18 Nisan 2021

Mom’s New Family Affair Ch. 10

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Settle in and get comfy for this chapter. It’s going to be a long one! We decided not to break it up as to keep the flow of the story going…

Hope you like it…


The alarm on my phone went off and I quickly canceled it so as not to wake Beth. I immediately noticed I had “morning wood” and rolled onto my back as I pushed the sheet down on my side of the bed, grasped my rock hard shaft with my other hand, started working it up and down slowly and casually as I glanced over to Beth.

She was on her side with her knees pulled up in a bit of a fetal position with her back towards me. Her sheet only partially covered her from her hips down and I admired the gentle curve of her waist and hip and the soft skin of her back as her chest rose and fell slightly from her shallow breathing.

I was quickly getting to love waking up next to her. She was still dead asleep and I had no intention to wake her thinking I’d let her get another hour of sleep before she had to take off to her new job at the florist.

I then looked down at my cock and let my hand slide up over the mushroom like head and gave it a squeeze. Damn, I had the urge to jack off so badly this morning… but instead I grinned and thought ‘No way… I’m saving every drop for later!” See, today was Thursday, and tonight was my first date night with Mom.

Today I was working my intern position at the company, so I quickly showered put on my slacks, dress shirt and tie. I take my sport coat with me just in case, but I hardly ever wear it. Often times I just leave it neatly across the back seat of my SUV. I tied my shoes then knelt on the bed, kissed the nape of Beth’s neck and whispered “Have fun at dinner with your Dad tonight Babe,”

Beth gave out a soft “mmmmmmmm” as she turned her head toward me. “I won’t get out of work until after seven tonight and after dinner with Dad, I’m meeting Angie for a drink or two so don’t worry if I’m late, Ok?”

“Sure, that’s Ok, tell her I said hi too”

“I will” she said softly with a smile that turned into a mischievous grin “And you have fun with Mom tonight also! I guess I’ll see you as you get dressed tomorrow morning” she said with a whisper of a giggle. I said “Yep” openly admitting I liked that part of the date night with Mom options.

“Ok, got to go, have fun” and I gave her a peck on the lips.

“You too Baby” she said dreamily with a grin and a soft giggle knowing what I was in for as her head slowly returned to its position and she fell back to sleep.

I headed downstairs and cut through the kitchen to get to my car. The house was quiet as a church. I then noticed a note on the counter from Mom that read “Plan on taking me to dinner tonight 🙂 I think I’d like sushi if that’s Ok with you, if not we’ll decide later.” At the bottom of the note there was a P.S. – I’m so looking forward to tonight, Hon! XXX.

I smiled, folded the note and put it in my pocket then took off.

The day really dragged especially since I was assigned to load data into a spreadsheet all day. Usually it’s really interesting there, but two of the bosses were out of town so there were no meetings going on to attend and thus I got stuck with work just to keep me busy.

I thought back over the past few days of this week where we tried to act “normal” around the house, though the word normal would never quite be the same again for us. There had been no chasing each other through the house to suck and fuck, and we easily settled into what would end up being our new norm where hello kisses were more sensual with occasional added intimate hugs or an occasional flirt being exchanged between Mom and us.

I thought of Monday morning and how when I kissed Beth goodbye she immediately jumped up, gave me another kiss and knowing Mom was home, she slipped into bed with her with a giggle as I watched before heading down the stairs. Beth had spent all day with Mom and once I made it home from work, I found a large pot roast dinner waiting for me. Beth said Mom was teaching her how to cook and she was extremely proud of what she produced, which was actually good, I definitely wasn’t eating mistakes here.

When I asked how things had gone during the day, hinting for some of the sexy details, Beth had just giggled and said that I need to first have my date night with Mom and then we’d compare notes. She also mentioned that that the weekend was over we should at least try to act normal around the house for a while and see how it goes. I couldn’t tell if it was Beth’s idea or Mom’s so I just let it ride.

However, Wednesday had been different since she came home from her dinner out with the girls being a bit more buzzed from drinking more wine than usual. She had stumbled on to Beth starting to give me one of her unhurried blow jobs, but that soon led her to joining Beth sucking my cock which led to her being bent over the dinner table and fucked by me from behind and of course later being cleaned up by Beth who managed to make her cum one more time.

