18 Nisan 2021

Motherly Love Ch. 02

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by Amanda Williams in collaboration with James Edwards.

A series of accounts examining the taboo subject of mother and son sex.

All characters in these accounts are over the age of eighteen and are completely fictional having been created from the authors, imaginations

Part 2 The Continued Stirrings

At breakfast things were a little tense between them but when neither of them mentioned last night things soon settled back into the more traditional mother and son relationship. The day and evening passed with no mention whatsoever about the sex of the night before. As they were nearing the time to go to bed Kate had pretty much reached the conclusion that both of them felt that it was a one off. Something to be enjoyed but never repeated. An event that some mix of unusual circumstances had combined to make happen when it did but would never do so again.

“I’ll clear up here love you go to bed,” Kate said kissing him on the cheek and watching rather disappointedly as her son went to his room.

She washed the glasses and tidied up and then walked across the lounge and down the short corridor to the bedrooms. As she passed Grant’s room she saw the door was open, His bedside light was on and he was sitting up in bed. Sitting up, the light blanket only pulled up to just above his groins. Sitting up and looking out the door. Looking out the door at her. Their eyes met and he slowly lifted the blanket alongside him.

The silent invitation was so clear and obvious. Her son was asking her to sleep with him

She smiled feeling pleased and excited and mouthed, “two minutes darling.”

Kate almost ran to her room so thrilled and exhilarated he’d made her feel with that simple gesture. She quickly stripped and pulled on the tee shirt dress she’d washed and dried and walked back to her son’s room.

“Hi” he whispered lifting the blanket.

“Hello darling,” Kate replied equally softly as, with her heart pounding she climbed into bed alongside her offspring.

They were esenyurt anal yapan escort both less nervous and apprehensive of what the other may be feeling, expecting and wanting. Last night had very comprehensively answered those questions.

They lay on their sides facing each other for a moment just getting used to being together like this again. Kate raised her hand and ran the back of her fingers across his face loving the look of desire and need in his eyes. They both leaned forward and without another thought they kissed each other softly on the lips. He tasted good.

She felt his hand moving up the back of her body and the pressure of it pulled her nearer to him. Their bodies were touching from their lips to their waist but not beneath that. Not lower down, not on the most important places of both of them.

“Have I aroused him?” she wondered. “Have I made him hard, have I given my son an erection?”

Kate had to know, she needed to find out. She pushed forward and her tummy pressed against him. Her heart raced when she felt that he was already erect and hard for her.

“Yes darling, yes,” she breathed as they again stared into each others eyes recognising the significance of what had just occurred.

As he pushed himself against her she revelled in that lovely feeling for a woman of her partner’s cock squashed hard against mound and stomach. Kate held his face in her hands and looked deep into his eyes.

“See my darling you can get hard and you can keep it when in bed with a woman. You’re just like most men.”

He smiled. “Yes in some ways but most men don’t do that with their mother do they? Most men’s mums don’t give them raging hard ons do they?”

She smiled back and kissed him on the lips and whispered, “Don’t even think like that. Don’t think about that Grant. Just think about sex and you not me. Forget who I am.” She pushed him onto his back and slowly and with amazing anticipation she rolled the blanket back esenyurt escort and down his body

Her heart was pounding as she rolled it down his body. It wasn’t just with the nervousness brought about by having sex with her son. It wasn’t also just the anticipation of the pleasure both would soon be gaining. It was the sheer beauty of the man that she was laying with bare that thrilled her so much. And as the she pushed the blanket right down and she looked at his now totally naked body that thrill reached a new height.

Last night everything had been rushed as they explored the forbidden sex. Last night there had been the fumbling, furtive embraces brought about by the unknown. Last night neither had known what was happening to them and what the other’s reaction would be. But tonight it was not the unknown. Tonight they each knew the other’s feeling and tonight what they were doing and what they might do next was not forbidden. Well not to them at least.

So tonight as Kate lay next to him, his arm around her shoulders, her face pressed against his and her breasts squashed against his chest she had the time to look at him. To ogle her offspring. Tonight Kate could stare at her son’s erect cock. And stare she did for a moment or two. He was stunningly hard and his erection stood proudly straight up his flat stomach. It was a good cock she thought. A nice looking one, not too dark and like his whole physique it was long and appealingly slender. It was warm to her touch and as she ran her fingertips up and down its length she could its magnificent hardness and throbbing readiness. Also as she touched it so she saw his body jerk.

“Oooooooooo aaarrrrrgh.” He moaned.

“Is that nice darling?”

“Oh its wonderful mum, oh fuck I mean K.”

“Its doesn’t matter what you call me love,” she said as her fingers closed round it. His body was already starting to move to the slow pumping rhythm of her hand.

“Oh it’s so good k, so fucking marvellous.”

Kate esenyurt eve gelen escort smiled when she found herself almost telling her son not to swear so much as she wanked his cock.

“Just enjoy it darling, just love it,” she whispered, using her other hand to caress his stomach, run up and down his smooth parted thighs and stroke his balls.

Grants hand that was around her shoulders was pulling on the material of her dress. His other hand came across his body and found her breasts. She moved her body a little to give him more room. He squeezed and caressed them finding her nipples and pinching those maybe a little too hard just as he was pressing too firmly on her boobs.

“Gentle, darling, be gentle with me,” she whispered as she continued her slow methodical pumping of his cock and caressing of his thighs and balls.

“Oh God, you’ve done it again,” he groaned as he thrust hard into her hand. “I’m gonna cum soon, I can’t hold back.”

As he pushed himself in and out of her hand so he squeezed and rubbed her breasts with one hand and pulled the dress up with the other until it was bunched around her shoulders. He slipped his other hand inside the dress and for the first time stroked and caressed his mother’s bare breasts.

“Oh yes baby, oh yes, yes,” she sighed squeezing his cock but keeping her hand still and thus temporarily at least stopping him from cumming. Pulling herself up Kate pressed her bare breast towards his mouth. Her stirringly erect nipple was just inches from his mouth. Both knew of course what had to happen next

As his lips closed around his mother’s teat so Kate sighed.

“Oh yes darling, yes, suck mummy’s breast. Lick mummy’s nipples. Suck my tits Grant.”

That was too much for both of them and in a crescendo of moans, groan, grunts and sighs and with his body bucking and rearing and with her pushing her full tits against his face they both climaxed.

Back in her own bed Kate quickly fell asleep, She didn’t feel the concerns or the guilt of the previous night. What she and Grant were doing was something of beauty she decided. It was wonderful and loving and on top of that she was helping her son. Helping him overcome his worries. Helping him learn about himself. Yes she worked out she was teaching him about sex and his sexuality. She was educating him and isn’t that a mother’s duty?

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