using this” she grinned mischievously. “Didn’t you think I’d notice the smell on it? Ha!”

Shimmying up behind me, she grabbed bayan partner my t-shirt at the sides and pulled it up over my head.

“There, you look better totally naked! Wow, your arms are so muscly! Now bend over a little honey, Mommy’s gunna show you a little secret!”

Electricity surged through me as I felt my Moms delicate hand smothered a palm of cool lube down my cheeks and into my ass.

“Just relax honey” she nuzzled the tip of her vibe into my tight ass. Taking my hips she eased me down onto the solid length, feeding it into me. As Mom set it vibrating I began impulsively riding it up and down. I gasped with pleasure, my crotch was raging, it stiffened harder then I’d ever felt. As we both knelt there on my bed Mom wrapped her arms around me from behind and peeked over shoulder at my jerking. She whispered in my ear.

“Does that feel good baby? God you look so fucking hard right now.”

I felt her hot breath as she ran her tongue up my neck.

“Wank that big fucking dick. Oh Mommy’s so proud of her boy! Look at that magazine slut, such a dirty, sexy bitch! Her breasts are amazing! Look at those hard nipples. Imagine sucking on those and fucking that tight little fanny! Keep wanking it for me, mmm, think about plunging your stuffy into her!”

Running a hand through my hair, Mom whispers “Would you like to give Mommy a go? I’ve been dreaming about playing with your lovely penis for so long.”

My mind is racing, I want to cum so badly, it takes all my will power to release my hands from my throbbing prick. Mom spits on her palm again and reaches down to wrap her soft wet hand around my shaft. I groan as the intense sensations engorge my dick! Moms small gentle loving hands make my penis look even larger, she can barely get her fingers around it.

“I love listening to you wanking it at night, I listen against the wall and hear you slapping that hard meat and i rub my myself imagining you and that stiff penis of yours! I know you can hear me using my vibrator, I want you to listen to my fucking myself and groaning wishing it was you. Sometimes I sneak across the landing to your door so I can hear you. “When you’ve left for school. I know you’ve been masturbating in here, I can smell it. I love it when you leave all your spunk on the bed. I love to scoop it up, and rub it over my tits and wank while I think about you spraying all that cum over my clean sheets.”

She laps lustily at my neck, squeezing and feeling my length. I keep riding the vibrator in her lap, grinding my ass down onto the hard juicy shaft. My ass pulses with each thrust as my balls fill with cum.

“Are you almost ready to cum honey?” mom whispers in my ear.

As she pumps on my stiff dick she holds my shoulder pushing me down onto her plastic cock.

“Good boy! You’re doing such a great job!! Let Mommy wank it! Let me wank my son’s big stiffy!”

Still jerking me she reaches between my legs and cups my balls, squeezing them.

“These feel really full!” she smiles.

“Keep going baby you’re almost there! Think about fucking that girls fanny! Or maybe a girl at school? is there a girl you have a crush on? What about that girl in your class? Pretend you’re fucking her, think about unbuttoning that school uniform and kissing her nice young tittes! Imagine taking her into the school toilets and pulling those panties down to lick her wet virgin fanny!”

The sex talk was driving my mad with desire, she kept pumping my dick as she spat over my aching crotch.

“I have another idea!” she gasped and a big grin!

Mom clambered in front of me and got on all fours. She thrust her ass up to me before pulling down her shorts. As her plump smooth ass sprang out she said chirpily

“Ok son put it in me! Pretend I’m your school crush! Fuck Mommy!”

My balls bdsm escort tighten and i gulp at the sight of my mom’s welcoming hole. I took my shaft and nervously rubbed the head over moms pussy lips searching for the hole. She was soaking wet and the smell of her juices got my heart thumping. Without looking behind her mom slapped her ass and said:

“Come on then! Give mommy a good fucking! Rest that magazine on my back so you can look at it as well!”

with the porn mag splayed open on my her back I fed my whole length into moms welcoming snatch, right up to my balls. I gasped with pleasure as mom let out a guttural moan. The burden of my virginity vanished. All the self doubt that I would never have sex was lifted from me. At long last here I was, with my own cock inside a woman. Staring at my self sliding in and out of her creaming mound I was finally achieving something I’d been fantasising for years. Mother vagina took all that pain and angst away.

“That’s it son, drive it in to me! Pretend I’m your crush. Fuck that dirty little school girl. Oh yes! God that feels good!”

I was driving my ass down on to the vibrator and then powering myself into my moms hot cunt. My mind was spinning, the sensations of being fucked, and fucking my virgin dick into my mom and school crush was immense. I was fucking as hard as I could, sweat dripping on to her that I smothered over her glistening ass cheeks. My eyes went from the magazine to my dick gripped by my own Mothers pussy.

“Keep fucking me baby. Mommy loves you! Mommy loves her big strong boy!”

Mom reaches between her legs and starts frigging herself. Her hand brushing through her bush and rubbing her hard clit.

“Oh yes! Mommy’s wanking for you! Watch mommy masturbate while you fuck it into me!”

As a hammered myself in to her I felt the familiar twitches in my cock, I managed to slow down, savouring moms hot creamy slit around my aching hard-on. Every thrust brought forth more of her cum, coating my balls slick with juice.

“I’m gunna cum baby! You’re making mommy cum with that big prick! Fuck Mommy’s Cunt! Make me proud on that cock I’ve made!”

Moms creamy pussy tightened as her orgasm hit, gripping my shaft, as she muffled her grunts into my duvet. Gasping she pulled herself off my engorged length and turned around to grasp my expectant penis with both hands.

“I haven’t forgotten your job mister!! You still gotta cum on this magazine!”

She held the tip down to the mag and smeared pre-cum over the girls chest.

“Come on then show mommy what you’ve got! Good boy! Cum for mommy! Mommy’s so proud of her big strong boy! ”

As mom pumped my shaft she bent down and took the head hungrily into her warm wet mouth. Wrapping her lips around it she lapped her tongue over my swollen glands, savoured the salty pre-cum as she coxed it from the tip.

Outside I heard footsteps on the driveway, then the front door opening and voices calling. My sisters were back! My breath quickened as my blood pumped hard through me. I groaned, arching my back, mom pulled the dick from her lips and furiously jerked me at the magazine. She clasped my balls in one hand, the other tightened her grip around the swollen head.

“Cum on then! Hurry up and cum for Mommy!! Show me that lovely cum! Spray that bitch with your jizz! Good boy!! “

With a grunt I thrust my hips out and blasted several thick ropes of spunk arching out at my mother. The first shots of cum splash across the magazine, drenching the pages. The next thicker load runs up my moms bare thigh and even more over her chest, soaking through her top. She gently ran her hand down my shaft, milking the last drops of semen from me with a big grin.

“Phew! that was really good honey! You’ve made me so proud. Mommy’s big boy has so much spunk!” she smiles, ruffling my hair.

“You made quite a mess! Never mind Mommy will tidy it up I suppose.”

I collapse, exhausted, Mom stands up catching her breath.

“That’s one magazine done, only 30 more to go! Now you jump in the shower while I finish tidying in here. Dinner will be ready in 15 minutes!!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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