All avcılar grup yapan escort in all, I tried to keep up with my promise to keep things as “normal” and not go around begging Mom to suck my cock or trying to hump her like a male dog every hour even though I’d have to admit, it was constantly on my mind.

Beth was affected the same way which led to a lot of fucking each night. We left the door open but Mom never showed, at least where we’d notice. One time though, we heard her moans as she masturbated listening to our sex from Beth’s moans and my attempts to talk her to the point of orgasm. Even that subtle aspect alone was a turn on to us.

Every so often I’d look at the note, refold it and put it back in my pocket as I made a mental note that I wanted to keep it as a keepsake for some reason. I couldn’t believe all this was happening and just the thought of tonight made my dick start to swell, so, needless to say working at a desk was coming in handy.

Five o’clock finally came and I made a bee-line to the car thinking in another 20 minutes or so I’d be taking her out to dinner to Kawabata, her favorite Japanese restaurant. It actually took me 25 minutes, but Mom was ready to go as soon as I entered the house.

“Perfect timing! I just came down” said Mom as she came to me and gave me tiny peck on the lips. I could tell she didn’t want to mess up her lipstick. “Mmmmm, I like this tie on you” she said as she adjusted it “Keep it on for me will you?”

I stepped back and looked at Mom’s dress. It was what they called a wrap dress which wraps around in front and ties off at the side. This one was a dark red, almost maroon color and fit Mom perfectly as it crisscrossed her breasts which really enhanced their shape, and how the tie off at the waist showed off her flat tummy and thin waist. I also estimated with my horny mind that the wrap was in a good direction that when I was driving I would have easy access sliding my hand into her skirt for some fun if I wanted to.

“Wow Mom, you look great in that dress! Is it new?” as I let my gaze go lower to take in her legs too. I liked that the bottom hem was about three inches above the knees. Long enough to be proper but short enough to be sexy on Mom.

“Why thank you!, Yes, it is, I bought it during Beth and my shopping trip Sunday. By the way, Beth now has one too… so you should keep it in mind and plan on taking her somewhere where she can wear it.”

I said it’s not a bad idea and Mom then said “I’m ready if you are…” she said with a smile.

“Well, let’s go then” I said and I escorted her out to my SUV, opened the door for her and got a nice glimpse of her sexy inner thigh as she moved it get into my high vehicle. It was also good to know she wasn’t wearing a slip. A minute later we were driving down the road.

As I drove, Mom adjusted herself in her seat to where she was close to the console and leaned her legs toward it until they came in contact with its edge. I glanced down at them and let my fingers glide across her smooth skin as I said, “So… have I been behaving myself like you wanted me to as part as the conditions for us all getting together?”

Mom slipped on her sunglasses and said “Oh I think you’ve been a perfect gentleman during our little transition. We all seem comfortable about it and I think none of us have been too pushy. I must admit, there are times I’d just like to jump you right then and there, but I wouldn’t want to start too many bad habits from the start. Anyway I love Beth’s idea of date nights. I think on nights like these it gives us a time to get crazy with who we’re dating in any way we choose.”

“Yeah, I like the date night concept too…. And I agree, it is comfy around the house even with us becoming less inhibited in wearing clothes. Whose idea was it? I have to admit, I really like the open nudity when we do it.

Mom laughed. “I think we all like the attention. Believe me we’ve noticed you like it, especially when your dick acts as a good indicator. It wasn’t really an idea. It just came up in a conversation with Beth on how I won’t need to get fully dressed to go down and get some water at night, and the talk evolved into the idea of being able to go nude around the house. We were both so glad you picked up on it too without being asked.

“Yeah, it feels funny to be so free in a way” I said with a chuckle. “You know, your tan’s looking really good this year Mom” as my fingers stoked the skin around her knees.

“Why thank you… Mmmmm, I’m glad you like it” she said as her hand alighted onto my hand to hold it in place as she swung her outside knee out which caused my hand do slip to her inner thigh on the leg against the console. Her outside calf was now vertical and her legs where spread a bit as the other still leaned against the console.

I let my fingertips caress her inner thigh and let it slide about half way up it to a level where my arm was comfortable but made avcılar masöz escort no attempt do slide too high so soon.

“So how was work today?” She said turning her head and giving me a smile.

