21 Nisan 2021

Mother’s Day

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I woke up early Saturday and realized Mother’s Day was the next day and I had not bought anything for my mother. It was definitely time to go shopping. After my shower I searched through my drawer of panties to find a pair of mom’s. I started wearing her panties when I was young living at her with mom, dad and my two sisters whose panties I also wore. Only one of my sisters knew that they all shared their panties with me. Today being that it was close to Mother’s Day I decided to wear one of the many pairs of her briefs that I had stolen. Why so many briefs. Well when I was a kid mom would come home from work and as she talk to me and my sisters she was strip down to her pastel colored brief panties. One day she left a pair hanging in the bathroom that tempted me to put them on. I did and that was the day I became a panty boy. So now that I have grown up I still make sure to get a pair of mom’s panties during visits.

Today I chose a pastel blue pair of her briefs. I put them on then pulled my jeans over the panties as my dick got hard as a rock. To the mall I went running.

Being a panty boy it is hard for me to go a mall and not stop in Victoria’s Secret to look at all the beautiful panties and all the equally beautiful women that come in to shop. As usual a sales lady came to my aid. I told her I was just looking and need to go to other stores to find something for Mother’s Day. She suggested that I not go any further than the table of panties she pointed to.

We walked over to the table together and she helped me pick out a few pair of panties. While waiting my turn in line, I noticed a marked down rack. I stepped over and found a nice bra to match the panties and a sheer pajama set that I thought dad would like to see on Mom’s sexy body.

I paid for my purchases and headed to my parents house. We I arrived both mom and dad were home. I took the bag in with me and showed dad what I had bought for mom. He jokingly asked if I had wanted mom to model the clothes for me. We both laughed at that. Dad did not realize that his joke had started my dick to harden in mom’s panties.

Neither of us heard mom coming or realized she was there until she had seen everything. Then she asked what was so funny. Dad showed her the Mother’s Day gifts, then told her what we were talking about. She picked up everything and without a word went to her bedroom. When the door opened she stuck one leg out. When I looked down her foot was covered in a sexy pair of strappy high-heeled sandals.

When she stepped out into full view she was wearing one of the panty and bra sets that I bought her. WOW did it look good on her. I could not take my eyes off her as she walked into the room with dad and me. She walked over to dad, kissed him and told him to enjoy the show. She walked over in front of me and began to do a sexy dance in front of me showing her sexy body in the nice sexy panties and bra.

My dick is hard as heck. Up to this point I had never seen my mom in such a sexy outfit. I used to see her daily in just her pastel, beylikdüzü anal yapan escort full cut briefs, but never like this. And she never did a dance for me either. Now she is in this sexy outfit dancing around showing me her body. Mom even gave me a lap dance. She turned her nice ass towards me then moved back against my chest as she slid down into my lap. I know she felt the large lump in my pants. She pressed hard down on my dick then leaned back, turned her head, kissed me on the check and whispered her thanks before she got up and started walking away.

As she walked out of the room, Mom reached up, unfastened her bra, then dropped it to the floor. The she stopped, put her hands across her body then slowly slid them down placing her thumbs in the waist of the panties. Mom then pulled the panties down midway of her FINE ass and started walking again. At the door of her bedroom, she bent at the waist and pulled her panties down till she was completely bent over as she stepped out of the panties. The she stood and walked into her room leaving the panties on the floor.

Dad and I sat there in silence, stunned. Before either of us could say a word Mom appeared again. This time she was wearing the sheer pajama set and just as I suspected it looked GOOD on her.

As she walked towards the room to join Dad and me, I could clearly see her full tits through the sheer fabric. But she also had something in her hand.

I took in the full view of her boobs then let my eyes move down to her narrow waist and on down to her wear I could see the mound of hair of pubic area. I was happy to know that Mom shaved. The mound was a small triangle shape that with a point at the top of her pussy.

Just as before Mom walked over to Dad first, then came to directly in front of me and modeled the pajama set for me. She made sure I got a full view of her sexy body covered in the sheer pajamas. At one point she squatted directly in front of me then began to slowly open and close her legs. She would open a little, then close them then open a little more, then close again, open a little more till eventually her legs were completely opened allowed me a full view of her hairless pussy. The sheer fabric was pushing against the lips tightly causing them to spread, giving me a nice view of her wet pink insides.

Mom looked at me and asked if the lingerie was the only gift I would give her for Mother’s Day. Before I could answer she sat back on the floor with her legs spread, looked me in the eye, raised her hand and used one finger to tell me to come to her. I looked at Dad and he nodded his approval. As I stood, Mom revealed what was in her other hand. A pair of her panties. She tossed them in my lap then told me to put them on.

