21 Nisan 2021

Mom’s Mountain Cabin Ch. 02

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If you’re looking for plot development, there ain’t much here. This chapter is mostly about sex.

My next story, if all goes according to plan, features a red-headed therapist who helps her clients by facilitating an incestuous affair, an idea already the subject of many excellent stories on this site. I thought I’d take a shot at one myself.

As always, all characters engaged in sexual activities are eighteen years of age or older.

* * * *

I woke to an empty bed, followed the smell of coffee to the kitchen, poured myself a cup, joined Scarlett and Mom on the deck. Scarlett’s robe was open and Mom’s arm draped around her shoulder, her hand resting on Scarlett’s breast, idly playing with her thick conical nipple. We finished our coffee, returned to Mom’s bedroom, made love, fell asleep.

* * * *

I was lying there, half asleep, my arm on my girlfriend’s chest, when the bed jiggled. Not enough to make me open my eyes – I’d left enough cum inside Scarlett to wear out an elephant – but Scarlett rolled her shoulders; then she moaned. It was a happy moan.

She mumbled, “You’re insatiable, aren’t you?”

Okay, time to open my eyes.

I picked up my head. Scarlett was breathing, slowly, on her face the smile of a well-fed cat. Between her thighs was my mother, licking Scarlett’s pubes in slow circles with the flat of her tongue. My girlfriend sighed, mewled; it was a happy drawn-out mewl.

Mom said, “Sorry to wake you, but you know how I love eating Scarlett’s pussy when its filled with my son’s jizz.”

Scarlett, fondling a stiff nipple, said, “You’re forgiven.”

Cunt juice on her chin and her eyes fixed on Scarlett’s face, Mom dropped her head, took a long whiff, and resumed drawing those slow circles before moving down to munch on Scarlett’s swollen pussy lips.

Scarlett emitted a long, “Aaaahhhhhhh!”

I covered one of Scarlett’s breasts with my hand and kneaded the warm flesh.

And while Mom was taking her time, leisurely lapping, Scarlett’s undulations, which began lethargic, deliberate, and slow, grew stronger, more intense.

“Ohhhhhh, Joni, you know how to eat pussy. You do it so nice!”

Mom raised her head, picked herself up on her elbows, and leaned forward, her massive breasts swaying underneath her. Cradling her left boob, she dragged it along Scarlett’s sex, immersing it in her juicy vagina, then teased Scarlett’s clit with the wet nipple. Scarlett, her eyes glued to the depraved display, groaned lasciviously.

It was time to become more pro-active. I dipped two fingers in Scarlett’s snatch, slid them in and out; Mom focused on Scarlett’s clit, licking and sucking. Then Mom, moving in slow motion so all could see, snaked her hand down her body, dipped two fingers into her cunt, brought the hand forward, offered it to Scarlett. Scarlett took hold of Mom’s wrist, angled it forward and licked the fingers, cleaning the cunt juice from them. Still holding Mom’s wrist, she took the fingers, one at a time, into her mouth, sucked on them, drew them out through tightly compressed lips, kissed the fingertips.

As the buzz in her sex mushroomed, Scarlett rocked her hips on Mom’s mouth, intertwined her fingers in Mom’s hair, then lifted her head.

“Come here beautiful.”

Mom, a look of wicked joy on her face, slinked forward, dragging her heavy breasts across Scarlett’s torso until their faces were inches apart, gazing at each other with unrestrained lust and hunger, their lips met, Mom pressed Scarlett’s head to the pillow, her tongue speared into Scarlett’s mouth.

Mom’s hand went to Scarlett’s breast; she held it, weighed it, massaged and caressed it, tweaked and squeezed the erect nipples, moved to the other.

Whimpering, “Oh! Oh! Yes! Ahhhhh,” Scarlett broke the kiss.