“Long… I thought it would never end and I had a heck of a time concentrating on what I was doing. “It’s a good thing I was at a desk all day too” I said with a chuckle.

“Oh really?” she asked as she glanced into my lap. “Because of this?” she said as her hand eased into my lap and squeezed the swelling member that was starting to grow down my leg.

“So what brought that on” she asked with a bit of a giggle as her fingers continued to trace the growing shape in my pants.

“The thought of being with you tonight. You have no idea how friggin’ hot you get me. The last week’s been like one long wet dream.”

“Oh, I can believe that. It’s the same for me too. My day was very similar but with one exception…” said Mom with a sideways glance and grin.

“And what would that be?” I asked returning her grin.

“Well, I was able to take a break in the ladies room. Thank god I wore panties today. If I had worn one of my string thongs I would have had a wet spot in the back of my dress. My pussy has been soaked all day…. Mmmmmmm want to see? She said as she slid lower down her seat as she moved my hand higher to where her pussy met my fingertips. I was right, the folded over material making up the skirt of her wrap dress offered a very easy approach to Mom’s lower charms.

I could feel the abundant dampness and I pressed my fingertips onto her panty clad pussy, felt her slit and the hardness of her clit as it grew, ready to sprout out of her slit, but still hidden beneath the puff of her pubic hair.

It crossed my mind at that moment that I was glad my SUV was so high as we came to a traffic light that turned red. I definitely didn’t want to lose contact because someone could look in. I looked at Mom and asked “And what were you thinking that kept you in that state or arousal?”

Mom gave me a sultry look and said “Why the thought of fucking my son of course… and all the perverted ways I can show him my motherly love”.

“If this is perverted Mom, I want to be the biggest pervert in the world. I admit it does feel a bit kinky to me, but you know something? It super excites me, it does Beth too” I said as I heard a horn tap behind me. The light had changed so I accelerated as I worked my finger under the side of her panties as my finger snaked low to her vaginal opening to her creaminess which I smeared up over her clit.

Mom let out a soft “Ohhhhhhhhh” as she felt my finger work into her slit. “Oh, I don’t know…” her voice rang with a chuckle as she said it. “I can get really pervy in my mind, because it excites me that way too. If I told you everything, you’d think I’m crazy and turn you off.”

We were nearing the restaurant so I retracted my hand and turned on my turn signal. “Can I get a promise from you then?” as I glanced quickly at her.

“It depends. What type of promise?” she asked as she released the lump in my pants and fed her hand through my arm.

“You let me decide if it’s too pervy, Ok? In the meantime I’ll promise to give you an honest answer and not hold anything against you if it’s over the top for me.”

“Mmmmmm! You have my promise. It’s a deal” and she kissed my cheek as we pulled into a parking spot. Mom’s caresses had produced her desired effect and my semi hard cock now tented my dress slacks. Moving helped, but I thought I needed more so I opened the rear passenger door and grabbed my sport coat, which lay across the back seat and slipped it on.

It somewhat helped hide my condition. I focused my mind and thought about work to distract my horniness. Moving seemed to help too and by the time we made it to the restaurant entrance, I felt confident it wouldn’t be too noticeable, especially with the sport coat on.

Kawabata was a five star rated restaurant. We were greeted by a Japanese hostess dressed in a traditional kimono and geta which are wooden sandal type shoes. Since it was early, less than half the tables were full and we had our choice of the remaining seating.

Mom pointed the hostess to a booth in the rear corner where the lighting was a bit more subdued saying it was her favorite table. We eased into the booth and the hostess gave us our menus and took our drink order for hot sake.

I watched as the hostess return to her station in her tube like garment and wooden sandals which caused her to shuffle more than walk and then my eyes returned to Mom. She was looking at me with a bit of a grin and one eyebrow raised. I couldn’t read her look so I asked “So… what are you thinking right now, Mom? You look a bit amused” with my voice crackling with a chuckle.

Mom’s grin increased into a sultry smile and then she replied “I was just wondering what my sexy son had his hopes up for this evening, that’s all.”

I think I might have started avcılar otele gelen escort to blush but came out of it. It felt super strange going face to face with Mom discussing this. Up to this point it had actually been with the three of us as a group conversation.

