19 Nisan 2021

Mom’s Oral Body Massage Pt. 03

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Chapter 5

For the first time in my adult life I am content. My career is flourishing. I am a Superior Court Judge and well respected in the community. I came through the divorce relatively unscathed but if anyone knew of my secret life they would tar and feather me.

Even at 72 years old we make love at least once a week. Her favorite position is the missionary position. With the fuck wedge holding her pussy elevated and the softness of her baby smooth thighs it really has a lot to say for it. When in the missionary I carefully raise her knees to her shoulders and get my entire cock in her pussy. We both love fucking doggy style as our second choice. When I stuff her gorgeous pussy this way she lies over my end table with a pillow under her upper torso and we both watch in the dresser mirror. Watching and fucking is sensational.

Her “fuck talk” never gets old. When she is hot, her husky voice makes me smolder like a volcano and continues to stoke my fire and drive me to heights of passion I never dreamed possible. From the early spring into mid-summer we were never apart from each other. But that was soon to end.

My two sisters own a house on the Jersey shore. Every year they spend the summer with their families there. Their husbands spend the weekends at the shore. Mom always stayed there for the entire month of August…

She was bemoaning the fact that she had to go to the shore and tried to use the fact that she had to cook and do my laundry as an excuse not to go. Everyone insisted she go. They implored me to talk her into her annual vacation. I convinced her to go by telling her they would suspect something between us if she did not. She reluctantly agreed to go but agreed because my daughter Janie was going to stay over with me. Mom said she would only stay at the shore two weeks this year.

She called me every night after she went to bed to tell me how much she missed me and how much she bahçelievler escort loved me. By the fourth night she told me how horny she was getting.

We both “fuck talked” and I told her to slide her finger in her pussy and rub her clit. She described what she was doing and how wet her pussy was getting.

I asked, “Does it feel good? It sounds like it does.”

She was breathing heavy and said, “It doesn’t feel as good as your hand or your tongue or your prick. It will have to do until I get home. What are you going to do to me when I get home?”

I told her that when she came through the door if she was alone, I was going to tear her clothes off and eat her pussy and fuck her right on the floor by the door. If she wasn’t alone we would have to wait. She finger fucked to orgasm and we said good night. I told her not to worry because Jane was picking up after me and cooking dinner.

I didn’t tell Mom everything. Janie arrived Saturday morning. I planned to spend the day at the pool that first Saturday. Jane was 25 years old and a school teacher. She was very attractive, tall and slender with jet black hair swept back severely into a high ponytail. Her breasts were not very large but she had a dynamite shape and in a bikini she was the complete package.

I made some cocktails and we were going to sunbathe. When she removed her robe I almost passed out. She was wearing a white thong bikini. Her ass was completely exposed and the front was so small and tight her camel toe was clearly outlined.

She lay down on her stomach and unbuttoned the top. Her ass was magnificent. She kept switching from her belly to her back and when she rolled over she loosely covered her breasts with the unbuttoned top. She was not doing a very good job of concealing her tits and her ass was already exposed.

I thought to myself, what a sick cocksucker I am. I couldn’t bahçeşehir escort keep my eyes off of her and wondered if she was trying to tease me. I finally asked. “Sweetie, do you wear that .suit in public?”

She laughed, “I haven’t yet. Doesn’t it look good on me or am I too skinny? I thought I would wear it here to see if you liked it on me.”

“Janie, believe me it looks great on you and no you are not skinny at all. You make an old man’s heart flutter. Good thing I’m your father.”

She said, “Thanks Dad, at least someone thinks I’m not shaped like a man.”

I whistled and said, “Believe me you don’t look like a man.”

We were enjoying the sun and had a couple of cocktails. Jane was on her stomach and had her bikini top opened and under her and she asked me how I enjoyed being single again.

I laughed and said, “I led the single life for the last five years of our marriage according to your mother and her lawyer.”

“I didn’t blame you Daddy. The way Mom made you beg and plead for sex. I used to cry myself to sleep.”

That surprised me, “You were aware of that? Why did you cry, honey?”

She sat up and her breasts were exposed and in full view. She looked right into my eyes whispering, “Because you never asked me. You were breaking a teenager’s heart. I wanted you to ask me so badly.”

I gulped, “Sweet heart I never knew. Jesus that would have been incest.”

She stood up and leaned over me and staring down at me she said, “Why should that bother you? I know what you do to Nana.”

I almost jumped out of my skin. “What are you talking about?”

She said, “I saw you one morning. I walked in early one morning a few months ago and you were finger fucking her on the sofa. I videoed both of you on my cell phone. Do you want to watch it?”

I was speechless. She took her cell phone out of her beach bag and handed it to me bakırköy anal yapan escort and said, “It was the most erotic and beautiful thing I have ever seen. When Nana came I thought I was going to cum. She was in agony and ecstasy at the same time. Then, when she jerked you off, I wanted to run in and put your penis in my mouth. Instead I quietly backed out of the house.

I masturbate watching both of you. I fuck the arm of the sofa and pretend it is you.”

She then cupped her tits in her hands and offered them to me, “These are not as big as Nana’s but they are a lot firmer and begging for your touch. Daddy, I am as sick as you and Nana that’s why I’m here. I intend to stay for the rest of Nana’s vacation.”

I whistled and said, “I am a sick pervert and you seem to be a chip off the old block. Let’s get in the house. I intend to lick every square inch of your pussy before I fuck you. I intend to take a little blue fuck pill today.”

Jane said, “If you have them you better take two. You are going to need them before I get through with you today.”

As soon as we entered the house, she put her hand down the front of my bathing suit. I tried to do the same but she brushed my hand away and said,

“Before we start, let me put your mind at ease:

I am not a virgin as you probably guessed ;

I’m on the pill;

I am bisexual;

Most of the time I prefer women but you are the fucking exception;

Oh, one other thing, I’d like a three way with you and grandma if you can handle it.”

I couldn’t even speak as I put my hand down her tiny bikini bottom and fingered her shaved pussy. Her ass was so firm I think you could crack an egg on it. I picked her up and carried her into my bedroom and dropped her on the bed and pulled the tiny bottom off. She spread those long legs wide open.

I licked my lips and I swear I was drooling. I said, “. If you are your father’s daughter we are going to have the fucking time of our life. I can handle a sick three way but I don’t know if Nana can. I swear I’m ready to come just looking at you and hearing you talk like this.”

She giggled and said, “Nana can handle it. She saw the video already. Start drooling on my pussy. Let the fucking games begin.”

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