Mom rocked back, licked one of Scarlett’s nipples, slowly and forcefully with the flat of her tongue, pushing it into the tit flesh and watching it spring back into place, then stretched her jaw and took as much of Scarlett’s breast into her mouth as she could, sucking eagerly before pulling back to flick her tongue across the nipple and areola, then kissing lapping tasting nipping every inch of Scarlett’s generous tit-flesh. She moved to the other breast, worshiping it with the same fervid devotion. Scarlett squirmed and gasped.

Mom lifted her head from my girlfriend’s breasts, said, “I guess I’m a tit girl,” licked the nipples, buried her face in Scarlett’s cleavage, and then dragged her tongue down, stopping when she reached Scarlett’s belly button, which she explored with the tip of her tongue. She moved down to Scarlett’s pussy, sank her face in it, loving its wet warmth and erotic scent, licked and dabbed, relishing its taste. As Scarlett let out a long gasp of pleasure, Mom laid a finger on each side of Scarlett’s cunt, which was bubbling juice, opened her up, then curled her tongue, pushed it inside, wriggled it around, pulled it out, rolled it across Scarlett’s wet swollen pussy lips.

Scarlett, bucking her hips, said, “So good, don’t stop, so good.”

While she left small butterfly kisses, intermingled with hard licks, avcılar elit escort over Scarlett’s superheated sex, Mom inserted two fingers into her own pussy.

A steady stream of cunt-honey leaked from my girlfriend; Mom seemed to capture every drop.

I watched, casually fisting my cock.

Mom pulled her head from Scarlett’s snatch.

“You like what you see, my sexy son?”

Scarlett turning her head in my direction, said in a low voice dripping with arousal, “It appears he’s speechless.”

For the moment, yeah, I was. We might have been at it for three days, but I was still getting used to the fact that Scarlett, my gorgeous girlfriend, had plotted with my mother to induce an incestuous union, then joined right in. And there, before me, was Scarlett, tits quivering, legs parted, cunt burning, shiny, and open. Between those legs was my mother, beautiful horny naked, grazing on Scarlett’s bush. It was a perverted impossible fantasy come to life.

With a sluttish smile Mom said, “Maybe this will inspire him.” She pushed another finger into her own pussy and resumed plunging her tongue in and out of Scarlett’s.

“Aww fuck Joni, so fucking good.”

Mom yanked her tongue from Scarlett’s sex, cut a swath across her labia, dragged it over Scarlett’s clit. Scarlett heaved her hips into Mom’s face.


Mom blew a stream of air on the frenzied clitoris. Scarlett jerked her hips, and Mom took hold of Scarlett’s thighs, anchored her in place, and lashed the clit with her hyperactive tongue. Mom pulled the fingers from her own pussy and twisted them inside Scarlett.

Mom’s ass was high in the air, swaying back and forth.

It was time; I moved behind Mom, took hold of her hips, ran my cock-head up and down her slit; she moaned; she was soaking wet; she was ready.

When I entered Mom she contracted her butt cheeks, squeezing down on my dick. I kept going, but took my time; Mom was tight, slick with juice, and I was going to savor each delicious millimeter of her fuck-tunnel. Mom, enjoying herself as much as I, lifted her head, cataloging every sensation as I stuffed her cunt, forcing its muscular walls to yield. When I was all the way in Mom, whose hair had fallen over her face, looked up and said to Scarlett, “He’s magnificent, absolutely magnificent, thank you for sharing,” then rested her head on Scarlett’s thigh, whimpered, and worked her cunt muscles on my invading prick.

Scarlett had told me that when my mother first suggested the three of us get together, Scarlett had her doubts, but intrigued by Mom’s unalloyed over-the-top sexuality, finally agreed. Once the games began Scarlett’s concerns quickly dissipated, she loved watching her boyfriend screw his hot horny mother. Now she smiled and said, “You’re welcome Joni. He takes after his mother, he’s a talented fuck,” then, looking over Mom’s shoulder at me, said, “What do you think?”

Focused on Mom’s pussy as it yielded, conformed, squeezed my member, I said, “You’re right Scar. Mom, you’re an amazing piece of ass.”

“And I love your dick, son.”

Pulling out until only my cock-head was inside her, I gave her a quick slap on the ass with my open hand, the sharp sound echoed in the room.