I remembered how Mom liked dirty talk from last Saturday night so I cleared my throat and said quietly, I want it all Mom, damn, I want to fuck you so fucking bad….. I also want you to suck my cock and want to eat that sweet cunt of yours too. But there’s one more thing, after what you said in the car I want to hear more about the pervy thoughts you have. I’m starting to think about sex in different ways now. It seems like sex is like vacation, the destination is great, but the trip to get there can often be just as much fun just like it did all last weekend. Does that make any sense?”

Mom grinned a big grin. “Mmmmm, I’m impressed with your insight! I fully agree and think the same way. I’m so glad we’re on the same page. Everyone associates foreplay to the physical kiss, touch or lick, but the mental foreplay can be a real amplifier to me.” said Mom as we heard the waitresses’ shuffle as she brought the sake.

The sake came in small ceramic bottles with matching cups that were a bit larger than a thimble. Each bottle holds about ½ the portion of a full glass of western wine. This sake is served hot and the smallness of the bottles assured it wouldn’t cool off too much if you drank it at a normal pace.

She poured each for us and then asked if we were ready to order. I looked at Mom and said “Usual?” Mom and Dad came here a few times a year and I came with them once or twice so I knew what she liked. Mom nodded her head and I ordered the combination sushi-sashimi platter for two with an order of yakatori (two sticks of grilled chicken with sauce) from the grill for an appetizer.

As she left Mom continued “I have a question. Beth told me all about what happened that Saturday afternoon where she mimicked me in my suit and glasses” with slight giggle “Sounds like you had an interesting time, but remember in the end do you remember what she said to you as you fucked her in the pool?”

“You mean the mommy talk?” as I felt a slight electric shock of excitement hearing her use the F word again.


I had to give a slight laugh as I said “Ha, I thought it was pretty fuckin’ hot. I kind of suspected she gave you the details since you did it for real when we fucked on the couch Sunday afternoon.”

“Tell me the truth; did it turn you on when I used it on you this weekend?”

“To be honest, yes it really did but from the point of view as it being a game at the time. I have to admit, Beth told me you thought that might be a bit on the silly side, so I was surprised to see so much of it.”

“Oh, that’s because of Beth, she loves it and I must admit I’ve found I love playing along doing it too… but with you, surprisingly it feels different.”

“How so?” I asked as I took a sip of the sake.

“At first I think I did feel that it was a bit silly, but after a bit of reflection, the thought of it has become very hot to me too. See, I’d fantasized about being with you a few times, but I never let my mind dwell on it too much I never really thought it would happen and I didn’t want to obsess myself on something that seemed totally impossible. At least not until Beth came along and started the ball rolling. But now…..”

Mom paused as her face turned to a devilish grin, “Now things are different and the “mommy talk” is much more appealing to me as a pervy option for us on occasions when the mood hits us. I have a feeling it will “amplify” the taboo context for both of us much like how Beth’s words excited you when you imagined me saying them.”

“Sounds good to me Mom” I said as I replenished our sake cups. We took another sip. “With that being “an option”, should assume there might be others?”

Mom grinned “Oh you are such a smart boy….I just told you one, why don’t you think of one and tell it to me?”

I thought for a minute as I sipped my sake. “How about be being your younger boy-toy where I call you Katie. You can be the rich MILF I’m fucking and trying to impress.”

“Ooooh, I hadn’t thought of that… that could be a good one and a nice contrast for some of the others I have in mind. I’m starting to really like this idea about different approaches… it’s kind of like role playing and that’s even easier for me to accept since it’s more like a game in my mind and helps with my own feelings of shyness or embarrassment. Ha, sometimes with my little pervs, I even scare myself.”

“What are some of the others? What scares you?” I asked as casually as I could, not wanting to seem anxious and hoping I’d hear some of Mom’s more naughty fantasies.

We heard the shuffle again as the waitress dropped off the yakatori appetizer and we ordered refills on our sake.

As she left I looked at Mom as if to say ‘go on’ but she just picked up one of the yakatori sticks and very sensuously licked the sauce off the surface of a piece of chicken, and then said softly, just above a whisper “I want to be able to act slutty…..I want to do slutty things and be told to do them on occasions too. I even would like sometimes to be called a slut or a whore, but, more specifically, I want to be ‘your’ slut. “

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