I think her and Dad were shocked when I pulled my pants down revealing that I already had on a pair of Mom’s briefs. She recognized them right away. And it was not long before she noticed the wet spot at the tip of the bulge of those panties. beylikdüzü balıketli escort I was hard as a rock and just about covered the front of the panties with precum. Mom Sat up now and reached to touch my hard on through her panties. She wrapped her hands around it then began to stroke me through her panties. As Mom stroked my dick she first said this is the best Mother’s Day present she has ever been given. She then told me that she and Dad have known for years that I wear her panties. She continued to stroke as she told me she got suspicious when as a child she would find her panties stuffed under my pillow. She also told me about the morning not too long ago where she found a pair of her panties soaked with my cum after I spent the night at her house recently. Mom’s hand was moving faster on my panty covered dick now. She sat up pointed my dick at her face then stuck out her tongue and began to lick around the head of my panty-covered dick. She tasted the precum juices then closed her lips around the head of my dick as she continued to stroke me.

My dad who had been sitting the whole time now stood up and undressed. Now it was my turn to be shocked to find him to was wearing my Mom’s panties. He came over to where Mom was now sucking me through the panties and he kneeled beside her. Mom released my dick from her mouth then pointed it at Dad. They looked each other in the eye as Dad took my entire panty covered dick into his mouth. Dad held me in his mouth as Mom stood and began to take off the pajama set. If she looked good with it on, she looked even better now that she was naked except for her Black pumps. As Dad began to suck my dick through Mom’s panties, Mom came up behind me and pulled her panties down. She tapped Dad on the head to get him to let go so she could remove the panties from my dick. Reluctantly he released me but as soon as my hard dick was freed from the panties he put it right back in his mouth. But now he was using his tongue as my dick disappeared in and out of his mouth.

Mom was still behind me pressing her naked body against mine. Her tongue was working on my naked and ears as her 36D boobs rubbed around on my back. When Dad’s mouth was not covering my dick Mom would put her hands on it and stroke me.

What a feeling this was. For years I wore Mom’s panties dreamed of having sex with her, but no way did I ever think I would be involved in such hot sex with her and Dad while Dad and I wear her panties. Dad stopped sucking my dick long enough to tell Mom that I was ready to cum. She pushed him away then pulled me onto my back on the floor. She was at my head now and I could see her pussy. Mom moved so that her pussy was over my face then she reached forward with both hands and started stroking Dad through her panties. She looked back between her hanging tits to see that I was looking at what she was doing to Dad, then she began to lower her pussy to my mouth. As she came down I stuck my tongue out so that it would be buried in her pussy beylikdüzü bayan arkadaş by the time she stopped lowering her body on my face. Mom lowered her pussy until I could feel her ample NICE firm ass cheeks covering my face. My tongue was buried in her hot shaved pussy tasting all the juices that tasted sweeter than any I had ever tasted before. Mom rode my face as I felt two hands wrap around my dick. I fucked Mom with my tongue and played with her clit until her body began to shake on my face. She trembled as orgasm hit her. During her orgasm she fell forward on my body and slightly raised her ass so her pussy was over my face out of reach of my tongue. I looked up the beautiful site of her ass cheeks and wet pussy. I could see the juices of her orgasm running out. I opened my mouth to catch them.

Mom’s orgasm subsided and she slid her body forward. She raised up to put her feet flat on the floor on either side of my waist. Her pussy was right over my dick. Dad reached grabbed my dick and put the head at the lips of Mom’s pussy. Sure of the position he let go as he and Mom embraced in a kiss while she lowered her pussy onto my dick until I was completely inside her tight wet pussy.

Mom began to ride my dick hard and fast as her and Dad kissed. When she began to tremble again dad reached behind her and spread her butt cheeks. As her orgasm hit Dad put a finger into her asshole and began to work it in and out. I could feel his finger through the thin wall that separated her pussy and ass. Mom juices flowed until we were all soaked. After this orgasm she raised up just high enough for my dick to be freed. Dad grabbed it again and put it at the entrance to Mom’s tight asshole. Mom lowered her body so the head disappeared in her tight asshole. She rose up and down just on the head for several strokes before she began to slowly work her ass down on my entire length. Once she had me completely inside her she turned around to face me. As I fucked her ass she leaned forward to put one of her nipples in my mouth. I sucked on it just as I did when I was a feeding infant. The more I sucked on her nipples the faster Mom rode my dick. I could not take to much of this and told Mom I was close to cumming. She stroked me for a few more seconds until I could no longer hold it then she suddenly raised up off my dick to the middle of my upper body. As I began to shoot my load I felt Dad wrap his mouth around my dick and take my entire load. He kept me in his mouth after I went limp to make sure all the cum was pulled out of my dick. Dad let go of my dick and Mom stood over me. She reached her hand to me and led me to the shower with her.

In the shower she asked me to wash her body down which I gladly did. When we finished she gave me her towel to dry her body. Then she led me to her bedroom, opened her drawer and pulled out a pair of her full cut briefs. I put them on as she climbed in the bed. After I model the panties for her she pulled the covers over inviting me to her bed. When I got in she told me thanks for getting her Mother’s Day off to a good and early start. She said she wanted to wake with my dick inside her pussy. Then she turned around putting us in the spoon position. She snuggled her luscious ass to my panty covered dick then pulled my arm across her placing my hand firmly around one of her tits. This is how we fell asleep after squeezed her tit, kissed her on her neck and whispered goodnight.

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