“Mom you’re supposed to be eating Scarlett’s pussy?”

With a sly smile, “Sorry son, your cock can be so distracting.”

She dropped her head and resumed feasting on Scarlett’s slick labia.

“That’s a good mommy-cunt.”

I rammed my cock into her in a quick hard motion, shoving her face into Scarlett’s crotch, driving her nose over Scarlett’s clit, eliciting a sharp groan from each of them. Mom rotated her ass, shoved back into me.

Varying speeds, shifting angles, I fucked Mom. Mom, descending into a pure concupiscent state, rolled her ass against me; she was in the throes of unmitigated gratification, the recipient of joy, the giver of pleasure, not knowing where one began and the other ended. The warm happy glow of her cunt grew, occupied her, redoubled on itself.

And she kept sucking licking slurping the drenched torrid cunt pressed to her face.

I picked up speed, Mom spread her legs, allowing me deeper inside her, moaning into Scarlett’s muff, “Ohhhh, John, fuck me, keep fucking me. So damn good.”

I drilled my erection in and out of her creamy cunt, my balls swayed, banged against her ass; abandoning skill and subtlety, I fucked her harder, wailing away at her delicious cunt, seeking to satisfy, at least for a few moments, my mother’s voracious, seemingly bottomless, need for sex.

And as I did I surveyed the tableau before me, the pleasure of my mother’s tight cunt catalyzed by the sight of her face buried in Scarlett’s snatch.

“Uggghh, oh yes Joni. Keep going, I’m almost there. Keep eating me. Ohhhhh yessss you fucking sweet bitch.”

I poured it on, imaging myself a breeding bull working his way through a herd of hungry cunt. Tightening my hold on Mom’s ample hips, I pistoned into her, harder and harder, deeper and deeper, filling her fuck-tunnel with rigid hot cock.

My voice half a groan, avcılar escort half a stammer, I said, “Ah… Oh… Uggghhh…”

Mom turned her focus to Scarlett’s clit, whacking it with her tongue, rolling it between her lips. Scarlett jerked and Mom grabbed hold of her ass, pinned her in place, sucked Scarlett’s clit into her mouth.

Scarlett squeezed her breasts, took hold of her nipples, pulled on them.

“Fuck oh yes, fuck oh yes, fuck oh yes, fuck oh yes.”

Mom twisted her fingers in Scarlett’s snatch.

“Oh Joni, oh Joni, fuck me, eat me, yes, yes, fuck me, eat me, I’m gonna come. Oh yes, sweet god yes, gonna come.”

Beads of sweat formed on Scarlett’s face and when Mom jammed her pinkie into her asshole, Scarlett groaned, squirmed, screamed, “Fuucccckk Yeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssss,” and came, caterwauling a stream of obscene gibberish as her body flipped and flopped on the bed. Mom’s mouth moved down and binged on the love-juice pouring from Scarlett’s snatch.

I reached for Mom’s clit, rolled it between thumb and forefinger. Mom’s body shook spasmed vibrated on my cock and she cried, “Ugh, oh shit, baby, me too, oh yes fuccckkkkinng commmminnnggggg.”

My eyes grew wide at the spectacle of these two beautiful women yelping and yowling through their orgasms; they had become carnality incarnate.

Standing straight up on my knees, holding Mom’s hips, I fucked her like a madman, solid, pelvic-jolting thrusts. My dick was a blur, spearing in and out of Mom’s pussy. Fucking – the pressure in my balls, the buttery tight perfection of Mom’s cunt, the slapping together of our bodies, Mom’s guttural moans – had become my entire focus.

“Keep fucking me son, comminggg, yes, oh fuck, commmminnggggg, again and again, yyeeessssssss, coommmmmminnnggggggg, fuck meeeeeeeee.”

And even in the midst of this string of fierce orgasms, Mom’s hips never stopped moving, she met each of my thrusts with her own, never stopped pushing her ass back into me.

The air was perfumed with the scent of hot pussy.

I kept at it and Mom twisted her ass, jerked her head up – her eyes were glazed and unfocused – said, “Ooohhhhhhh fuck, fuck, gonna come, come again, gonna, FFFFUCCCKKKK YESSSSS.”

Scarlett rolled to the side, put a finger to her clit, and said, “You two are so fucking hot, John, fuck your mother, fuck her til she can’t stand up. Fuck your mother, fuck her horny cunt, fuck your slut of a mother.”

Mom raised herself on her hands, her tits swinging below her, moved forward until only my cock-head was inside her, drove back into me. The blistering impact sprayed pussy juice onto the sheets and shook the bed; the smacking sound reverberated through the room.

I looked in one of Mom’s mirrors, watched as I reamed the cunt from which I’d been born.

Mom followed my eyes, looked in the mirror, flexed the muscles of her core and started babbling, “Fuck this horny slut, fuck this son-fucking slut. That’s right you big-dicked mother-fucker. Fuck your mother-slut, fill her cunt with son-cum, make your mother your fuck-toy, oh yes, fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck, fuckity-fuck.”

I grabbed her hips, held her tight, lunged forward. The spring inside me let loose and my cock erupted, intense joy flooded by body. Mom clamped her cunt down and my dick torqued and twisted in her soft warm pussy in ways I’d never imagined. Pleasure burned away my mind, rational thought, for the moment, swept away, going somewhere, wherever it goes when only animal pleasure lives inside you.

I heard Mom’s intense orgasmic scream, felt her cunt spasm on my dick.

I sank onto the bed, covered her body with my own,;floating in the warm glow of sexual ecstasy, I felt my mother’s sweat soaked skin on mine. Drifting somewhere between sleep and exhaustion and perfect joy, I rolled over, felt my deflated cock slip from inside her, laid a hand on her chest.

* * * *

Mom and Scarlett were talking, their voices low, trying not to disturb me. I didn’t know how long I’d been asleep. I felt good, really really good. I wasn’t sure if my muscles still worked.

“You sure it will fit?”


Say what? I opened my eyes, blinked, blinked again.

Scarlet was sitting on the edge of the bed, holding a massive penis. I realized I’d never actually seen a dildo in real life; it was purple, it had straps, it had big purple balls, it had a big knobby head, it had purple veins running up its sides. Scarlett felt the bed move, realized I was awake, turned to look, and amused by my fascinated stare, held the dildo up in the air. It was fixed to a base attached to several belts. A smaller thinner less detailed cock emerged from the back of the base; it would fit inside whoever wore the dildo.

Mom leaned over the bed, ran a finger along my deflated penis, and said, “I just don’t think this baby’s gonna be ready any time soon.”

Couldn’t argue, I’d come twice that morning. Real big ones, ball drainers.

Scarlett handed Mom the dildo, who turned to face me, and holding the larger dildo with two hands, fitted the secondary avcılar eve gelen escort dildo to her vagina and, happily mewling, worked it inside herself. When she was done there was a gigantic purple cock hanging from her waist. Scarlett stepped behind Mom, kissed her neck, and, tentatively, wrapped her fingers around the dildo.

Mom smiled, rolled her shoulders, snuggling against Scarlett’s body, and turned her head; the two women shared a long kiss; Scarlett’s hands slid up Mom’s body to her breasts, squeezing those remarkable mounds.

When the kiss ended Mom said, “Remind me to thank my son for introducing us.”

“Will do. Now let’s see if I can figure this thing out.”

A tee-strap was fixed to the bottom of the dildo’s base. Kneeling, Scarlett pulled it between Mom’s legs, the loop at its end reaching the small of Mom’s back. Scarlett threaded the belt through the loop, buckling each end of the belt to straps fixed to the dildo’s base. Mom took hold of the dildo and moved it around; Scarlett, at Mom’s direction, made a few adjustments, loosening and tightening the straps.

When done Mom looked into one of her mirrors and admired her large purple dick; she turned to Scarlett, the purple monster bobbing up and down, and playing the part of a well-endowed man preening for his girlfriend, fisted the toy. The motion jostled the smaller dildo embedded inside her and Mom moaned; her eyes drifted shut, her jaw went slack, her countenance was joyful and serene. Juice seeped from under the dildo’s base.

Scarlett, who had placed a hand on Mom’s shoulder, ran her fingertips down to Mom’s breast, gently stroking the nipple. Mom opened her eyes, took a moment to focus, and said, “Well Scar, what do you think of my dick?”

Scarlett said, “I want it,” and reached for the toy, but Mom twisted away.

“Y’know honey, the warranty requires that I must first make sure your sweet cunt is prepared for this monster. Not all women can handle it.”

Scarlett, without argument, plopped down on the bed and spread her legs; her pussy lips glistened with arousal. Mom, the dildo swinging side to side, sat on the edge of the bed and drew lazy circles on Scarlett’s flat stomach with her fingers, then dragged the fingers down and swirled them in the juice coating Scarlet’s thighs. Scarlett moaned; Mom bent over, kissed Scarlett’s pubes, slid her tongue through the folds of her labia.

Scarlett groaned, “Ohh yes, yesss.”

When she reached Scarlett’s vagina Mom probed the pink blood-engorged flesh, burrowing deep, then licked upwards to the fat distended clit, flicked it a few times, and returned to suck on Scarlett’s hot hole. She pushed her tongue into Scarlett’s steamy cunt and wriggled it. Scarlett, already on the brink of an orgasm, reached down to strum her clit. Mom spread Scarlett’s pussy lips with middle and index fingers and reamed Scarlett’s cunt with her tongue. Scarlett, jaw tightening, rolled her clit between thumb and forefinger and with a sudden whoop, climaxed, whipping her head from side to side, gurgling in joy, and rewarding Mom with a gush of thick juice that filled Mom’s mouth.

Mom sucked down every drop, slid up the bed, rolled onto her side facing Scarlett, and the two women, breasts melded together, kissed, lips languidly moving against lips. When done Mom kissed Scarlett’s nose and forehead, chin and cheeks, before they shared another steamy French kiss.

It was still barely believable that I was allowed to watch this.

Scarlett worked her hand between the two of them, took hold of the dildo, evaluated its weight and heft, and rotated it, moving it around inside Mom, and with a happy winning smile said, “Joni that was wonderful. Where did you learn to eat pussy?”

Mom, who had closed her eyes, focusing on the dildo moving inside her, said, between gasps, “When a twat’s as good as yours honey, its all the inspiration I need. And now that its wet and ready, let’s fuck.”

Scarlett, keeping her hand on the dildo, rolled onto her back. Mom got on her knees between Scarlett’s legs and Scarlett ran the crown of the toy down her pussy lips while Mom reached up to caress Scarlett’s breasts.

“Are you sure its going to fit?”

“I promise.”

Scarlett pressed the shaft’s bulbous head to the entrance of her sex, gasping as its thickness stretched her pussy lips; an inch slid inside her.

“Ooh god, it’s ficking huge.”

Mom, loving the sight of Scarlett’s pussy lips stretched taut by the shaft hanging from her waist, sucked her lower lip into her mouth, gave Scarlett a few moments to adjust, then, with a wicked smile, pushed her hips forward, sinking two more inches in Scarlett.

“Yeah, it’s nice and thick, one of my biggest. Is it too much for you honey?”

Scarlett shuddered but did not moan, she wouldn’t give Mom the satisfaction of knowing how much it hurt, she closed her eyes, licked a finger, reached for her clit, stroked it several times, nodded. Mom began moving forward, slowly and carefully, but not stopping until she’d interred the dildo’s entire length inside my girlfriend. Scarlett, mouth open, eyes screwed shut, wholly absorbed by the massive cock crammed inside her ravaged cunt, groaned, no longer able to hide her discomfort. Mom was still a moment, letting Scarlett adjust, then twisted her hips, rotating the dildo inside Scarlett, dragging it along the walls of her pussy. Scarlett’s whimper was mostly pain, but there was a hint of pleasure.

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